Thursday the same week the culture festival ended.

A national holiday occured on the monday of the culture festival, and the students enjoyed their compensatory 2 days off on the following Tuesday and Wednesday, it was a messy week. With their next day off on Saturday right before their eyes, the mood of the students and even the teachers were excitable, and at present, all the students gathered at Tsunumu Highschool’s gymnasium.

It’s been a school tradition since a few years back that the following school day after the culture festival is used to acknowledge the accomplishments of each department. This began  when the current principal took his position.

After that ends, the rest of the morning is spent cleaning up, that’s the way Tsunuma Highschool’s culture festival operates. Naturally, the time put into it isn’t wasted, it’s instead shifted elsewhere. Specifically, the length of classes are increased by one hour for the month of the festivities.

The students who dislike this are only a few at the bottom of the caste.

「Now then, I will now announce the ones who sold the most」

The student council are the ones presiding over this.

Finally the center piece has come, it is the announcement of who sold the most. In a rare sight, all the students in the gymnasium are fired up as they wait for the next words. It’s for this reason that all the classes and clubs get motivated for the culture festival.

This announcement is not separated into classes and clubs.

Starting from fifth place, a track and field boy from class 3-A is goes forward for their excellence results, after that another is called and the pattern repeats. When called, a representative takes the stage, and along with the applause, they receive a certificate and an award.

On that note, fifth and fourth place get meal tickets, third place gets prepaid cards for books, these are distributed to everyone in the class. The amount give to everyone is small, but the total amount is still decent. The source of this is the principles pocket money.

「Next, second place!」

The one in charge is the student council secretary, a second year girl.

Face value at the top, position in the school caste at the top.

She was the small animal type girl with a bob cut.

「Second place goes to, class 2-B’s haunted house!」

The class Rose Rebmann is in.

The reason for the sales go without saying. It was the result of the droves of boys visiting because of the blonde haired blue eyed lolita that dressed like a monster. The cost of taking a picture with her after the even had also raised a lot.

「May the representative please come forward」

In accordance to the student council secretary’s words, the representative takes the stage.

Usually it’d be the class representative that goes up, however, everyone in the class push Rose’s back forward. With that figure in their eyes, everyone in the gymnasium raised their voices. With the beautiful lolita in their gaze, they all broke into smiles. 

If there was anyone with a frown on their face, then it’d be two people in class 2-A.

「After all, no one knows her true character……」

Just the other day, Shimizu had discovered her true personality. The blonde haired lolita takes the stage with a brilliant smile on her face. The gaze she uses to look at that figure is harsh. And when she recalls the abnormality hiding behind her face, she can’t help but voice a complaint.

On the other hand, the one who was splendidly caught in her plans, Nishino, is also the same.


Even without voicing it, this shitty bitch, he mutters inside of himself.

Along with the certificate in the student council presidents hands, a reward of QUO cards for a number of people are also given. Rose takes this in her hands, and politely gives her thanks. With her long charming blonde hair fluttering behind her back, all the boys who saw it were unable to bear and let out their voices.

Along with the certificate in the student council presidents hands, a reward of QUO cards for a number of people are also given. Rose takes this in her hands, and politely gives her thanks. With her long charming blonde hair fluttering behind her back, all the boys who saw it were unable to bear and let out their voices.

The bobcut secretary puts even more energy into it as she continues the ceremony.

「At last, it’s time to announce first place!」

All the students sitting on the gym floor were anticipating this.

The one being announces was no surprise to Nsihino.

「Tsunuma high schoool’s first place for this year is, class 2-A’s cosplay cafe!」

It was cute, but the vigour in her voice echoed throughout the gymnasium.

With the announcement entering their ears, the prided class clown of class 2-A stands up.

And so, the surroundings look in surprise, and he is the first to raise his voice.


The class clown was waiting for this very moment ever since entering the gymnasium. It is his job to lead the class in these moments. If he doesn’t stand out in the moment he needs to, then it wouldn’t be long before he loses his right to speak in the class.

Therefore, his timing was perfect.

He never stopped believing that his class had taken first place.

