The following day, the doorbell awakens Nsihino.

Pinpon, the sound echoes through the 10am morning.

It’s currently later than he usually gets up. 

Today is a weekday, Friday. It should be a school day. However, skipping school every now and then isn’t too bad, and being unable to tolerate the alcohol from yesterday, he now embraces his laziness on top of his futon.He is having a hangover after drinking an amount he isn’t used to.

In fact Nishino doesn’t remember how he got home.

「……Who is it」

The people who know of his home are few. Rather, with his disastrous amount of friendly relations, it’s almost zero. He doesn’t remember having ordered anything recently, maybe it’s a payment reminder, or maybe it’s one of those religions, while thinking that he decides to ignore it and stays in his futon.

But no matter how long he ignored it, the sound didn’t stop.

Pinponpinpon, pipinpinponpinpoon.

At last the beat had become choppy.

「Kuu, who is it……」

He sluggishly gets up from the covers of his futon.

With a hand on his aching head, he heads to the front door. His expression is more severe than usual because of the hangover. Even if it isn’t the one he thinks it is, a person who’d ring the bell, it’s a high possibility that it is be someone he doesn’t want there.

「…… It’s cause that woman spread all those bad rumors」

He recalls the unexpected person he’d been in contact with these past few days, and his face warps into one that looked like he chewed a bitter bug. It’s a person troublesome enough to make him think, might as well kill her while making it look like an accident. 


He looks through the door’s peephole to confirm the situation outside.

And across that lens, stood an unexpected person.


In front of his door, there are four people.

Rose is leading, followed by Takeuchi-kun and Shimizu, and even Matsuura-san. Thanks to that he’s now unable to reveal his unpleasant feelings towards the person of the same trade. Why did they come to my home, the futsumen’s head filled with questions.

「Nishino-kun? Could he be absent?」

Having sensed Nishino’s present on the other side of the door, Rose purposefully raised her voice.

This irritated him.

Unlocking the lock, he pushes the door knob to meet with the four.

「…… What business do you have so early in the morning?」

By the way, he is currently still in the uniform that he was in last night. Not to mention a bath, he was unable to change his clothes, and straight after arriving home he collapsed into his futon. Because of this, his shirt and jeans are wrinkled, and his hair unkempt, a terrible state.

「Ara, so you are here」


Rose spoke as if she wasn’t surprised.

Remembering his anger after seeing that figure, he removes her from his vision. Any more than this, and he’d be taken into her pace, he renews his conscience.

「What business do you have so early in the morning?」

He faces the other three and asks, once again with the same words. Since his hangover is bad, that usual sour look of his is even worse. Taking a glance at his appearance, Matsuura-san takes a step back, and she hides her body behind Takeuchi-kun.

「You smell like alcohol, where you drinking until late last night?」

However, Rose doesn’t falter even with his attitude.

Without a hint of faltering, she continues her words.

「I’m interested in where you drank. Was it the bar in Roppongi again?」

「…… Is that bad?」


Rose came on stronger because of yesterday. Being unable to spend time with the one in her heart during the perfect opportunity that was the culture festival party, she was very sad. Thus she enthusiastically tries to learn of his whereabouts.

Of course, this was something Nishino had no way of knowing.

If there was someone her who could understand the reason, then it could only be Shimizu.

「And, what are you trying to say?」

The futsumen finally began getting fed up with the other party.

Maybe it was because he was getting irritated with that attitude, or maybe some other reason, but the one who answers isnt Rose, but Takeuchi-kun.

「Oioi, a student drinking in a bar? Isn’t that quite stylish」

By the way, it seems like those four managed to sneak out of school and come here.

Takeuchi-kun and the other three girls, every single one of them wore their uniforms.

「……What? Takeuchi-kun」

Normally, the one who would first complain about him would be Shimizu. However, having recently learned of Rose’s real contents, for today, she meekly stands by Takeuchi-kun’s side. Shimizu could only look on with no intention of butting in. 

「A Roppongi bar? If it’s that, then by all means invite me the next time you go. A bar where you can quietly drink, even in Tokyo they are limited? I’m jealous that you have a preferred place to go to」

It seems that Takeuchi-kun reacted to the words Roppongi bar.

As the top ikemen, there was no way he’d lose to a futsumen when it comes to alcohol talks. And it’s even more so considering who it is. Having taken the lead in their love competition, his pride wouldn’t permit it. Above all he’s jealous of the shared topic he has with Rose.

