Nishino v4c2

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Chapter 2

Shimizu’s growing on me, and I’ll probably be focusing more on ibusou.

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  1. Jackoeb

    Nyoooo. More Nishino please

  2. El anon

    Ah bad luck. Okay, I’ll be back next year. Thanks for everything.

  3. Anonymous

    Mmm what do you mean that Shimizu is growing on You? And Also when Will You Jeep translating nishino?

  4. ElPhinguinoPablo

    Algun dia volvera, algun dia :,v

  5. fan boi

    il waiting for you to come back

  6. Bryan Aguilera

    So…. dropped?

  7. Anonymous

    It’s over boys pack it up

  8. Anonymous

    I still believe

  9. Anonymous

    wtheck….someone please update

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