That was a dark room.

In the inside where light barely reached, a bloody stench envelops the room.

Drip, drip, the sound of water reverberates.
That is, a very sticky substance.

Elektra Vera Detora, today too, she breathes a sigh in the room given to her to play.

Nobody can understand me.
Nobody can share my world.

Lonely, sad, empty, today too, she is covered in blood.

Do these living beings that die so effortlessly, have any worth in living.
If they lived in order to come and be killed by me, then that in itself does not make it completely worthless.
Demon, humans, they simply die with a single swing of my arm.
Do things of that degree have any value.

Until now, there was almost nothing in her life that cannot be broken by her arm.
In that case, is there any worth in this world, that cannot be so.

She is constantly thinking of such childish things.

She has no sense of pain.

To the her that does not know pain, she does not know of the pain of others.

……Without pain, she cannot be taught by anyone.

Being hit is painful, to a tyrant that does not know of that, today too, she thirst for blood.
However, she took a liking to the warmth of blood.

Hugging with all her might as if looking for something, today too, she cries without noticing it herself.

He was only just bought, and that human was also quite lively not too long ago, but now its degraded to an object that is only slightly breathing.

「Aroma’s a liar. I requested to bring someone I can play with for long」

Today too, she is enjoying playing by herself.

Because even her older sister can no longer handle playing with Elektra.

With Gallon-san dragging me along, we finally arrived to the underground dungeon .

Please look at this sturdiness that it was made with!
Not only iron bars, but also some kind of magic contraption with a strange symbol etched on the prison that I don’t understand at all!

No matter what unnatural phenomenon you possess you cannot break free from it, and for now it is only 8000 gold! I am offering it for only 8000 gold!

Because my partner wasn’t communicating with me along the way and it was lonesome, I ended up having fun shopping in my head, and before I noticed it, we arrived.

「It’s this room, go in!」
「Yes~, roger that」

I was finally being obedient and was going to enter the prison, but just as I turned to give my reply, I was kicked inside.

The feeling of that pad I savored before hit me in my stomach, because of that I couldn’t breathe as I writhed in agony. What a waste.

「I don’t know on what whim it was, but it seems the Princess is going to train you. The fact that you weren’t brought to Eru’s place from the beginning, whether it’s luck or unlucky…… If you are obedient, you might not die today」
「But I thought I was more obedient than that last person」
「Shut up, it’s understandable by looking at your eyes. You’re a good for nothing. I don’t know what you’re planning, but now that you’re here it’d be best to not wish for a long life」
「I have a bad reputation, no way~. I offered my body for the sake of the demon-sama’s」
「Then, do your best to please the Miss and Eru. It will be then that you’ll die」
「Is that so, then I will happily offer up this body」
「…….What a disgusting guy」

In order to eat and excrete, my handcuffs were moved from my back to my front.

Ke, Gallon-san spits that out as she faces the dungeon’s corridor and walks away.

The fact that those footsteps can barely be heard, is it because of the pads.

That’s nice. I want to touch it.

—But, I’m bored.

What should I do before the Demon King-sama comes.

– I’m already tired of playing rock paper scissors by myself.

I’ll sleep.
It’s said that good things come to those who wait.
No no, It seems that there is a senpai that entered before me that I must greet.

Etiquette is important isn’t it.

「Nice to meet you, senpai」


「Arara, can it be you’re in a bad mood. I am called Nine」


「Actually, since the moment I saw you, that is, how do I say it」


「……..It was fate or something. I felt something like that. You are very pretty……Saying these kinds of things, it’s my first time so I’m a bit nervous」


「Um…….would it be fine, to touch you?」


「Th, then…… Excuse me」

Saying that, I pick up the nice to touch looking head that has now turned into a skeleton.

A truly good shape.
This is certainly without a doubt, bones with a name, unfortunately, I do not know of his name.

But it’d be discourteous and pitiful to have no name to be called by.
For now, I’ll name him Willson.

「Treat me well, Willson. It is only me and you in this narrow room. So let’s get along」
「How much time has it been since you entered? Thought it does seem quite long」
「What is it what is it, you’re shy aren’t you. You and I have a relationship don’t we. Let’s be more frank with each other」

「What are you doing. …..It seem you are going mad after all」

I throw Willson.

