―― Extract from the second chapter of the Salia Faith’s canon.

―― Humans, god is with you.
Smile, and the fields shall flourish.

Those who believe in God, rejoice.
There is joy in getting closer to others.

Those who do not believe in God, rejoice.
The land of peace shall wait for you.


―― Parts of the original text lost from this point ――

The power of God shall become the light that expels evil, and the people shall attain peace.


Have faith in God.
Although the gate to the land of peace is narrow, that is the only way.

………….. Omitted.

―― Extract from the sixth chapter of the Salia Faith’s apocrypha.

―― The foolish people, they are enticed by the devil, and hurt, despice, and envy the just.

――  Parts of the original text lost from this point――

――  Towards the evil, the envoys sent by God shall hold their hands up, and burns them in an instant.

The Devil who came from the ocean was in the end, driven to the furthest lands.

It is a repulsive, corrupted land, fitting for evil.

God wishes for humanity to prosper.


God wishes for this, to become the land of peace.

With the blessings of his envoys, that land shall prosper, the fields shall increase, and humanity shall promise to fill the earth.

In the dark trees the devil (Original text lost from this point forward) —

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