At that same time, Crystella visited Elektra’s room.

「How are you, Eru」
「There’s no problem, sister. Did you come out of your way to visit?」
「My cute little sister collapsed. Of course I did」
「Thank you, but everyone is making too big a deal out of it」
「Is that so……I wanted to come see you yesterday night, but Selfi stopped me. 『She’s already asleep. Waking her up is no good』 she said」
「Fufu, sister, your bad at imitating」
「Fuun……and? What happened」
「……If nothing happened, then you wouldn’t have collapsed. What did that human do」
「He did nothing, sister」
「That isn’t an answer Eru. Answer me」
「………Nee, Chris Nee-sama. He, is a strange person」

Eru suddenly said that.

「……Don’t change the topic」
「No, I’m not changing it. You wanted to hear about him didn’t you?」
「Mu…… Well, that is true」
「He, he did nothing to me. Really. However, he only gently stroked me」
「…….He has no relation to you collapsing, is what your saying. Is that it?」
「No, the fact that I collapsed, is certainly his fault」
「………Get to the point. Eru, don’t tease me」
「Sorry, that isn’t what I’m trying to do. I also don’t know. At that time, what that human did. But, it wasn’t as if he used violence on me, it also wasn’t a magic attack」
「However, his touch, the moment I saw his eyes. What would be a good way to put it…… the feeling like, the first time Chris nee-sama got angry, that feeling」

It was then as if Eru finally understood, her eyes suddenly opened.

「That’s right, I remember, at that time I……I…..」

Eru hangs her head down while muttering.

It surprised me as expected, I grab Eru’s shoulder and call out to her, I notice her body was trembling.

「I, I was frightened. I was scared, so scared it couldn’t be helped. That’s why, I screamed」

Once again Eru raises her head with tears in her eyes, how long has it been since I’ve seen the tears of my little sister, I suddenly thought of such.

「But, he was gentle. He gently stroked me. I was lonely. I hate humans. Yes, I should be the one who killed the most humans. And yet, why. Why, why……」
「Oi, Eru, What’s wrong Eru!? Get yourself together!」

Unlike the rude nickname the humans gave her, she is somewhat emotionally unstable, but her intelligence has no abnormalities.

However, over and over as if chating a magic, 『why』, I look at Eru who began repeating it and became uneasy as to whether she had a mental abnormality.

「Nee sister」

Gurin, with a forceful sound she inclines her head and looks at me, she was already looking as her usual self, that sudden change took me by surprise.

「 『By repeating doubts and answers, you are able to arrive to the truth』, he said that」
「I, want to meet him again. But, I’m scared of him. What is this feeling, I don’t know. That’s why, let me think alone for the time being……….」

……Words that I don’t know, reasons that I don’t understand, Eru rejects my questioning.

I can’t get any more information now, it can’t be helped so I tell her to take care of herself and exit Eru’s room.

Once I exit, I call out to Selfi who is positioned outside of the room.

「You were also at the scene yesterday, were you not. What was the state at that time」
「Aah, not Eru, the state of that human」
「……….  …….. !」
「……There seemed to be something feverish, or some type of fluffy feeling, was it?」
「……… !」
「That was without a doubt love? …… Don’t fool around. I know of your delusions, but be aware of your surroundings. You read too many of those human love stories」
「……… !」
「That human too? He looked at Eru with loving eyes? …… Mostly. That’s enough, withdraw」
「Also, Selfi. I know that you are shy, but please, talk in a louder voice」

……In the room her sister left, Elektra holds her knees on top of her bed.
The soft feeling of the cardigan was strangely depressing, she brushes it off from her shoulder.

「……Lonely. I finally understand, I was lonely. But, sister is here. Aroma and Selfi too. And yet, what is this crevice in my heart……? The me right now……shouldn’t be lonely」

The thing called Nine’s love, a very repulsive thing, gradually , little by little, it began the assault on Elektra’s mind.

Elektra doesn’t realize.
The seed Nine planted in her heart, in what way it’d bloom.

Elektra, isn’t lonely anymore.
Because the kindness surrounding Elektra, has certainly reached her heart.

For years and years, the love from her sister and friends has come to fruition, that dangerous puberty of hers that should’ve naturally passed after many years, has finally ended.

Elektra won’t harm others in idleness anymore.
Because even if she doesn’t break an innocent thing in her arms, a part of her heart has certainly become,『Full』.

「My chest is, ….throbbing. This is, pain …….?」

That is something very ugly, cruel, a thing that demons that do know that it is irreparable, there is not a single one.

That is certainly, a misfortunate thing.

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