Isekai Meikyuu Afterword + Chapter

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Tenative Magic Page

v2 Afterword

v3 Illustrations

v3 Chapter 1 part 1

So I’m back, I had a test pretty much every day this week and it sucked. For anyone who’s waiting for Nishino, that’s coming out tomorrow, and I think I’ll be able to post the rest of this chapter tomorrow as well.

Like I said before I made a page with the list of magics used to keep track of it and in case there’s anyone who wants to give suggestions on the translation, but right now it’s empty. Want to find a better way to make a table before I really start on that.

And like the author said in his afterword the third volume is looking really good. Oh, and the title for this chapter was like a grammer test so I think I messed it up.(I’m still learning!!)

Also, I think I’ll post this series in parts since the chapters are longer and editing is annoying when I do the whole thing at once, but I’ll see how that goes.

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