After leaving the bar I returned to the church and Famaa-san came out to meet me.

For now, I decide to tell him I’m going to sleep and I head to the room I was given.

Of course I can’t just stay without helping out with anything, so I’ll help him with something starting tomorrow.

It’s a bit dusty, but it’s spacious enough, I can finally take a break.

After exiting the forest, I paid a visit to the graves in Nile Village and I had to carry Puria, so the fatigue in my body built up.

The drowsiness gradually began catching up to me, kon kon, I notice a sound at the window, I looks in that direction and Puria was in her bird form pecking on the window.

And so, when I saw her figure I remembered something.
I let her into my room.

「Yaa, welcome」
「It’s cold outside, excuse me」

Saying that, she begins creeping into the bed sheets to warm herself up.
Is it warm? Well, you’ll soon regret it.

「Puria-san, can you return to your original form for a bit?」
「Eeh? No way, it’s annoying」
「Why…… ah, can it be, ya wanna see me nude?」
「That too, but it isn’t that. I remembered something very important」

Fuun, I let out a single breath, she crawls even further into the blanket.
Once her figure was completely covered, the contents of the blanket suddenly expanded.

「Hore, is this fine? Don’t think ya’d be able to see me nude that easily! Ya think I’d easily show myself to a pervert?」

The stupid harpy spoke as she wrapped the blanket around herself.

It seems like she already forgot about what she did in the bar.
She doesn’t show any remorse either.

……Would doing it be fine?
Also, would it be fine to teach her that in a way this appearance is more tempting than being nude?

「Puria-san, for a bit, can you get on all fours」

「He? No way, what’re ya sayin」

「I won’t take a no, hurry」

「Wh, what’re ya angry for…..?」

「Hou, what? Just now, what’re you angry for! Did you just say that!」


「I! Said! Don’t talk in the bar!」

「Ha, hahii」

「But Puria-san! You talked! In a loud voice!」

「Be be, because」

「No because! And you also treated me like a pet! No, that’s fine. That in itself is fine. It’s a bit exciting!」

「Pe pe pe, pe, pervert! You fetishist!」

「Shut up, all men are perverts! Ora, be quiet and take out your ass!」

「N, nooo!」

I forcefully grab onto Puria-san’s nape and place her stomach on my legs as I sat on the bed.

I roll up the blanket covering her from her lower half up to her head.

「Hey, what’re ya doin, you lecher! Ecchi!」

Bata bata, Puria-san haphazardly swings her legs around, I look at her behind that is full of elasticity and faintly red from shame, the feathers on her tail were also lovely, she reflexively covers her head, rather, I’m getting glimpses of the part that shouldn’t be seen, aah, anyways, I caress her bottom.

「You know, in human culture, there’s a tradition were bad kids get punished」

It’s name, oshiri pen pen. 1
Really, what a great name.

I hold my right hand up, pachin, the first hit.

This is bad, what is this. Soft, but with a tension that caused the blow to bounce back.

I can’t take this. It’ll become a habit.

「O, ouch, stop it!」
「This isn’t good, this feeling is the best. I can’t stop!」

Pachin, pechin, pachin.

Aah, what is this. This fulfillment.

I see. I was born in order to hit Puria-san’s bottom.

――Nine, regain your sanity――!

It’s fine Tia-sama.

You’ll also get some pechin pechin afterwards!
Since you weren’t useful at all in the jail!

――A, are you venting your anger on us!? This fool, are you aware of who I am ――!

A good for nothing lamia?
I know that. I’m not sure where you bottom is, so instead I’ll pechin pechin your boobs.

――H, how could you. No way, did I choose the wrong person to form a contract with ――!?

15 minutes later.

The passionate pechin pechin time finished, and I attained a never before felt sense of fulfillment.

Really, thank goodness I was born. Mother, thanks for giving birth to me.

Uum, my Mother’s name…… what was it.

Aree? Aah, that’s right, Gallon, Mother Gallon.
Really now, to forget my parents name, it’s not like I’m some grandpa.

I pull myself together and look around, Puria-san is quietly crying on top of the bed, and the sound of Tia-sama’s weeping echoes in my head.

I may have gone overboard. But I have no regrets.

Putting that aside, there’s been no contact from Alice-san.
Well it’s fine, it’s only been a day since getting to the town.

There’s no need to rush yet.

……Speaking of Alice-san, it seems that she loves Aroma-san.

I might’ve done something bad.

Well that’s fine. I’ll make sure to fully love you in place of Aroma-san.

That’s why, Alice-san, feel free to          me?

……Aroma-san, Aroma-san is it.

How should I go about loving her.

It looks like I can finally get along with her, I’ll ask Alice-san to lend me a hand.

…… Which reminds me, what is everyone in Augusta doing right now.

  1. Spanking

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