The day of the culture festival,  Nishino was feeling an indescribable anxiety.

「No reply……」

Yesterday, he was introduced to someone of the opposite sex by Rose. And he received a greeting from her. What along with that was a request, a picture of himself, and he fulfilled the request the evening of the previous day. Since that time he’s been waiting, but the reply didn’t come.


In his hastiness, after not hearing from her for a single night, he thought he was already thrown away, and his anxiety took over. The sight of him going back and forth in his living room that was six tatami mats in size, was pitiful.

How many times did he do this, he once again confirms he sent the picture.

「So even a picture like this is useless……」

It was the picture he took the previous day.

To him it was the greatest picture.

His best photograph that he finally obtained after enlisting the help of many people from major companies.

However, there was no reply.

「…… The promise with her came to nothing」

When speaking of her he meant Rose.

His expression became extremely frustrated.

He attached and sent the picture around 6 pm. At that time it should’ve been around 11 am in Italy. Even if it was late he believed it would at most take an hour. If it’s like this then the communication was certainly cut.

However, the futsumen’s estimation was naive.

It was too naive.

Completely out of his expectations.

The next day came in without a reply. Even with the night passing by, the message still didn’t come in. Because of his anxiety he couldn’t help but wake up at 4 am, and not knowing what else to do, he spent the next two hours restlessly in his room. It is now 6 am.

How many more hours should he wait for.

His impatience grew.

But he couldn’t spend his time just going back and forth in his room.

Today is supposed to be a break. Sunday.

However, in order to attend the culture festival today, attendance was mandatory. But because the class representative Shimizu wanted to start early, their class meeting time was moved up two hours, so he’ll be late if he doesn’t leave soon.

It was decided that the culture festival of Tsunuma Highschool would be held on Sunday, in other words today, and it would go on for a two day period into tomorrow’s autumn equinox that was supposed to be a day off. As as result the Tuesday and Wednesday afterwards will be days off, and in that way the students will be able to enjoy the lingering memories of the culture festival with their new friends.

But at this moment, there was a man who wasn’t even thinking of the culture festival.

「……Is it, impossible」

He mutters to no one particular.

It’s his first time sending his picture to someone. To begin with, the only time he mailed people of the other sex was for work, so he has no past experience. Naturally, the expectations he had were quite high. At least send a response, those were his sincere thoughts.

Nevertheless, compared to boys, girls are blessed to be approached by those of the opposite sex. And towards those they don’t like, they are much crueler than boys. If they don’t think you’re a match, then they can sever there contact without as much as a notification.

Unfortunately Nishino was not aware of that truth.

「Is it useless even if I’m introduced by a shared acquaintance」

If the time difference is taken into consideration, then the one who was mailed should already be passing 11pm

Is it no good, is it impossible.

With his series of complaints, Nishino holds on to his small chance of hope, and he waits for shaking of his phone. Waiting for the vibration that notifies arrival. Waiting for the mail to reach. Waiting for the picture of the cute girl he has yet to see.

Waiting with all his might.

However, no matter how long he waited, his phone didn’t shake again.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

There was no sign of a reply coming from the beautiful Italian girl. 

Nishino reluctantly heads to the school.

According to the class representative Shimizu’s instructions, the students of class 2-A were to gather in the classroom 2 hours earlier than the time of attendance. If asked for the reason, then it’s of course because of the cosplay cafe for the culture festival. In order to perfect their preparations.

Even if they are dissatisfied, the whole class will make sure to show up at the appointed time, the reason is because each and everyone of them are looking forward to the culture festival. The traces of sleepiness they have will disappear as soon as they begin working.

Among them, the only one who’s heart is elsewhere is Nishino.

「Hey, Nishino-kun」


Anyone could see that he was slacking.

Thanks to that, it wasn’t long before Shimizu zeroed in on him.

「What? Don’t give me that! I told you to get a rag and wipe the floor didn’t I!?」

「Aah, that’s right. Sorry. I forgot」

「And, can you stop that way of talking? It’s disgusting」

「…… S, sorry」

「That apology too」


All his other classmates, especially the class representative thought, why is Nishino slacking like that when we’re doing our best. The existence of a person with no motivation would not be tolerated.

