The season is Autumn. A somewhat strong breeze blows by.

An unpleasant sensation is transmitted from the cheap carriage without any shock absorbing mechanism as the road changes from paved ground to gravel.

A thick curtain is placed before the area where the coachmen are, however, for the clearly defined rear part there is only a cloth that is riddled with holes that cannot repel even water. It is as if they were not even thought about.

A cold draft is constantly following us around. Excluding me there is one other shabby person riding in the rear that is lying down as if rotting.
Within this journey in the cold wind, there are many even among those that would sit in the good seats at the front that would have there physical condition collapse. Even now the coughing sound from here and there won’t end.

—–A cold wind just like that time, the cold breeze caresses my body.

10 years have already passed since that day that I lost everything.

Currently, the carriage is in the middle of passing through the grave that I once made.

Calling it a crude thing would be better than calling it a grave ( I just rolled over something that was reasonable sized. Rather, I’m a bit surprised that there is even anything left of it right now), after all it was just a thing I carved as a child. As for the letters — and for some reason a strong wind seems to have left a noticeable scratch on the end– they are no longer readable.

Aah, that’s right, Father, Mother, everyone from the village.
My name, it’s no longer in this world.

The last words Mother left me are still tied to me.

「Absolutely, do not forgive them」

That’s right.
That is, the disastrous site of the village is, it is something I must not forgive.

Even now I clearly remember the face of my dead Father.

「Regret」, so it showed.

Father was Cool.
Even if it was my misunderstanding, even if I’m the only one under that impression, to me, Father is the world’s number one coolest hero.

I feel the sensation of the villagers warmth and kindness fading.
It may be because they were completely cold the last time I touched them.
But they were good people. Although there were also bad people every now and then.

However, there was not a single person in my village that deserved to die.

—Looking into the distance I see a border of green, unchanged since those days, nicknamed 「The Ungiving Forest」

I returned.
I’ve returned, my nostalgic hometown, Nile Village.

The village positioned in the northernmost part of Ista, currently it is seldomly called by that name.
Fabrics were made here, it was also the place that people had the closest bond to the spirits, it had no points other than those that stood out.

No, it shouldn’t have.

A certain land that was claimed in the far north, Augusta.
Also called hell, the residence of the demons and 10 years earlier, the place where the invasion of humanity began.

First Lost.
It’s original name forgotten, now the only remaining thing of the village is a stone monument whose creator is a mystery, the first place that humanity lost, that is what it is called.

–Please don’t call it such a name lacking in charm like First Lost.
Even looking like this it is quite the traditional village.
The place where humans and spirits were closest, it was also called such a name.

The very things that composed the world. That is what the people with the will to accompany them called them by.

Humans once feared fire, were grateful for water, placed their knees on the soil, felt the wind, and prayed.
Those who prayed where able to borrow the power of nature, or spirits, and with that the ability to perform supernatural things became a possibility.

Those people, the people loved by spirits were also called shamen, they are now a thing of the past.

When mana which was spread throughout the atmosphere was discovered and it became useable, in other words, when the technology of magic was developed, the situation made a complete change.

Magic is academic, knowledgeable, and wisdom.

Having only little relation to talent, anyone can learn if properly taught, a technology with high versatility, the whole world advanced their study on it.

The gratitude towards nature faded, and spirits, the one who had will towards them, magic permeated them and they separated their hearts from the region.

The people from around the world who recognized the spirits gathered at the surrounding of the forest to the north of Ista.

In short where the Ungiving Forest is, Nile village is the place furthest from magic in the world, In other words it is the countryside with no place for magic to develop.

The place called the Ungiving Forest, the Shamen in Nile Village who flirted with magic attracted the displeasure of the spirits, thus the spirits moved in great quantities to the forest and drove it to insanity. Fruits, berries, and animals, at the very least it became a place that humans can no longer enter.
Considered as a sacred land, not even cutting down the trees are permitted.


No value for industries, no significance for people, 「The Ungiving Forest」.

