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「Ha, ha, haa, haaa」

Alice Clakks is running. Through the forest, desperately running.

Facing that monster directly is impossible.

To begin with, can it even be fought.

It’d be fine to be killed.
I’ve already dedicated this body to Aroma Sajesta.
I’ve had that resolve since long ago.

I should’ve thought as much, but I’m now running away in fear.

In other words, a situation where I can’t be killed has come up.

Even while being a beast person, she did not believe in her own strength, but she lived by completely trusting in her six sense, and now, she runs.

「Th, that, that person, anyways, anyways! I have to report to Aroma-sama……」

――――Whooo killed, miss robin―――― 1


She quickly conceals herself in illusion magic and blends into the trees.

She already knew that her magic was seen through, but it was a desperate measure to let her feel even a bit calmer.

My heart is noisy.

It’d be great if it stopped, aah, like this.

If it’s a loud noise like this then, they, they will……. They’ll find me…………!

She leans on the tree and calms her breathing.
Shuts her eyes.
And erases her presence.

I’m a fox.

Quietly sneaking up on prey, calmly running from enemies, with our many superior qualities, a fox beast person.

Slowly open my eyes, crawl on all fours without a sound, and quietly, quietly get away from this place.

It’s fine, if it’s about my speed then I won’t lose.
If I run while erasing my presence, then I should be able to get away…… !


In the instant she felt something hit her neck, and everything in front of her becomes black.


I paid attention to my surroundings.

I couldn’t have been wrong, I was sure that no one was around me, just who.

No, of course it is.
If they came from a blind spot, then…… !

From above.

The race that rules the sky, it was now pressing me to the ground with its claws from above.

「Pu, Puria….. !」
「Ya can’t, where were ya goin?」

The bitter taste of dirt enters my mouth.

But, I’m in no condition to be concerned about that.

「Y, you, do you know what you’re doing to me!?」
「I, ain’t hear anythin. Not a thin about ya bein related ta this job」
「This is a mission from Aroma-sama. It’s fine so just let go of me!」
「How mean of ya, Alice. Ya planned on betrayin me」
「Being sneaky behind ma back, really, foxes are quite nasty…」
「…… Puria…..!?」

I somehow manage to move my head so that I can look at her face, but she wasn’t looking at me.

She was looking in a different direction with empty eyes.

She isn’t sane…… In that case, I can still escape.

I take my hair clip off, touch a device to take out a knife, and I slash at Puria’s foot.

Not expecting it, she let’s go of the hold on my neck, and I make use of that gap to escape from her grip.

 ――――Thaat was me. Said the sparrow――――


I have to run.
I have to run.
I have to get away even if it kills me.

It will become something that can’t be taken back.

No matter what, I have to tell Aroma-sama.

That, it can’t be left alive, I have to tell her it’s a monster that must be killed!

My life doesn’t matter.

It’s fine as long as I can convey these few words……!

「That isn’t good Puria-san, you have to keep a firm grip on her」

I hear the monster’s voice.

Talking in that casual, unchanging voice, in that calm state, that lunatic spoke.

I have to run.

「Sorry, but ya see, look. Ma foot, it was cut」


「Arara, how pitiful. Here, I’ll lick it so hold it out」


「Really? I’m happy…… But, we can enjoy it after we take it back. Ain’t there somethin ya have ta do first?」

Disgusting disgusting.

「What a good child you are Puria-san. Then, I’ll lick you later」

Disgusting disgusting disgusting!

「……. Ma blood, is it good?」

No no no no no.

「Eeh, of course…… By the way, Alice-san, is that what you’re called?」

No no, no…….

「Where are you going? You’ve been struggling since a while ago」

Right in front of me, his face is……

「You can’t move, can you. Why is that」

I should’ve been running, but their conversation hadn’t become even a bit more distant.
And the surroundings, they haven’t changed at all.

I knew that it was strange, but I could only run.

「This forest you know, it’s a bit special. Demons and beast people, it may certainly be a 『Forbidden Forest』 to them」

I’m scared, scared, scared.

「Neither a robin, or a sparrow. The bird is Puria-san. And you are a fox」

Scary, disgusting, don’t get closer…….

「Do you like crows? How about cranes? …….to being with foxes and birds, isn’t their compatibility bad, hihihi」

Breathe, take a deep breath, I have to, my composure, my composure will……

「……Do you like grapes? What is a grape to you? Is it sweet, sour…… or do you have the most fun, before you eat it」

Ca, calm, calmly…….

Br, breathe…… how do you, breathe……?

No, that doesn’t matter.

I have to run!

「……. But surely. The grape that you treasure is……」

…… No, stop it.

I am, I am!


「Already, it can’t be tasted again」

――――Please, don’t take it away from me!!

「Noo!! Save me Aroma-samaaaa!!」

…… On that day, Puria Harp and Alice Clakks, were swallowed inside the depths of the dark forest.

Violated by an incomprehensible madness, they have stepped into a place, that they can no longer return from.


「That’s wrong, I pushed them there」

Right, Tia-sama?

Love( 恋 )2 is, not something you give, nor something you get, but something that falls onto you.

Love( 愛 )3 is surely that, isn’t it?

……That’s why. I will love you.
Everyone, everyone, I will love them all.

I’ll love you all, so don’t forget it.

I’m trembling

  1. Seems to be the nursery rhyme Cock Robin.
  2. This one is more romantic
  3. This one is more affectionate, and it’s the version Nine usually uses

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