And due in part to the others, she took the initiative and gave Nishino a job. It was a very troublesome job. Nobody else wanted to do it, It stinks, it sucks, it’s sickening. In other words, the 3S.

「Understand? Make sure to wipe it by 8?」


To this, Nishino was in an even more discouraged state. In his heart he was despairing over the mail of the beautiful italian girl that still didn’t come. Even for him, if he continually receives failure after failure, then it’d have an affect. His words and actions were slower compared to usual.

Doing as Shimizu said, he goes on the floor on his hands and knees.

He wipes the dirty spots with the rag in his hand.


The most likely reason for the cease in communication is probably the portrait he sent. Although Nishino knew his face wasn’t great, with the work put into that picture, he did have a little bit of confidence in it.

「Hey! Put more strength into your wiping!」

「…… Yes」

Shimizu yelled from the side.

He wipes the floor according to those instructions.

「Come on, todays the real thing! There’s dirt over there!」

「…… Yes」


Wipe wipe.

If seen from the outside, it looked like a sheltered young lady and her servant.


Nishino thinks while wiping the floor.

While counting the grains on the floorboards, he desperately thinks.

What is it that I need most right now.


Soon enough, he got his answer.

At any rate, it allowed his heart to gain some rest.

He practices self control and stress management. In order to maintain a peaceful heart, he concluded using unreasonable effort is the worst. In order to do his best tomorrow as well, today he’ll heal his heart.

Then what is it that he must do right now. He once again diverts his attention to his surroundings, what enters his vision is the rag. It was soaked in water, but it was already squeezed. It was the rag he used to clean the floor.

It was then he came to a decision.

He’ll cure himself through cleaning.

He’ll innocently clean the floor.

So he decided.


「Look, a candy wrapper was thrown over there!」


In accordance with the control tower, the young lady Shimizu, he single-mindedly cleaned.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The two hour extension soon came to an end.

It was now 9 am. The time the usual school attendance begins arrived, and then some more time passes. Eventually the announcement of the culture festival came in place of the usual homeroom, and the time of the regular school hours passed by.

The relatively normal culture festival that Tsunuma highschool can boast of had begun.


Nishino’s class is a cosplay cafe.

The whole class was organized as a cafe. The school supplies were concealed and in its place were round tables that were ordered. A partition that extends from the floor to the ceiling was prepared, and on the other side was a space with simple kitchen supplies.

The 40 classmates didn’t use their one week for nothing.

It was as if experienced workers came and helped.

The hall was furnished with many things like a vase and painting, from just a glance, the motivation of those in charge was clear. Just the fact that the expenses came mostly from Takeuchi-kun caused most of the girls in class to try their best. If the door at the entrance was closed, then it would truly feel like visiting a cafe.

Naturally, the ones who were escorting the customers on the floor, were the superior ones with a high face value. With the class representative Shimizu as the head of the girls, the cuteness increased. The boys had Takeuchi-kun at the top of the ikemen army.

As mentioned in the name cosplay cafe, the amount of uniforms they have is nothing to be ashamed of as they had clothes from anime characters to military uniforms, even uniforms of famous schools. And they all had a high class feel.

Thus, within the store the employees cosplayed and behaved in the specified manner. They would they would change this every hour, and like this they aim for repeat visits. Even the homeroom teacher was impressed with this plan.

The one who devised this plan was none other than the class representative Shimizu. Along with the acquisition of materials and negotiations, she was the one who prepared everything. If it was left to somebody else, then it’d be a normal program, in a normal culture festival, in a normal highschool, those were the apprehensions she held. After all, she isn’t aiming for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for nothing.

With those conditions, there was no place for the largely disliked futsumen. It was the class’s one in a lifetime performance. Excluding the uncertain factors is the correct decision. Along with the announcement that the culture festival had begun, he was expelled from the classroom. According to Shimizu who was dressed as an anime character, can Nishino-kun go and call people from the hallway?

