That’s what this continent is called.

Rather, humans don’t know of any other continents. The people don’t know what is beyond the ocean, so it may be fine to even call it the world.

A donut shaped continent, excluding the scattered islands, this continent is connected like a giant ring.
There are harbors on the islands in the inland sea, the ones in the ocean, and many more all over the continent. Boats are used on a regular service to interact with each other.
The ratio of the inland sea to land is about 7 to 3.
Because of the shape of the continent, the importance of the land and sea route to move from country to country is about the same.

Carriages run by cutting through the wind, and boats run by using the wind.

A gifted person uses magic to light a fire, and a person without wealth faces the ground to search for little change.

There are humans, there are demons, there are beast people, god watches over the people, and the spirits are forgotten.

There is the survival of the fittest, there is a disparity of wealth, there is discrimination between places of birth, and there is magic. If there are emotions in people, then the randomness of fate cannot be predicted.

The myth of safety was destroyed.

The long rule of humanity was broken, and this world fell into the hands of the demons.

I’ll explain the state of this continent in a simpler way.

First, it may be easier to understand the position of the main countries by visualizing Hoolz as a clock.

Between 2 to 4 lies the economic power Indira(インディラ).

Between 4 to 5 lies the head temple Seneca of the Salia Faith.

Between 5 to 8 lies the military state Folkus(フォルクス) .

Between 8 to 9 lies the village of the beast people Rilu Maal(リール・マール).

Between 9 to 10 lies the region of the protection of spirits Ista(イスタ).

And between 10 to 2 lies the territory of the demons, Augusta(アグスタ).

I’ll omit the details of the islands in the inland sea and the small countries between the nations.

And on northmost part of Ista, along the border of Augusta within the 「Ungiving Forest」 is a small village.

A place called Nile Village.

Those who live within Holz cannot forget.
Because everything started from this place.

Among the people it is called, The First Lost( ファースト・ロスト )…..  The first place to be lost.

That’s right, the humans were already eliminated from Insta to Rilu Maal. An autonomous government was constructed in Indira and it is developing into a special economic zone.

Well, everyone has their speculations.

…..As for the culture of the other countries, well, I’ll gradually talk about the details.

By the way, in the scriptures of this worlds religion the Salia Faith( It would be heresy to believe in any other religion, and there is a tendency to persecute those people), it is said that god was the one who created this continent.

On the first day, God appeared in this world.

On the second day, wishing for a place to stand, god created the ground.

On the third day, slipping on the ground, the center of the continent became hollow and the inland sea was created.

On the fourth day, angels were created to become his hand and feet and do errands.

On the fifth day, giving breath to the land, trees covered the earth.

On the sixth day, copying his own figure, humans were made. Afterwards, various other creatures came to be.

On the seventh day, from a gap created due to resting from his weariness, a devil appeared from the ocean.

But the original was lost long ago, so whether this is correct or not, no one knows.

Howerever, there are people who believe in it because there surroundings do, there are some who liked the loving relations of the religion, and there are people who preach about it for the money.

What is certain thought, is that there is no one who doubts the existence of god.

Then, where did that conviction come from.

God doesn’t speak.

The technique to manipulate spirits of Ista with technology was already lost.

There are people who saw angels.

However even within the Salia Faith you have to be very pious in order to see it and it is not enough for everybody to believe.

Therefore, the thing that confirmed god’s existence is none other than the devil.

「Especially now, the people that pray in the continent has increased by the amount of people that can pray. Even god would ignore the people who prayed right before they died…. Humans where always ones that never prayed unless backed into a corner. That’s why you ended up in such a state」

「My ears hurt. Aah please please, continue」

「……ke, the conversation went off topic. It enough of a bother, so this much should be fine? To hear these things at this point, there’s a limit to how ignorant you can be」

「Well my apologies. I was poorly brought up. And there are things I wanted to confirm」

「Fun, to lower your head so easily, this is why the tenacity of poorly brought up people are….. Besides, you were born in Ista right. For the people who believe in spirits, it wouldn’t be an interesting talk to hear the spirits being under god」

「I don’t particularly mine….. Aah nevermind, I’m grateful for your consideration」

「Fun?… In short, us beast people and demons who are called devils, swept the rug out of that bastard god and brought about this current state」

All right?  (in english)

If you understand then hurry and go wash the dishes!
To get a free meal…. Moreover for a human, there’s no plan for that to happen, Nine!
For you it’s always a night without a moon.
Don’t forget, even now I want to bite into that head of yours!

The werewolf leader of the demon king’s bodyguards Gallon-san say’s those words to my back as I flee from that place.

But for the scriptures of Salia to also be passed down among the demons, it’s quite the interesting thing.

I myself am not too interested in it, but there’s no harm in only listening to it.

You shouldn’t bite my head just to hide your embarrassment, and the conversation was just getting interesting too.

The mood of that person who hates god also became worse.

But it’s fine.

Now that the gossip and lecture is over, it’s time to work.
Washing dishes and gathering ingredients.
After that’s over, a respectful and loving talk with the demon king, and then to be the little sister’s playmate.

Aah, the joys of manual labour!

—the demons manservant cum emergency ration.

That is the sole survivor of the First Lost, currently 22 years old.

Always unlucky.

It is the environment of the young man called Nine.

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