It was 10 minutes after that, on top of the rooftop of Tsunami Highschools B building.

「It’s strange for Nishino-kun to call me. What’s wrong?」

Rose is there. The one facing her is Nishino by himself. There was no one else in sight. But, that applies only to what’s in the two’s view. In fact, Shimizu was on top of the water tower. With her body lowered in order to hide her presence, she watches over the two. 

Everything was as directed by Nishino.

「I wanted to talk with you」

「What is it? If it’s about wanting to enjoy the culture festival together, then I wouldn’t mind accompanying you?」

The time had passed 11 am. The sun was finally reaching its highest point, and that was even more so for the energy inside the school. Even as they stood on the rooftop, they were still able to hear the voices coming from the school grounds and windows.

「By the way where is he? I don’t see him」

「He? Who are you talking about」

「The rock princess I entrusted you with」

「Aah, if it’s that then it’s waiting for you in your class」

「Then it’s fine」

「It’s a great attention grabber」

With a stifled laughter a small smile appeared on Rose’s face. This was another one of her bad hobbies, so Nishino though on the inside. He himself doesn’t have any decent hobbies, but even this wasn’t that good for him.

「Customers who came to see a panda aren’t good」

「Then you should hurry and return」

「I plan to」

「Are you returning to the class?」

「But, before that, there’s something I want to confirm」

「What is it?」

With the conversation of the two in front of her, Shimizu couldn’t conceal her surprise. At this moment, she finally understood the real exchanges that happen between Rose and Nishino.

Since she measures her relations in accordance to the school caste, the two who were intimately exchanging words was something foreign to her. It was something that should be impossible.

However, even with her eyes wide open in surprise, she didn’t let out her voice. As Nishino instructed, be quiet and watch. From the fustumen’s casual way of speaking with the beautiful blonde haired lolita, the instructions he handed before were now quite persuasive.

While hiding herself on top of the water tower, she tightly grips her fist, hurry and finish, her frustration is building up.

Whether the class rep’s impatience was conveyed or not, Nishno changes the topic and goes right to the heart of the matter.

「Why did you steal class 2-A’s earnings?」


He asked in a casual manner.

But, for the one that was asked, it was something completely out of expectations. For an instant, Rose lost the words to reply. It was just an instant, but an instant nonetheless. Her flowing way of speaking while cracking jokes was interrupted, and she shook at the gaze of the other.

「What’s wrong?」

「…… No, nothing」

Shimizu was also astonished at Nishino’s statement.

It was done so straightforwardly. Hey you, why are you saying that. You could say it in a more delicate way. Such a statement was attempting to come out of her.

However, even with her surprise, she still managed to hold back.

「Speaking of which, why did you carve on my desk?」


Even more so than before was Rose’s prominent reaction. The shaking of her shoulders was even conveyed to Shimizu who was a few meters away. That question was a surprise attack to everyone, but Nishino.

「Aah, there was also feces inside wasn’t there. It really smelled thanks to that, Matsuura-san was very pitiful that day」

Eh, wait, what do you mean by that. Engraving on the desk, could it be the thing in home room a few days back. Rather, why would Rose be there? Questions kept flowing in like water inside the class rep’s mind.

「If it’s you, then I won’t have to bother Marquis. I’ll deal with it here」

One step, Nishino moves towards Rose.

His expression was the same as always, with his usual sour one.

「Wa, wait, can you wait a moment?」

At that moment, Rose became extremely flustered.

In her confusion she tried to line up excuses.

「Please wait. Wha, what do you mean by carved your desk?」

「Do you admit to stealing the money?」


Nishino was unusually confident for being in the school.

According to the person himself, it is a business matter.

「I’ll ask once more. Was it your doing?」

The futusmen once again goes on the attack as if intimidating her.

To him it was like an intimidation from a yakuza movie or bad manga, in order to overwhelm their opponent they wrinkle their brow. But looking from the side it only looked like a pretentious futsumen. It’s because of that, instead of being scared, this should by all means be making the other party laugh.

However, Rose obediently spilled everything.

Looking carefully, her lips were trembling.

It seemed that she was scared to her core.

「To think that she’d consult your, that was out of my expectations」

「As I thought……」

Nishion spoke in an unpleasant tone.

「I already mentioned it before. I hate people like you」

「Eeh, I did hear it before」

Rose continues with resignation.