To think that a futsumen would go in and out of a Roppongi bar, so was the contempt in his heart. He probably only went in once or twice while scared and he pretends to be regular, so Takeuchi-kun tells himself.

「I’m of the same opinion, Takeuchi-kun」

「Right? Actually, what shop is it?」

「Are you interested?」

「I’m also a man」

「In that case, aah, I’ll make a chance before long」

「Fuun? I look forward to it」

But, with Nishino’s unchanging indifferent way of answering, Takeuchi-kun was growing more and more impatient. He remembers the incident in the department store not too long ago, and those unbearable feelings fill his chest. This time I’ll definitely expose you, he plans under the guise of his smile.

「Wa, wait, it’s not like we came here to talk about alcohol……」

Shimizu finally talks about the reason they came here.

Since today’s class rep is under Rose’s influence, there is no edge in her tone.

Those fists that took two of Nishino’s baby teeth, are now a thing of the past.

「Eeh, that’s right」

Once again stealing the conversation, Rose continues after her.

It seems she’s unable to handle another woman talking with Nishino.

「It’s about the trip he planned of before, we need to talk to you」


「Have you forgotten? You should’ve already promised」


For a while, with his drunken head in pain head, he thinks about it.

That was about the day off in Shibuya, in the italian restaurant that it happened to be planned, however, to think they would really advance with it, the futsumen didn’t think it’d happen even in his dream.

「…… I’m included?」

「If my memory is correct, I believe you agreed at that time」

「Well, yeah」

Even then, the circumstances then and now are very different.

Currently, his position in the school is undisputedly at the very bottom.

「And, are you going? Are you not? I’ve already got the ticket」

While bearing his frustration, Takeuchi-kun asks.

「…… When is it?」

「Sorry for the short notice, but it’s tomorrow. A flight at ten」

「You really managed to get the tickets」

「Whether studying or playing, it’s my creed to do my best at it」

「I see」

「IMy bad for telling Nishino so late」

Naturally, the ikemen said it late on purpose. If this turned out to be impossible for Nishino, then Takeuchi-kun would be more than happy. The completion of his public harem. There’d be enough excuses for him to be the only man. 

Seeing this from the side, Matsuura-san’s crotch was gradually getting moist with sexual fluids.  Takeuchi-kun, you’re the coolest today too, she thinks. She fell madly in love with him after the yakuza incident.

But, while being ignorant of what they’re thinking, Nishino continues at his own pace as usual.

「No, don’t worry. I’m quite flexible」

「I, is that so」

Even with his condescending attitude, the invitation was openly accepted.

The person himself didn’t plan on it, but for anyone on the outside it could only be seen as being cocky.

「However, it’s amazing. As expected of Takeuchi-kun」

「……and, what’ll you do?」

With a considerable amount of irritation building up, Takeuchi-kun gradually presses on before the other girls have a chance to speak.

「Aah, thank you for letting me partake in your kindness」

「Got it」

The regretful ikemen clicks his tongue on the inside. But having quickly accepted a flight overseas on the day before, a part of him was impressed.

With Nishino’s agreement, he takes out a small envelope from his pocket. The airline name is written on the surface, there’s no doubt that the ticket is inside.


「I’ll return the cost later. I don’t mind if you tell me so please give me an estimate later」

「There’s no need」

「Is it fine? I am a man」

「If I differentiate on that point, then I’ll talked about in the class?」

「…… Is that so. Thank you」

「Shut up already. Then, with this I’ve made sure to pass it?」

「Aah, I’ve certainly received it」

Gazing at the passed over envelope, an uncharacteristic warmth fills the futsumen. Since it’s the first time school friends have visited his home, it’s also his first time receiving a present like this. Everything is a first experience for him.

In reality, he’s so happy he’s unable to bear it, Nishino Gokyou, 16 years old. Taking on a cynical tone to hide his embarrassment, in contrast to the warm feelings that are now in him, curt words come out.

「By the way, are you fine with school?」

「Haa? What are you saying. Since you’re the one skipping, we even had to sneak out during gym to come talk with you? I’d like it if you felt grateful for that point」

Naturally, Takeuchi-kun got angry at Nishino’s tone.

The one who muttered it reflects.

「Aah, that’s right……」

「That’s right」

「Then, I did something bad. Let me apologize. I’m very sorry」

The apologizing Nishino lowers his head.

It seems like he really thought he was in the wrong.

