With many things happening, Puria-san continues tottering towards the Ungiving Forest.

「Hey, aren’t ya from Ista」
「That’s right, that’s why I thought of visiting my home, since we’re already here」

We were close to it on they way here, but I couldn’t visit the grave.

「Still, we ain’t at the forest yet. Humans really are slow, it’d take me just 3 hours ta get ta Ista」
「I’m thinking about what to do while walking. Also, we should arrive in 2 days even if we don’t go fast」
「Ha-…… I’m already tired of walkin. I’m borrowin yer shoulder」

Puria-san jumps to my shoulder after saying that.
With her claws coming out she places both her feet on my shoulders, I wanted to complain, but the weight immediately lightened.

「Can’t be helped, ma race isn’t one to walk for long amounts」
「….. But still, your light, just like a feather」
「Cause were born with weight reduction magic, the things we touch automatically get it, so who knows if ma body’s really light」
「Hmm, we should arrive a bit earlier like this」
「We are? Ya can praise me ya know?」

She makes a prideful face, so because she’s on my shoulders, I look up her short skirt to get back at her.

I spit.

She isn’t wearing underwear.

「What’d ya do that for! Ya got spit on ma foot!」
「Are ya an idiot! Why ain’t ya put on any panties, ya molestor!」
「I told ya ta stop that way of talkin! As if I’d put on that irritating thin!」
「What’s with you…… Aren’t you embarrassed…… ? Damn it, what a sight」
「It ain’t like I care if ya see, it ain’t matter if a human sees it」
「No shyness….. Is it because of a difference in culture……」

I thought she was an idiot, but I didn’t think it’d be to this extent.
Or could it be that all harpies are like this.
A gathering of female molesters.

It may be different for demons, but human are in heat all year round.

If you show me this than my frankfurter will stand up.
And I can’t take it to bed with me.
If I do,then it’d probably be game over.

I can’t take it anymore.
I’ll think of it as a reward and look as much as I want.

I’ll come to love that shamelessness of yours.
Since I’m very compassionate.

「By the way, my stomach’s empty, what’re ya gonna do for food? I ain’t bring anythin with me」
「Didn’t you hear what Aroma-san said? I don’t have anything」
「Then what’re ya gonna do」
「All right, Puria. I decided. Please look for food」
「Ya idiot, it should be da opposite. As ma gofer ya have to look for ma food」
「Then let’s decide with rock, paper, scissors」
「Didn’t ya say ya looked at ma body? So hurry and look for some」

You inferior race that can only use paper, damn it, I’ll show you, have a taste of my hunting sills!

— One hour later.

After begging her with fake tears, Puria-san hunted a wild rabbit.

The useless me could only gather the fire wood.

「Ya really are useless」

That hit where it hurt.
She said something she shouldn’t have.

「I ain’t expected much from humans ta being with? But I ain’t think ya’d have this much trouble」
「…… I was poor at hunting since long ago」
「Ya came back empty handed an had to eat ma food, how’d such creatures increase」
「Nn? What’s wrong, yer stomach hurtin?」
「…… No, just a bit, I was reminded of the past」

With that, I start the preparations to light the fire.
It’ll probably light like this…….

As I rubbed the wood together to make some sparks, Puria chantted something and swung the tip of her wing.
With only that, the wood I gathered lit up.

「How’s that, ya can praise me? People who can’t use magic are pitiful」
「…… Let’s see, I’ll rub your head, so please come over」
「Fumun, go ahead…. Nfuu, yer somewhat skilled……」

I’ll rub your head Puria-san.

Good child, good child.
Adagio (comfortably), and then allegro (quickly), crescendo (gradually stronger), and prestissimo (as fast as possible) ……… !

「There, there, there! Soiya, soiya, soiya!」
「O, owow, whaccha doin! Stop it, stop rubbin, ma heads burnin up!」
「Pe, people live with their utmost effort, and you….. !」
「I, I wouldn’t know! I had good intentions……」

It’s because magic users are that different from those who can’t use magic..
I didn’t have any chance to study it, but I’ll still have you learn your place.

In the end, Puria-san hits my head and my sanity returns.
「…… Ce, certainly. Sorry, I was confused」
「Really….. Wha’d I do if I go bald……」
「In that case, I’d accept you as my bride」
「Yer sleep talks goes that far. I’ll refuse that」
「Oh my, how unfortunate」
「Well, do yer best. If I like ya then I’ll raise yer status ta pet」

To be raised from gofer to pet.
Nevertheless, the bird girl in front of me with a smile that has no care in the world, it is honestly lovely.

But even then, she’s a demon.
The enemies to humans.