He nodded to this and left the class, and now it’s nearly been one hour since then. 

「Even if they say to call people……」

He slugshly walks through the noisy corridor.

It’s not even 10 am yet, but you can still see people that aren’t students. It’s mostly parents and other people who were guided into the school before hand. With a flyer in hand they wander from here to there like a country bumpkin who left for Tokyo. 

In about an hour, there should be locals and students from other schools and it’ll become even livelier than it currently is. Recently the amount of school events that prohibit outsiders from entering had increased. But among the movements of the world, it was the principle that helmed the ship and asserted that there should be interactions with the locals.

「Should I make a flyer」

In an over seriously manner, Nishino moves in order to accomplish the mission Shimizu gave him.

Anything’s fine, the heartbroken lad only wanted to move his hands.

Where he headed for was the printing room.

There were no other students there. The sound of the operating copier machine was the only one heard. If the door was closed, then the noise from within the school would sound far away, it was a calming place.

「…… Now then」

After taking A4 paper from the shelf, he grabs a pen with his right hand.

He had already memorized the names of the items on the cafe menu because of the time he was going to translate it. He begins writing the name and adds an appropriate illustrations, there shouldn’t be a problem with making a flyer.

His classmates already distributed formally made flyers. However, he was not provided with any. Because of that there was a need to prepare them himself. That’s why he was in the printing room with the A4 paper and pen in hand.


He runs the black ink through the paper.

Since he’s making them he thought of doing more, and so he wrote it all in italian. It’s revenge for the time the rock fella interrupted his translations, he will now perform it at this moment. This was the attitude of Nishino who hated losing.


It took around 10 minutes to finish the leaflet.

It was a monochrome sheet in black and white.

It was simple, but considering the fact that it was made on the spot it ended up being quite good.

The design with european letters is sure to have a great effect on the japanese who see it.

「…… All right」

Confirming what he made, he felt a sense of satisfaction.

He immediately heads to the copy machine and makes an order for mass production.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, Rose was dragged into something troublesome.

The location was the light music club. The troublesome thing was a classmate she knew for the past several months. Belonging to the light music club, today the club is supposed to have a live performance that was organized by the student council.

However, as the day finally arrived, the member who was in charge of the guitar fell sick and is now unable to make it. No matter what, the temperature of the student remained at 39 degrees. Naturally, they were unable to attend the culture festival and the group was now missing someone.

It was a once a year, three times in their life, big stage. Not outside of the school, but within, and it was a great chance to show their ability. It was the greatest chance to raise their school standing, climb higher in the caste, and get a boyfriend or girlfriend a rank higher than before. There’s no way they’d give up without a fight.

The group member did their best to fill in the hole. In order to find a replacement for the vacancy, they searched all over the school.

They even went as far as to consult Rose.

She isn’t a beautiful girl for show. It’s because of her face and the human relation skills she fostered that she was able to arrive in her position among the upper and lower class students in just a few months after transferring in. She is the one who reigns at the top of the school caste.

「H, how about it, Rose-chan?」

At this moment, the one talking to Rose is one of them.

There were only two figures in the club room.

The other members are still searching around the school.

「I tried a few people, but it was impossible」

「…… I see」

「A few people said if there’s a copy then they might be able to, but」

Rose reported the results she had within an hour.

The results weren’t good.

「I understand. It was too much to ask for. But it’s our chance, so I at least wanted to play one of the songs we made. I’m really sorry, we keep troubling you with requests」

The one who answered Rose was the group leader in charge of drums.

Compared to the blonde haired blue eyed Rose, it was an ordinary japanese girl with black hair and eyes. The value of her face was right in the middle. Supposing humanity were to lose all it’s cosmetic technology her loveliness was enough that she wouldn’t have trouble finding a life partner.

「I understand」

「Sorry. Sorry for bothering you so much. Rose-chan」

The drum girl bows with deep gratitude.

Rose feigned innocence to this.

Different from when she’s with Nishino, she spoke in her school exclusive manner.

