Note: The perspective just randomly changes at times. (゚ペ)

――――At the same time, inside Diablo’s castle.

The appearance of Gallon with her characteristic tail and height enters Elektra’s vision and she calls out to her.

「Nee, Gallon, may I have some of your time?」
「Nn? Oh, it’s Eru. What is it?」
「I want to talk for a bit. Are you fine with tea?」
「Aaan? Well it’s fine. In that case, come to my room」
「Ara. And I thought of treating you as I finally managed to obtain some excellent black tea」
「The smell of blood is strong in your room. I can’t settle down」
「My, how cruel. And I recently tidied up」

The two head to Gallon’s room.

Recently, the way Elektra’s been acting has been on Gallon’s mind, so this ended up being a timely proposal.

Besides, she’s bored because that cheeky student ,that she can’t even tell what he’s thinking, is gone.

Yes, she was simply bored.
It’s not like she’s particularly thinking about him because he isn’t here.

To be affected just because a human is going to be gone for a while, that is unthinkable for someone from the proud Vermillion bloodline.

The time spent with that human has already become a part of her everyday life, and to lose it has in fact made her somewhat restless.

Irritated when he’s here.
Restless when he’s gone.

Really, he’s a good for nothing.
Nine is a good for nothing guy.
When he comes back I’ll have to educate him even more.
While thinking of those things I hear Eru’s voice.

「Gallon, it tickles」
「Ha? What does?」
「Your tail’s been hitting me for a while」
「O, oh, my bad」
「……Did you think of something pleasant?」
「Not really. There’s nothing like that」
「True…… without Nine, Gallon must also be lonely. But pleasant things are good」
「Haa? Of course not. It’s refreshing now that he isn’t here」

How dishonest.

Since she’s more than a full head smaller than Gallon, Electra has to look up at her.
Although her expression hasn’t changed, even if she were to hold her raging tail down with her right hand, she’d still be unable to conceal it’s shaking.

The person herself hasn’t realized it yet, but everyone in Diablo knows it, the habit of hers when she’s embarrassed.
The reason no one pointed it out yet is because of Gallon’s charm from it.

But now, seeing that has irritated Elektra.

「Gallon, it looks like you’re getting along well with that child」
「No way. If anything he’ll probably try escaping」

That may be so.
Rather than obediently coming back, the possibility of having freed himself by escaping Puria’s monitoring is far higher.

Or possibly, that could be what Aroma desired.

However, he will certainly come back.
We still haven’t talked much, but, I believe he’s a person who protects his promises.
Though that’s only my intuition.

「Although he acts ignorant, he’s strangely good at understanding things. It’s possible that he’s already escaping right about now isn’t it?」
「That child, he wouldn’t do such a thing」
「……Huh, Eru. You have quite a high opinion of that Nine」

Without stopping, Gallon turns her head towards me.
It feels like her eyes have narrowed.

If you were going to get angry, then you shouldn’t have said it from the beginning.

「……What is it, staying silent all of a sudden」
「Oi, what is it. Say something」
「Nee, Gallon」
「Your room, didn’t we pass it?」

Gallon Vermillion. An 18 year old werewolf being toyed with by the 14 year old little sister of the Demon King.

That recklessness of hers is unbefitting of the successor of a noble, and that is one her parents worries.

It’s been a while since I’ve entered Gallon’s room, but it’s been neatly tidied up.

On top of her desk were numerous textbooks that she should’ve hated, when I asked for the reason, she turned the other way.

Gallon really does want that child to return.
Those books are certainly used for study preparations for when that child returns.

「And, what’d you wanna talk about」

After sitting down and composing ourselves, Gallon get’s to the point.

She’s making a sulky face, I must’ve teased her a bit too much, but that’s only because it’s her that she’s worth teasing, but the person herself hasn’t realize this.

「Gallon, you’re probably the one that spent the most time with Nine-chan, so there are a few things I’d like to ask」
「But talking about him must be boring」
「That’s not right. Nnn…… Although he also says it himself, but I want to ask about things like, what’s your impression of him and such」
「…… What for」
「I’m the one asking the questions. But it can’t be helped if you don’t want to answer」
「It isn’t that, but……」
「Then talk, please. In exchange, I’ll also talk」
「…… Fine. You know, if I were to say it in a few words, then he’s an idiot」
「…… How sharp」
「He does stupid things with a serious face, and there are times where his gaze is perverted. Above all, he’s trash that had the nerve to be a slave merchant. And yet, he…… nevermind, this should be fine」

I wasn’t able to hear what she said at the end.

「To put it bluntly, he’s a good for nothing fella. Have you looked at his eyes?」
「Un, a little bit, they were blank」
「People like that are said to be corrupted. Not being able to understand what he’s thinking, and probably, everything he says is full of lies」
「Eru too, don’t you think it’d be better to not get too involved? Didn’t you collapse because of him? It’s making the Miss and Aroma worry」


「Gallon, do you dislike that child?」
「…… it’s not like, I don’t like him. And to begin with he’s a human」

She didn’t answer the question, Is Gallon aware of this.

But, I won’t point it out.

If the person herself doesn’t realize it, then it doesn’t matter.