And so, following him, the ikemen of class 2-A raise their voices. With this, the joy spread to the rest of the class. In the end everyone gave a standing ovation. The astute Nishino also participated. He was handed the sense of unification.

「We really did it! Class rep, your amazing!」

Takeuchi-kun praises Shimizu.

A smile covering his whole face.

「No way! All of this, it’s because the whole class helped that we did it」

「No, if class rep wasn’t here, then we definitely wouldn’t have made it here!」

「I, is that so…… ?」

「Of course it is!? Come on, you have to go get the award」

「Eeh, o, okay」

The top ikemen in their year, Takeuchi-kun, urges Shimizu and she heads to the stage.

With the attention of all the students, the award is given. A certificate from the student council president, and electronic money for the whole class. The amount given wasn’t cheap for them who are still in school. All the classes and clubs persevered while aiming for this.

Along with the support from the surroundings, the ceremony had reached its climax.

After taking the certificate and award, Shimizu returns to her class. With a smile plastered on her face, she looked very happy, at that moment, she was fully enjoying her youth.

Nishino gazes at that figure of hers, and the determination inside of him boils up. Someday, I’ll also reach those heights. Being at the lowest tier of the school caste, the futsumen’s ambition is great.

Soon after that, they wait for the students to settle down, and continue with the ceremony.

「Next is the award for advertising」

The secretary reads out the name of the next award.

Recently, her tension has been high since she was able to get a rich college boyfriend.

「No matter how great the activities are, if the visitors aren’t made aware of it, then no award would be granted. This is an acknowledgement of the advertising effort done by the classes and clubs during the culture festival!」

She speaks in a loud voice.

However, to the eyes of the students, it was simply a throwaway award. Especially for class 2-A who just got the best award, they wanted to go back to their class as soon as possible while they were still in a celebratory mood.

「This years advertising award goes to……」

Each year only one is chosen for the advertising award.

Conversely, it could be said that a considerable amount of advertising is needed to attain it.


The bobcut girl who has plans tonight wiht her boyfirend to have a beer and sex in a high class hotel continues.

She continues in a somewhat cute fashion.

「Once again class 2-A’s cosplay cafe!」

「Eh? Seriously?」

Even the class clown was surprised at this. He forgot to make a funny remark. After all, the class hadn’t put much effort into advertising. Not being able to do anything had also resulted in the rest of the class being unable to act.

The award was not in their expectations.

「Points were given for the idea, technical finesse, and in addition, the effort put into the general advertising. A large amount of points were earned for the web site and 2-D code used for advertising that was done at a high level」

The teachers were the ones who did the evaluations during the culture festival and all the students knew this. This system was also proposed by the principle. It’s thanks to this that many teachers can enjoy the culture festival.

「Will the representative please take the stage」

「U, umm?」

Shimizu became flustered as she was called by the bobcut secretary.

It’s only natural since she had no connection to it.

I don’t know anything about a website. While muttering in her heart, even then she still has to take the stage. After all, she is the representative of class 2-A for the culture festival as well as the class representative. From the surroundings, as expected of Shimizu! They cheer in loud voices.

Her classmates urge her forward, and she heads for the stage.

And then, behind the class rep’s back, there is one individual who secretly earned a sense of accomplishment. It was none other than the futsumen who made the website and 2-D code. As he was absent during last years culture festival, he had no way of knowing of the advertising award. Thus he accepts this unforeseen prize with a grin.

「…… I did it」

Muttering by himself, he tightly squeezes his fist.

He was super happy.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

「But really, class rep’s amazing!」

After the ceremony in the gymnasium ended, everyone in class 2-A returned to the classroom. It was the success of the culture festival they all worked on together. There’s no way there was a person there who wasn’t happy. Everyone of them had smiles on their faces while talking about what had just happened.

「L, like I said, all of that only happened because everyone worked together…….」

However, Shimizu’s face couldn’t help but be unwell.

However, Shimizu’s face couldn’t help but be unwell.

「Then it’s fine to enjoy it. Isn’t it?」

「But, umm……」

It’s for that reason that he gets close to her and straightforwardly asks her in order to settle the problem. Managing the earnings was her duty. Takeuchi-kun believes it’s because of her sense of duty that she is now acting like that.