Believing it to be acceptable to eat humans, and overthrow humans, they are monsters.

…… I mustn’t think about it, I mustn’t remember it.

I am, Nine.

My name is, Nine.

Already, my sanity is gone.


「What is it, ya done eatin?」
「…… Yes, thanks for the meal」
「Don’t worry bout it. It’d be borin if ya died in this type a place」

She bites into the last piece of meat.
Because she doesn’t have any hands to grab it with, I have to hold it up to her mouth.

…… Since we’re both crouching, you know, aah I can’t take it, I’m still more or less a man.

It’s in plain view.
I’m the one feeling embarrassed.

Her wings, and legs, they’re certainly a bit different from humans, but, aah!

「Aah-, I’m stuffed, thanks fer the meal」

Goron, she tumbles onto the floor…… with her legs spread open!
You female molester!

Damn it, damn you Aroma-san, giving her to me was a honey trap!

It’s a death trap, if I lay my hands on her then I’m definitely dead!

But with her being this defenceless, I’m starting to feel some guilt.

Without knowing the troubles of having to desperately avoid seeing it, she smiles widely and brings her head closer, and she looks into my eyes.

「What’s up?」

It’s on purpose!
This one isn’t good, I’m can’t tell if she’s simple or not!
A higher difficulty than Gallon-san!

 With an uneasiness that was different from when I started this journey, I slouch as I finish cleaning up.

「By the way, what area in Ista were ya born in?」
「The First Lost. Do you know of it?」
「Ah-, there……. Te, ya serious?」
「Seriously serious」
「There shouldn’t have been any survivors there….. Ya somehow became even stranger, don’t ya hate us to the bone or somethin?」
「I don’t hold any grudge」

That’s a lie.

But, I decided to love them.

The demons.

Loving the demons that killed my beloved parent, and everyone from my village, I will certainly obtain that which I want.

Loving the demons that killed my beloved parent, and everyone from my village, without fail I’ll get what I want.

That’s why, Puria-san. I will love you.

You, and your companions too.

I will love you.
               Hi hi hi.

「Yer really strange. And yer going on a journey to gather yer same race as food aren’t ya? I knew ya were workin in the feastin room, but ya really didn’t have any resistance to it?」
「My companions are all of you. The ones you call my companions, it’d be best for them to suffer and die. It’s something worth celebrating if they can become your food」

That’s a lie.

「…… So there are these type of people too, I ain’t understand humans……」

—-I suddenly recalled the conversation I had with Gallon-san last night, a similar topic also emerged.

「…… Do you not have any hesitation, or regrets」
「Hesitation…….. Is it?」
「You’re selling your companion. To begin with, why did you even become a slave merchant」
「It’s because I couldn’t find any other place to work. With no relatives, or education. And I didn’t even study magic…… besides that, I didn’t know any other people」
「…… Even then, I don’t understand why you hate humans to this extent. What happened to you? Do the humans not care for their own race?」

They treasure them.
I had people I treasured.

But, they aren’t here anymore.

「It depends on the situation. Thought it seems like those of Gallon-san’s race are very mindful of their own」
「I heard of humans that are abused by humans……. but even then, they’re still you’re companions. At the very least, you’re allowing humans that haven’t raised a hand at you to be eaten, I can’t understand that」

Besides, there are also humans that eat humans.

If it’s necessary. Then they don’t have a choice.

But I won’t tell Gallon-san.
I remember the past, of when I was lower than a beast with no conscience.

「…… I got it, I won’t say any more. In exchange, properly finish your job, and return safely. Then, your place………」

She cuts her words and stands up from her cross legged position.

「I won’t know where you are」

Saying that, Gallon-san leaves.

Even in the dark jail, I could tell her ears were bright red.

…… How cute. Mother.
I love you, my Mother Gallon-san—-

「Well, let’s end this boring conversation here. Since we have a chance, can you teach me alot about Augusta. Gallon-san seems to be a sheltered girl, so we had a splendidly conservative conversation」
「Ah-, captain Gallon is-, an Ojou-sama just like it looks」

While gossiping like that, I follow the presence behind us.

She’s properly following.

It looks like Puria-san doesn’t realize it, but I know that you are following, you cute and adorable little fox.

…… Aah, Tia-sama

I’ll first try it on this little fox.

The love you taught me, that I’ll give to all the demons, I’ll start with this child.
I planned to start with Gallon-san, but I have to change my plans.

The schedule was still undecided wasn’t it?
Then I’ll add another one, ok?

「What’re ya mumblin about, it’s gross!」

Puria-san hit me.
As always, her wings felt good.

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