「I myself don’t know the guitar, but if I asked someone, and they fit right in, then they’d need the corresponding skills. If there was such a person in the school, then you should’ve at least heard of them」

「U, un. It’s impossible, I already knew. But, if there’s a chance……」


The drum girl spoke as if she’d break into tears.

As for Rose, she hated this type of effeminate behavior. If you have the time to cry, then you should hit your drums while practicing the guitar, was what she whispered on the inside.

However, the other person is a classmate she interacts with. And it’s a rather influential student inside the school. In order to live an undisturbed school life, she answers in a way to avoid any resentment. There was still a reason for Rose to be enrolled in this school.

「There’s something I’d like to confirm, would you mind if the helper is from outside the school?」

「…… Un. With these circumstances, I can’t complain」

「Then with that, the options have expanded a bit」

With her finger on her chin, Rose shows a pensive expression.

It was very lovely.

If Nishino saw it, with no questions asked he’d want to throw a punch.

「Eh? C, could it be you know someone?」

「I’m not sure. However, I’ll check with my acquaintances」

「Is it fine? Rather, Rose-chan’s acquaintances outside of school……」

「In that case, I’m off to get in touch」

「T, thank you!」

Ignoring the words of gratitude, Rose turns away from the drum girl.

Taking out the phone in her skirt pocket, she leaves the light music club behind.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After he finished his work in the printing rooms, Nishino loitered around the school with flyers in hand. With the bundle of 50 papers under his arm, he walks through every floor of every building. He looks for people other than students and teachers, and when found he lowers his head and hands over a paper. And he continued repeating this.

「……I gave out quite a lot」

He had experience with this in the past when he handed flyers out for his job while disguised. At that time, out of 10 people not even one person took one, but today, when he hands the flyers out, they are taken, and he was somewhat moved by this.

「The environment and circumstances must be important」

One more for the clever fustsumen.

He softly muttered.

And then, the phone in his pants pocket began vibrating. Bububu, bububu, it informed that mail had arrived. It was an extremely rare response from his phone.

With great speed.

Nishino jumps at this. 

He takes it out from his pocket.

He cancels the sleep mode.

Looks at the screen.

There was one unread mail.

It came

The mail came.

He flings the flyers to the corner of the hall.

Several of the ones on the top were scattered.

Don’t worry.

He operates the phone to open the mailbox.

There was one unread message in bold.

It announced it’s arrival.

Nice going phone.

Nice going communication line.

It came.

The reply came.

It finally came back.

Without as much of confirming the subject and sender, he opens it.

Rose Rebmann. I need to talk. Please come to the roof of the building B.

「…… What is this」

Nishino grips his phone with enough force to crush it.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

He left for the rooftop of building B that the blonde haired lolita called him to.

After climbing the stairs, he opens the thick iron door. There the sender of the mail was waiting for Nishino’s arrival. The wind blows, and suddenly Rose’s skirt flies up, the color of her underwear is seen between her thighs. Today she has a black g string. Low leg as well.

It is very adult.

However, without paying it mind, the current Nishino was irritated.

「…… Do you want me to kill you?」

「W, wait, why are you threatening me the moment we meet!?」

She naturally raised her voice as she was threatened by her company.

Sensing that he was serious, afraid, she takes a step back.

Without minding, Nishino asks a question.

「What? What’s this mail for」

「You too, wh, why are you so wild today」

「……. It’s nothing」

Having it pointed out, the futsumen realized his own agitation.

Some of his composure returns.

「Could it be, she’s already fallen out of love?」


Is that so he though, and in the next instant he was assaulted by difficult emotions.

With the distance between the two, she was quick on the uptake and continued.

「…… In that case, what?」

「Well, do these things last long, are they immediately ended, it depends on if they have a strong inclination, in the end it’s probably a common occurrence?」

「Is, is that so?」

「At least that’s what I’ve heard」

「…….Is that so」



With just a few words, Nishino was being led by the nose.

Years without a girlfriend being equal in age, and equal to the years without graduating from his virginity. Not even having kissed or held hands. Exchanging mucus is only a dream within a dream. Therefore with the girl at the top of the school caste as his company, he had no experience to challenge her in that domain.

