That child, I know that he’s approaching.

How did this come to be, it must be because of me.

I wished for that child’s happiness. That much was not a lie.

It can’t be helped that he’d come to resent everything, but even then, I couldn’t throw away my love for them.

Because of my arrogance, my indecisiveness, I should’ve known that child would be thrown to the pits of hell, and yet.

I love that child, and it’s because of that, I will surely fall to hell together with that child.

Nine. My adorable Nine.

Unable to escape from the hunger for maternal love, even now you couldn’t become an adult, Nine.

If you knew the truth, then you would likely not forgive me.

That frightening me, and in the end, I was unable to tell you the truth until now.

…… Aah, I won’t ask for forgiveness anymore.

That’s why, I will at least accomplish my promise with you.

That is all I can do.

……Whether I’m looking forward to it, or if I don’t want him to come.

I myself do not know.

…… However, Nine. At that time, I must tell you those things.

Even if you don’t want to know about it, I must teach you it.

…… Even though I don’t have the qualification to resent that child.

The point where fate divides, you have certainly crossed it–

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