It was a reunion at the teachers parking lot.

It was a two seater but there was no sign of someone on the other seat. The ikemen remained seated on the driver’s seat. It seems he came by himself. Nishino who was at the side of the door looked down on this.

It was a two seater but there was no sign of someone on the other seat. The ikemen remained seated on the driver’s seat. It seems he came by himself. Nishino who stood at the side of the door looked down on this.

「Speaking of which, you did mention a culture festival」

The ikemen cuts the engine and with calm movements he stands on the ground. As he stood, the height difference between the two made a complete flip.

「Aah, today’s the first day」

「Tomorrow too?」

「It’s a two day period today and tomorrow」


Tarousuke thought of something.

On the passenger seat was the requested guitar, from a glance the leather case looked to be custom made.

「Could it be you invited me?」

「Well something like that」

「Do, you not have many friends?」

「…… Shut up」

「Hahaa, I hit the mark」

What’s funny, Tarousuke brings his hand to his brow and smiles. Coupled with his excellent clothing, that action was pointlessly fitting. Even someone of the same sex wouldn’t be able to resit that. And that was even more so for the ones who were already fans. 

Nishino forcefully changes the subject.

「By the way, do you have something to hide your face with?」

「Face? Why?」

「Cause you stand out」

「Aah, I do don’t I? My rock is no ordinary thing」


The ikemen had a triumphant look. That expression looked cool even for someone of the same sex like Nishino. And that was his ideal.

Knocking him down a peg would be simple. However, that may hinder the plans for the future. Thinking it can’t be helped, Nishino takes one of the flyers.

「Hide your face with this」

The paper he held in his hand had several holes cut into it. He then takes the rubber band that held the flyers, and holds it out to Tarousuke.

The one who it was being handed to had no Idea what it was for. He didn’t understand what role the somewhat crushed paper with holes held.

「…… Ha? What’re you doing」

「Crouch down a bit. I’ll put it on」


Tarousuke obediently does what he was told and lowers his back.

In response to this, Nishino reaches for the tidy hair. The holes on the paper were meant for the eyes. Like a mask you can buy in the festival, he fixes the A4 paper used to make the flyers with the rubberband.

「Hey, oi, wait! What’re you doing!?」

「Stay still for a bit」

「Like I said, oi! I’m the world’s Taro 」

「I don’t care if you’re Taro or Jiro, but there’ll be trouble if your face is seen」

「Like I said, wai, ow, the rubber is pulling my hair it hurts! It hurts!」

Nishino continues attaching the copy paper to the struggling Tarousuke.

「…… All right」

It didn’t look good nor bad. The paper was crudely attached with a rubber band. The alignment of the eye holes wasn’t done very well, thus he had to awkwardly turn his face to see the futsumen in front of him.

「Oi Nishino, what kind of joke is this」

「Endure it for now. I’ll prepare a new one soon. Luckily my class is doing a cosplay cafe so they should have something like that. I should be able to secure one or two face masks」

「…… Really now, what a jokester」

「Can you walk?」

「Don’t look down on me」

It looks like this ikemen is doing his best.

「Then that’s fine. Let’s go」

With a small mutter, Nishino begins walking as he takes the lead.

Tarousuke obediently follows after him.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Rose, Nishino, and all the member of the light music club had once again gathered in the club room. If there was something that differed from half an hour ago, it would be that there was a man with A4 paper attached to his face in the group.

「Wait, who is this」

The one who first spoke was Rose.

In front of the wildly dressed outsider, it looks like it was just someone that was brought into the school from the outside. Is this really the person we’re supposed to count on? He’s just a suspicious person. The unsaid complaints continue.

「The helper, why?」

「I didn’t mean it like that」

As expected, even she couldn’t hide her doubts that he was nothing more than a suspicious person.

