「………… That happened」
「Don’t give me a haa. You understand don’t you…… It’s not someone else’s problem……」

The glamourous werewolf, Gallon Vermillion, mutters in front of me

When she came in the middle of the night to the dungeon, I thought I’d finally have my first time and my chest started to beat uncontrollably.

While being watched over by my friend Willson, my honest john became happy from thinking it’d go in and out Gallon’s secret garden. (TL: honest john and secret garden was actually used)

……A woman who raises one’s hopes, how improper. How improper.

Isn’t this what they call a wicked woman?
Isn’t this how they get their hands on men and steal them away.
Isn’t it?
It can’t be.
This is super very bad.

While thinking of that I put my face on the iron bars and pucker my lips, and then they’re pulled.
I thought they were going to be torn off.

Thanks to that I now have tarako lips.
Not even a kiss is a fine?

Well, that doesn’t matter, but after listening to what she had to say, it seems like my life is in danger.

Because of Aroma-san and Eva-san my life is now on a timer.

How troublesome.

「Making a troubled face like that won’t help you. Be more serious about this」
「Aii~, sowwy~」
「That’s enough」

With those words, Gallon-san begins to stand up from her cross legged position.

Nyoo, I need Gallon-san!

「Wait, wait, please wait. You suddenly told me this out of nowhere so it surprised me」
「…… Me too, it also came out of nowhere for me. If it wasn’t for that, then I wouldn’t have acted like that」
「Ah, the thing you said yesterday. Those words were deeply moving.『Don’t look at any other women! Look only at me!』was it? I understand, Gallon」
「I’m leaving」

Once again Gallon-san begins to get up.

I told you to wait……… Ah, I can see her underwear from the gap in her shorts.
Gray and sporty.
But unexpectedly, it may be more fitting than pink.

「Please wait! I’m troubled by Gallon-sensei’s quick temper」
「…… There won’t be a next time」

With that, Gallon-san sit’s down.

…… But I even said such a thing.
You really don’t hate this, do you.

I don’t say it out loud because if I did then she really would leave this time.

「…… And? Didn’t you have a slave firm you were part of? Do you have any connections or know-how on gathering humans?」
「Oh my, even though you scorned that very business yesterday」
「…… Werewolves never abandon their comrades. And even though it’s not quite right, you are my student. I’ll give you some preferential treatment. And also, I don’t understand what Aroma’s doing this time」
「You’re embarrassing me. I might fall in love. How troublesome, can we not start as friends?」
「I thought I told you there wouldn’t be a next time」
「I’m sorry don’t abandon me! Everyone messes up at times! It was a sudden impulse!」

I mean really.

If you suddenly say all these things out of nowhere.

Then even I’d get embarrassed.

Gallon-san, it’s nice to have such profound feelings but a bad man will deceive you?

I wouldn’t know since I’m a virgin, but is this a good time to go on the offensive?
Is it fine if I become a man?

Compared to me who was thinking of these insincere things, Gallon-san was still here. She’s such a good person.

It’s a huge difference from her attitude when we first met.
I wonder if my love has touched her.

As expected of Tia-sama’s teachings.
Much more effective than any normal studies.
There is nothing that surpasses love.

「…… Then, I want to talk seriously」
「You should’ve done that from the beginning」
「I don’t have any connections or know-how」
「You don’t! I thought you did since you didn’t look shaken up!」
「But I’ll somehow manage」
「Really? …… From you words, I can’t bring myself to trust that. Don’t omit any important things-……」
「I’m serious. For Gallon-sensei to be this worried, I don’t want to do anything that’d make you sad」
「Haa, it’s not like I’m worried…… Words really are cheap」

Gallon-san said those words with her tail wagging just a tiny bit, what terrifying cuteness.

Well, if it’s her, then she might be thinking of me as a pet.

But that’s fine.

Then I’ll also have to love that part of you.
In exchange, would you spoil me like this from now on…… My『Mother』Gallon?

