–Nine’s morning starts early.

「Well it’s a job I started liking」

With a liking of having second naps, he says that while waking up, and so begins the day of he who is weak to mornings.
His bed is still the hard stone of the dungeon.

He then cleans himself in the watering hole outside.

He’s recently been complaining that he hasn’t been able to get good ingredients while performing his check on the ingredients of the food storage in the first kitchen.

「Don’t do unnecessary things, you’re not even done!」

A werecat senpai kicks him, and he once again begins to clean the kitchen floor.

「After all, I’m happiest when I get the impressions from the people who eat. I feel like my work is being recognized」
「Here, a letter came」

『I thought it was a goblin but it was a human. What is that supposed to mean』

『But the ingredient was checking the ingredients』

『He was in the food storage, so is it fine to eat him?』


「…… There are people who see me as delicious every day, but running away may be worse」

Saying that, he smiled.
He ripped the letter and threw it away.

Next is the second kitchen. The one who makes the food that is no less inferior than the ones human nobles eat is a beautiful vampire dressed as a man, Selfi-san.
It seems that the food here is taken out.
Plates of beautiful colors that could compare to gems are handled with a practiced technique.

With unsteady hands, Nine arranges them accordingly.

「Oh~ it looks very delicious. I’m bad at things like cooking」
「Eh? I look tastier? No no…… was I praised」
「Nn? One bite? Are you saying it’s good to eat?」
「……… !」
「In exchange I’ll also get a bite? No no no, wait, wait, wa, wa, wait a bit!」

The last kitchen is a bit difficult.

Although the food here isn’t handed out frequently, in exchange it is a high class item that is difficult to obtain, so you have to be careful he says.

「The screams of the ingredients are painful. Similar to mine」
「But, it’s the job I wanted. I won’t regret it」
「Here, this kid is about 15 years. You have to make it just a bit fatter」

Just by seeing the ingredients with his eyes, he is able to tell if they are bad or good.

Right now, the biggest problem that is there is no one to consult.

As expected, being alone in a foreign country without anyone of the same race and having to continue work is tough.

「Thought Wilson stays quiet and listens to me talk」

As if it can’t be helped, he addresses the ingredients in front of him as if to comfort his heart.

The voices that come out of here are mostly those of traitor and such abuse.

「It’s not as if I can release them on my own discretion. I have to harden my heart and look after them」

It’s been said that for several years, the cheap Seneca born livestock here has been increasing.

「I’m scared of religion. For heretics to be trafficked like this」

They say that in the name of their pagan god, they will pour curses onto Nine.

「At those times, I think about the contents of that letter」
「It wouldn’t be strange for that to happen to me, but it still isn’t that time」
「In exchange, I will love them that are to be eaten. If I forget the value of life, then I wouldn’t be able to this job」

Recently, His Majesty the Demon King has also noticed the way in which he works.

He bundles up the scraps of food and wipes the stains that were scattered about,

「What a thankful thing. To receive an evaluation of my work」

His side profile as he spoke that had no pretentiousness, he really does look delicious.

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow too, for he who can’t get up himself, the day he might rise to the dining table may not be so far off.

Yes, for the slave of Diablo, Nine’s morning starts early.


「…… What is this」
「Eh? Weren’t you the one that wished for a report on the way he works Aroma-sama」

It looks like Puria investigated that humans condition.

I tear the report in front of me apart.

「Aah, what did ya do!?」
「What did you do, that’s my line. Aah, that filthy human, to imagine he’d calmly continue his job」
「Ah, of course. Yer waiting for him to give up」
「Naturally, if he had normal nerves then he would’ve already gone mad. If he tried to run, then we’d have an excuse to dispose of him」
「Hmm, It’s probably useless on him. That, the number of missin screws on him are two, probably three」
「……Good grief, what he did to the little sister in the end was left unknown」
「About that, I heard that there were no traces of anything magic like found. How about askin the person himself?」
「…… The little sister’s testimony was completely the same. If it’s with her magic resistance, then brainwashing shouldn’t be effective…… Haa, that’s enough. Withdraw」

Puria exits the room and with a Batan, the sound of the office door closing rings out. I let out a sigh.

…… Since he came, the gears just don’t fit.

It’s been one week since that human was officially announced to be added to this organization by the name of Crystella.

With Chris being Chris, there are many things to think about.

It should be something joyous for the self-awareness of someone of high standing to appear, but it isn’t that feeling at all.

Recently, Eru-chan’s composure appeared.

That should surely be a good thing, but it can’t be helped since it was inexplicably caused by meeting with that human.

I believe that he is certainly planning something, but both Chris and Eru-chan said not to kill him.

……It can’t be helped, I who was entrusted with his education can’t leave him alone any longer.

Additionally, not the unreliable Puria, but I’ll have that girl watch over him.

At any rate, since there will be no violence for the time being, her boredom may be too much to bear.

If I get something conclusive, proof of wanting to harm us, even Chris wouldn’t stop us from killing that human.

…… So, with that said.

「Haa? I’m in charge of watching him!?」
「Ee, I won’t say it isn’t unpleasant. But since you don’t do any paperwork, I will have you work」
「Don’t joke around, why such an annoying thing」
「You are free for the time being aren’t you? There aren’t any plans for a war this winter」
「No no no way. Let some other person who’s free do it」
「You are the one with the most free time. If I let you do the military drills then you’ll hurt the soldiers. With paperwork you squirm like an earthworm and don’t finish anything. To say it clearly, other than the battlefield you’re good for nothing」
「This is an order as the prime minister. Have that human acquire the common sense here. During that, if there is anything even a bit suspicious then report it」
「The one in charge of his education is you isn’t it! Don’t leave everything to me!」
「I’m busy. I was entrusted with his education, but as for who is in charge of educating him, that is up to me.  …… Besides, this is a good opportunity for you to study. As the only daughter of the glorious Vermillion house, use this chance if only just a little to get an appropriate education」
「Ueee-……this is tyranny, abuse of power! It’s abuse of power!」
「Be quiet. Any more complaints than this, and I will get in contact with your home. Wasn’t there some kind of conversation of an arranged marriage?」
「Damn it, go die! Idiot!」

Saying that, I look at Gallon who runs away from here and let out a sigh.

「Now then…… I’ll be uneasy with just that girl …… Alice! Are you here!」

I call out to an empty space and as if the wall rose, a young werefox ( fox person) girl appears.

「……Yes, I am here」
「You too, carry out an investigation on that human. Of course, so that Gallon doesn’t find out」
「Understood, Aroma-sama. Entrust it to this Alice」
「……That human, we cannot let it be here any longer than this. If it’s you then you understand don’t you?」
「Of course. If you grant me permission, then I’ll immediately……」
「I’d like to do that very much. The most incomprehensible thing in this matter is, Chris’s attitude. It seems she is fixated on that human…… Therefore, if you discover something about that human, anything is fine. Report it to me. Do you understand」

Leaving a short answer, Alice Clakks disappears.

I’m using Alice because she is a fox beast person, if it’s that girl who excels at the art of appearing as an illusion to others, then I believe she will be able to gather information without being noticed.

…… If it’s Gallon then, she might flare up and suddenly kill him.

And for Alice with a hatred towards humans, then she will be able to keep her eyes open while investigating.

Either way is fine.
If that human is dead then it’d be best, if he shows his true colors then we’ll be able to deal with it.

Aah, how troublesome.
But I honestly wished to not have to be bothered about every single thing.

Aroma Sajesta is busy.

Because she has to make Crystella Vera Detora the king of the world.

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