「He has confidence in his guitar skills. Use him as you like」

「Oi oi, that was quite the introduction? Nishino」

「Will you do it?」

「No? I came because you called me not anything else」

「Then shut up. Your voice will expose you」

「Really now, it’s hard being popular」

As Tarousuke opened his mouth to answer, the A4 paper was slightly moving. It was rough. But even then he continued with his grandiose attitude, from the side, he looked like nothing but a xxxx. (TL: no idea what these x’s are for. I ignored it before but they appear more often in this volume.)

「W, well, in that case it’s fine」

Realizing that asking for anything more was useless, Rose refrained from anymore questions.

On the other hand the ones who weren’t fine at all were the one he was introduced to.

「Umm, there’s no time, so if possible I’d like you to see the song……」

The reason was the copy paper guy. The leader opened her mouth while anxious about his origins. It was also because he was invited by Nishino that the group was even more worried. It looked like he wasn’t up to the task judging from his expression and the way he dressed.

As they’re in the middle of the culture festival, there are many students that are dressed up, but even with the cosplay events, the current Tarousuke still stands out. Even when they were walking here everyone turned to look at him.

「And the music sheet?」

However, what that xxxx guy returned was a more serious question then they would’ve thought.

It was a surprisingly cool voice.

The drum leaders heart shook a bit.

「Eh? Ah, eeh, it’s this……」

Ever so timidly, she presents a copy.

And the paper was passed over.

Tarousuke quickly looks over it.

It was a several papers long. In the view of the public it doesn’t look too difficult, however, to play the 5 minute and 49 second piece would demand a suitable amount of experience and skill. It was a piece she composed with all her heart.

The reception it received over the web was great. Putting it on a video sharing site, it’s views crossed six digits. Even if it were students from the school, it might not have been people she knew. That was how much determination she put into it.

「Fuun? It isn’t bad」

What was returned, was a condescending attitude from the flyer guy.

「…… Thanks」

The drum girl who had confidence in her work became irritated. Even if she was currently in the drum position, she also specialized in the guitar and bass. If it’s the piano then she took lessons since childhood.

She wants to have a job related to music in the future. She wants to go to a college of music. She already told this to her teacher when she enrolled. She is a student who is already aware of what she wants to do and took the exams of several private colleges of music.

「So then, um, it’s that piece but……」

But even then she took into account that he was an adult and spoke politely.

Nevertheless, Tarousuke answered at his own pace.

「Well, let’s have a go at it. I’ll also be able to confirm your skills」


He spoke as he pushed the sheet he had back to the drum girl.

Somewhere in his attitude there was a part that seemed to resemble Nsihino.

「Pass the cable. It’s hard to move because of the flyer that guy attached」

「Your keep pushing your responsibilities to others」

Tarousuke takes out the guitar from his case. To him, it was his most beloved instrument that he’d never change. It was something he used since before his debut, and it’d something that let him go all out at critical moments.

At the time it was sold, it cost 40000 yen. Because he’d be ridiculed if he took it to a live stage, he rarely exposes it to the media. However, to him, it was something he treasured.

「…… Fender?」

「No, an imitation of it. It’s a model from more than 30 years ago so you probably wouldn’t know」


「It’s fine even if I’m the only one that knows it’s value. That’s more than enough」

「What’s with that……」

The drum girl replies with an appropriate mutter, and he lightly begins tuning. Talking as if he gets irritated at every little thing is part of Tarousuke’s character. The person in question thinks it’s cool. And it was without minding his surroundings that he was able to grow so much.


He disregards the surroundings and focuses on his guitar.

The way he used his hands was very experienced, however, it looked like he was tense, but even then, it looked like he was enjoying it. That’s what Nishino guessed as the person on the other side of the A4 paper made a small smile.

That guy really likes his guitar, after realizing that, even Nishino had to change his evaluation as a rock fanatic. He had to quickly secure a replacement for the mask, at least that was Nishino’s way of reflection in his heart.

To Nishino, people who do something with all their heart while disregarding gains and losses is something he likes.

