Just as the time was about to pass midnight. In the basement of a multi-tenant building at the edge of Roppongi’s business district, is a narrow bar with a space of 20 tsubos. As the customers have been dealt with and it was about time to close, a single man visits. 

「I, I came!」

Karan koron, Tarousuke appears along with the sound of the bell.

In his hand he holds a single bottle. It is still sealed and unopened. Marquis who sees that questions it. If his memory is correct, it is the alcohol that Nishino always drinks. It is a relatively scarce bottle, and even Marquis has trouble obtaining it.

「What is that?」

「Sorry but I’ll be keeping this」

「……Bring-your-own?」 (TL: BYOB)

「Bring-your-own. Since there aren’t any bottles of the one he drinks」


He said another strange thing, so Marquis thought.

However, if he were to reject it then the conversation would get long, thus he meekly accepts it. Since he wanted to go home quickly, he places the bottle he received from Tarousuke in an empty spot on the shelf. And so, he turns to the customer as if to ask is this alright.

And then, the other party had already settled down on a counter seat. 

「Then it’s fast, but I’ll have one」

「…… It’s already time to close up shop?」

「Oi oi, your keeping the bottle, one cup should be good shouldn’t it?」


Marquis ended up having to take back the bottle he had just put away on the shelf.

The week following that incident.

Tarousuke once again visits the shop in a triumphant manner.

The demand is a straight double from the kept bottle. (TL: don’t know my alcohol terminology)

Gazing at the customer from a distance, the bartender thinks if taking it was a mistake. While pretending to pour the kept bottle, he makes it from a different alcohol. Distributed from the same distillery, it is a bottle of a different age. The price difference is one zero less than the one that was brought in.

「As expected, this alcohol has to be straight, don’t you also thinks so?」

「…… Aah, that’s right」

Tarousuke takes a sip of this, and no matter how much he drank, he did not notice.

Thanks to that, Marquis obtained another troublesome alcohol supplier.

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