However, what she is actually worried about, is completely different from his worries.

And so, sensing the seed of her worries, someone else raises their voice as if it were an opportunity.

「It’s like Takeuchi-kun said, I also think you should just enjoy it」

Appearing before anyone knew it, in the classroom, in the cosplay cafe, in the middle of the hall.


He cunningly mixed himself into the group having their friendly conversation.


 Remembering the events on the final day of the culture festival, Shimizu’s body stiffens.

With her hidden place exposed, that figure of the mocking blonde haired blue eyed beautiful girl is still burned into her mind.

The appearance of that mocking, blonde haired blue eyed beautiful girl with her hidden place exposed, is still burned into her mind.

「……. What’s wrong?」

Nishino asked as if she was feeling bad.

Takeuchi-kun quickly puts an end to this.

「No, what’s wrong with you? 」

This isn’t a scene for you to be in.

It is a scene only for those with strong communication skills who and the ones who recognize that. As for the futsumen Nishino who broke in, the ikemen Takeuchi-kun judged that it was his duty to stop it. This everyday scene only has room for them, this is an important rule.

Above all the other party is the class rep Shimizu.

Recently Nishino had been throwing her into one situation after another, but even then, to the ones in the surroundings she is still one of the beautiful girls in the school year. Furthermore, the fact that this year’s culture festival was a success means that she is also very capable.

「No, it’s not like there’s anything wrong?」

On the other hand Nishino responded with a question.

An unexpected response came indifferently from his mouth.

「Look, we’re fine over here. You’re making class rep tense?」

「A, aah……」

There was no way for him to compete with a riajuu with strong communication, so the futsumen with week communication pulls back from the class rep. As a result of Takeuchi-kun’s activeness, he had safely protected Shimizu’s peace. At least that’s what he believed.

「T, thank you, Takeuchi-kun」

「No no, it’s only natural」

It is his responsibility to deal with those exclusions.

But that didn’t reach Nishino’s ears.

「But, as expected of class rep. To even advertise without us noticing」

「Eh? 」

Takeuchi-kun spoke after remembering what happened in the gymnasium.

It was then that all the other members of the class at the top of the caste gathered around her. At this moment, the protagonist of the class was without a doubt Shimizu Chikako. It was expected of the ones at the top of the caste, but even those in the middle and lower smile while looking at her.

「Ah, no, umm……」

The class rep felt awkward.

Perhaps if all the events from yesterday hadn’t happened, then she might’ve been able to accept it.

「Well then, we better hurry and start cleaning!」

While being grateful to Shimizu, Takeuchi-kun takes the lead and begins cleaning up.

Because of the time they had, they couldn’t afford to waste their time. The whole class also begins cleaning in response. As they were the ones who made everything, they were able to grasp the amount of people needed for each task.

This won’t end by morning unless they do their best.

With the boost from the ceremony, they continue their labor with extra energy.

It was during the middle of that, that the envelope from that matter was discovered.

「Wait class rep, can you look at this?」

A mob type girl in the middle of the caste calls for Shimizu.

「Nn? What is it?」

「This, could it be the earnings from the first day?」

「…… Eh?」

That couldn’t be the case.

For Shimizu who knew everything, this was an utter surprise. However, the envelope that mob girl held was certainly something she remembers. Furthermore, when she opens the seal and looks in, it was the lost earnings without even a yen in difference.

Naturally, it was the earnings of the morning of the first day.

「N, no way……」

Shimizu trembled.

And then, she’s called by someone else.

「Class rep, I think you have to look at this too……」

「Eh? Ah, wh, what? What is it?」

The one who called her was yet another mob girl from the middle of the castle, And what was held in her hand, was another envelope. It was also identical to what she remembered. Rather, after taking a look at it, it was the exact same.

As it was supplied by the school, it was possible to get it from the shelf in the staff room.

「No way……」

She confirms the insides in a panic, what was there was the exact amount of money from before. If there were to be a difference, it was that this one was made of bundles of 1000 yen bills.

「What, how…..」

Not knowing how this happened, the class rep of class 2-A was speechless.