「These peaceful moments, aren’t bad every now and then」

He casually spoke to himself.


In a rare occurrence, Nishino responded.

「No. …… Just, it reminded me of the past」

Tarousuke strokes the string with his finger.

A pleasant sound is made.

As soon as she heard the sound of the adjusted string, the drum girls body shook. The sound she heard was something she heard before, in fact it was the contents of the music sheet she gave him before.

「Eh, no way……」

「Was it wrong? In that case the one with the mistake is the music sheet」

Tarousuke spoke with a self-satisfied look.

「No, um…… is it really, your first time?」

「What about you, are you such a famous composer?」

「But, i, it’s available on the net and other things…….」

「To pick up and play some other persons songs, I don’t have that free time」

Tarousuku increased the forcefulness of his tone.

「…… s, sorry」

The drum girl lowers her head in a panic.

To this the faces of the other members stiffened.

For now, the person that was brought along by the one hated by the school, was exactly as he looked, he wasn’t a normal person, and they understood it at that moment. With the A4 paper obscuring his vision, Tarousuke carefully played what was written on the music sheet from beginning to end without a single mistake.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

At the time the flyer guy matched the music, the whole light music clubs opinion of him made a 180. From, hurry up and leave, to, I ask of you to continue guiding us, and it didn’t stop at lowering their heads.

「Ah, umm, sorry for a lot of things」

「It’s nothing to worry about. That’s what being young is about」


If you look closely, the suits and shoes were high class, and behind the flyer, his hair was neatly arranged. Looking at the side, you can see the cheeks that can’t hide their ikemen aura. For highschool girls at the peak of wanting to do it, there was no way to fight against this.

Out of the five one was missing. Out of the remaining four, all of them fell for the flyer guy.

As for the member who was unwell, the other began feeling gratitude towards her. Especially the leader, the drum girl, she had no plans for him to end his time with the light music club. She was desperate to make this meeting have a next time.

「Umm, if you’d like, do you want to exchange information?」

It hasn’t even been an hour, bus she already asked with her phone out.

And so, in a nasty voice the flyer guy asks Nishino.

「So you hear, what should I do? Nishino」

「…… Do as you like」

「So you heard. Sorry but treat me like a one time helper」

「I, I see…….」

Her mutter was filled with regret.

At that moment, she felt like she was born for this meeting, and she still feels it. It was only an instant, but she glanced at Nishino with irritation. Instead of Rose who proposed it, she directed her negativity to the futsumen.

「But umm, fo, for today, thank you very much for today!」

Not being discouraged, she raises a loud voice and makes a deep bow. It seems she didn’t give up at just exchanging their contact information. Following her, the other members also lowered their heads.


Tarouskue replies with a wave of his hand.

「Well then, is the problem settled with this?」

With the vacancy safely filled, Rose asked.

「Eh? Ah, u, unn! Really, thank you Rose-chan!」

The drum girl spoke in a state overcome with emotion.

「The one who called the helper wasn’t me but him?」

「But, the one who introduced us to Nishino-kun was Rose-chan」

「…… Well, that is true」

They asserted that the one who introduced them to the opposite sex was the one with no place there, the blonde haired lolita. It made her feel uncomfortable as expected. She shook from the gaze of Nishino standing to her side.

On the other hand, as if implying, you aren’t needed, the futsument wasn’t feeling any less uncomfortable than her. Even now, standing at that place was sorrowful.

「…… Then, the rest is up to you」

Nishino turns as if running away from the room.

Following up on this was the flyer guy.

「Oi Nishino, don’t leave me」

「It’s fine if you’re here isn’t it?」

「What’s that? Could it be, your jealousy?」

「…… Say what you want」

Nishino leaves the room. Following soon after, was Tarousuke who nimbly took his guitar case in a hurried manner. Together the two leave the light music club’s room. Patan, with a satisfying sound, the room’s door closes.

