Nishino v1c5 Part 2

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Chapter 5.2

The reason I stopped for so long was mostly because I got reeeeeally lazy , but I’m back for now.

And I said it when I first started but if there’s anyone that wants to translate what I’m working on then feel free to pick it up, since I’m not sure if I’ll stop again like I just did and I don’t think my translations are that good either.

On a more cheerful note I unlocked my first evoker and decided to make a hades gird.

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  1. Hollow

    Translator-san u played gbf?! What are your fav chars?
    Thx for translation 🙂

    1. mao

      Yup. My favorite characters are pholia, vajra and fenrir whenever she comes (;へ:)

  2. Trolldatshit

    Thank you for continuing this, seeing this updated made me happy

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