「…… Well, it’s fine. Then, let’s move on from that」

「Aah, thank you. You helped me Takeuchi-kun」

「Really, if that’s what you think then don’t talk with that alcohol breath」

「Okay .I’ll make sure to be extra careful from now on」

「……Then, we’re going back to school」

Why did the four come to Nishino’s house.

He gazes at the envelope in his hand, and realizes. It’s probably that during the first period gym class, Takeuchi-kun brought up the question of the trip to Rose, it was from her mouth that the location of the fustumen’s house was leaked, and to this Shimizu and Matsuura-san volunteered to go.

If there was to be a mistake in his conjecture, it was that the class rep didn’t volunteer on her own, but that Rose forced her. Thus her expression was unwell from beginning to end.

「Later 」

「Aah, see you later」

Takeuchi-kun turns around.

Nishino goes to pull on the door knob of the front door.

But Rose puts a stop to this.

「Will Nishino-kun not attend school?」


Takeuchi-kun, Matsuura-san, and Shimizu, to the question they didn’t want to ask, it was asked  straight. The other three had expressions as if saying, hey you, why did you ask that.

「…… I’ll go in the afternoon」

「Are you in bad shape?」


「Rose-chan, do you want to go back with us?」

A natural question for Takeuchi-kun.

And to this, a natural answer from her.

「Sorry, but can you go ahead of me?」

She also had to attend the second and third period classes. But even then she spoke with a firm resolution, it’s no different from the way she speaks in school. As if saying that it’s natural that I’d remain here.

Thanks to that the one who panicked was Takcuhi-kun.

「Eh? Umm, Rose-chan?」

「It’s because he’s in a bad condition」

「No, we, well that’s because he’s having a hangover……」

Takeuchi-kun correctly speaks of Nishino reaping what he sowed.

He drank last night until he lost consciousness. It was Marquis who drove him home. Since Marquis didn’t know what would happen if he handled the situation poorly, worry upon worry piled up.

However, Rose showed her affection to that guy having a hangover.

「With that settled, I’ll excuse myself」

Usually the house owner would end this.

However, with the help of Takeuchi-kun, Shimizu, and Matsuura-san as the onlookers, Rose is slowly forcing her way into Nishino’s home. After urging him on, Rose takes the initiative and moves to the door, and she begins taking off her shoes.

「O, oii……」

Nishino panicked to this as well.

But under the watchful gaze of his classmates, he wasn’t able to strongly respond. It is possible to forcefully expel her. However, if he did that, then in order to fulfil his own objective, he’d have to transfer schools.

That is the only thing the fustumen wants to avoid.

It wouldn’t even be a loss through a fair battle, but a loss through absence.

「Didn’t I already say it’s fine for you all to return? I’ll be looking after him」

「O, oii」

No sooner than she spoke, Rose takes Nishino’s arm and enters the apartment.

Even for Takeuchi-kun who is in love with Rose, it’d still be difficult to break into that. If he takes a step from here now, then it’d mean the impending harem he looked forward to will collapse. 

In the end, Takeuchi-kun and the others see the two off.

As for the other side of the front door.

The underwear of Rose who invaded the home of the one in her heart began getting soaked. She stood in her loved ones living room. That fact gave her a never before felt sense of arousal. Being trained to restrain herself since birth, this is the first time that her heart throbbed so violently.

A narrow apartment room meant for a single person.

It’s to this that Rose Rebmann spoke with a smile covering her face.

「Would you eat rice porridge if I make it?」

On the other side of the door, Nishino’s classmates leave his home.

After sensing that, Nishino responds without concealing his displeasure.

「……Do you have a death wish?」

「Ara, can the current you manage to kill me in this spot?」


The blonde haired lolita straightforwardly challenged.

Nishino had no way to go against this.

「You’re having a hangover, aren’t you? I’ll be borrowing the kitchen」

「Oi, what are you……」

「I’ll make it soon. I already packed some rice」


Why are you that prepared, so was the question that reached his throat. But Nishino swallows those unpleasant words that were about to exit his mouth.

Making use of that opening, Rose moves to the kitchen.

She takes out a white vinyl bag that has the words of a neighboring supermarket. Inside of it is a container that has salmon, beefsteak plant, and other foods that aren’t fit for an active highschool girl to be carrying in her bag.

「What are you planning?」

Nishino asks after regaining some calm.