「Hora, now you talk. It’s Eru’s turn next」
「… Un. But even if you say that, I haven’t talked much with him, it may not be reliable, but do you still want to listen?」
「I don’t mind, come on, go and say it」

Really. Gallon may also be just a girl.
She usually ignores things she isn’t interested in, but she quite readily bit onto this.

「…… It’s a conversation from the past. When I first spoke with that child, I collapsed, didn’t I?」
「Aah, that’s what I heard. In the end what was it? It’s not like you were hit or anything right? Well, there’s no way for that wimp to do you in」
「…… This is, something I haven’t told Elder Sister, and Aroma. That’s why, keep it a secret?」
「…… Nn, got it. I swear on the Vermillion name」

Saying that, Gallon straightens herself up.
For a werewolf, using their family name holds the same weight as their life.

It’ll be fine to trust her with this, but put in another way, if it’s for information on Nine-chan, then Gallon is willing to risk her life, but…… I may be overthinking it.

But, if she’s this attached to him, then, I don’t want Gallon getting close to that child.

「That child. He kissed me」

「All right, he’s dead」

「Afterwards, he looked into my eyes, and he said, I will love you」
「It’s decided. He’s dead. I’ll slaughter him」
「And then my chest started beating, and somehow, it felt floaty」
「I won’t forgive him definitely won’t, I’ll bite him to death beat him to death, shit, that low life, shit, damn it」

「I was, really scared」

「……… Huh?」
「Gallon, you said that child’s eyes are corrupted, but I didn’t see that. …… Nee, Gallon. How did you feel, when you killed your first human?」
「Th, that is, I was tense at first, well, just a little……」
「It was frightening wasn’t it?」
「……Nn, yeah」
「The feelings at that time, I remembered them. I was also like that , but, at some point, I was able to kill them like this」
「…… I don’t see where this is going」
「Probably, I broke that child. At that time, that gaze」

He will love me, he said.
I don’t believe that it was a lie.

But, more than any human I’ve ever killed, for an instant, there was a profound hatred deep in his eyes.

Deep in his heart, he must surely hold an unfathomable hatred for the demons.

A very ordinary, one that can be found anywhere, enemy of demons.
A simple human.

However, he kept his promise.
And now, I was able to escape from that impatience, and that fatigue, that was always tormenting me.

After receiving his kiss, for some reason, it’s really mysterious, but I understood.

Things like the help I received from my surroundings, and the unending love I received from everyone until now.

That is, like the reflection on oneself from the fear when on the brink of death.

Or perhaps, it could be something as cliche as falling in love at first sight, a fickle things like that.

Is it fear, or love.

I do not understand it, but.
I fear him, however, the words he said of loving me, they were sincere enough to have an impression on my young heart.

Even now, I still can’t comprehend my emotions.
I was a failure that didn’t even know of pain, but it’s because of that, that I want to see him for a little longer, that is what I believe.

That new toy granted my heart pain.

It was poorly done, but as promised, I told Gallon of what is in my heart.
…… Even if we are convinced he hates us, we will keep it a secret.

「…… Fuun」

A single sigh.

Her response, was only that.
Rather than poorly pretending to understand, this was better.

「In short, you, it’s good that your pleased with Nine isn’t it?」
「… Well, to put is simply, it could be said like that」
「…… Fine. Well, I’m not one to give advice but. Just do what you like」
「Un…… Thanks for talking with me, Gallon. I feel like a loads been taken off」
「That’s good」

I stand after recieving Gallon’s reply.

It’s in her blind spot so she might not know, but…… Gallon must’ve noticed.
The hair on her tail is standing.

That’s why, I thought of poking at her for a bit longer.
…… Because it’s a secret conversation, and he was the one being talked of…… at the time he comes to me he might have one or two scratches.
…… For the dishonest her, it’s displeasing to think she might injure my toy. His flesh, or even his heart.

In that case, it’d be better to at least make her conscience of it.
I should’ve been the first one to obtain that child, and she’s alway monopolizing him, so just allow me this much as revenge.

With the door open I step halfway out, and I speak without turning back.

「That’s right…… that child’s lips, they were very passionate」

I close the door without looking at her reaction.

Is she blushing, is she grimacing.

But no matter which it is, her tail is surely ready for combat.

Fufu, a smile spilled out.

I won’t hand him over, Gallon. Because, that is my toy.

―― After Eru left, with her arms crossed and eyes shut, she remained sitting on the chair.

And so, after a click of the tongue.

She grabbed the book on her desk and held it up…… Another click of the tongue, she once again sits on the chair, and quietly looks around.

The thing that I should do, is teach that helpless student.

When he returns, I’ll surprise that unlikable human with the perfect lesson, because it’s the job I have to do.

Like that, we be able to make better use of that time.

Gallon did not notice.
Before she knew it, she thought that Nine returning was only natural.

And so, that lecture that was supposed to be bothersome, before she knew it, it became something that wasn’t unpleasant, but she did not notice.

If for example, someone volunteered to take over the duty of teacher, she would not allow it.

That is certainly, the manifestation of a small desire to monopolize.

The kind-hearted werewolf, to point that kindness towards humans should not be something good for the demons, but she continues averting her eyes to that truth.

Desperately, innocently.

『That child’s lips, they were very passionate』

She recalls Elektra’s words, and licks her lips.

Piri, a jealous like sensation runs through her.

While she does not realize it, she will likely bite him.

With the taste of iron.


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