Isekai Meikyuu v1c1 part1

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Part 1

I don’t really like posting things in parts but I have a question I need to ask before I continue translating this.

This was already being translated by ridwan translation before and they got up to volume 2 chapter 4. I’m reading through it and at times it’s pretty difficult to make out what’s happening.

So what I want to know is if I should translate this from the beginning or if I should continue from the last chapter that came out.

If I do start from the beginning you can expect translations of this quality because I’ll try to go through it quickly in order to catch up.

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  1. kedaxx

    OMG…at last ….I wouldn’t even dare to hope….and I was just kept dreaming about it and then it became a reality … 😀
    I’m sooo happy……and I wish you the same!!)
    Thank you for picking my favorite novel and good luck with translating!!
    P.S. I prefer you would translate from tha last chapter, i.e. v2ch4part2, or begin from the few previous, i mean v2ch3 maybe..

  2. mtpie

    starting over on vol 2 would be my hope cause of how often I got burned on these happenings

  3. Marafow

    You have made my day sir. I never thought this would be translated ever again. Anyways, I think you should start where Ridwan left off.

  4. Kendil

    I think you shold start from beginning. I
    Prefer a better translation quality, but im in minority here so i can just hope

  5. thejadmaster

    I’m also overjoyed to see this series getting translated once again!

    Your work seems to be excellent and I would be happy to see the old chapters re-translated, but I think you should do whatever keeps you motivated. What’s the point if you aren’t gaining value yourself when translating.

    Thank you so much for picking up this series and I hope you find it worthy of your efforts for a long time to come. Blessings to you, dear translator!

  6. Anon

    I don’t read this series, but I would recommend you start from the beginning if your version is even a sliver better than theirs. This way, potential readers will not be turned off by a bad translation at the start.

  7. redarx

    I see that you’ve started from the beginning! Thank you! Will surely follow this along 🙂

  8. Jacynto Rego

    I hope you can still continue translating from the start. Honestly, ridwan work is ilegible trash. People should know the language you intend to translate to and he obviously doesn’t.

  9. Marunikyu

    My man, you’ve chosen a good novel! Good, good, good!
    I can only recommend my own method: copy paste previous chapters, do heavy editing (you can edit & read raws at the same time when there’s confusion) and post. The methodology being that you unite what you’ll translate later with what you’re editing (unify the style) in addition to correcting whatever mistakes were made.
    Personally I wouldn’t read the previous chapters again. But make sure to copy & save them somewhere, just in case the previous translator’s wordpress goes out and disappears!
    Also, you can make a “spoilers” post, recapitulating briefly what happened until your TL. It saves us readers’ time for those that forgot what happened before because of the time that passed between your TL & the previous.
    You better not stop TLing this novel! Or else I’ll curse you with ancient black-love NTR curse magic for 9 generations!

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