「To interact with a certain school friend by making a meal, isn’t it strange to ask for the reason?」

Tontonton, before he knew it Rose was already moving the kitchen knife on top of the cutting board. The figure of hers that turned around, acted as if what she is doing is natural.

「Aah, it is strange. At least I’ve never experienced it before」

「Isn’t that because you don’t have a flower in your everyday life?」


She stabbed where it hurt most for the futsumen, and the fustumen whose age equaled time without a girlfriend couldn’t find the words to reply. Someone of the opposite sex making a meal in his home, it’s an exprience he never had in the past.

On the other hand, Rose continues the conversation while cooking.

「I plan on getting a job after graduating. Don’t butt into other people’s futures」

「Is that really fine?」

「…… What do you mean?」

「In the future, the one you fall in love with, what would happen if she thinks of moving onto college? The natural flow would be that after hearing this you would want to live a campus life with your companion」


「College life is already in chaos when it comes to sex? You wouldn’t be thinking that she wouldn’t have an affair if she entered by herself, it’s not such a simple thing? Being urged on by a senior in the same group during a drinking party, it’s a story I often here」

「Th, that’s……」

Having it shown so clearly, even with snot coming out of his nose, Nishino couldn’t find an error in her words. It’s as she said. In the current day and age, the possibility of that occurring is very high.

On the other hand, understanding that her loved ones relationships with that opposite sex are distant made her chest fill with joy. How pure. Cool, kind, and sincere. You are the only man in the world who is this wonderful. Sex. I want to have sex. Something like that.

But, even though that’s what she is thinking, it does not show on her expression.

「To throw away future possibilities because of your stubbornness, isn’t it a waste? If I was in the same situation, I’d make sure that I could respond to any situation. I wouldn’t be negligent 」

She continues talking while still chopping with the kitchen knife.

For her, it’s something she had to say.

That’s why even if she had to put her life on the line, she still stood in this place.

「……Certainly, what you’re saying has some truth」

「Doesn’t it?」

In the end, the futsumen had forgotten about the main issue.

What he doesn’t have enough of, is communication skills.

Especially experience in communicating with the opposite sex.

「In that case, reflect on you mistake and obediently eat the porridge?」


With a hand on the head that’s hurting because of the hangover, Nishino thinks.

It’s true that what she’s saying is correct. Being selfish can end up making him feel alone.This is something that he understood a few days ago. That’s why, he is able to maintain his calm.

And so, he could only nod.

「…… If you mix anything strange in it, I’ll kill you」

「I, I won’t」

Just how much distrust does he have of her, Rose laments. However, even though he is reluctant he still accepted, and secretly, her lips warp in joy.

After all, each and everyone of her actions, have completely denied the previous words. That day, without Nishino realizing, the large quantity of vagnial secretions she collected from her body before hand, were brought to his mouth along with the gruel.

The moderate amount of sourness had satisfied the virgins stomach.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

After finishing his meal, it was about noon when Nishino left his house.

His insistence in wanting to go before her were in vain, and the blonde haired lolita accompanies him to school. When they reached the vicinity of the main gate, what greets them is the chime of the lunch bell. Kinkonkinkon, the familiar sound enters their ears as they move to the entrance.

They change from their outdoor to indoor shoes, go up the stairs that leads to their classroom, and walk down the hall.

Ever since leaving Nishino’s home, the words spoken between the two were nonexistent. More accurately, as Rose spoke Nishino only ignored it and twenty minutes pass like that. Nishino’s trust in her had already fallen to the point that it’s irreparable.

「Then, my stop is here」

Rose says as she stops in front of class 2-B.

「I know even if you don’t say it」

「Ara, you finally responded」


An excellent smile appeared on Rose. Nishino ignores this, and as if running from that spot, he moves to the class nextdoor, class 2-A.

Naturally, his classmates where in the middle of their meals. It is a calming sight. But it was when he entered the room, the sound of the door opening is heard.

In response, several of the people in the lower half of the caste take a glance, and he heads to where Shimizu, Takeuchi-kun and the other students at the top of the caste are. The distance between the boys and girls must’ve shrunken because of the culture festival and they now surround Shimizu’s seats with their bento’s spread out


Nishino’s seat is two seats away from that. From where the seven boys and girls are lined up, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it is a distance that they could touch. In fact, Takeuchi-kun was a seat away from him. The original owner of that seat most likely went to the cafeteria as his figure is nowhere to be seen.

The reason for the change in the class atmosphere, is an extension of that.