There are two of the same envelopes.

Because of Nishino’s laziness, various troubles were about to begin.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The lunch break on the same day, class 2-A holds a class meeting.

The location is what was once the cosplay room and now the education preparation room. The participants were a few members of the class who are at the top of the caste. They were the ones who were at the opening of the cosplay cafe.

And also Nishino.

「…… For now, let’s think about where this money came from」

Everyone surrounded a single desk, and their pointed at the two envelopes on top of the desk. Along with having an identical design, they also had an identical amount of money. Normally speaking, this should be something impossible.

「About which ones the fake?」

The male ikmen who fell for Shimizu, Suzuki-kun, asks a question.

「E, eeh…… well, that’s right……」

The class rep Shimizu already knows that both of them are fakes. The real one was taken by the xxxxx blonde haried lolita with the ugly fetish, and it is still kept in her bag.

She couldn’t have afforded to shake her head there, now then, what to do. She worries over it with a difficult expression, but there was a person who anticipated this and opens their mouth. It was the number one ikemen who stood by the class rep’s side, Takeuchi-kun.

「…… Well, isn’t it fine to have a lot?」

「Eh? B, but…..」

「This must also be the result of class rep’s virtue right? In that case, there’s no need to make such a big fuss over it. We originally planned to use this for the party, so isn’t it fine if we just make it a grade higher?」

He spoke in a cool manner. The lightness in his tone was no different than the one he uses to speak with friends.

「Ahh, I think I’m also in support of Takecchi’s view?」

Suzuki-kun agrees after a short pause.

「For some reason, Takeuchi always calms us down」「I’m serious gonna fall in love!」「Actually, I already fell for him?」「Ah, wait, if you’re saying that then I also fell for him!」「Ahh ahh, That way of talking really suits you, I’m jealous」「I’ll also try doing that from now on」「Stop it, it’ll only end in failure」

In an instant, the atmosphere of class 2-A brightened up.

Takeuchi-kun plays the leading role in unifying the class. Everyone behaved in a way appropriate for their face’s value, for someone looking in from the outside, the atmosphere was a soothing but lively one.

Naturally, the busamen, futsumen, fat, bald, and extremely ugly were inferior to them. Even the ones with bad communication skills wouldn’t be allowed there. If they mixed into that, then no matter how much they loved the other side, they would never be able to form any comradery.

Therefore, they were not permitted to intrude.

It was an overwhelmingly cheerful atmosphere only permitted to those at the top of the caste.



If there was someone who could throw that harmonious atmosphere into disarray, then it could only be one.

「In that case, it seems like there’s no need for me to be here」

The man adorned with the title of the lowest level of the caste, Nishino Gokyou.

In the face of that beautiful conversation, as a result of that person not being able to read the atmosphere, the surroundings direct their gaze towards him. Why are you acting so self important. Takeuchi-kun finally set the scene, how dare you.

However, the feelings they held did not reach the futsumen. It was as if they couldn’t be conveyed.

「It’s great as long as everything ends in peace」

His strange manner of speaking while putting on airs was done solely for a sense of satisfaction. When the two envelopes were found he was worried about what would happen, but with everything settled, he instead managed to feel satisfied with the result.

「See you then」

He says what he likes and then leaves.

It was as cynical as could do it, and he heads for the rooms entrance.

Naturally, the stares of everyone there were sharp. Why are you acting all cool, so was what their faces were saying. Naturally, he did not receive a single reply. Everyone wordlessly sees the futusmen off to the corridor. As if to say, disappear already.

However, this time, there was a person who called out to that piece of filth.

「Oi, Nishino」

「…… What?」

It was Takeuchi-kun.

The futsumen who was called turns back.

Back to the ikemen.

「What’re you gonna do about today’s party?」


Everyone in class 2-A had planned a party in celebration of the successful culture festival. Most of the other classes were the same in this. Especially the classes who were acknowledged at the ceremony, it’s Tsunuma high school’s tradition that those are grand.

This was the first time that the loner Nishino heard of it.

After all, he was intentionally not told about it.