「Why this is, excuse me. I was practicing my ventriloquism」

Shitty demons….. No no, Demon King-sama Demon King-sama.

Crystella whom I must love and respect has made her entrance.
For her who has appeared without the sound of footsteps, I can’t have my rear facing her so I turn around.


With the beauty of an angel, she makes an imposing stance with both arms that is the very meaning of arrogance in front of the iron bars.
And surely, no matter who in the world it is, whether it is the King of Folkus, or the Pope of Seneca, she is the only existence that would be permitted to take that posture.

Because right now, she is the one who is stronger than anyone else in the world.
That is certainly what Tia-sama said.

「Excuse me for what happened before, I seem to have been mistaken. I thought it was a face I once saw」
「……Of course. There are no humans in this world that know of this face of mine. I killed all the humans I have met」
「Ahaha, that is good」
「? What is good. Is it a good thing to have the members of your same race killed」
「I hate humans. Please keep on killing more and more from now on. Sieg Augusta!」
「Fuun, madman……Do you know of the reason I have come here? I could say it is to fix a broken machine by striking it. But I just wanted to know if the same would apply to humans」

Saying that, as if the iron bars were no more, Crystella slips in as if it were natural and before I knew it, she raised the whip in her hand.

Once. Twice. Thrice.

Cheek. Shoulder. Sides. It hurts, it’s hot.

Marks may be left.
To wound a man’s face.
Take responsibility! Let’s get married!

「…….Why are you laughing」
「No no. It is only your imagination. Although, you are quite the kind person」
「You’ve finally gone mad. To call the person that is whipping you kind」
「I’ve confirmed it by looking closely. If it’s you, then it is possible to seize the world even if on your own. Having hold of every military force, and magical powers, it has become hazy in front of you」
「……What are you trying to say」
「Why, why haven’t the demons taken control over the humans yet. My doubt starts from there. Even like this I have confidence in my observations, the thing called kindness is tied to naivety. You, there is something you are lacking」
「……What is it, go and say it」
「Pride. The king of the world has no pride. No self-confidence. That is why there are gaps in your actions. That naivety is showing」

She stays silent, and swings the whip.

「With influence over demons, and with your strength and charisma, ouch, leading the demons to, it hurts, take over the human territory faster, ow, and stealing it should be possible. And yet, ouch, not only the capital but not even Istabuu」

I bite my tongue at the moment my cheek is swung at. But this may be the best method.

「The likes of you would not know. However, this is the first person to have ever made a fool of me. How interesting」
「It is my greatest honor. In that case, one, may I perhaps get one reward」
「You insolent person, go and say it. I will at least listen to it」
「Please, please let me be by your side. Until now I have not received treatment exceeding a slave. It cannot be helped that I hate the humans very, very much. Without fail, I’d like to assist in destroying the humans」

She had a completely dumbfounded expression.
Of course, it’s only natural.

But it’s a lie.

I love humans.

For example, it’d be the same even if humans had not treated me better than a slave and such.

「……In that case, prove your worth」

Crystella lightly says that.

「Tomorrow, you with Eru…. You will meet with my younger sister. You will be Eru’s playmate. If you are able to live and come back, then by my name, I will add you to my Diablo party」
「Really! Thank you very much!」

I lower my head and in return, she does not reply. Without turning, just like the time she came, she slips through the iron bars and like that, she disappears.

…… Saying she was kind, was not a lie.
I really do have a discerning eye, whether they are human or demon.
Looking at her, I was able to understand the main components of her nature.
It’s my one special skill.

However, in her case, that kindness is not pointed towards humans.

In that case, she must have a reason to keep such a rude human alive.
To only be the playmate of the 『Fool』, that reason alone is not enough.

After all, to her I should not be just any run of the mill human.

That is why, I’m convinced.
She remembers me.

She said that she doesn’t remember a human with my face, that was a lie. Even if it wasn’t a lie, then she was mistaken.
At the very least I, in the whole world, I alone remember her face.