The question on the whole class’s minds, is that even Nishino’s seat is being used by the group. The one who took the seat is the ikemen groups current number two. Suzuki-kun who fell for Shimizu a few months back.

The desk remains in it’s position, but the chair had moved all the way to the side of Shimizu’s desk.


「What? You need something?」

Suzuki asks as if to challenge him.

The futsumen is looked up at by the one on his chair. It seems that Suzuki-kun has no intention of handing it over. An attitude as if to say this is my seat, and he complains to Nishino who is looking at him.

Having the eyes of the one in his heart on him must also be having an effect. If he were to easily surrender the seat here, it might affect his status at the top of the caste. Knowing the shame he’d feel, Suzuki was prepared to defend this seat until death.

That’s probably why, that his will had been conveyed to Nishino. For the futsumen, that gaze is something that had been directed towards him countless times in the past. The majority are pointless bluffs, and they all miserably backed down. But, Suzuki-kun is not like that.

After all he is a fellow classmate of class 2-A.

「……No, do as you like」

He gave up on obtaining the seat from the one at the top of the caste. There’s no need to start trouble, so he decides to search for a different place. Supposing he reclaimed his seat, he knew that no one would profit, this is something he understood even with his bad communication skills.

Leaving his bag on top of his desk, he exits the classroom.

Once the fustumen disappeared in the hallway, in response to him, questions began forming. The one who leads this is Suzuki. Strengthening his tone a bit, he tries to repair the current atmosphere. 

「Actually, Takeuchi, how was his house?」

「Ha? Why?」

「I heard you snuck out during gym. Shimizu too」

「Aah, that」

「How was it?」

「Let’s see, that guy, he’s living along. It was kind of surprising」

「Eh? Seriously?」

「It’s a regular worn out apartment」


Recently, their conversations where increasingly including the topic of the futsumen.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

In the meantime, Nishino had lost his place in the classroom.

How should he spend the remaining hour of lunch, he progressed forward while troubled over it, in the end, his feet carried him to the rooftop. The rooftop that belonged to class 2-B. Recently, it’s become a place that he visited more and more. Per habit, he climbs to the top of the water tower and lays down.

Thanks to his luck, he’s able to obtain the best napping weather after his meal.

「…… Nice weather」

Several minutes had passed since he laid down, and he begins dozing off.

But, right when his sleepiness was about to take over, he hears the voice of a person.

「You, haven’t you been too cocky recently?」


He heard the voice right by his side.

Because that voice carried anger, Nishino went from dozing off to wide awake. For a moment he thought he was being scolded. However, with the following words that interrupted his own, he understood that there is a third party.

「I, I’m not really……」

He gets up and looks down from the edge of the water tower, and there he sees several people he knew of. They are all female students of his class. One in a panic with her back facing the water tower, and the others surrounding her.

And so, for some reason, the one who is panicking, is Matsuura-san.

「It’s like you think Takeuchi-kun is your boyfriend, right? Who do you think you are?」「Did you think, that if you were obedient then nothing would happen? 」「You, you really annoy me」「I’m also about to break?」

The female students in the upper half of the caste surrounded Matsuura-son and criticize her.

The topic is simple. Recently, this woman has been acting too familiar with Takeuchi-kun. The girl leading is one that Nishino had barely spoken with. It’s the girl from the Italian restaurant that was with Shimizu, Takeuchi-kun, and Rose the week before last.

「Actually, I wanted to go on a trip together with Risa-chan too」「Yeah yeah, I also really wanted to go」「They are memories that’ll last a lifetime? It should also be good story for graduation」「That’s true, it’ll definitely be a story」 

She’s called Risa-chan.

In Tsunuma High School she is the second cutest after Rose, second most beautiful after Rose, and second in reputation to Rose. Everything that should’ve been bragging points have been stolen by Rose, and in the past few months her clout inside the school has fallen, the sorrowful number two beautiful girl.

「Right, I also wanted to go together with everyone?」

Risa-chan faces everyone present and speaks in a sorrowful tone.

Who she’s surrounded by are her group of friends that all wanted to go together on a trip with Takeuchi-kun by any means. However, even with that said the number that can go are limited. Risa-chan answers her surroundings while making sure to take them into consideration.

In response to this, Matusuura-san timidly tries to object.

「B, but, umm, Shimizu-san too……」

Mustering up her remaining courage, she tries to divert everyone’s antagonism elsewhere.