「Then, aah, have my thoughts already reached you?」

「Of course. Going out of your way to make my position in the school fall, with this you can do as you like, or your thinking of some other pointless things. It’s nauseating. Can’t you think of a more respectable method? Like this even Francisca might be better」

「…… Eh?」

For an instant, Rose’s expression was extremely idiotic.

「Am I wrong?」

「Eh, ah, eeh, well, that’s right? You really understood it?」

「That way of mocking people, it’s just like Francisca」

「Ara, that’s regrettable」

「It goes for your loose crotch as well」

「Loose crotch? That’s inexcusable」

「Haa, you’re really saying that」

Soon enough, Nishino turns back.

As Rose was about to begin explaining, he turns a deaf ear to it. In the futsumen’s mind, Rose is a bitch who’d easily spread her legs if it was an ikemen. Within the world, that isn’t so uncommon, but it was unacceptable for the virgin.

For a woman of that degree, there was no need to endure listening to excuses. Like that, his ideals of the opposite sex, his fantasys, and other similar hopes are protected. It is one of the important mind protection mechanisms that futsumen around the world are equipped with.

「That’s that. The rest is up to you」

Did it manage to reach Shimzu, Nishino spoke in a loud voice.

With that done, not wanting to associate with her any longer, he immediately leaves the rooftop. Patan, a light sound as the door is open and closed. The sound of the footsteps get distant as the move through the building, and soon enough, they disappeared.


With no one to talk to, the rooftop immediately became silent.

The clatter of the culture festival felt strangely far.

As for the one who was called out to, Shimizu lost the timing to intrude. She was feeling some guilt after seeing what happened, and she stiffened at Nishino’s exit. What should I do from now on, she was seriously impatient.

And then, as if to stir up her impatience even more, the scene before her stirred.

「Really now, please don’t surprise me」

With Nishino no longer there, Rose’s stiff body now loosened.

She breathes out a large sign.

「You went and misunderstood it on your own, really, but that stupidity is also fascinating. Why do I have to go through all these indirect method, why of course it’s in order to make you mine. If not, then I wouldn’t have stayed at this place」

Her frigid expression had changed, it was melting.

A drunken state.

A foolish grin floated on her face, an enraptured smile that was unlike her. At that instant, the corner of her usual almond shaped eyes had fallen. Her pure white pointed canine  made an appearance from her slovenly opened mouth.

Her gaze was unwaveringly pointed at the door Nishino left from.

「But still, his, angry face is the absolute coolest. Why is Nishino-kun that cool? There is nothing else like him in the world. No men cooler than him exist in this world」

While crossing her arms, she repeatedly nods

She already embarked on her journey into her own world.

「I mustn’t. Whenever I think of Nishino-kun, I can’t help but get wet. It’s no good, impossible, I can’t bear it. Aaaah, Nishino-kun, how wonderful. I want to look at you forever. Nishino-kun, I love you. Nishino-kun, I really love you」

Her right arm suddenly moved, and it aimed for under her skirt. She boldly raises the hem, and thrusts her arm into her underwear. Her left hand was placed on top of her flat breast, and she begins to furiously knead her nipples over her uniform.

「If you were a normal human, then I already would’ve run off with your everything. Aah, Why, why are you, this strong. These roundabout ways, it’s hard even for me. Very very hard. I want to hurry and become one with you」

Rose’s actions escalated in the blink of an eye, and she began painting.

Thanks to that Shimizu couldn’t help but be bewildered.

What is this person, what did she just start doing. Rather, does she really like Nishino? Seriously? She finds that futusmen cool? Didn’t something mess with her head?

The question welling up don’t end.

But, the person these questions were directed at, was right in the middle of masterbating. It seems like Rose is the type of woman with lots of juice. They were separated by a few meters, but the watery noises still managed to reach class rep.

Hearing the sounds of the part below of the same sex, wasn’t something that felt good. Unable to endure it Shimizu grimaced. Her unneeded knowledge had yet again increased.

「If you and me, had a normal school life, and we met here. Just thinking about that, causes my imagination togo crazy, Nishino-kun. If you weren’t Normal, then I would’ve been able to immediately convey my love……」

Along with her monologue, the vigour of her masterbation increases. 