That’s right, surely, I must be the only human that she failed to catch. At that time of the First Lost, I remember that at the time they were withdrawing, Crystella looked towards me. But you already remember that, right?

That may be why I got this chance today.
If not, then it might be that, that I won’t be able to live once in front of the 『Fool』.

In that case I won’t have a pulse.

Thought it’ll be easy for me with only some attachment to it.

……. Still, the strangest feeling I got from her was a certain emotion in the deepest part of her.

As if…I doubted my own eyes, I sensed that she was afraid of something.
It is something greater than not having self-confidence.
With beauty as if it were the labor of the world, and in terms of power, there is no one equal to her.

A person of that extent, just what could it be that they fear.
It’s said that the demons truly began their invasion when she became the head of Diablo.
Perhaps, there is some connection with that.

Is she afraid of humans? …… That can’t be right.

Well it’s fine, for now it’s the single most famous demon in the world, the 『Fool』 Elektra Vera Detora.

I have to survive talking with her, don’t I.

……The thing that torments Crystella.
Around there, that must be where the key to make her fall lies.

I will love you.
Love, love, completely love you.

I will love you, that’s why bear it in mind, Crystella.

What you will do with my love, look forward to it.

Just kidding.

Hihi, aahaha.

……Tia-samaa, but for the time being, what should I do so that Elektra doesn’t kill me tomorrow.

Should I think about the things for tomorrow, tomorrow?
It’s because of that carelessness, that you’re forgotten by humans….ah, sorry, don’t cry.

I was wrong.

Here, smile smile.

The back of Willson’s head chipped because I threw him, but I use him like a hug pillow until the next day when Aroma-san comes out.

Why doesn’t this organization use underlings.
Or could it be, am I getting the VIP treatment.

「Nn, it smells. I cannot handle it, come now, hurry and get up?」
「Yees, sensei」
「Ara, a good reply. What an obedient child, do you like sensei?」

It seems that I’ll be able to get along with Aroma-san.
Gallon-san and Crystella too, I only messed around a bit and they resorted to violence.

Because of that I don’t feel like stopping.
Well, at least slaves have the privilege of being able to speak their mind.

The freedom of my thoughts are unimpeded.
To get angry because I let them show.

I follow Aroma-san out of the dungeon and we walk here and there(I was once again spit on en route. It was that harpy from before. Damn you),  and when we enter the reception hall we bump into Gallon-san.

「Ha? Why is he out? The Miss didn’t end him?」
「It’s rare, but she seems to be pleased with him. However, he is being taken to the little sisters place. I am not sure as to what is happening」
「Haan. He isn’t worth killing myself, isn’t it? Even then he was bought at a high price from Rilu Maal. It’d be good if those beast people hurried and came to Augusta’s side, it’s because the pro-human group that keep making a racket…..」
「It won’t be too long, not too long. Little by little」
「This kind of thing is only happening because you didn’t keep a tight grip on the reins」

It started again, and we depart as soon as Aroma calms Gallon.

For Rilu Maal which is made of mostly beast people, the pro-demon and pro-human groups have split and both powers were on bad terms for a long time.

「It’s because Gallon-san’s household has originally been on the demon territory. They are the same beast people, but there way of thinking are different. One’s country has its own circumstances」
「Hee, is that so. The beast people so to say, I thought they were mostly in the pro-demon group」
「That’s the thing, the pro-human group seems to have grown recently. Their influence is now about 50-50」
「Arya, it’s the first I’ve heard of it…… Is it fine to talk to me about these things?」
「? From here on you are a dead person, what is there to consider?」

Aroma-san is already convinced of my death.

「……What kind of things did you hear about me from the Demon King-sama?」
「To throw you into the little sister’s play room, only that」
「If I return alive from playing with the little sister, I was ordered to be a night attendant」
「I, do not like liars」

It is the first time this person glared at me.
A beautiful woman getting angry is scary.
Even more so for a beautiful woman that shows no sign of getting angry.

「I lied. It was that I’ll be added into the Diablo group」
「Ufu, ku, fufu, Chris too, fufu, she picked up a strange joke」

Aroma-san let out a laugh as if it were a really strange thing.