This is also because of her high pride. She doesn’t look at her own reflection after a shower every night for nothing. After checking her face and whole body, she confirms that she isn’t inferior to those at the top of the class, and she does this everyday.

Along with that truth she uses the lower part of the caste to prop her up.

But, that wasn’t enough this time around.

「Haa? Don’t group Shimizu together with you」「Like, what cheeky things are you saying?」「An ugly with an unredeemable personality. Your seriously pitch black」「Comparing you and the class rep, that’s like impossible?」

Risa-chan’s party began their fierce offensive.

Criticism came one after the other.

「Ehh, umm, b, but……」

Matsuura-san had an expression that couldn’t accept that.

Then the groups representative, Risa-chan, comes forth.

「You, do you really think you’re equal to the class rep? If it’s Shimizu then she’s someone who does her best, so even we hold back? It’s a prize for that, isn’t that deserved? But, you don’t do anything for anyone else, only care about yourself, and you happened to chance upon a miracle, so of course we can’t permit it right?」

Risa-chan’s claim was relatively reasonable.

「If it wasn’t for the Nishino matter, then you wouldn’t be standing by Tkaeuchi-kun’s side?」

Furthermore, by looking at the surroundings.

Risa-chan’s amazing.

Risa-chan’s cool.

That’s right, that’s right, the other members assert.

「Like, if she doesn’t go, then won’t there be a spare ticket?」「Ah, that’s true」「That might be so」「Then, wouldn’t it be fine to take her part?」「Actually is there even a need to think anymore than that」

Under Risa-chan’s supervision, the girls before Matsuura-san were in high spirits.

The conversation was soon entering it’s climax.

And within their group, one of them suddenly mutters.

「If she carelessly got injured, then she won’t be able to go to the trip?」

With her gaze pointed downward, somewhere in that mutter was a dark cloud. But, with her small stature, hair tied up in glamorous pigtails, childish face, and her bit round eyes, everything else was charming.

With her gaze pointed downward, somewhere in that mutter was a dark cloud. But, with her small stature, hair tied up in glamorous pigtails, childish face, and her big round eyes, everything else was charming.

「Hey Mika, what’s with that all of a sudden」「But, now that you say it, it’s true」「I’m not planning on rejecting it but」「Ah, I also won’t reject it? 」「Since Takechu-kun invited you himself, it’d be a waste if no one goes」

As if they were waiting for it, they all began exchanging their opinions.

The three girls look like they’ll do something.

Thanks to that, the enclosed Matsuura-san’s face is dyed in blue.

Until now, by putting herself on the bottom of the caste she was able to create a small clique, and she was able to reign over it. By the absolute hierarchy of the school caste she is at a lower position, but within her own clique she’s overwhelmingly at the top, so the person herself has been able to live a comfortable everyday life.

Therefore on her first interrogation by those on the upper half of the caste, to her it’s more aggressive and stressful than she imagined.

Havin ran from those at the top of the caste her whole life, Matsuura-san has no defenses against this interaction. Thanks to hat it wasn’t long before she panicked. To think they’d even harm her, it’s completely out of her expectations.

「Actually, wouldn’t it be bad to do it?」「But, what should we do? I don’t want Takeuchi-kun to find out」「Right. Takeuchi-kun is really strict with those things」「Ah, but, that part of him is also cool」「I totally get you」

Now then, what to do. The troubles of Risa-chan’s followers are everywhere.

And to respond to everyone’s voices, the representative of the clique Risa-chan opens her own mouth.

「My senpai taught me something, at times like this it would be fine to take of a nail from her foot. It’d be hard to move for a bit, the pain is steady and long, and it looks like it also makes you lose your will to go to school. It doesn’t stand out, and saying they hit their foot is a passable excuse」

「Seriously but it’s dirty」「But, if we don’t do that much then she’ll go on the trip」「Isn’t that senpai to intense?」「She really annoys me, isn’t doing that much fine?」「Right」

「By the way, that senpai is the student council vice president right now」

「No way, are you serious? It isn’t something Risa made up?」「Eh? That honour student?」「Isn’t the student council’s vice president, the lady type? The one with silky black hair」「I feel like she’s also popular with the second year boys」「Uwaa, I felt like I heard something I shouldn’t have」

「Thought she said that it was half coincidence, but that senpai is actually quite dark, I don’t really understand her too. It looks like her boyfriend was also taken. Ah, this is off record ok?」

「Eh? Could that be the student council president」「Isn’t the student council president dating the secretary right now? 」「No way!? I heard it was the vice president!」「But, if it’s that then I can agree……」

Unexpectedly talking about another’s love affair, Risa-chan’s clique got fired up. They love talking about love. However, they aren’t planning on continuing this forever. After making some noise for awhile, everyone’s attention once again returns to Matsuura-san.