「Nishino-kun’s saliva, I want to lick your saliva!」

She takes out a vinyl bag from her skirt pocket. In there where skewers, chopsticks, and other similar objects. Just the other day, when she was going around the stalls with the futsumen, what she managed to casually collect was her treasure.

She takes out the skewer of the frankfurter from inside.

She immediately places this in her mouth.

「Nishino-kunn, Nishino-kunn, Nishino-kunn! I can taste Nishino-kun’s flavor!」

Lick lick. Suck Suck.

It was as if she had the penis of her companion in mind. Her tongue creeps all over the skewer. She holds it in her mouth. Along with a kissing like sound she sucks on it. What had soaked into the wood fiber, to her it was an ingredient of love, and she desperately takes it into her holes.

She got it yesterday, so she treated those two cylindrical objects as something precious. I’ll lick in case something good happens, and with great care she kept it in her pocket with that in mind. Naturally, since getting it she hasn’t washed it even once.

「No way……」

Shimizu was at a loss as she saw everything transpire before her. Being shown the fooling of the school idol, her gaze was glued to her. It was a scene that caused her to doubt whether it was reality or not.

It seems that Rose hasn’t noticed Shimizu’s presence, and her action continued escalating. The class rep now no longer had the chance to leave.

「Honestly, I should’ve gotten more, much more, and I Should’ve had Nishino in my hands. Really, that Shimizu person is getting in the way. Last Sunday as well. If this was going to happen then I should’ve already killed her. If I move poory now, then Nishino-kun will notice」

Rose continued in agony.

「That’s right, it’s no good. It’s no good if I’m noticed. It’s impossible for the current him to accept me. That’s why I need to prepare, with certainty, preciseness, and perfectness. By the time he notices, his hear his body everything about him, his everything will be my prisoner. If not」

While persistently licking the skewer, the blonde haired lolita spoke.

She reinforced her will with her own monologue.

「Nishino-kun is mine. Only mine. I won’t hand him to anyone……」

The movements of her hand become even more intense.

And her crotch became even juicer.

「Aah, what a stimulating love. You’re the best Nishino-kun. Only you, you’re the only existence who can make my heart throb. I’ll definitely make you mine! Your body and mind will all be mind! You’ll have to rely on me! From eating and drinking to excreting, everything will, everything!」

Her arm quickly moved up and down in a mechanical way.

It was a lust for complete pleasure, beastly movements.

「And for that, that persons an obstacle. That’s right, an obsticale……」

It was a very dangerous murmur.

The one who was mentioned couldn’t bear it.


Shimzu’s body stiffened to the mass of violence directed towards her. And before she could lay down, her foot touched a fragment of concrete. It was at the end of the water tower, gashin, a dry sound rang out.

Having cracked from the wind, it was like a noisy floorboard.

「…… Is someone there?」

Naturally, Rose responded to this.

「Hey, is there someone there?」

Her tone was nothing like her usual one.

Rather it was calm.

And that was more frightening than anything for Shimizu.

A woman who knew of a woman’s insides, Shimizu Chikako, 16 years old.

Resolving herself, she steps on top of the water tower.

「M, me!」

A voice filled with desperation echoed through the rooftop.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The annoying thing that Shimizu sprinkled and Nishino grew was now on top of the rooftop of building B.

After coming down from the water tower, she confronts Rose from the front. There is a space of about 3 meters between them.

The former felt that she shouldn’t get any closer than she was. But the latter immediately closes the gap, they were now at a distance were they could scratch each others necks.

「Ara, Shimizu-san」

「H, hello……」

Rose-chan calls out to Shimizu in a light way like yesterday. Just moments ago, with the foolishness that had occurred before her eyes, the image of the school idol she held inside was now something of the past. 

「How unpleasant. Peeking in on another’s love affairs」

Rose spoke as if nothing had happened.

「No, um, that’s…….」

With the movements of her hands interrupted, the inside of her skirt was overflowing as it continued dripping and it created irregular stains below her feet. Nonetheless, the quantity of juice is a lot. Even though the movement of her fingers stopped, the love the blonde haired lolita held is never ending. 

Thanks to this, Shimizu was at a loss as to how to deal with it as her impatience built up.



They locked eyes.

There are a lot of questions that Shimizu has, so she couldn’t open her mouth well. There should be a lot of things to ask, but having seen the girl masterbating, she was overpowered by that sight and could only shrivel up.