A place that once only served the purpose of a border to Augusta to drive off the demons living there.

Such an interpretation was spread, and the spirits who were with us that were being talked more and more badly about became angry. Every now and then a person with good compatibility with spirits was born in Nile Village and they constantly complained, the unfortunate people who continually receive the anger of the spirits and are driven to madness, and eventually to death.

However, this venting of anger bore fruit, the spirits who opened their hearts a bit to the people of Nile Village controlled the weather to some degree for the harvest of the rice fields, and so they received the graces of the spirits.

The spirits became shut ins, but there were occasionally volunteers if they felt good.

From the point of view of the ones in Nile Village, they were like the neighboring yakuza office, but thanks to them there were no hoodlums.

The spirits that were forgotten from the world, and Nile Village had that kind of a relationship.

–From the village that passed down that tradition where I was born, not even from a shaman family line, it was where I first met her, when was it.

The beginning was, from when my late Mother warned me.

「Absolutely, do not enter the ungiving forest. It is a sacred place, and it’s also dangerous」

It was the same warning given to all the children of the village.

Like that the children of the same age as mine obediently nodded their heads, thinking about it now they were quite obedient, I feel a deep emotion in me.

I was,

『Is there any one that wouldn’t  enter when told something like that? Nope there isn’t』 such a thing.

Since when was it, that people who don’t listen to what there told, that don’t experience anything painful and reflect on it, that won’t pray.

And yet, that idiot who wouldn’t listen to his mother, naturally entered the Ungiving Forest where a disaster occured.

「Motheeeer, Fatheeeer, ueeeee!」

In the dim forest, not knowing left from right, I began to bawl like such.

My shoes caught by the trees roots where a mess, my feet inside also had blisters, it was quite painful.
My coat was also caught in the same way by a branch and torn to shreds, and the bites from mosquitos were hot and itchy, it was summer after all.
A grassy smell hung around the forest, the thought that it is currently the time for the smell of grass to grow stronger crosses my mind.

Suddenly, I come into an open are.

That place, it was as if the moonlight was aimed at it, it was as if the ground glowed blue, I saw such an illusion.  A round and beautiful area, like a sacred stage prepared for the spirits to dance in, anyways, it had that beauty.

The butterflies where flying while shining from the moonlight, I forgot about crying, my breathing also stopped, and I gazed at that fairy tale like spectacle.

That is where I, met her (..).

–Fu, my mind return from the past back to the present.

I grasp that someone is shaking the ground and approaching.
The atmosphere is shaking, bugs and animals feel the danger and take flight.
A normal human would without a doubt run.

It’s understandable with what’s approaching, even more so for humans.
Even then they are here, that must mean that there is a reason for it.

Trembling of this level can’t be caused by the weight of a horse. It is the footsteps of the advance of the demons low grade dragons.

The sound of the beginning.
At that time, the same sound rang out with the village was destroyed.

And so, it is now the sound to celebrate my departure.

— Since then I’ve always thought.

The Demon King, and the demons influence has become increasingly stronger.

I can’t kill the Demon King at all.

Recently, the hero’s part has been increasing its presence, but we can’t rely on them.

Surely, that Demon King will eat up this world.

That’s why everyone, please forgive me.

After all, I’m just a weak, weak human.

I could only come up with this kind of thing.

I will become the demon’s underling. That’s for the best I believe.

「Ora, hurry and get down! Idiots, don’t’ take your time!」
「aye ayye」

I return the stone gaze back to the beast person slave dealer with a dog head, in other words a type of kobold.

I suddenly remember the iron shackles on my hands tied behind my back from the shock as I descend the carriage.

Long time no see, everyone.
My greeting was delayed. Right now, I’m a slave.
It’ll probably be like this from now on.
From now on I’m being sold as the demons live stock.

…..A great shadow comes into view.
A dragon, that stepped on my Father’s head, that, dragon.

They are coming from the other side.
The demons who killed everyone are coming.

First I’ll try licking their feet, I have to properly humor them.
If not I’ll be eaten like a live stock.
At least as a slave, I have to be liked.