「It might hurt a bit, but endure it?」

The representative Risa-chan talks to Matsuura-san. Her tone is no different from her usual one. The same as when she talks with friends in her class. But, her gaze moves between Matsuura-san’s face and feet.


Then, she takes one step towards Matsuura-san.

The one being approached is in a great panic, and while crying she begins apologizing.

「S, stop, sorry, I’m sorry……」

「It’ll end soon, here, if you tense up then it’ll hurt instead」

The others enjoyably look on at this with a grin.

It is very enjoyable.

「The trip, I, I’ll refuse it, I’ll refuse it so, pl, please forgive me」

「Isn’t it too late for that promise? You were warned before weren’t you?」

「This time, th, th, this time I’ll definitely keep it! Please!」

「I, can’t listen to anyone who breaks promises」

Risa-chan’s words had no mercy.

Like a prisoner sentenced to death, Matsuura-san’s knees began to tremble from the fear. To think that a student from the same grade would go this far. In fact she received this warning in the past, but she easily broke it.

Rather, Matsuura-san made light of Risa-chan’s clique.

She was haughty if anything.

If something terrible were to happen, then Takeuchi-kun will surely protect me. Recently, he’s been really kind, maybe, he wants to go out with me? With such convenient delusions, every single night, she rolled on top of her bed.

However, the reality is cruel. To Takeuchi-kun, Matsuura-san was nothing more than a way to get back at Nishino. In fact, the text she sent him last night, even at this point it still hasn’t been returned. It seems that was the notification of the end of the service period.

As a result, the nail on her feet are in danger.

「Please, I, I apologise!」

Tears rising on the corner of her eyes, Matsuura-san is desperate.

But, the side that’s bullying didn’t heed a word.

「Here, don’t run」

「N, nooo!」

Risa-chan’s hand reaches out and grabs hold of Matsuura-san’s arm.

Like that they would knock her down, get on top of her, and punish her a bit, that is the scenario in the thoughts of Risa-chan’s clique. The other members didn’t actually believe that Risa-chan would tear her nail off.

That’s what was arranged beforehand. It was a warning towards Matsuura-san that was agreed on by the ones at the upper half of the caste. If they didn’t then the unity between the girls in class would break.

Everyone would be aiming to monopolize the ikmen.

As for Matsuura-san’s few friends, after homeroom finished, they were warned by the upper half of the caste to not associate with her. The ones who were assigned to that task are a different clique from Risa-chan’s.

The side that received that warning had also felt that Matsuura-san had been getting carried away recently. Everyone could agree that this is something Matsuura-san brought upon herself.

At least the female students can.

But, in that place, there is someone who can’t read the atmosphere.



He watched the events in a bad mood, and was racking his brains. A student from the same class, and a girl whose appearance is to his preference, it was shocking to him that girls from the same class would oppress her like that.

With a short breath, he springs forth his willpower.

Recently, he’s only been losing to Rose, so he makes sure he doesn’t blunder this time around.

「That type of method, isn’t something so praiseworthy?」

In the futsumen’s usual voice, the futsuvo comes out. (TL: futsumen + voice = futsuvo)

The moment his voice echoes out, the bodies of everyone there shiver.

They were surprised at the unforeseen voice of a boy.

「Eh!? Wh, who!?」

The first to notice the futsumen’s existence is Risa-chan. Following the source of that voice she raises her head, and on top of the water tower, she discovers Nishino looking down on them.

「eh, wh, why is Nishino……」

The other female students as well, they jumped when they discovered his figure. They stiffened up as if they saw a ghost in a graveyard. Even if it isn’t much they are still aware that they’re committing a crime. The feelings of guilt swell up under the gaze of another.

「I don’t plan on rejecting your whole conflict. A quarrel is fine」

He takes a step in the air, and he danced from the top of the water tower to the floor.

The distance between them is about four meters, equal to falling from the school’s second floor.

Normally that’s something that someone’s legs and back can’t endure. It’d probably break them. However, at the time he landed a quiet sound was made, with his hands in his pockets, he easily displayed this.

To the person himself, it was the ultimate cynicism.

And to continue, he lets out a complaint that appears like a sermon.