「Well today, there’s a chance for you to get acquainted with the oppostie sex.」

「What was that?」

Nishino shook from her words.

To him this was something unexpected.

「Currently, there’s a girl in my class whose in a crisis. If you are able to splendidly settle it, then you may be able to build a favorable relationship with her, that’s what I want to propose, so how about it?」

「…… You’re not lying are you?」

「Was the one you spoke with yesterday a lie or a fake? If you claim the exchange you had was a delusion, then I’d also have to consider our future relationship」


The exceedingly confident Rose.

She was in complete control of the conversation.

Thanks to raising his expectation, the defeated futsumen urged her on.

「C, continue」

She must’ve been satisfied that the conversation went as she expected.

With her attitude growing, Rose asks a question in a haughty manner.

「I wouldn’t think so, but, are you able to play the guitar?」

「Guitar? I can’t play it」

「Then I’ll change the question, do you have any connections in the vicinity who can? You must’ve spoken with the punks in the town before right? There’s a chance that they might have some connections」

「…… Honestly, I don’t see where this is going」

「A person from a band who was supposed to play in the culture festival is absent. And they’re looking for a helper, so how about it? That’s how it is. If doing it live is impossible, then I wouldn’t mind a recording of the needed part. I’d like to be introduced to someone who can solve the problem」


Nishino finally understood the reason he was needed for.

「As expected, because it’s the day of it’s hard even with money. The people that can actually do it are also limited」

「I’d imagine」

「That’s why, if you know someone, then」

Hyuu, Rose’s long blonde hair is blown in the wind. Since it’s hitting her face she holds it down with her hand, and her blue eyes glow behind the disordered hair. The upward slanting edge of her eyes and her sharp gaze, that must be her true self. Below the the dark eyelashes her large pupils extend vertically in a way that would remind someone of a cat.

「Well, if you don’t have it, then you don’t, it’d only be one performance that disappears from the culture festival. No one other than the people concerned are affected, and there won’t be any grudges. Even I’m not so enthusiastic about it, but how about you?」

「I see」

「We’ve already checked the school, so it’d have to be someone from the outside, but even outside of the school, would there actually be such a strange person that would accept? If you decide that it’s impossible, then I plan on ending it there」

Rose’s way of speaking was indifferent.

But that in fact gave credibility for Nishino.

「…… It’s not like I don’t」

In his mind he recalled a rock princess.

There was no other acquaintance from work that he knew who could play the guitar to that level. Rather, Nishino didn’t know anyone else who could play the guitar. To begin with, people who he can get in touch with are almost none.



Saying that he fishes through his pocket.

His fingertips brush over a solid metal object. What he was left with a few days ago was the business card of the guitarist of the leading rock group in Japan, Ogata Tarousuke. It was a pointlessly luxurious object made of silver colored metal.

「…… What is, that」

「A magic card that can save us from a pinch」

「As always, those lines don’t suit you. And you pointlessly go out of your way to act smooth」

「Do you want me to get in contact, or should I stop?」

「Sorry? I won’t bother you anymore, so would you please continue」

It was something that Nishino thought he’d never use in his life. If he remembered it when he was home, then he would’ve thrown it in the trash without hesitation. That was how much he cared about it.

「Wait a moment」

He takes out his phone and enters the number engraved on the business card.

The other side appeared after 10 rings.

『Yes, this is Tarousuke……』

It was probably because the call was from an unknown number.

But the voice of the speaker, Oogata Tarousuke, appeared as if he had just woken up.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The same day, the popular rock star is enjoying his hard earned time off.

It was only a few hours ago that he invited an idol who debuted a year ago to a hotel, and fired off three shots of his prided son inside of her. With his spirit and seed completely withered, he went to sleep in complete exhaustion, and after only 4 hours he was forced awake by the sound of his phone.

「Yes, this is Tarousuke……」

His tone was very displeased.

For people who know his character, they’d simply call again in a few hours.