Ne, Tia-sama.

Well, the product is beaten up, carefully take a look, just kidding just kidding.


「Excuse me, Igor-san, are you there?」
「Hei, thank you for your patronage every time」

The head of the slave dealers, Igor, stops the carriage and fixes himself up. There are approximately 200 heads, and the riding dragons the demons are using get closer and stop.
The sand rises up and I instinctively cover my nose.

–Every time I see them I can’t calm down.
I’d rather not ride these things if I could choose.

To people who aren’t used to seeing the dragons that are liked by the demons, they can only stand still at the sight of their ugliness.

A wind cuts through the cloud of dust as if it dances, and a single demon woman at the vanguard softly descends from her dragon.

A graceful smiling face with curly, glossy blonde hair.

Aroma Sajesta.

The prime minister of the Demon Territory Augusta personally came, and the head slave dealer Igor aware of the hierarchy had a smile that was never shown to the merchandise.

I know.
This woman, under that smiling face is constantly thinking about who to use, and who to kill.
If there was a chance to win against Indira which has an armistice, she would instantly set the monsters.
In order for me to not die, I have to be an existence that still has some use.

「You do not have to be afraid. Would it be fine to let me see the merchandise?」
「Hei,  over here. Oi you bastards, line up over there!」

This is it.
The ability to clearly read thought someone’s thoughts with demon like sharpness.
Along with a laid out plan, and if necessary to use any means, with level headed judgement.

Having that, even with her youthfulness that woman was able to become the Demon King’s hands and feets, and bring the demons together.

「…..It smells. Well, it look like it was a long trip, it cannot be helped」
「Even like this I made them bathe once a week, I am sorry if it offends you」
「No, sturdy humans, those are the conditions I was requested for. It may be better for them to get used to this environment」
「Saying that helps me a lot」

…..Really, what a strange request.

Slave trading isn’t very strange for this time, rather, it’s because it’s this time period that I took this lowly job.

I’ve thrown my virtue away long ago.

Countless women were sold to perverts, and there are also rich wives competing for handsome boys.

I don’t think humans are such sinful beings.
The beings chosen by god, to eat your brethren, even I would hesitate.
I only deal with humans.

However, the fact that we meticulously take care of our merchandise is my firms pride.
Rarely using a whip, and not having a single piece of merchandise catch a cold until handed over is our selling point.

That must be why Aroma favors us, we are also used to transport them as food at times, but this time is completely different.

『If possible those that are hard to break would be good.』

This time Aroma gave this kind of condition for the merchandise.
If the goal isn’t to eat them, is it slaves for physical labor, it probably isn’t that either.
If they were simply broken it should be fine to replace them. If we exclude powerful mages and practitioners, for humans, compared to beast people and even demons, humans are very fragile.
To begin with, is it wrong to seek sturdiness.

And mages and practitioners are kindly welcomed into my country, my slave firm doesn’t deal with them.
Aroma who is aware of that gave these condition.

The things called slaves, even if they are stubborn, most die before they are put in the market because of their weakness.

Then it’s the stubbornness of the mind and body. This time Igor handled the slaves with those two condition.

If they didn’t do what they were told, then it’s the whip. Even if they listen, it’s the whip.
If they continue to move sluggishly, then there is no meal. The same happened if they were an eyesore. There where many other things.

Like that the 30 slave that came from a certain country on a boat to Rilu Maal, then to this First Lost on a carriage thought the land route, became 2.

One is a former gladiator.
A rare physique with strength to match, buying it was also quit the trouble. As expected he was showing quite the haggard expression.

The other is, the most surprising one to survive.
Being friendly with the slave dealer, furthermore, even though he’s a human he is an asshole at handling them. A young man that would sell dirt cheap.

He seems to have been a servant, I don’t know the gist of it, but if he was put on a fence(……)  he would be the first to die. However, he had a calm face from the beginning to the end.
Rather, he had a foolish face I couldn’t handle so I whipped him multiple times but he smiled during that.
Sometimes he faced down and complained, a bastard that makes you uncomfortable and angry.