The ones left were Rose and the members of the light music club.

After the two men left, the drum girl spoke.

「Nishino-kun and that person, what’s their relationship? No matter how I see it it’s adult like」

「Who knows? I can’t imagine how his relationships are」

Once again another question came to Rose’s mind.

As a friend of Nishino, what had happened went too fare. Even for her who knew of the futsumen’s background, she felt that he’d accept it even if he was being extorted behind the gymnasium. It was a fact that he was being bullied by his class.

「…… ahhh, is there no way we for us to exchange our contact info?」

「Even I won’t go as far as taking care of that. I’ll wish the best for you」

「U, un. That makes sense ……」

As if trying to get Rose’s help again, the drum girl was immediately rejected. If it was another student, they’d immediately nod, begin unable to refuse is the typical japanese style. But that way of not mincing words, was very like her.

For the person in question, she was done with taking care of the kids.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The fustumen and ikemen leave the light music club’s room.

Where the two headed to was the vicinity of class 2-A, the class Nishino belongs to. Besides the highly praised cosplay cafe, the preparation room was filled with cosplays. It functioned as a costume room for the duration of the culture festival.

Here they managed to safely get a face mask. It seemed to be some sort of mask from an anime character. They didn’t know the details, buy the mask was good enough to cover Tarousuke’s face.

As the other students were at the cosplay cafe, there was no other person in the room. Thanks to this they were able to search as they pleased. With this amount, it’d be fine to repay at after the festival ends, such was Nishino’s shallow judgement. 

It was a mask that opened at the mouth and covered from his forehead to his eyes. Thanks to that Tarousuke won’t be able to hide his ikemen aura, and the futsumen wasn’t pleased with this. But, not being able to find any other good masks, should we put this one on? Yes.

After being satisfied with the way the mask fit, Nishino brought his attention to his future plans.

After being satisfied with the way the mask fit, Nishino brought his attention back to his future plans.

「Then, I’ll return to my work. You do what you like」

「You’re the one that called me, and you planning on leaving me alone?」

「Do you want to hand out flyers together?」

「…… That’d be really boring」

「Right? Then just do whatever you want. By the way, my class made something pretty great. The representative Shimizu went all out. So the cafe won’t be outdone by others」

The futsumen praised his classmates.

「Hee? Nishino praised someone?」

「Is it bad to praise my classmates?」

「Then I’ll check it out. Two men together would be boring. Also, i, if I’m together with you, then my smooth talking will fail」

「That’s that. Contact me if something happens」


「My number should be left in your history?」

「Eh? A, aah, tha, that’s right. That’s true……」


「No, nothing. Nothing at all」

After their exchange, Nishino turns from Tarousuke.

「See you」

「O, ouu」

Thrusting his hand in his pants, the voice of the former flyer now face mask guy replied. Without looking back, Nishino holds the left over flyers under his arm, and heads back to the entrance.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

As the reason for it was the flyers he left, Nishino kept apologizing. He was the one who was infatuated with the opposite sex, so he can’t say anything. Right now he has to recognize his failure, and reflect on it in order to avoid the same mistake in the future.
After leaving Tarousuke, Nishino returned to handing out flyers.

The time was 11 AM.

Including the locals who were at culture festival for lunch, the number of attendees kept increasing. Along the hallways the figures of those other than students were beginning to stand out. From an old couple in their retirement age, to parents with children who believe they’d go to the school, there were all sorts of attendees. 

And in front of that stream of people, Nishino continued to hand out flyers.

He was currently at the first floor of building B at a corner that is next to the passage that connects the buildings. Choosing a place with lots of traffic, the fustumen’s energy still hasn’t waned.

「Please take one」

He continues uttering the phrase he repeated many times while handing out a flyer.

If out of two people one were to take it, then it would all be worth it.

And it’s almost about time he finished handing out the 100 he prepared.