「…… Well, I’ll see what I can do. Directly interfering is prohibited, but if there’s something I can do, then I’ll lend you a hand if I have time」
「Thank you very much. Please leave it to me」
「Ou. For the time being, you’ll get an explanation from Aroma tomorrow…… Oi, what’re you doing」

「I’m practicing my dogeza」

「She isn’t someone you can move with tears you idiot! You really are an idiot!」

 The one who calls someone an idiot is the idiot.

「…… I didn’t think you’d really do it」

Gallon-san says that with her hands on her brows as if she was truly surprised.

I’m currently in Aroma-san’s office were Crystella and all the demons whose names I know are lined up.

And while in front of them, I am in the middle of performing a splendid dogeza.

With my head rubbing the floor, I am even ready to lick the beautiful legs of Aroma-san.

「…… Those type of things are pointless. As I said before, you have one month to gather 200 humans starting from today. Get this through that head of yours」
「Understood. But if I go by myself, then the ones who are weak like me would become food for monsters」

An inferior life form used by the demons.
Grotesque creatures made either by the mutations of animals, or from the demons experiments in order to create a biological weapon.

For some reason they only attack humans.
The Salia Faith defines these life forms that are more devil like then demons as monsters.

「…… I already thought about those things. Come out Selfi」

The beautiful and shy vampire that dresses as a man.
Without a sound, Selfi-san appears from Aroma-san’s back.

「Then, Selfi」

Aroma-san urges her with a word, and Selfi-san looks at me with upturned eyes, and slowly approaches.


While I was still in a dogeza, she gulps and plants her fangs onto my shoulder.

「N, No! There should be a proper order to these things…… First is a diary exchange…… !」

「What’re you confusing this with. This is for your sake」
「…… I also don’t want the sample to be hurt too much」

Eva says it with her unchanging expression, and she glances at me as I writhe in pain

「It hurts! Shouldn’t this feel good, Bram Stoker, you liar! It really hurts! ……A, Ah, but this pain,  it feels kind of good……」
「Pe, per, pervert! Your Majesty, it still isn’t too late. It’d be better to hand him over to Eva-san right …….. !」
「 Calm down Aroma . Some abnormality is acceptable」

As expected of the Demon King, she understands…… Ow, it really does hurt!
This isn’t good, it’s no joke.
Hi hifu-. Hi hifu-.

…… But this sucking sound, it’s very erotic.

I can see Selfi-san’s chest because she’s on all fours while sucking my blood.

Their surprisingly big.
How great…… Ah, not good, I’m losing consciousness……….

「…… Selfi. It should be fine now. Did you finish the engraving?」
「…… Selfi?」
「Se, Selfi! You drank too much! If it’s like that then……」
「This isn’t good, she’s not listening! Gallon-san, pull Selfi away!」
「This vampire, what’re you doing! Let go!」

A supa sound rang out, Selfi-san hit Gallon-san’s head.

「It was tastier than you expected? For that reason!」
「! You bastard, to call me a stray dog!」

You two, stop fighting for my sake!
……..I thought that but.

The one who stopped Gallon-san, was Chris with only a few words.

「….. You two, stand down」
「Miss, but…… !」
「………… ! ……!」

With that, the two stop glaring at each other and step back.

「Your Majesty, thank you…… Human, what Selfi just engraved onto you will repel monsters」

Aroma-san says that and passes me a mirror to confirm it. The shape is, a complex figure that I can’t understand ……It’s probably a magic circle.

I touch the area that was bitten, it still hurts but Selfi-san’s saliva is sticky.

Isn’t this a reward.
I’ll refrain from bathing for the time being.

When I started grinning, Aroma-san furrowed her brows and frowned as if she was disgusted.

「If you have that then monsters won’t attack you. But, do not think you can escape with that」

Aroma-san signal to Puria who was behind her.

「Yo, Nine. I’m gonna be watchin over ya, best regards」

Puria-san greets me with a nasty smile.

It’s because this harpy is a hedonist that as long as it’s fun then anything is fine.
This incident too, she can’t think of it as anything other than a game with a front row seat.

Damn you, I’ll show you.

