— Chris, Eru, and Gallon desire the life of that human.

It may be only Eva and I that desire his immediate, or eventual death.

And so it became a confrontation.
Furthermore, we’re the ones with the disadvantage.

But, I don’t understand why Chris and Eru-chan are so fixated on him.

I asked many times, but she never gave a clear answer.

Gallon is quite the human hater, but for her emotions to become like this. In the end, she’s just a young girl.

Everyone’s getting more and more fired up……!

「If you used our budget to purchase the slave then I should also have a right to use it」
「No, that is my possession. I will not hand it over」
「That’s wrong sister. That child belongs to me. I won’t give him to you!」
「Oi oi, what’re you getting all fired up for! Rather, he’s more or less my student right now, so if you don’t clue me in I won’t understand what’s happening」
「……Be quiet you mutt. That sample, entrust it to me. It will surely become a benefit to my future research……」
「Who’s a damn mutt, Aah!? Eva, I’ll kill you!」

It somehow became a situation where a fights going to break out…… !

「……Please calm down Gallon-san. What are we doing fighting over the likes of a human?」
「Back off Aroma! I don’t plan on letting anyone who treats me like a dog live!」
「……Calm yourself Gallon. And Eva, I don’t plan on letting him go. If you want a human sample, then we’ll get some next time」
「…… Chris. Will you not listen to what I say?」
「Eva-sama, sister is the strongest person here? A threat is useless, it’s different from the past」
「Eru, so you’re also going to oppose me」

Not good.
If it’s like this, then an irreparable fight will occur.

It can’t be helped, umm, umm, some sort of plan to mediate…… That’s right!

「Everyone, can I have your attention!」

I clap my hands and everyone turns to me.

「For now, let’s gather our opinions. Your Majesty, her Younger Sister, and Gallon-san, you all want that human alive. Isn’t that right?」

They each nod and I then face Eva.

「Eva, you wish to receive that human as a sample. In that case, is it possible to make use of him as a sample and return him alive?」
「…… Impossible. In the experiment I thought of, he will certainly die」
「But, that research, does it truly have a benefit to the demons?」
「Of course」

Mu, Chris knit her brows
She probably understands what I want to say.

「You three want that human to live. However, there is no benefit to the demons in that. And Eva wants to experiment on that human and make contributions to the demons.」

I glance at everyone’s face.

Chris and Eva understand where this conversation is going, and they calmly listen.

It looks like Gallon wants to say something, but she keeps her mouth shut.

Eru-chan still doesn’t understand where this is going and tilts her head.

「Then let’s do this. We’ll have that human give us proof that he is beneficial to us demons」
「…… In other words?」

Eru-chan tilts her head in the opposite direction and asks.

……I feel bad for this child, but I’ll have to give them unfavorable circumstances.

「It wasn’t much, but it’s a slave we bought with our budget. In that case, if there is no benefit from him living, it’d be more beneficial to have him be Eva’s sample」
「What are the conditions?」

It’s going well, and Eva takes the bait.

「I’ll have him capture 100 humans. As food. So that he doesn’t escape from Augusta, I’ll have Puria watch over him to prevent it. The time period is one month……… Is that fine」
「That’s impossible!」

The one who get angry and refutes is Gallon.

Her reaction is natural.
These conditions, they’re too unreasonable.

Even if he was the former servant of a slave firm, there is no way he would have the connections to gather this amount of humans. And even if it’s the children being sold by the poor, the amount of people who’d calmly let them go after hearing they are going to the demon’s territory is small.

And he is also penniless.

「…… Gallon, could this be, difficult」

Eru-chan who is ignorant of the world and still hasn’t grasped the difficulty of this, is making an uneasy expression due to Gallon’s reaction.

However, only Chris was different.


Her Majesty the Demon King, shows a fierce smile as if she found her prey, and she turn to me.

「However, the condition of 100 is not fair」
「……Certainly, it may be too much, but to lower it any more than this would be……」
「The opposite. It’s too little. Let’s make it 200 」

Chris magnificently gives herself a condition that’s clearly disadvantageous.

「Wh…… What’re you saying!」
「What’s wrong Gallon, you haven’t been like yourself since before. You’re quite supportive of him, did he put a collar on you?」

For werewolves, at the time they find a master that they can offer their all to, they allow them to put a collar on their neck.

In other words, it is a thing surpassing marriage to werewolves, a pledge of absolute obedience.

Gallon rubs her arms, with a cramped face as if she really felt a cold breeze.

…… Rather, the one who isn’t like herself is Chris.

Even while pointing at Gallon, you’re the one that looked the most interested in that human.

And yet, she gave herself a disadvantage, what could she be thinking.

「If it stayed like that then Aroma wouldn’t accept it. In that case, if he’s able to do twice the work, then she’ll have to recognize him」

She saw through me.
If it wasn’t for this then I’d be happy for Chris’s growth.

「…… I’d like to confirm one of the conditions」

It was then that Eva who was quietly looking on, opens her mouth.
At the very least, it should be a situation that’s best for her.

Well, in the end it’s also going the way I wanted.

「The humans that are captured, that  are going to be eaten, is that regardless of life or death?」
「Of course it’s only living people. I won’t have him digging up graves and gathering bones, it’s a matter of their freshness. I won’t yield here」
「Wa, wait a moment, then don’t we have an overwhelming disadvantage…..」
「It’s fine. If he can’t even do this, then he has no value to me」

…… I don’t know where it comes from, but Chris says it with confidence. In the end, instead of arguing, Gallon shuts her mouth.

「Then it’s decided… Ah, I don’t think it’s possible, but I’ll confirm one other thing. I won’t have anyone from here lending him any assistance in capturing humans」
「Of course」

As if she has pride in that livestock, Chris says it in an arrogant, Demon King like way.

And with those words, his death was decided.

……In the end, as her childhood friend, I was unable to understand the heart of the Demon King.

The conversation concluded (Gallon had an expression that didn’t agree until the end, but), and at the time everyone was leaving the room, Eru-chan stops in her tracks and turns to me.

「…… Is there something wrong?」
「I, even though I don’t understand how hard the conditions you gave are」

…… Well, it is an unfavorable outcome to her, but this can’t be helped.

To erase that human, is also for this girls sake.

While not knowing the reason Eru-chan collapsed, and not knowing the reason for her attachment to that human.

It’d be best to get rid of him without letting him interact with this girl any more.

That human is, not only to Eru-chan, but a cancer to the demons.

「…… If that human truly is necessary for the demons, then he will surely accomplish this」

I make it ambiguous with those words, and Eru-chan mutters something before leaving.

–After each of them leave and silence returned to the office, Alice jumps in.

「Aroma-sama! Please say something to that chief librarian Eva!」

……She came to vent her anger.

And it just got quiet, there’s a need to punish her for disturbing my peace.

Though I’m just venting my anger.

…… But, there is one thing I’m concerned about, the words Eru-chan said when she left.

「…… That child, is a frightening human. Aroma, it’d be better to not unnecessarily meddle with him」

…… To be scared of a human, impossible.

Eru-chan was just affected by that lunatics aura.

I believe that, but why do her words remain within me, the noisy feeling in my chest doesn’t disappear

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