「Tarousuke-san, could it be…… work?」

There was another person in bed with Tarousuke. It was the first year idol naked on top of the sheets. She was also woken by the sound that entered her ears. With his extremely displeased face in front of her, so he can also make this kind of face, she thought as she began panicking.

However, that only lasted a few moments.

「Eh? Ni, Nishino!?」

Tarousuke hysterically raised his voice.

「N, n, nn, not really, it’s not like I’m busy?」

He addressed the phone with a blatantly shrill voice.

It was the result of trying to appear as if everything was fine.

「Right now? Aah, i, it’s fine? Where should I go?」

The sleepy and displeased expression he had were immediately blown away. What appeared on his face was an expression like that of a child that was just bought a new toy, ever pure, with innocence peeking out, and a refreshing smile.

The person himself was trying to desperately push it down, but the tips of his mouth and his eyes only bent unnaturally. Looking from the side, it was clear that he held an abnormal interest, concern, and respect for the person he spoke with on his phone.

「Ta, Tarouske-san?」

The surprised idol addressed him.

However, the Tarousuke in question showed no sign of noticing.

「Tsunuma Highschool? Aah, if it’s that, t, then I can go there……」

With his phone in hand, he was crazy for the person waiting on the other end.

「Eh? No, I do have a shoot today, but it isn’t that important, so if you wait a bit the I can be there soon. Eh? Performance? Well, I don’t want to brag, but if it’s me, then I can learn most music pieces just by seeing them. 」


Tarousuke replied to the one on the other side of the line. His expression was one of never ending joy and liveliness. He hadn’t even shown this expression to the idol he had an affair with.

It must be because of that, people that easily spread their legs aren’t fun. While looking at him from the side, she eyes his crotch and extends her hand.

They were five fingers that have dealt with hundreds of of penises in the past.

However, of all things, Tarousuke strike it with his hand.


The idol shook.

And the ikemen guitarist showed no sign of caring.

「Aah, got it. Can I bring my own guitar? W, well, I am supposed to work from noon, but well, if you tell me to come, th, then I’ll go. Eh? It’s fine if I have work? No, l, like I said, work can go to hell for all I care! Are you looking down on me! I said I’m going didn’t I!?」

His expression had a smile from start to end.

I’m looking forward to it, looking forward to it, so it can’t be helped.

「Aah, bye 」

The conversation ended in less than 5 minutes.

At the same time the line is cut, Tarousuke throws the phone on top of the bed sheets. He quickly goes for the desk at the side of the bed and aims for his laptop.

「Umm, Tarousuke-san?」

「Tsunuma Highschool, where are you Tsunuma Highschool!」

Even though the idol calls out, it was as if it didn’t even register. Tsunuma Highschoo, Tsunuma Highschool, he continually repeats the word he got from the phone call and hits the keyboard in a hurry. He moves the mouse. He tried his hardest to find the place.

「……What’s, with that」

A complaint was silently muttered.

The expression she watched the hurried Tarousuke with was one of extreme uninterest.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

This is, once again, the rooftop of Tsunuma Highschool building B.

「It looks like it’s fine」

「Th, they agreed quite easily?」

The time displayed on Nishino’s phone was 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The information that could’ve been conveyed in that time couldn’t be good. If you’re free then I want you to come with a guitar. The place is a Tsunuma Highschool within Tokyo. That’s all.

「Is that person, really okay?」

「If he isn’t it’s fine to drive him away」

「…… I’m the one that asked you, but I can’t help but have worries」

「How much time until the program?」

Exactly as she said, Rose was showing some confusion. Without minding, Nishino indifferently opens his mouth. It was something he should’ve confirmed before hand.

「Ah, umm, 30 minutes before 2 pm」

「Is that so」

Nishino once again looks at this phone.

The current time was a little past 10 am. This is the point in the culture festival when the performances begin. The stage events are from 10 to 5, and only the ones who requested permission beforehand are allowed. There’s also a rest period of one hour from noon to 1 pm.

The time schedule was already announced, but if Rose negotiates then they should be able to shift the times, at least that’s what he guessed. That would only be the final option, since Tarousuke should have plenty of time to make it.