However, a disturbance visited him.

「Hey, Nishino-kun」

「…… Nn?」

He turns in the direction he was called, and there was Shimizu. By her side were two students he wasn’t  familiar with. A boy and girl pair. On top of their uniform, on their upper arms there was a yellow armband attached. Judging from their appearance, it was the student council.

「I even told you to be careful, why do you want to bother the class so much?」


「That’s right! I won’t tell you to not hand out flyers, but you scattered them in the hall! Even though I had no connection to it I had to clean up your mess! I was even called to the student council room over the intercom!?」

I see, Nishino understood.

It seems the flyers he left were recovered by the student council.

It must’ve caught the attention of the management because of the amount.

「Please be careful from now on. Even if it’s the culture festival, the eyes of the teachers are still everywhere. I also don’t want to be too forceful about this, but in order to enjoy the culture festival next year as well, please be cooperative」

The male student council member attentively stated his complaint.

He was exactly right.

「Aah, sorry」

Knowing he did wrong, Nishino obediently lowers his head.

「No, as long as you’re careful. Then that’ll be all from us」

「Excuse us」

With a small bow, the student council pair leave.

The series of exchanges were very indifferent.

It was soon after they saw them off.

Compared to the extremely business like pair, Shimizu didn’t plan on letting him go so easily.

「Understand? Don’t bother us anymore than this?」

「I truly apologize」

「If you truly plan on apologizing, then fix your attitude, your attitude」

「…… I’m sorry」

He once again lowers his head and bows.

Before, Shimizu was going to imply that if something like this happens to the class again, then he’ll probably be bullied. But she retracts her statement just before she said it. If she did it poory, then she would’ve been the one looking bad.

However, this time is different. It was completely Nishino’s fault, and she makes sure to convey this. If it was Takeuchi-kun instead, it would’ve certainly ended with a simple smile. But it was the dull bullied futsumen of the class. For someone with a lot of pride like her, she absolutely won’t allow it.

「Don’t give me an I’m sorry. Do you know your situation right now? Why do I have to follow up on Nishino-kun’s mistakes. I was having a really nice time in the class, but then I got stuck with this by myself!」

「No, I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry」

「Really, it’s one failure after another, isn’t it Nishino-kun」

「…… I’m very sorry」

As the reason for it was the flyers he left, Nishino kept apologizing. He was the one who was infatuated with the opposite sex, so he can’t say anything. Right now he has to recognize his failure, and reflect on it in order to avoid the same mistake in the future.

「I’m going back, but don’t ever do anything strange again, got it!?」


If he poorly explained the circumstances then it’d probably end up worse.

The fustumen politely nods.

「Really now, don’t be joking. And I was having a lot of fun……」

With the sight of him so readily accepting, Shimizu’s anger had calmed down a bit and she turns back.


As for Nishino who was left behind, he could only see her off.

I’ve done it again, I have to reflect.

He’s a man who looks back on his past.

And after finding an opportunity, a voice called out to that seriously reflecting guy.

「That  flyer, would it be fine to take one?」

It was a visitor from the outside. A man who appeared to be in his mid thirties. He had a checkered shirt with deep blue jeans. Connected to his right hand was a young girl of about 8 years.

「Ah, please……」

It felt like he saw him once before, or perhaps not, the person gave off a mysterious impression.

Even while holding that doubt, Nishino was still able to reply.

「Thank you. Do your best with your job?」

「Yes, thank you very much」

He must’ve seen the exchange with Nishino. As if to council the futsumen, the man gave some words of encouragement. Nishino never thought he’d be consoled by someone, and he became a bit happier with that.

「Well then」

「It’s a wonderful cafe, please, come and visit 」

「Un. I’ll make sure to intrude」

At that moment, the last piece was handed out.

The flyershad sold out.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After handing out all the flyers, Nishino ponders while walking down each hall of the building. That was about how to distribute the next set of flyers. What can he do to prevent a situation like the one before.