She gave off a mysterious laugh with elegance, but at the same time, a bottomless cruelty.

「You will die. From here on, brutally. Fufu, even you must’ve understood the moment you were bought by demons? The humans that come here, are tormented, eaten. Fufufu, it’s strange. Eru-chan…… The little sister, she makes good use of humans without ever letting them return」

Ah, of course, this person is also a demon.

Then, this cruel disposition, I must also come to love it.

The cuteness of a naughty child, that kind of feeling.
It’s all right, it’s all right. I’ll completely love you.

「Nfu, here, it’s at the end of this corridor. The room on the left, the little sister’s play room. – Can you enter on your own? Does sensei need to escort you?」

「Yees sensei, I’ll be fine, I’m off~」

「……Really, what a strange human. I didn’t understand him up till the very end」

Aroma-san leaves behind that whisper, as I advance through the corridor without hesitation and throw open the door.

As soon as I open the door, the scent of blood overflows from the opening.

「Ara, you, are you the new toy?」
「Nice to meet you. I go by the name Nine, pleased to make your acquaintance」

A room with no equipment to play with and that must’ve originally been white is but is now covered by dark red splashes. That is Elektra’s play room, the place where she spends the majority of her day.

She is not the pure white of Crystella, but it would be fitting to call her pure black.

Black bat like wings.
Her older sister lacks it, but a pointed barb shaped tail, that is fitting of the name of devil.
With long, glossy black hair that is tied to the side.

And two amber eyes as if to escape from the dominance of black.

The only evidence that she is Crystella’s sister are those frighteningly well ordered features that are similar to her sister.

「Ara, you are a human that can give a proper greeting. Nice to meet you, I am Elektra, but call me Eru」
「Yes, Eru-sama. By the way, it was said I came to be your playmate, but what should I do」

Because her height does not even reach my chest, in order to meet with her eyes I bend down with both hands on my knees and she tells me this.

「Nn-……Well, to put it simply. It is fine as long as you are killed by me」
「Understood, by the way, in which way should it be?」
「? You, you ask strange things. Why do you ask those things?」
「Because, by repeating doubts and answers, you are able to arrive to the truth」
「……Nfu, It seems that you’ve also gone mad. Thought it frequently happens to me too. Well it’s fine, here. The one that came together with you. You too will soon be like that」

The one she played with the day before, the gladiator whose name I didn’t learn, is now broken and scattered about in a corner of the room.

I will not explain in detail.
But, the arms, legs, and head where missing.
What was left was a lump of meat whose dignity was stolen.

It’s a familiar scene.

「What a wonderful objet d’art. But, the presentation might be a bit crude」
「Mu, how rude. Then what would you do?」
「The human body is complete as it is. It is not something that you need to remove the legs from. It is important that it is without defects」
「A difference of opinion. I, want to see your torso. I believe it to be very lovely」
「As you wish. But, if it is me, then I may surely be able to grant you something you desire more?」

I say that and she laughs as if it was something truly amusing.

A sneer.

「A different way to beg for your life. It is the first time I’ve seen a human say such a thing!」
「That may be so…… But if you are satisfied with what I can offer you, then I’d like to have permission to exit the room」
「Is that fine? You are a child that is soon to be dead, I’ll listen to anything you say」
「In that case, with all due respect. I will be grateful if you could remove the handcuffs」

「Okay. Is this fine?」

In a state as if she used no strength, she lightly swung down her index finger in the empty space.

With only that, without a sound, the handcuffs made of iron were cut apart.

I savor the long awaited freedom of my two hands as she impatiently opens her mouth with sparkling eyes.

「Then, what will you give me? Will you dispel my boredom?」
「Ee, surely」

Saying that I gently stroke her cheek.

The demon who has killed the most human with her own hands, Elektra Vera Detora.

Without hesitation, without pity, a monster with only the intent to kill humans.

The laugh of madness in the battlefield has earned her the nickname, The 『Fool』 Elektra.

……A young lady who is ignorant of the ways of the world.

I understood with a single glance. You are just a kid going through puberty.

Can you(..), withstand this?

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