Nishino v3c2

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Chapter 2

This is a lengthy chapter for Nishino, plus there’s the fact that I’m in the middle of my midterms, so this took a while to come out.
Before I was going to prioritize isekai meikyuu, but I think I’ll prioritize Nishino now since it’s volumes are shorter and there are only 6 out, so that way I can focus on isekai later.

ps. I have two sparks saved up now, one is reserved for rat/monkey, but hopefully something good comes tomorrow since I need to spark a weapon before gw.

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  1. raidoukureha

    Thanks for the chapter!!.
    Wow you’re playing GBF too, i already have 1 spark, and i think i’ll get the chicken, didn’t have good support for my earth team.
    and i’m planning spark on New year, so i can have chance to get rat on the way

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