The class had plans to rent out a party room for karaoke and have it there. They already got in contact with the others to see who’d be present, and the absentee rate was zero. The teachers wouldn’t participate as it was an event for the class itself.

「Are you coming?」

Being asked, Nishino thinks.

It may be fine for him to go.

He reached his conclusion in only three seconds.

「Sorry, but I’m not feeling well today. I’ll take a rest instead」

「…… is that so, then that’s fine」

「Then I’m off」

Once again walking, the feeble guy leaves the cosplay room.

No matter how much he can’t read the atmosphere, even he understood. If he made an appearance, then the mood would sour. Above all, being surrounded by his classmates, it’d be lonely for him to have continually have one drink after another by himself.

That’s why the fustumen decided. He decided at that moment.

He’ll have a drink while grumbling his complaints to Marquis this evening. In fact, his heart was more shaken than he thought of by the party he had just heard of.

Patan, the door to the cosplay room makes a small sound as it closes.

Across the thin door, the sound of footsteps become distant, and soon enough his presence disappears.

Suzuki opens his mouth after confirming this.

「What’s with him, he’s seriously annoying!?」

He was terribly resentful.

「And Takecchi even invited him!」

「Well, even Nishino must have some plans? Don’t get angry over every little thing」


Being rebuked by the one who invited him caused Suzuki to pout.

However, after receiving Shimizu’s words as well, he could only quiet down.

「It doesn’t matter what he does. But it isn’t good to force him」

「W, well, it’s fine if class rep says so……」

A very self-interested man. This only happened because he fell for Shimizu. It was to attract Shimizu’s attention that he even parted with the girlfriend he had for a few months, and he was now in the middle of appealing himself. It’s thanks to that, that Suzuki is now starved on both his top and bottom half.

「Now then, let’s also go back the class」

With Takeuchi-kun’s final words, the group breaks up.

Along with the decision to raise the level of the party, the riajuu army of class 2-A triumphantly return to their classroom.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, after sixth period ended, it happened in the small time period before the last  homeroom begun. Currently there are two girls behind the gymnasium.

Rose and Shimizu.

The former had called the latter. Being the one who caused the strife during the culture festival, Rose had forced Shimizu to hand over her contact information, everything from her address to her phone number.

「…… u, umm, what is it? Rose-san」

Her mouth twitched.

The expression on her face was completely xxxx towards her.

「It’s soon, but may I have your cooperation? Shimizu-san」


Rose asked a question with a smile. No matter how disliked she was, there was no sign of any agitation in her and she acted in an imposing manner. In fact, it was actually quite refreshing.

This type of thing also had an impish like cuteness, so was the thought born in Shimizu’s heart. The limits of asians, and the unlimited possibilities of americans and europeans, the large gap between them is now on display.

「…… and if I say no, what’ll you do?」

「Do you really want to transfer to another school that much? Won’t it trouble your parents? Aah, speaking of which, you only have one parent. Your father’s hands are already full, but to think you would want to trouble him out of your own convenience, really, what a terrible child?」

「H, how……」

Rose nonchalantly spoke with her smile.

Having been caught by the bait caused Rose to put more strength into her smile. For students who saw this without understanding the circumstances, Rose-chan is super cute, that would likely be their first impression. But for Shimizu, she knew what lurked behind that loveliness.

「Why does Rose-san know about my house……」

「Didn’t you promise? You would aid me in my love」

「But, t, today is my classes party」

「Now that you mention it, my class also spoke about something like that」

「R, right? Then Rose-san should also participate there」

「Then how about your class combines with my class to throw the party? If there isn’t a place, then I can find as many as you’d like. I wouldn’t mind if you leave everything to me」

「Eh? No but, I can’t decide those type of things on my own」

「Who is the one who can decide?」

「E, even if you ask me that…….」

Shimizu was being forced. Because her opponent is in a higher position in the caste, she couldn’t strongy fight back either. If she poorly fought back, then it’s possible she’d lose her position in the school and end up like some other futusmen. It’s because she understood that she acted as she did.

She didnt live her life while figuring out the face value and titles of others for nothing.