「Well, we are in Tokyo so it should be fine」

「I’m not really sure, but when you say it’s fine, I believe it」


「Well then, it’s pretty fast but let’s go explain the situation」


「To the band member」

「I see」

Nishino leves the rooftop under Rose’s guidance.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The light music club on the second floor of the club building.

Having never been there once in the past, Nishino was surrounded by several schoolgirls whose face and names he didn’t know. The room was sound proof as it had a guitar, drum, and other music equipment lined up.

「Eh? A helper?」

Only the band group with the vacancy was in the room.

The other people must be out enjoying the culture festival.

「Eeh. I’ll introduce him」

Rose stands besides Nishino.

She goes through everyone present and introduces them.

「Class 2-A Nishino-kun」


The futsumen bows and gives his greeting. To leave a better impression he even goes as far as showing a rare smile. Making the best of his previous reflections, that is his own way of progress.

However, what took place wasn’t as good.

What’s with that forced smile, Rose rebuked in her heart.

「Eh? Ah, ni, nice to meet you……」「Wait, can Nishino be…… ah, s, sorry. Nice to meet you」「…… Hello」「W, where the light music club……」

It was an awkward greeting from the band members.

Afterwards, the drum girl continued as the representative of the group.

「Rose-chan and Nishino-kun, a, are you acquainted?」

It seems that they also heard of Nishino’s name. Even if they can’t tell by his face, they remembered the ring of that name. Naturally, the reason isn’t something praiseworthy. He wasn’t bullied by his whole class for nothing.

Every band group within the school from first year to third year gather here. The reason they all remember his name, is because of the bad reputation that was widespread. Nishino had immediately realized that correcting that was impossible.


「Is, is that so. It’s kind of unexpected……」

Including the vacant lead guitarist, with the drums, bass, vocals, and guitar, it was a 5 person group. There are two first years, two second years, and one third year. The members were all female, and this was their selling point for events outside the school.

Their slogan, active highschool girl band.

Recently the same idea has been increasing in great amounts.

「With that said, you should give him your thanks」

「U, un. Thank you, Nishino-kun」

The group leader, the drum girl, spoke.

Following this the other members continued.

As for Nishino, he gave modest bows in the same fashion as before. No matter how unfavorably he was viewed, the reason they were uncomfortable was because of the expression and behavior he had when they met. No matter how bad his communication skills are, he isn’t a fool.

「…… Then Nishino-kun. What will you do from now on?」

This is bad. Rose sensed the atmosphere and quickly changed the topic.

「If I wait a bit then I should get contacted by the other person」

「Is that so? Then how about waiting here?」

「No, I have something else to do」

Nishino suddenly remembered the flyers he abandoned. In order to enter the class’s good graces, he couldn’t leave it alone for long. If it’s mistaken for garbage, and the ones in charge search for whose responsible, then his position within the class will fall even farther.

「Then how about informing me when you’re contacted by the helper?」


「Eh? Rose-chan, you exchanged your contact info with him?」

The drum leader asked in a very surprised tone.

「Eeh. Should I not have?」

「No, um, i, it’s not like you shouldn’t have but……」

Inside Tsunuma Highschool, her contact information is something highly valued. The only ones who received it directly are a few people she’s close to in her class. The amount of people who wanted it were many.

To think that Nishino would have it on his phone, all of the band members were surprised.

「I also have work in my class, so after he gets contacted we should gather again? Is this place fine? If there’s somewhere else then we can move」

「Eh? Ah, un. Then, pl, please」

「Then let’s break up for now」


Rose wraps it up, and all that’s left is to wait for Tarousuke to get in contact.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After leaving the light music club’s clubroom, Nishino heads to the flyers he abandoned.

However, when he reached the spot, the flyers were already in someone else’s hand, and they were carried off to who knows where. Perhaps the student council, or a teacher, or even the public morals committee. They must be in the hands of the people who manage the culture festival. There wasn’t even a single one left.

「…… How could this be」

He hadn’t even managed to pass half of them out.