As for Rose, she smoothly talks as if she had no care in the world.

「Do you have some business?」

After licking it for a long time she finally separates the skewer from her mouth.

A string of saliva is made from the tip of the skewer to her mouth.

A bridge of saliva is formed from the tip of the skewer to her mouth.

「Eh, ah, noo, that is umm……」

「Right now I’m busy masterbating while thinking of Nishino-kun 」


What is this women saying.

Shimizu managed to swallow her words just before she spoke. In her heart she praises herself for being able to stop. Great job enduring. And at the same time she renews her mind. The one she is facing isn’t a respectable person.

What she needs to ask about is the earning from yesterday, with that in mind she opens her mouth.

「Was that conversation from before true? Ro, Rose-chan」


「Rose-chan, um, p, put the stolen earnings in my, locker……」


As if to say, it’s about that, she responds in a cold attitude.

「What about it?」

There was not a trace of friendliness in her. She was like a completely different person. Her inside where calm and she appeared cheerful, but any signs of kindness had completely disappeared. And so, in the same way as her expression went cold, her voice also became monotonous.

It was nothing like the Rose that Shimizu knew, that tone was completely pushing her away.

However, this was also one of the many faces of the human called Rose Rebmann.

「W, what, that is…」

A question that Shimizu wished was denied was instead affirmed, and she lost the words to continue. It’s the school idol, the beautiful girl that everyone admired. That was the impression she held of Rose. Since the time they met, she was the girl she admired.

However, her beliefs had betrayed her, and they crumbled into pieces.

「How much you know, and how much you understand, I still didn’t grasp. But no matter where you arrived at, in this place, there is one thing that I must tell you」

「……. Ummm, wh, wh, what?」

Shimizu’s lips quiver.

Shimizu’s voice shrunk.

She had completely withdrawn.

「If you get in the way of my romance, I won’t forgive you?」


With Rose’s straight face in front of her, Shimizu couldn’t answer. As if she thought of ever getting in the way. That kind of love, she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want to see it, please take it somewhere else. Those are her true feelings.

Shimizu is a woman with high standards. She wouldn’t even take notice of a dull futsumen.

「Hey, did you also fall for Nishino-kun? Can you tell me?」


Shimizu couldn’t respond, what kind of misunderstanding did you make, and she fell into disarray at Rose’s question. For the one who was asked, that was a development she’d make sure never happens.

「Th, there’s no way I’ll fall for him!? Stop that! It makes me sick!」

Goosebumps rise from the exposed arms that came out of her summer uniform.

It seems that she truly hates Nishino from the bottom of her heart. Since the beginning of last week she’s been picking fights with him at every opportunity, there’s no way that was just a front.

「You, don’t have an eye for men」

「…… I’m fine without it」

「How about polishing your eye for people?」

From Rose’s behavior she truly couldn’t believe that. Even if she doesn’t say it, to Rose, no men other than Nishino exist. She looks at Shimizu as if she’s looking at shit. Are both of us really humans.

「I, it’s fine. I’m, completely fine without it」

「For a woman without an eye for men, she’ll have a hard time once she enters society?」

「Like I said I’m fine! D, don’t worry about my problems!」

Rose looks at her with pity.

Thus Shimizu had resigned herself. She understood, that no matter what she said to that person, it’d all be in vain. Love is blind. It’s something she herself remembers from the past, but she’s sure she was never this bad. As expected, she couldn’t think of Nishino like that

With just a bit of conversation, Shimizu had arrived at a conclusion.

Rose Rebmann has an ugly fetish.

And of course, in her mind she changed Rose’s preferences. Right now isn’t the time to talk about liking or hating men or women. The class rep had a much more important question, something she had to confirm no matter what.

In order to accomplish the goal she had from the beginning, Shimizu forcefully changes the topic.

「Um, b, by the way Rose-san, can I ask something?」

「What is it?」

「Can you return the money? The culprit, is Rose-san isn’t it?」

With a cramped up incensed smile, it had a meaning that she didn’t want to get involved any longer. It was with a very respectful tone, she wanted to get away from the rooftop if only a moment sooner. Her suffix changed from chan to san, as she already took a good amount of distance.

Inside of Shimizu, Rose’s xxxx confirmation was done.

