It had just passed 6pm. In the basement of a multi tenant building within the Roppongi business district, is a shop with a narrow space of about 20 tsubo. Rose sat in the center of the seats lined up at the counter.

「Nee, there’s something I’d like to ask you」


Across the counter, she speaks to the master and bartender, Marquis.

「The alcohol he drinks, where is it form?」

「Aah, that」

「Eeh, that」

The one they were speaking of was Nishino.

Taking a glance at the shelves behind him, Marquis take one of the bottles and continues his words. It was there that the half drank a bottle of whisky was displayed.

「It’s from ardbeg, but the production for this one stopped in the 80’s, regrettably there isn’t much」

「Is it that scarce?」

「You’d have to find it at an auction. Other than that it’d be from visiting many of the larger companies or antique shops. I regularly get in contact and confirm their stock」

「He seems to be drinking quite the luxurious product」

「Well, despite appearances he’s quite the picky eater」

「…… Is that so?」

「One time, I got one that was only a decade old, and he realized it in a single gulp」


In order to fit in with the atmosphere, Rose forces herself to drink. She was quite surprised as a result. If Takeuchi-kun or the class rep heard of what Nishino did, then the first thing they’d do is get  irritated. 

「At that time we were talking about a job, and he magnificently turned it down」

「He’s quite the difficult to handle agent」

「But that’s how much value he has」

「…… Is that so」

Rose was troubled and didn’t know what to say. In response, Marquis continues to keep the conversation going.

「If it was going to come to this, then I should’ve made him drink a cheaper alcohol, that’s my current regret」

「What do you mean?」

With that, the bell attached to the door rings.

The one who appeared was the one who was being spoken of.

「…… What, you’re also here」


He takes a single glance at Rose, and lets out a sigh in a discouraged state before talking.

「That’s quite the greeting?」

「Well whatever, hurry and give me a drink」


The fustumen sits a seat apart from Rose at the counter. After receiving the roder, Marquis prepares it in an accustomed manner.

「It’s quite the scarce drink isn’t it」

「…… Is that bad?」

「That isn’t it? Alcohol should be aged woman should be mature, or I think I heard something similar 」

「I see? Hearing it from you is persuasive. I’m of the same opinion」

「Fufufu, I hope that you remember those words」

「It can’t be, did you hear something from Francisca? If it’s a request then tell Mar……」

「No, that’s wrong」

「…… Then what is it?」

「I only came to have a drink? I had no plans of robbing you of your enjoyment」


On the face of Rose who takes a gulp, a vulgar smile appears.

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