He was just scolded by the very angry class representative Shimizu. On the off chance that a similar problem happened again, he’d completely lose his place in class, the futsmen was likely feeling fear to this.

「….. Paper’s are rejected」

He grumbles while passing by the lively second year classes. 

「Then what’s left, are electronics」

His mission of passing out flyers still hasn’t ended. In order to continue, he begins devising a safer plan through the process of elimination. And inside of his head, it wasn’t long before he came up with a new plan to handout the flyers.

He goes through the PDCA cycle. (Plan Do Check Act)

A man who kept going around and around.

「…… All right」

He heads to the data processing room as if natural.

In the data processing room on the top floor of the next door building, there were dozens of computers lined up. They’re relatively new as they were replaced last year. The room was open for student work for the duration of the culture festival. Nowadays, computers were necessary for things like trivial data and documents.

Nevertheless, the people using it during the culture festival were few. At the corridor leading to the room there was a keep out sticker affixed, this was done to prevent outsiders from entering. Entrance was limited to students and teachers. Other than Nishino who had just stepped on the floor, there was only the figure of a male student who was taking a name on top of the desk at the back.

「Now then……」

He chooses a reasonable computer and settles down, and Nishino begins his work.

His work procedure was no different than before. The only difference is that instead of writing on paper, he used the computer. He starts up a paint software and begins drawing with the movements of the mouse.

When using the computer, his expression became remarkably stronger. Fussing over which font, whether to put images, or to use gradation. In comparison to version 2, version 3 was a noticeable improvement.

Taking dozens of minutes, his creation was completed.

「…… the server is, well, any should be fine」

With this it will be open to the public through a service that is free for a limited time. He takes the digital code that allows public access and largely prints it on A4 paper. Pointing his phones camera to it, the link sent him to the impromptu web page with the flyer on it.

He then takes the A4 paper and sticks them on his uniform, one on his back and one on his stomach.

「All right」

He safely finished his paperless flyers.

Since it doesn’t use paper it’s also good for the environment. He wears his uniform with the 2-d codes affixed on it without shame. He figured that with all the other cosplaying students, something of this degree shouldn’t be a problem.

Together with a small sense of accomplishment, Nishino leaves the data processing room.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

At a different place, in the cosplay cafe of class 2-A

「Hey, isn’t that person kind of cool?」「Right? There’s something strange attached, but he’s definitely cool」「Rather, I feel like I’ve seen that face somewhere?」「Ah, I also thought that」「Isn’t it an anime?」「No, in a more real sense」

With the usual classroom atmosphere completely hidden, the class had now completely transformed into a cafe. The girls were chatting in shrill voices about the customer who sat by himself.

「I’ll, go take his order now」

「Ah, that’s unfair Shimizu!」

「But I’m the one in charge of that table aren’t I?」


Currently the girls were in a classic maid attire while the boys were dressed as butlers. Shimizu dressed in the former, while wearing a fluffy and frilly skirt, and she took a container on top of a tray with one hand from the back room to the hall.

It was a table she was in charge of.

The one there was Tarousuke who had just parted with Nishino.

At the futsumen’s recommendation, the ikemen visited class 2-A’s cosplay cafe. Thinking it was just another culture festival booth for refreshments, when he entered, all he could do was meekly admire the scene.

「…… It’s definitely like he said」

It was around that time that an employee came.

「Welcome master」

It was Shimizu in her maid cosplay. Reading the nameplate on her breast, Tarousuke easily figured out she was the one Nishino spoke of.

「So you’re the one Nishino mentioned」

「Eh? Nishino?」

「Aah, nothing. Just spoke to myself」

I see, Tarousuke was suspicious. Nishino must’ve fallen for this woman. If not, then why go out of his way to speak of his classmates, and bring more people to the class’s program.