「How much interest do you need?」

「I, I don’t need that」

「Is that so? Aren’t you quite humble」

「It’s normal!」

Her patience reached its limit as she raised her voice.

Rose indifferently responds to this.

「Then I’ll return it another day. It’s my principal to not carry too much cash on me」

「Eh? B, but, you stole it……」

「I flushed it all down the toilet. If you have the resolution to fish through the sewer then I won’t stop you」

「N, no way…….」

She nods her head as if to say, give me a break. She didn’t want to be stuck with paying Shimizu immediately. But with the flood of customers in the cosplay cafe of class 2-A, even if it was half a days earnings, it was still a hard blow to Shimizu.

Naturally, she was discontent.

This ugly festishizer, darker thoughts couldn’t help but bubble up.

「There’s also something I have to tell you」

「……. What?」

「If you were to expose my feelings to Nishino, I’ll kill you」

「I, I won’t tell! It’s fine so!」

To say kill while her groin is dripping with sexual fluids, she couldn’t help but feel it was ghastly. If it were to be one, then it’d always be xxxx. A feeling of never wanting to get acquainted. Threatening with juice flying out of your lower half, was only one of Shimizu’s worries.

「Is that so? Then that’s fine」

「More importantly, ple, please make sure to return it!?」

「Eeh. As long as you don’t  expose me, then there’s no need for anything else」

「Rather, why did you steal the money…….」

「It’d be fine as long as Nishino-kun only had me. Only I can accept his all. His place is by my side. However, I didn’t think it would be this bad. Really, what ugly creatures, you all. To think that without confirming anything, he’d be falsely accused」

「Th, that was」

It was because Shimizu’s body still remembered, that she couldn’t reply.   

Even now, the class rep couldn’t help but think about how to shift the responsibility of this situation to Nishino. There was no way she could explain that Rose stole it, there isn’t a single student in the school who’d believe it.

Even if she knew the truth, it wasn’t as if that would settle the problem.

「Well, at least that made him aware of me. But, wasn’t that only until yesterday? And everything was finally going well. Honestly, you humans are nothing but a nuisance. I wish I could chop them up and make them pig feed」


Rose’s sharp gaze saw through Shimizu.

「Just one more month, and his heart would’ve been mine」

With a grinding sound, she bears the tragedy that befell her.

As she voiced out, she absolutely hated the class rep.

「Really, what should I do now……」

「Th, that type of thing, even if you tell me……」

「Ah, that’s right!」

「What is it this time!?」

「Hey, Shimizu-san. Will you support us, Nishino-kun and me? Japanese girl’s, don’t they like managing the love affairs of their close friends? For you who knows of the circumstances, it’s something very convenient for me」


It was an unbelievable proposal. 

Shimizu took a step back without realizing.

「There’s no way you’d refuse, is there?」

「No, um, th, that is……」

「The earnings from your class, if it’s me, then I’d be able to do quite a lot of things?」


A pleasant smile appeared, and the one at the top of the school caste approaches Shimizu.

One step forward.

The hand she pulled from her underwear, was still dripping with her soup.

The one being approached had no method to oppose this.

Mentally and socially, she was completely overwhelmed.

「…… I, I understand」

「Fufu, I really like people who can understand?」

At this moment, in order for Rose Rebmann to fulfil her love, an alliance across classes was formed between Rose and Shimizu.

As for Nishino who was left out, he wouldn’t even dream of this happening.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

6pm, same day.

A meeting is held after the passing of the two days of the culture festival of Tsunuma Highschool. The visitors from the outside had left, and it was now time for the closing party. On the corner of the school grounds was a pile of lumber on each of the cardinal directions, and a fire was lit in them as the campfire began.

What played was the standard folk dance music, it was a popular but calming song. Smiles rose on the surrounding students as they were enjoying it with their swaying bodies. Two rings split into boys and girls were made, and the two sets begin their hands together, it was the most fulfilling thing in the world.

The facial value of everyone there was outstanding, they were students at the top of the school caste. It was a dance where the boy and girl pairs continued taking hold of different hands, it would be difficult for students who were on the lower end of the school caste to take part. Their only role was to watch the leads of the closing party from the side.

With no respect given, the students at the middle and lower end of the school caste fade into the group, for the next few months, they’ll probably be gossiped about, or perhaps they’ll even be bullied. Especially for the girls, this event was akin to a powerful filter. 

