The evening on that day. It was fall, and yet I still remember how cold it was.

「I kept you waiting. To be in such a place」

It ends with this.
It was quite light as I picked it up, but I finally found the last piece.
It’s light weight vexed me, and although no one was watching, I decided to use both hands to carry it.

The rain has been falling since yesterday.
The ground underfoot is muddy, and yet, the surroundings was still filled with that smell.

That’s wrong.
It’s just that my nose isn’t working. This scent of blood won’t leave anymore.

I bend backwards with the somewhat heavy luggage I picked up before and walk in a humorous, bow legged manner.
How many years has it been since I came to live in this village. It’s as if it’s a completely different place, and yet a trace of it is remains, thus I am able to arrive to my goal without losing my way.

「Sorry for being late, Mother, I finally found father」

I say that as I gently place my Father’s head by my Mother’s side in the grave. Although I say grave, it’s just a hole with all the other villagers already put inside.
How many times was he trampled and kicked. Many parts were warped and sticking out, but even then, that was my Father.

Father is without a doubt, a Hero(eiyuu).
The first to face them, and the first to die.
Not even able to buy 10 seconds.
He was a Hero.

I peek into the hole and look at everyone. This should be the end shouldn’t it.

For the people who I found earlier, it might be heavier on the bottom, sorry.

Yuri-san, Hannah-san, and Gust-san. Sorry for not being able to find even a fragment till the end.

At least I was able to find Father’s head. It’s favoritism.

Sorry everyone. It may be cramped, but hang in there.

But it isn’t loney, right?

While thinking that, I was finally relieved and I began to cover the grave with dirt to finish it.
They should have been getting less and less visible as I was covering them with dirt , but on the contrary, for some reason I recalled their figures even more vividly.

「Mikku, I put Natsu by your side. You wouldn’t know of course, but Natsu also isn’t whole. Aa, I can’t tell lies」

「Tina-san, sorry for seeing you naked. It was on the way to the bath so they were unlucky. Still, even now you are pretty」

「Pola, in the end you weren’t able to return the book I lent you. Well, I also owed you a lot」

「Still, everyone left to go to the spirit side, I might be jealous 」

「Even then, it was too soon. Even Tony, he was just born. You’d think there’d be an order.」

The fact that I talked too much was my flaw. Father hit me with his fist when I talked too much during a meal.
But I shouldn’t have had a habit of talking to myself.

It’s not as if someone is listening, but I wanted someone to listen.
But there isn’t anyone left.

Aa, nevertheless, my finger hurts. They took all the farm tools and such so I had to using my hands to the dig the hole. I only have 2 finger nails left.

My muscles become stiff from having to carry the hands, feet and everything else of everyone.

The rain is falling.

It’s cold.

「Aa, if it was going to rain it should’ve done so earlier」

「If it did then it would’ve been a bit easier to dig the hole」

「I might’ve made a grave for each of them」

「So I say, but it really is cold」

「Aa, it’s noisy, sorry」

「Still, everyone’s unfair」

「As if it’s unfair. Sorry」

「…say something. Being the only one talking makes me look like an idiot」

「Anyone is fine, just say something」

Answer me. Listen to me.
Why is there nothing.
I, I did my best, didin’t I. I dug this hole in the cold and sweat a lot. Everyone was quite heavy.

Please praise me.

……Even scolding is fine.

Grumbling by myself, with many regrets, I managed to properly return everyone to the earth.

Tears didn’t come out.

After covering the grave I rolled a big stone to the grave and carved everyone’s names on it.
Since it was lonely and it felt like I was being left out, I also carved my name on it.
…..It’s fine. There’s already no one that would call my name left.

–It was quite the trouble looking for all the villagers.

It was a depressing task, everytime I found one, I threw up.
Above all, it was scattered here and there, so I did it without thinking and in the end 3 days passed.

I finally reached a stopping point. Aa, with this it should be fine.

I wrapped myself in my beat up blanket, on top of the ruins of my bed, inside the ruins of my house.
Father, Mother, the leftover scent of the ruins of everyone remains. As if to not let it escape I pull up my blanket over my head.
I threw up. I couldn’t handle the scent in the end.

…..The rain won’t die out, it really is cold after all.

My stomach is empty.
What should I do about the rice tomorrow.

Come on, Mother.


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