「Wow amazing amazing. This is the first time I rode a dragon, it’s fast, sturdy, and strong, isn’t it much better transportation than horses」
「Shut up already! Were you born from the mouth!」
「You two bastards should shut up! If you don’t want to be killed then stay quiet!」

The angry voice of Gallon-san echoes and strikes back at the gladiator.

–Ah, I remembered.
That person Aroma-san? According to some information from before, even among the demons she seems to be quite an excellent person.
And Gallon-san with the tattoo of the Demon King’s personal guards on her right arm is probably in charge of the guards.

There both quite the high up people.
For the likes of slaves to be able to have an audience with them, it’s an honor.

「Gallon-sama Gallon-sama」
「Don’t call me by my name! For a low bastard like you to say my proud name, it’ll dirty it!」
「I have to use the toilet」
「……Hurry and get down」
「But the shackles on my arms are a hindrance, it’s difficult」
「……I’ll remove it, but don’t run. If I see a sign of it, then I’ll use these claws to cut your neck」

Saying that she removes my shackles.

It’s because a human licked her that she can take this attitude.

What an easy person.
I’ve decided. I’ll win over this person.

I’ll practice with this person.
Practice to love a demon.

It’s because I have to freely love this garbage that killed everyone.

Ne, Tia-sama.

Ah, this isn’t fooling around.
That’s because I only love one person.

Then, let’s begin the practice right away.

–Ah, Gallon-san, I want to fluff you.
You’re cute like a dog.
But it seems that calling a werewolf a dog is the greatest insult, but that bark, aah, it’s cute.
I want to lick you.

Kufufu, aahaha.

–We’ve safely arrived to the demon’s territory with the scary reputation.

Rather, my butt hurts.
The shaking and that horrible smell were terrible.
There weren’t even any saddles, just how tough are a demon’s buttocks.
Horses are the best after all.

I descend while thinking such things, and the dragon I was riding bit at my face.
Damn it.

Well, various things happened but we made it, the Demon King’s castle.
It’s my first time seeing it, but it doesn’t look to have been made differently from what humans would do.
Probably because of the demons that fly, instead of making them a place to move in and out from, a big open space was left above.

「Welcome home」

And several demon’s that looked like underlings came to greet Aroma-san and Gallon-san.
But when they looked at me they licked their lips.
I’m not tasty?

But for some reason one harpy spit.

It saddens me.

I’d wipe my cheek, but because of the handcuff.
Well it’s fine, it was a beautiful woman after all.

It’s a reward, a reward.

However, as if to comfort the loser that I was.

「You seem to have safely arrived」

A refreshing, bell like voice cuts through my conscience.

A woman wearing an especially luxurious, white dress, suddenly appears from the empty space.
Pure white wings. Long, shining, silver hair.
With white, transparent skin no matter where you looked at.
An angel like figure, but not giving an impression of it at all due to the blazing, deep crimson eyes within her.

What a nostalgic face.
Really, how nostalgic it is.
Nee Mother, Father, everyone.
That person that killed you all, right now, is in front of me.

Holding limitless magic strength, with the rumor that if she felt like it she can rule over the demons for eternity, the 『Infinite』 Crystella.
The boss of 『Diablo』, the organization that holds the most power within the demon territory Augusta.

Many demons struggled for the seat of demon king, and with it you would be recognized as the strongest, the true king of demons.

And she, is right in front of my eyes.

My enemy.
Humanities opponent.
And, the woman I must love

It will begin from here, the protagonist of the game using the world, Crystella Vera Detora.

Do you remember me?
Ah, just a bit, my heart is pounding just a bit.

「Welcome back Aroma. It must have also been hard for you too, Gallon」
「Ara, the princess has personally come out to meet us?」
「I’ve already told you to stop with princess. I just happened to have some free time. Do you have something to report?」
「Nnn, nothing right now. I will write a report for the other things later, but it would be fine for your Majesty to see directly」
「Understood….. Those humans, are they the usual?」
「Yes, the little sisters toys. In the end there were only two in stock」
「It’s fine. Eru is also being pampered too much. Let me see, which are they?」
「There sturdiness is guaranteed, or so I am told, but, let’s see…. They’ll probably be immediately broken by the little sister won’t they? There is no worth in seeing it」
「It’s a whim, let’s see…. Oi Gallon, bring those two over」
「Roger, Miss」   
「Stop with the Miss too. There, raise your head, starting from you」

Receiving those words, Gallon raises the head of the giant man next to me by pulling on the chain on his collar.