Well, the ones hard to handle are these two.
If they don’t accept this then I won’t know what to do.
Including the ones that died along the way I already lost enough profit, so I don’t mind this.

Igor hands over the two slaves while thinking those things, receives his payment, and returns to his carriage.

「Hmm, well, fumu…?」

Comparing the two slaves that were handed over, Aroma thinks with her graceful finger pointed towards her mouth.

The muscular giant.
He is looking over here with vigilance and desire, it is something that Aroma who is aware of her good looks is used to, so she doesn’t mind it.

The man with a medium build.
He is pointing a gaze with the intent to flatter over here.
Just how much was he trained.
He should know of what treatment he will get from now on being sold to not humans but demons.

「Well then, slave’s. You two, would you do me the favor of coming over here?」

「Shut up, don’t treat me like live stock you bitch! You’ll regret this, immediately」
「Yes, with pleasure! My name is Nine, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance oh beautiful demon-sama! I am truly grateful that you chose to buy us on your journey this time」
「Shut up! You should really shut up! What’s with you, you’ve always been talking since the time in the carriage! With that attitude, do you even know what pride is!」

「Nn, no more talking. Gallon-san. Would you please attach the collar 」
「On it」

With that exchange, the werewolf Gallon easily silences the giant that has been violently resisting.
That person, exactly like livestock had a leash attached along with a collar, and the former gladiators head was trampled.

「There, this will happen if you act violent. You too hurry and get on the ground…..」
「Aah, that beautiful hair has become messy. I must make it pretty ‘lick lick’」
「-!  What are you doing you bastard! Don’t lick a person’s foot!」

….Before it was said, he was already on all fours and licking Gallon’s foot while only thinking of that one thing.

「……That child, Is his head alright」
「Oi, Aroma. He’s strange in his head」

Gallon who returned here points her thumb from the other side, while rubbing his head on the ground he rolls around. With the interference of the handcuffs and his head pinned down he seems to be trying to distract himself from the pain of having eaten Gallons fist.

……It was very rare to see eye to eye with the simple minded Gallon, but it was that indescribable.
It seems to be a misunderstanding from the emotion the humans have towards the demons.

….nn, well, this one seems to have bewildered us but it’s fine as he is obedient.
It’s not as if he was bought to be a pet.
After all, he will soon die.

Aroma with confidence in her own cleverness and observation didn’t think much of him as he would soon die, and like that she averts her eyes. There collars are then given to her subordinates as they mount there dragon.

Unbeknownst to her, that is the greatest failure of her career.

Getting ready for departure at the vanguard of the dragons, with the shaking that even now she doesn’t like …. Ah, it’s a pain, she thought.

To begin with, the purchase of the slaves this time originated from the selfishness of the Demon King’s little sister.

My affectionate childhood friend the Demon King that holds the greatest talent among those who proclaimed to be the Demon King, to reach the the reach the top of Augusta, the peak of 『Diablo』.

Crystella Vera Detora.

Because of the bad hobby of that little sister Electra, I was stuck with trivial shopping this time.

Elektra Vera Detora.
Her…. Eru is, to say it bluntly, a serial killer.

A person with a killing instinct like the demon ancestors to a degree that wouldn’t be thought possible.
If unable to have the excitement of seeing blood for a short time, she won’t be able to settle down.
If you try to unskillfully handle her she will even wound many demons.

Nevertheless she is the demons greatest military strength thus she can’t be freely handled,  and I was sent to get slaves to handle her boredom if only a little, but only two.

Only two, huh.

Elektra’s toys don’t even last a day, well I shouldn’t blame Igor.
He did what he could do.

The inspection of Rilu Maal is over, and the only thing left is to return home.

–to the noisy, yet fun, castle of the Demon king. It’s only been several months, but it’s nostalgic.

It’s a waste that the two I just bought will immediately die, but it’s fine.

While thinking those carefree things, the prime minister of the demon territory had only two days until she became pale faced.

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