Isekai Meikyuu v3c2

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Chapter 2

Cough Cough, sorry everyone, this might be be the end for me, I might have caught the deadly anime cold. (´×ω×`)

But really, I haven’t gotten sick in such a long time and I can say once again say that it sucks, at least I’m getting better now.

So returning back to the main topic, this chapter wasn’t long so it’s the full chapter, and some things to note, sometimes the kanji means something different from what’s written, like how celestial knights is something like seven knights above heavens, and how line is actually magic stone line, in this chapter I put the kanji meaning in parentheses for some words, not all of the words. Hein’s last name is officially Hellvilleshine and the religion is called Revan. And piece in this context means something like a piece in a board game, specifically chess.

Also here’s a picture of a cute Lastiara drawn by the illustrator, I really like his illustrations.

As for other information, the next chapter that comes out will be Nishino. I might also start releasing all the chapters as parts in the future since I’ll be getting busier, but I’ll see when it happens.
And I finally got around to changing the site! It took a while but I think this one should be better.

p.s. As close as it gets there actually is no title drop this chapter

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  1. kedaxx

    Thank you for the chapter!! And I wish you soon be better!! No cough cough!! 😀
    The site is great, really lovely.
    Special thanks for the art!! So cool! Awesome!!

  2. Highest emperor

    Thanks a lot for the illustration of the best heroine and for chapter, i wish you you be better as soon as possible.

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