Of course, Nishino’s figure wasn’t there.

For he who is in the lowest level of caste, he was not permitted to watch the figures at the top of the caste even among the group at the lower half of the caste. On the occasion he visited the scene, he only received puzzled gazes from the ones around him, it didn’t take long for him to leave.

Even as it happened in the middle of the closing party, he was still regretful, and he hesitated leaving the school and ended up loitering around. In the end, he arrived in class 2-A that was now absent of people. It was the place he wasn’t allowed to step into even once during the  culture festival.

「…… It’s quite something」

The night clouds cover the classroom.

He gazes at the decorations of the improvised cafe, and he mutters as if deeply moved.

「I’ll enjoy it next year」

There was no way Nishino though the current situation was good in any way. He strengthens his resolution to stand at this place next year. It is the highschool life you can only enjoy once in your life, not to speak of the first, but the second, and the third, in order to make brilliant memories, he renews his determination as well as finds his goal.

Everything is in order to meet with a fulfilling end.


And so, it’s because of that, that there’s something he has to do now.

He leaves the hall and heads for the back room.

There was a separator made in order to enclose it from all directions. What was there was the simple kitchen space. In the daytime, black teacher was made in their, and the dishes were also carried in and out, it was all done by his classmates.


While gazing at this, he sticks his hand in his pocket.

He takes it out and in his right hand he held an envelope that was the same design as the one with the missing money Shimizu had. In the envelope was the money that was lost and the one that had remained there. He had to go out of his way to go to a bank and take out several thousand yen bills and coins.

He sticks this into a space between several stacked up cardboard.

To him, this was indispensable for his riajuu plan, and a peaceful school life.

As for his plans for the future, when he manages to build up strength outside of the school, he thought of one day returning to the school. That’s why the problems of class 2-A was something that he needed to settle. His current plans of activity were now directed outside of the school, and that still hasn’t changed. 

「……Next is that woman’s hush money. Really, my work load keeps increasing」

With a disappointed mutter, he turns back.

He leaves the back room.

It happened immediately after returning to the hall, there was someone else who visited the room.

「Nishino? You, what’re you doing in such a place?」

「Aah, it’s Takeuchi-kun」

The famed ikemen in his class was there.

Furthermore he was also alone.

「Oi, what’re you doing?」

「I wasn’t allowed in during the culture festival. And it’ll all be cleaned up tomorrow, at least once, I wanted to see this sight, we’re fellow classmates so don’t you think it’s only natural to wish for?」

「…… Is that so」

「What about you Takeuchi-kun, what’re you here for?」

「Nothing much, I’m……」

In Takeuchi-kun’s hand was an envelope that was just like the one Nishino placed in between the cardboard. Naturally the futsumen’s attention went there. Understanding that his opponents view moved to his hand, in an instant, the ikemen hid it in his pants pocket.

Those movements were very natural.

「That’s well, it’s something similar for me too. Don’t worry about it」

Nishino immediately noticed Takeuchi-kun’s aim.

Feeling some affinity, he felt a bit happy.

「…… I see」

「Come on, hurry and go somewhere else」

The ikemen forcefully expels Nishino from the classroom.

「Well, there won’t be a problem if there’s a lot」

「Aah? What’re you saying? Koraa」

「Nothing. Don’t worry about it」

「Rather, you’re still talking like that? It’s annoying」

「I apologize if it hurt your feelings. Sorry」

「That’s why I told you to stop that!」

Takeuchi-kun began to get seriously irritated.

Without minding it, Nishino indifferently responds while moving his feet.

And he heads to the open entrance of the hall.

「See you, Takeuchi-kun」

「Ahh ahh, hurry and go. Getting greeted by a man doesn’t make me happy」

「Same here, I also don’t find greetings from men enjoyable」

「Aah? Oi kora, you looking down on me you bastard!?」

Anger mixed into Takeuchi-kun’s voice.

Thinking it was about time to quit, Nishino leaves the classroom. In reality the moment to quit was a few days ago, thought as it happened in the past, he didn’t realize it.

Garagara, Pisahari.

In the quiet after school hall, the sound of the shut door loudly echoed.

「…… Not bad, Takeuchi-kun」

Muttering in a small voice, Nishino heads back home in a better mood.

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