「It’s not a party for close friends is it? If it’s already being done with the whole class, then the larger the scale of the party, then the more the one who organized it can boast of?」

On the other hand, having the most amount of experience with people compared to anyone in Tsunuma High School, Rose continually threw her words out. Leading a girl in the latter half of her teens was a simple task.

「There’s no loss for you. In fact wouldn’t it turn into an achievement?」

「W, what’s, with that.」

「With two classes combined, it’ll be a party with close to 80 students? If you opened a book and checked the history of this school, there’s never been such an event before? Wouldn’t you think, that if you had such an experience, that it would increase your achievements?」


The proposal from Rose.

For Shimizu who aims for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, it is something extremely fascinating. Depending on her academic ability, then she has the chance to obtain a recommendation, it’s for that reason that she greedily searches for more experience than any other.

It isn’t an even that limits the amount of people to close friends, instead it’s an event that involves the whole class, in that case there’s no need to think about the smaller points. After all, the participants aren’t excluded based on their face.

What is wanted is simply the number of people.

Only the number is required.

The result.

For her riajuu report card.

It’s because Shimizu understood this that she considered Rose’s proposal. She could imagine the meaning that the results would have. 

「Certainly, that might be true…..」

The class rep nods after performing her calculations. At that point she had already been caught in Rose’s clutches. The bait hanging in front of her was too charming. Shimizu’s heart was frailer than Rose anticipated. It’s weak.

This thing is close to Nishino, the xxxx woman complained in her heart.

「Would you mind getting in contact? I also have to tell the students in the class. So could you tell the ones on your side the circumstances? Your class and my class, they finished in first and second respectively, so the topic should be quite easy」

「…… C, certainly, that is true」

Shimizu looked to the future even though it was still far away, and she recognized that the situation was convenient. However, she still wasn’t close to being an adult, as she is being led by the nose at this very moment.

She was completely ensnared by Rose.

「What’s wrong? Will you cooperate?」

「O, okay. I’ll go consult them」

「Is that so? Thank you. You really helped me」

After confirming Shimizu’s nod, Rose smiled in complete satisfaction.

However, there was something that she didn’t know of hidden in the class rep’s reply.

The fact that the vital Nishino had no plans of attending the culture festival’s party.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

7 pm the same day, after riding several trains, he arrived at a bar in Roppongi. In the basement of a multi tenant building, a shop with a narrow space of about 20 tsubo, it hasn’t been long since they opened, and there were no other customers in sight.

It was there that he collapsed on the counter, and drank as much as he liked.

Already on his fifth cup with double the liquor.

「…… Oi, you’re drinking quite a lot」

「What, even I want to drink at times」

「You’re articulation is strange thought, are you really all right?」

「I’m fine. Don’t worry」

It’s likely because Nishino doesn’t usually have strong drinks that his behavior had finally became strange. He had his elbow on the counter to support him while he brushed off Marquis’s worries, it wasn’t long before he fell onto the counter.

「I keep repeating it, but your flight is tomorrow. You’ll have to work together with the people over there. Depending on the situation, it’s possible that you’ll have to begin acting while over there….. . hey, are your really fine? If you want then instead of tomorrow, I can get in touch with them at another time」

「What a noisy man? Didn’t I already tell you I’d go?」

「I don’t doubt your ability. I have the utmost trust in you. But, I can’t help but worry about your ordinary metabolism with alcohol. If possible please at least eat this jerky. Cheese is also fine」

「Haa, I’m ordinary? where?」


It is a job he received in the beginning of last week. The day for it had finally come close, and today, they were organizing the details between the two of them. Nishino uncaringly thrusts the plane ticket he received from Marquis into his pants pocket.

It’s been close to an hour since that happened. 

After they finished with that exchange, it was finally time for Nishino to increase his drinking, so he takes off his breaks and becomes dead drunk. It seems that he decided to drink all he could today. He himself is also treading unknown ground.

「…… Are you really fine?」

「Aah, i’m fine. Don’t worry」

「It doesn’t look like that. This time I didn’t just give you a ticket but also live ammunition. You wouldn’t drop it on your way back home would you? If that happens then you and I would lose our livelihood」

「Who’s gonna drop it」

「No, I’m saying you’ll drop it」

「What are you even worried about?」


Marquis who answered couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

「To begin with you’re drinking more than usual?  Is there some reason for it?」

「There’s no reason for you to know」

「I can’t force you if you aren’t going to say it……」

However, Marquis continues.

