— 10 Years ago, to the north of Ista, Nile Village.
A small battle had occurred in the land currently called the First Lost.

However, it is said that is where the demons invasion began.

That village had nothing of interest, but it was a peaceful and carefree one, a style of life that had not changed for more than a hundred years, but a single thing did change.

It was the propagation of the Salia Faith.

Because of the religions influence, a priest was sent from Seneka and a church was built.

For the village where the belief in spirits was popular, they naturally opposed this new religion, but all of Ista was pressured by Seneka to adopt it. VIllages and towns that accepted it received support in funds and other things, and in order to receive that support, Nile Village also accepted those teachings.

The ones who couldn’t accept it were the village elders, and above all, the spirits in the Ungiving Forest.

Losing there last support in Nile Village, it was obvious that the spirits power would weaken. As a result the shaman of Nile Village were hit with their discontent, and they who had even less aptitude then the shamen from the past, were unable to bear it and died.

The villagers were frightened by this, and although there were few that supported the spirits, most sought the new god and went to the priest for help.

Whether it was because of good luck or bad luck, it was strange for such a priest to be sent to a remote region like Nile Village, but with the power of the faith he held, he succeeded in setting up a barrier to prevent the spirits entry.

And so, the villagers said this.

『The ones who live in the Ungiving Forest, are devils who lead the human heart astray. Do not approach it no matter the reason』

The elders who once lived together with the spirits had now accepted those words and lost their faith, and the villagers who witnessed the miracle that was the barrier became devout believers of the Salia Faith.

In the middle of that, a certain boy had frequently went to the church to listen to the priest’s teachings.

And the priest, although his piety was high, he had difficult getting accustomed to society, but he excelled at simplifying and conveying the words of god to those of various ages.

In other words, because he was bad with formalities, he was sent to such a remote region, but even then, he used his best efforts to teach the words of god to that boy.

However, that boy turned out to be quite difficult, and the priest had a rough time.

It is stated, god created the ground, but without the earth spirits then the ground wouldn’t harden was said.

It is stated, the sacred inland sea is the result of god’s heel, but there are water spirits was said.

It must be because this boy associated with the elders who believe in the spirits, so it’d be difficult for him to swallow the teachings of god.

But with patience and perseverance, and because of the natural virtue of that priest, he was able to accept it.

To top it off, due to a simple thirst for knowledge, the boy was able to memorize the scriptures of the Salia Faith, to be this devout in such a remote region……. And even thought he was young he became a splendid believer, the priest had felt joy because of this.

But a child is a child, and that child lost his way in the forest that they were taught not to enter, at that time the whole village was searching as the priest prayed for the boy’s safety.

In the end, the child was safely found, his father would hit his head and it’d become a funny story, but he said a single concerning thing.

――――There weren’t any devils――――

It was from that point that the boy stopped visiting the church.

The priest asked the villagers, why did he stop visiting, but they only shook their heads, and in the end he couldn’t get an answer, but he was able to hear this from the gossip of the mothers.

『Because, God lied』

In the end, without knowing the meaning of those words, the life of the priest ended in the First Lost.

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