「Oh my, Gallon-sama. It’s been a long time」

I finally got used to my job here and as I finish my work for the day, Gallon-san appears.

「Shut up. I don’t wanna see the likes of you」

How harsh.

The people here  — I don’t know how to represent demon’s, no, they’re people — treat me like a bug.

Even when I’m this affectionate.

Well it has to be that, asking for a reward is no good.
Love is that type of thing.
Give, give, and give. I must keep giving even if I die, till the very end.
That is what love is.

Isn’t that right, Tia-sama?

「What’s with that foolish face…… well whatever, follow me for a bit」
「Eh, no way」
「It isn’t, no way. If I tell you to follow then you follow」
「B, but」
「Don’t give me that shit! Ora, if you don’t hurry, then I’ll bite you to death」
「We don’t have that kind of relationship…… If were together, then embarrassing rumors will spread」
「All right, your dead」
「Aye, sorry. I’ll immediately follow」

She really is simple.
She immediately gets angry.
Thought it is cute.
But any more teasing and she really will kill me.
I shouldn’t die.

「Where are we going? I was going to have rice after this」
「Like I care, stay quiet」
「Aah, my only enjoyment」

But I have to look through food scraps for it.
If humans don’t eat anything they die.

Tia-sama, why do humans die so easily?

「…..Do you remember Aroma? It’s an annoying thing, because of her I was put in charge of your education, I’ll teach you of the common sense here」
「Like seriously? This is like super cray cray. Can’t believe it」
「Don’t use words I don’t know, where’s your answer!」
「Yes sensei! Understood!」
「Se……….i, no, that’s fine. Sensei, un, that’s right」

Is her head alright.
She way too simple.
An immediate drop out?
Was she an immediate drop out?

No, that’s right.
She’s just way too simple that no one up till now has called her sensei.
How pitiful……….

「Ou, Sensei will guide you to the library now」
「Yes Gallon-sensei! Thank you very much」
「O, okay. It’s good if you’re obedient like that」

This is bad, my stomach is hurting from the guilt.
Though that’s a lie.

But she’s too pitiful…… It’s all right Gallon-san.

Tia-sama said that girls with a little idiocy will live a happy life.
If that person said it then it must be true.
Surely, you too will find happiness.
Since your head is full of flowers.

……Aah, that’s wrong, that’s wrong.
You won’t find happiness.

I will give you happiness.

Because I will love you. To your heart’s content.
I’ve decided, I’ll start with you.

While rubbing my hands and thinking so, we arrived. I was brought inside a building that was separate from the castle.

「Oii Eva, come out! You heard from Aroma didn’t you, Gallon-sama has made her appearance!」

She added the -sama at the end.
Just how carried away can she be.
I also get carried away so I don’t have a responsibility to tell others, but I also felt like watching it.

Don’t get so carried away.
Your just a wolf.

While thinking those things, a person with a mismatched white robe and a dark point pointy hat covering her appears from the shadows of the book shelves

「So noisy what is it……aah, Gallon. Go back」
「What’s with that, to not suddenly welcome me」
「Your noisy. I value silence. That’s why, go back」
「I came here for a job today, if not then I wouldn’t have come to this shabby place」
「……? You foolhardy person, what are you doing in this place…..nn? Is that a human behind you?」
「Aah, I’m going to drive our common sense into him. Orders from that shitty prime minister-sama」
「Mu……Ah, speaking of this I feel like I did hear something. Huh, it isn’t a sample…… And it’s finally a healthy looking human……」

She looks over with a sorrowful face and says that…… She looks human at a glance, but I immediately understood with those long ears and dark skin.

An elf.
Furthermore, a dark elf.

The elf numbers are few, elves live their lives in forests all over the world, and among them are the one branded heretics, the dark elves.

The ones who live their lives outside of the forest lose the divine protection of the spirit (only if that thing exists. Honestly, it’s fake to me) the elves believe in. I heard that their skins then turn darkish brown.
No. To begin with, the knowledge on dark eves and even more so on elves is small, so whether it’s true or not, no one knows.
This is also my first time seeing any type of elf.

「…… So? This is more or less the library. The only things I can lend you are books」
「Okay, then……」

I look at the surroundings while Gallon-sensei searches for the teaching material in high spirits
It doesn’t feel much different from a human library, but its scale is quite something.
I once saw something like this in Folkus before, it is like the Royal Central Library.

But…… she said sample.
It seems this place isn’t only that.

In the depths of the library is a suspicious, blatant, black door.
It also has a magic circle drawn on it.
Entering would surely be dangerous…….

I finally came here, so I wanted to go to the black door.

With such a feeling, I unsteadily walk in that direction as if I am being attracted to it,

「Ah, you. That’s dangerous, entry is prohibited there」

Eva-san says that as she grabs my shoulder to restrain me.

「Also, don’t go around touching things as you please. The one that has permission to borrow books isn’t you but Gallon」

Eva-san departs with those words.

……… Suddenly going to dangerous places is a habit form my past.

Thanks to that that I was able to meet Tia-sama, and because of that, I didn’t die at that time.

