Nishino v3c3

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Chapter 3

Here’s the new chapter. Since the rest of the chapters for Nishino aren’t long I’m gonna try to release a chapter a day, but no promises.

Preview for next chapter


At least that’s what I was reminded of.

Now for unrelated news,
I finally sparked! Aimed for a fallen sword but ended up getting 5 with 2 gabriels along the way, so I ended up sparking Vira to make an axe team with new halle(my light still isn’t good). Since I don’t think 5 fallen swords are necessary I’ll probably just uncap three of them, but I don’t have any more dark quartz so I’m stuck.

p.s. I’m 31 astra’s away from Nier, I think might barely be able to get her before guild war.

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  1. raidoukureha

    Wow, Congrats on that spark, you’re really lucky getting that 5 fallen sword, sadly i’m not that lucky in my spark T_T

    1. mao

      I just hope this doesn’t affect my luck in astra drop rates

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