However, this did not discourage him. In order to complete the job he was given, he once again walks to the printing room. It’s the middle of the culture festival, so the students and teaching staff should be elsewhere.

Just before he made it, he \lightly hits the side of his head in order to fire himself up.

Nishino Gokyou’s culture festival had only just begun. Even if he can’t hit the drums in the center of the festival, even if it’s impossible to dance to the side of it, he can at least look at the stage with interest. It was motivation for such a low goal.


Nishino collects his thoughts.

In order to get closer to the center of the festival, to challenge the passion he feels, he has to enjoy the current time to the fullest. Even if he can’t experience it, no matter how far it is, he will try his hardest in order to get a taste.

For that goal there is only one thing he could do.

「…… All right」

As a result, the fool once again began making the flyers from zero. 

Having challenged it once before, he managed to gain vital experience, and compared to last time the quality went up a level. Compared to the monochrome first piece, the second piece had color. He used magic markers to add color with green as the theme.

Nishino excels against adversity.

He writes the italian in monochrome the same as before. The needlessly elaborate contents will be sure to confuse any japanese. But being clever, this time he added small japanese letters, attention to detail is his way of self assertion. And trying your hardest no matter what is his motto.

Maybe he should become an artist when he’s older, so he thought while he finished making the second version. Mass production on the full color laser printer. This time he prints 100 and he carries them under his arm. In total it took about 30 minutes.

「I did it」

He looks at the flyers in satisfaction and moves to the school.

Changing floors he heads for a place with many people.

At the end of his path, the futsumen arrived at the grounds before the gate were the food stalls where. It was half past 10, and finally more and more people kept flooding in. The food related stalls were bait, and as a result the locals came peeking in.

With the situation as it is, he decides to take his position by the gate and began passing out the flyers.

「Please take one」

Taking position in the place closest to the road, he hands out flyers to people passing by.

Besides him there were other students passing out leaflets by the gate. Most of them were cute girls. About 80 percent girls and 20 percent boys. Everyone was doing their best to ensure the success of their class.

Nishino entered the vision of several students, and for an instant, they grimaced. He had already crossed the wall known as school year. But confronting him in public was unreasonable, so he managed to continue handing out his flyers in peace.

「Please take one」

With a courteous attitude, one by one, the flyers were handed out. Those outside of the school are not aware of his bad reputation. Everyone took one because of his honesty. There were also people who smiled on the inside, and cheered him on.

Recently, he’s been excluded and bullied by his classmates, so this fact caused him to feel some joy, and he continued doing his best to hand the flyers out. He gave his all to pass them out. And so, it must’ve been after 30 minutes of passing them out.

His name was suddenly called.

「O, oi, Nishinoo!」

The voice resounded on the side of the road.


He knew that there was no one else with the name Nishino in the school, so he understood he was the one being called and turns in the direction of the voice. There was a single car stopped by the road, and it came from the driver’s seat.

「Your, Nishino right? I, I came」

A high class coupe was stopped.

It was an open top car that has it’s doors open upwards.

「…… You came」

The one on the handle was no one other than the one Nishino called, Ogata Tarousuke.

For some reason, he was much more dressed up than the last time they met.

Rather than sex appeal towards the opposite sex, it was in order to raise his adult appeal towards the same sex. A style that was meant to raise your dignity. He wore a high class brand suit that costs more than 2000000, furthermore he had sunglasses hanging on it. It was very celebrity like.

Naturally, he also gathers the attention of the surroundings. What’s with this out of place person, so was what their gazes said. Dozens of the student’s handing out flyers, as well as dozens of locals who were visiting, and also passerby’s with no connection at all were staring.

The hands of the students passing out flyers stop. The attendees walking by stop. The entrance of the ikemen was like a scene in a movie, everyone was interested in it. And for the current students, the fact that he spoke to Nishino played a big part.

「Culture festival?」

The man in the vehicle asked.

Nishino indifferently answers.


「By the way, where can I leave my car?」

「There’s a parking lot on the other side that the teachers use」

「Got it」

With a small nod, Tarousuke turns the handle.

While looking as the car became distant, Nishino also left for the parking lot.

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