「Shut it you shitty demons! You inferior race abandoned by god, don’t order me around!」
「Fuun, your liveliness is good. Compared to your vulgar appearance, you are quite the Salia devotee. Then the fact that you are here must be gods will. In any case you’ve become a lowly bandit, right?」
「Shut up! The only ones I aimed at were inferior species like you!」
「Each and everyone of them…. Humans can only say similar things. I appoint you as Eru’s playmate, consider it an honor. Someone take him away」
「D, don’t! Damn it, the 『Fool』Elektra, to become that monsters food! Let me go, let me go you shits!」

The former gladiator resisted until the end, ah, now that I think about it, I never heard his name, well it doesn’t matter.  Using the chains on his hands behind him, two demons pull him away while restraining both arms.

「Let’s see, the other one….what, it’s quite fragile. Eru won’t be satisfied with this. And he is insufficient to be feed for the livestock」
「For what it’s worth, he was given by the specialized trader」
「It’s fine, in the end it’s only a trivial thing. Let’s see, let me see your face 」

It came. It’s time to show the production of our romantic reunion.

「Long time no see. Would you happen, to remember me?」
「What rudeness!」

Saying that, Crystella kicks my head.
It’s worse treatment then what happened to that other guy.

「….M, my head was shot to the day after tomorrow! How, how exciting!」
「What are you even saying! 」

Attempting to communicate again without getting discouraged, I was once again kicked in the same way….. Please forgive me.

No, can it be that this is my fault?
Sorry, Tia-sama.

This, isn’t the force on my neck bad.
Its painful, its painful.

But it’s fine, I was able to see her panties.
White, pure and innocent right.
Well, it may be possible to see through other colors.
Anyhow, thank you for the meal.

「A servant is, who do you think you opened your mouth too! You madman, to be acquainted with a human……」
「……Your Majesty?」
「……Aroma. Bring him to the dungeon. I will personally train him later. Before Eru breaks him」
「……? Understood. Gallon-san, please」

……My chin is still shaking. Nice Kick, Demon King-sama.

It wasn’t a romantic reunion, but a masochistic one.
But it’s fine, I don’t mind. I can still recover from this.
After all, it seems that she remembers me.

With this, I won’t have to humble myself too much.

The chains on my neck were forcefully pulled.
It hurts, stop it.

「Oraa, come here! To be rude to the Miss, don’t think it’ll end so simply!」
「Ai, sorry Gallon-sama. I’ve reflected on it」
「……Oi, human. Really, don’t joke around, I’ll kill you」


Lets see you kill me.
Lets see you kill me.

Everyone who heard that mouth of mine was stronger than me, but everyone died before me.

To die from this amount of play, such a thing shouldn’t happen, really.


「……Che, what an unpleasant smell. You」
「I had to pick some flowers after all, and I didn’t bathe」
「That’s wrong, I smell the scent of dead bodies on you. Not the smell of blood…. But a rotten smell」
「Araran, when did I join the demon’s. What’s the pay for the living dead?」

Gallon-san has already begun to ignore me, and like that we moved to the dungeon without speaking a single word.

Fumun, raising a flag is hard, Tia-sama.

— Werewolf, Gallon Vermillion.

Boasting the strongest close quarters combat power in the whole demon territory, and employed as the leader of Crystella’s guards.

A werewolf’s body, it is known that the potential of their strength in close quarter combat is the highest thanks to their physical body, furthermore, among them the Vermillion house is a famous werewolf house that has produced many excellent soldiers.

And Gallon is that house’s only child.

Gallon is, no, let’s express it like this.

She (..) will later speak.

To think, that the person I put a collar on, who was lower than even a pet.

That guy, that slave that I shouldn’t have been able to even stomach.

I would’ve never even dreamed that he would become the male to impregnate me.

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