Nishino v2c2

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Chapter 2

I made a grave mistake. I don’t know how it happened but for a whole volume I thought the dot on top of Rose’s last name was a quotation mark. So instead of her last name being Rebmann, it’s acutally Repuman.
I actually only noticed because I saw the official spelling. Pretty sure my vision keeps getting worse

Anyway, didn’t post the chapter yesterday because I was waiting for my new(and much quieter) keyboard. So no more super loud clicking sounds that’ll bother people.

And I’ll probably post the next 3 chapter tomorrow since I only have one class and I don’t really want to post those one by one. Reading those chapters made me hate people. (#`д´)ノ

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  1. Anon

    Welp, this novel shows many ugly sides of japanese society which usually discarded from your daily LNs.

    So that serves its initial purpose correctly, I guess?

  2. Anon

    So, what’s the problem with the name? Since you already decided to follow the English name given in the volume itself, why does it matter what it is in Japanese? I must say the way the characters are written does over-exemplifies the terrible nature of humans, but having read till the fifth arc, they are nothing compared to Rose which makes me dislike her.

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