I believe I should explain the details of how he, Nine, has ended up in this situation.

Nevertheless, there is too few data to talk about.

It reaches the point that future historians continue to debate as to whether Nine was his real name.

In spite of that, there is no one who doubts the existence of that human.

It is because the things he has accomplished had influenced the humans and demons too much.

Some say,  「Hero」.

Some say, 「Ringleader」.

Some say, 「Traitor」.

Some say, 「Insane」.

For me the term unfaithful would be most fitting, however, the most fitting name would be this.


In the Salia Faith, his name is treated the same way as the devil. Among rising factions the term devil is not pointed towards the demons, but to the person named Nine.

Therefore, due to the truth of him that is not placed in the history books, I believe that his true significance cannot be judged.

That is why I speak.

As the one closest to him, and as the one who tricked him.

About me, a single, powerless human being that fell to hell, and that is looked down upon by the humans and demons.

About my sin.
About my love.

I have not regretted a single thing, therefore this is not repentance.
To reflect on this would be to dirty him, therefore I will not apologize.

However, think of it as atonement towards him, believe in only that.

That is why, please listen to my memories.

—ah, where exactly did the curtain of fate open…

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