「The pressure from above is strong this time around. Francisca also mentioned it’ll be troublesome. Especially for you, you should think about how to approach this, do you understand that?」

「Fuun, foolish. Of course」

This was also Marquis’s first time seeing Nishino get drunk. In the years that they’ve been associated, this is his first time seeing the futsumen like that. Usually he’d end at most with 3 cups.

That’s why he is flustered.

If he mishandles this, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the shop could be blown away.

The thing at the front of the black bartenders mind was that the neighborhood could become a burnt field. Even he has never seen Nishino go out of control. That is something only the person in question knows.

As a result, Marquis handles him with more care than he would a partner of the opposite sex on his bed.

「Should I call a car?」

「It’s fine」

「…… Is it really fine?」

「How noisy. Want me to kill you?」

「I, I got it. OK, don’t kill me. I understand」

This nuisance of a drunkard was born as a result of hearing about the culture festival’s party from Takeuchi-kun. Nishino couldn’t come to grips with the fact that he wasn’t invited, and a deep part of his mentality was affected due to this.

And as a result of getting drunk, it had finally come to the surface.

It’s because of that, he speaks.


「….. No, there’s still half left」

Marquis answered with a straight face.

In fact, the ice didn’t start melting yet.

Nishino continues without caring about that.

「The ice is in bad shape. Replace it with a new one」

「You, are you really fine?」

「I’m fine. So replace it already」

Dan, he violently slams the glass on the counter.

Because he usually puts a cynical pretense, this conduct was very unusual for him.

「O, okay. I’ll serve it. Today is my treat」

「…… Is that so?」

「Aah, that’s right」

「 Is, that, so. Un. Is that so…… un, un」

「What with you, oi」

「No, nothing at all. But well, it, …… isn’t a bad place」


Almost never getting words of praise from him caused the manager to be at a loss. This drunkard is the type to keep changing his emotions. Another troublesome drunkard has come, so were Marquis’s inner thoughts.

He’s quite accustomed to alcohol considering the age of 16. However, because of his strong self-control, he’s never experienced being drunk. Because of that, he drank without knowing his limits, and managed to cross the line of recovery.


「No, it’s nothing. Just that, I’ll favour you from now on」

「At present, I don’t have any intention to receive work from anyone other than you」

「…… Is that so?」

Having heard something he never heard before, Marquis’s eyes open wide.

Even if it was coming from a drunk, it was still a shocking truth.

「Have, you been taking any jobs I didn’t know of recently?」

「Even if you ask me, I don’t have the slightest clue」

At the critical moment, Marquis managed to use the phrase he had just learned. Contrary to appearances, this bartender put in effort everyday into studying the language in order to not have trouble with everyday conversations.

「……I see」

「A, aah, I’m glad as long as you understand」

Seriously, Marquis shuddered as if implying that.

Looking for a suitable response, Nishino places his hand on the glass.

「There isn’t any other person I can trust. And I’m in no hurry to make money」

He vigorously incline the glass, and in one gulp, he drinks the remaining half of the thin amber liquid. It was done mostly straight as the ice hasn’t melted, the liquid flows from his mouth to throat to stomach, and it gradually makes him hotter.


「That’s why, here, hand over another」

Everything was the prank of a drunkard.

However, it was unexpected, those were the feelings of the shopkeeper.

The futsumen pushes the glass onto the other side of the counter.

It’s here that Marquis pauses before answering.

「…… Okay. However, wait a bit」


「I’ll turn the signboard」


「It’d be a bother if customers come wouldn’t it?」

「What, you’re quite thoughtful. Even though your Marquis」

「There are times that even I’m like that」

From the counter to the hall, marquis goes and flips the signboard in the front. The sign that was open until now had changed to closed. And in a rare sight, a smile appeared on his face. Only a small one, but it was a smile nonetheless.

It was the first time since meeting, that the bartender saw Nishino’s humanity.

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