「Puria-han, don’t get in trouble right away. Cause I won’t be able ta help ya」
「Impossible. It’s been ma principle ta get wrapped up in things since long ago…… By the way, stop that way of talkin. It’s the words of ma hometown. Don’t make fun of it」
「Whatcha sayin. It’s normal」
「…… Ya lookin for a fight? I’ll give it ta ya?」
「Ma how scary. This bird is scared」
「Ya shitty apprentice, I’ll kill ya!」

The only one to rely on here, would of course be our Demon King!

Just like Gallon-san and Selfi-san before, please magnificently put a stop to it!

Authority is wonderful!

Please, let her have it!

「…… Puria, do it. His current behavior is unpleasant」

As expected of the Demon King, She under……….. Arere, isn’t this strange?

Gattsu! Bokka!

I almost died.

Sweet (lol).

— After being hit by Puria-san (No one stopped it until Eva-san said it’d be bad to hurt the sample anymore. This is really strange!), Aroma-san continued speaking while my heart and body were in tatters.

「…..Well, You should already know, but our influence extends from the west until the center of Ista, so there are many monsters living there. There are many small villages there, but to gather 200 people in them would be difficult」
「He hee」
「To the south of Augusta is the inland sea with many important trade points. If you were to buy humans then this is the best place to do it……. Well, it’d be hard to do it without money」
「Ho hou」
「To the east of Augusta…… is the border with Indira which cannot be passed without a permit. However, there are rumors of settlements composed of people who lost political strifes and are gathering by Augusta’s side, well it’s all or nothing, to say the least」
「Fumu fumu」
「…… Puria will lend you a hand in moving…… In other words, well, it depends on you whether you cooperate or not. From your act just now, that possibility might have become zero」

Puria-san was staring daggers at me.
It’s certainly a case of reaping what you sow.

Well whatever, I’ll do it one way or another.

I already have a goal. It’s fine as long as the monsters don’t attack.

「I understand the main points. By the way, travelling expenses, food and……」
「Of course you won’t be getting any, earn it yourself」

This, this would normally be checkmate. Just how much do they hate me.

「…… Think about this as a penalty for laying your hands on Eru. If you succeed in this, then this time you will formally become my subordinate」
「…… Your Majesty…..」

With Crystella handing out such generous words, Aroma-san looked like she wanted to say she shouldn’t have said it.

「Thank you very much. If you say such things, then this Nine will have the strength of a hundred people」

I say that as I lower my head.

For now, I have a plan, it should be fine. I planned to have Gallon-san help me, but with a monster repellent it isn’t necessary.

…..Now then. For now….. I’ll have that fox cub that is sneaking around help me out.

While thinking those things, Eru-sama, who has been behind Crystella since the beginning, speaks out.

「Nee, Nine-chan」
「It’s an honor for you to remember my name. It has been a while, Eru-sama」
「Un, it’s been a while……… May I ask you something」
「Go ahead, anything」
「You, why do you look so happy?」

Without realizing it, I stroke my face.

Everyone around had bewildered expressions, it really was a random question.

「Oi Eru, it’s not like he’s happy. To begin with, this isn’t a situation you could enjoy」

Gallon-san responds, but Eru-sama doesn’t take her eyes off me.

「…… Do I, look happy?」
「……… Then, it must be that」
「Do you yourself, not understand it?」
「That could be a possibility」
「……… Is that so」

Saying that, Eru-sama turns back.

「Do your best. And when you come back, will you play with me again?」
「Eeh, with pleasure」

Saying that, I turn back with the sulky Puria-san who’s been ignoring me, and leave the room.

–With the human and harpy out of the room, Eva calls out to Elektra.

「Eru, why did you ask that?」
「…… That child said so. 『By repeating doubts and answers, you are able to arrive to the truth』…… However. To not understand yourself. Or perhaps, there is currently no answer. It may also be that」

Eva looks at the door the two left from.

Those teachings have already been lost, those words were the foundation of which the spirit techniques were built upon.

A teaching of looking at oneself, looking at others, looking at the world, and eliminating the things you didn’t understand one by one.

「…… Truly, how interesting. I want him」

Eva Kalma is a machine that gathers knowledge.

And the things called spirits, are nature itself, they are wisdom.

Knowledge and wisdom. Eva who does not understand the difference between the two, will soon make a fatal mistake.

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