……No, that’s wrong?

It’s wrong.

My death was just delayed.

Everyone is waiting for me in that grave I dug and because I want to hurry and go there, I keep doing dangerous things like this….

『You shouldn’t pull any pranks』
『Now now, there’s no need to get angry. He’s a man, I was also mischievous when I was a kid』
『He spoiled because you treat him like that……』

Like that, Mother scolded me.
Father protected me.
And getting carried away, I received Father’s fist.
And that warm place, is only in my mind now..

It’s because I can’t forgive them that, that I ……

「Oi, human! Don’t blank out」
「Yes, Mother」
「Wh……! Who is your Mother you idiot! I’m still 18!」

Gallon-san came back while holding several books in one arm and slaps my head.

A really good squishy feeling was transferred to me.
This might become a habit.

And, while still being pressed, my head was shook.

This is bad.
This is really bad.

「……I’m sorry, sensei. By the way, that paw, can I touch it」
「As if! Ora, we’ll do it there, sit on that seat over there!」

Eva-san’s judgement wasn’t wrong.
This person really is loud.

………With the two of us sitting by the desk, the teaching materials were opened and……

「…… with that, the Demon King-sama and demons lived together in happiness. And they lived happily ever after」

「Happily ever after」

「……How’s that, a human slave like you can’t read letters. So first, we’ll start reading simple picture books like this……」

「Gallon-sensei Gallon-sensei」

「Ou, what is it. Ask sensei anything! Anything is fine, anything」

Gallon-san laughs with a gahaha and sticks out her chest, so I frankly tell her.

「I, can read letters」

「That’s right, you can read them」


「…… That’s right」


「You can read it……」


With that answer, Gallon-san puts both her fist on the desk, and as she hangs her head, she starts shaking.

The ears on her head hang down, but because the hair there is thin, I understood that she was red.

「You bastard, stop fooling around! If you can read then say it! You didn’t read anything until the very end!」
「Happily ever after」
「Happily ever after my ass!」

Gallon-san is special in the head…….. But if I say that, I’d die as expected.

Have to follow up.

「Sorry…… it reminded me, of my mom that read to me in the past」
「It was nostalgic. To be read to in this kind of way, as if I was being sung a lullaby」
「Ha-……So even humans do those things」
「……Please. One more time, can you read to me just one more time?」
「Ke, as if. I don’t have that free time, don’t behave like a spoiled child」

Gallon-san thrusts her finger towards me.

「Don’t misunderstand this. Even now I want to bite you. If you want to play house anymore than this, then you should be ready for that」
「……Che, as long as you understand」

Gallon-san turns away.

……Aah, how cute, how cute.
How cute.
Right now, did I just get a small amount of guilt?

For the likes of a slave.

For the likes of a human, to become attached to one?

Really, how cute.

Aroma-san might not be as clever as I thought.
Why send someone like Gallon-san.
This young and emotional girl, even with that power she’s still like a child.

Maybe she doesn’t understand the things called humans.
Or maybe, she doesn’t understand emotions.

For living creatures with intelligence, if you point kindness towards them, they won’t be able to escape from the pleasure.

To the extent that it isn’t betrayal.
At least, with this young girl.

Different from humans, you demons have not experienced civil war.
「Enemy or ally」, in other words 「humans or demons」.

……In reality, demons might be more knowledgeable than humans.

Other than disputes between powers, there hasn’t been any killings between the demons.

Even now with the demons destroying them, humans are still fighting between each other.

……for people who don’t know the pain of being stabbed in the back, they would never consider the damage of it.

That is convenient to me.

But, to betray, isn’t love.
I cannot do anything that goes against love.

That’s why, you foolish Gallon-san.
I will not trick you by any means.
I am far more foolish.
I want to love.
Please let me love you.
I don’t want any reward
But, I want to think about you.

………Nn, then, I’ll go with this.

『Gallon-san, is my Mother』
『My kind Mother, was Gallon-san』
『My Gallon-san, was my beloved Mother』

……… Un. Then, the name is, Gallon-sensei. Gallon-sama. Gallon-san

Something like this.


……Aah, Gallon-san, my beloved.
My lovely beloved.
I want to hug you.
I love you.
I yearn for you.
I like you.
Please, please, please believe in these feelings.

…………Something like this, how is it, Tia-sama?

–One way or another, the day ends, and with those feelings, the two leave the library.


With no words, the evening glow dyes the garden, I return to my bed in the dungeon, and Gallon-san returns to the castle.

I see her off as she pretends to not see me, she suddenly stops, and with a voice that can, but can’t be heard, she softly mutters.

「……See you tomorrow, at the same time in the library. Don’t be late」
「Yes! Gallon-sensei!」

I reply in as loud a voice as I can.

「Shut up!」

Gallon-san turns back and returns the shout in the same manner.

But, in the instant she turned back, I thought I saw a small smile rise up.

That was surely, not a mistake.

Afterall, her tail is slowly, again and again, swaying from left to right.

…………Caught you.

I have found Gallon Vermillion’s heart.

It isn’t too far now, that I’ll be able to convey my love to her.

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