「Umm, could it by your Nishino-kun’s, acquaintance?」

「Acquaintance? I wonder…..」

Although he was asked Tarousuke was the one who questioned it. They certainly exchanged phone numbers, he also gave him his business card. Are they acquaintances. He continues that train of thought. While still being a little worried, he figures that it’d be okay to name them as such.

「That’s right. Acquaintances」

「I, is that so…」

Conversely, Shimizu who heard this was surprised from the bottom of her heart. She thought, how is that dull single-edged eyelid futsumen acquainted with this adultlike ikemen. It was something that greatly diverted from her common sense.

「Could it be, are you relatives?」

「Nope, there’s no blood connection」

「Ah, is that so」

Tarousuke decided to try and be helpful towards Nishino.

「Speaking of which, that guy Nishino praised you」


「He was doing his best for this program」

「Ah, eh? Um, i, is that so?」


Her tone rose as she became flustered from the unexpected words. Nishino praised her, she felt no joy from that. In fact she felt irritation instead. Furthermore, it came from the mouth of an ikemen overflowing with adultishness who wore a mask, how should she deal with it. 

「By the way for my order, I’d like a coffee」

「Yes, u, understood!」

But if there was one change inside of her, it would be that she might’ve gone a little too far back then, and a small sense of guilt built up. Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Shimizu takes the order and quickly makes her way to the back room.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Ignorant of the fact that he was the topic of Tarousuke and Shimzu’s conversation, Nishino parades through the halls with the 2-d code equipped.

Within the school he is known for his bad reputation, but that was not known to the attendees. Using that to his advantage, he used his uniform as a target for his sales promotions.

「Please, thank you very much」

With that as his greeting, out of every few visitors one pointed their camera at him. There were also people that saw the site and praised him for the good work.

For Nishino that was a great joy.

It may be something small, but at that moment he found a way to enjoy the culture festival by himself.

「Please, thank you very much」

The amount of people that photographed him had already passed 3 digits. The amount had  already almost reached the amount of flyers he handed out. Slowly coming to terms with this fact caused Nishino to be in a better mood. The site’s access counter was also progressing nicely.

Usually, other than Marquis who gave it for a job, there was no one who praised the eternally solo for life guy. Knowing that his work was having a good effect on the world let him acquire some joy.

It was then, that the phone in his pocket began shaking.

Bububu, Bububu, Bububu.


Perhaps it’s the beautiful italian girl.

He abruptly takes out the phone from his pant’s pocket. This time there aren’t any flyers to scatter. There’s nothing to worry about. Calmy, calmly, do it with composure. With a sense of unease creeping up, he brings up the desired screen.

Hooray,  the title was in italian.

 Egr. Nishino

This is without a doubt.

Immediately his heartbeat quickened, and his pulse crosses 100. He couldn’t hold in the beating of his heart. Dokun, dokun, while his heart was intensely pounding, he began feeling some pain. Unable to endure it he moved his feet, his destination was a pillar in the hall, this way he can get privacy from the crowd.

Will it be good luck or bad luck.

He opens the mail.

Rose Repuman. There’s a rehearsal so please come to the gymnasium.

「…… That woman」

This time it was a crime.

Nishino was magnificently played.

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  1. Renaxan

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    Respect for mc being patient with those.

  2. Deathkiddoom

    Well at least the attendees respect him.

  3. Haipher

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Gin Hindew 110

    This MC is too nice, but he learns from his mistakes and improves, im really satisfied with this behavior, imagine if all isekai MC were this constant on their self improvement

  5. theworldeaterjuan

    i am so angry with how there bullying him with his power i would have kill the whole school already if they dont respect you at least make them fear you

  6. Paps

    Thanks for the chapter, so I didn’t understood what happened at the end with the message.

    1. Reaver

      Rose texted him with an Italian word as the heading so it tricked him into opening the message

      1. Paps

        HAHAHAHA, I see, she sure tricked him well. Wondering in wich direction their relationship will go.

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