「However, to a person who studies in the same classroom, using one sided numbers, is not alright. If you are competing for the same objective, don’t you think that earning it through your own power, will give you more satisfaction?」

「Wha, why is Nishino on the rooftop!?」「It’s that, isn’t it? He ran after losing his place in class」「Seriously!? That’s like super hilarious!」「Like, can he even worry about other people?」「Right」

But, that confusion only lasted for a moment.

Once they knew that they’re opponent was at the bottom of the caste, the girls all returned to their normal tone. Within the school, the caste is absolute. To them, Nishino is nothing more than a worthless futsumen.

「It’s true, I came here after losing my place in the class……」

Responding honestly is who Nishino is.

Nevertheless, his spirit isn’t so frail that his will would waver here.

「Then go somewhere else?」

「I was the first one here. If my presence is a nuisance, then you should move」

From Risa-chan’s question, Nishino indifferently answered.

The people who heard that found it irritating.

「Haa? What’s with that? You’re seriously annoying」

Not losing to a certain class rep, Risa-chan is brimming with energy.

Her tone becomes violent as she quickly get angry.

「Rather, Nishino, taking a closer look isn’t his tooth missing?」「Ah, that’s true!」「Looks like two came out! Top and bottom」「Could it be, he doesn’t have money for fake teeth?」「Uwaa, that’s the worst! I like seriously wanna get away」

All present were on the upper half of the school caste.

Once they find their opponents weakness, they merciless stab at it.

However, something of this degree won’t damage Nishino’s mental.

「…… Now that you mention it, that’s true」

Rather, it seems that he also forgot. Moving his tongue in his mouth, he confirms the top premolar and bottom premolar that came out the other day. They are both baby teeth so he wasn’t too worried about it.

「I’ll have to go to a dentist soon……」

He unexpectedly decided his after school plans.

Recently, he began caring about his teeth.

Thus, this is a problem.

Nishino has never been looked after by a dentist. Even without cavities, most households will still periodically get dental checkups from a young age in order to confirm their condition of their teeth, they’d get one from the school and outside of the school.

However, because of various problems in his home, this futsumen has been excused from school checkups, and he never visited a dentist even once.

Since leaving home he had countless experiences with surgery. But, he had none when it came to a dentist. Naturally, he has no family physician. Thanks to that his teeth are the worst. In order to prevent bad breath, using a toothpick and floss was a daily necessity.

Then what to do.

Nishino thinks.Thinks.

After thinking for some time, his attention goes to the girls in front of him.

「Can you think of any skilled dentist in the area?」

「Haa? What’re you saying now?」

Naturally, Risa-chan snapped.

Why are you asking me that type of thing.

「I actually don’t have experience visiting a dentist」

「I didn’t need to know that!」

The classmate and futsumen Nishino has never visited a dentist.

Risa-chan gained a useless piece of knowledge in her long term memory.

「I heard the dentist in Tokyo are hit or miss」

「That’s why don’t tell me! Are you looking down on me? Heyy!?」

「Of course not? Permanent teeth are important. I thought of properly caring for them」


From what he showed, it was a relatively serious consultation.

It’s because he never had experience with a dentist before that he has to be careful. Even if it’s the same treatment, depending on the hospital, the end result can be something completely different, that’s another thing he learned from the media. That’s why Nihsino thought of finding an excellent doctor.

Then, his earnest thoughts have been communicated.

A voice comes from Risa-chan’s surroundings.

「Now that I think about it, isn’t Risa-chan’s dad a dentist?」「Right? I feel like I also heard that before」「Eh? Seriously? Amazing!」「Really!?」「A, actually I also have a cavity……」「A private practitioner? Then you must be rich!」

In response, the surroundings bit on to the topic.

In the blink of an eye Risa-chan’s private information came out.

「Wa, wait, why are you talking about that now!」

And so, Nishino was also no exception to this.

He watches Risa-chan in admiration, and for some reason nods.

「I see」

「Rather, don’t go and agree with them Nishino!」

「Are you sure of your papa’s skills?」

Because of his work, words of confirmation naturally came out of his mouth.

And to this, the girl responded in a violent manner out of expectations.

「Hey Nishino, are you trying to pick a fight with me? Are you looking down on my papa? He might look disgusting, but he’s amazing enough to get an article on the district newspaper!」

「Is that so?」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right! His injections and drills don’t hurt a bit! Once he puts silver caps on teeth they never come out! I, I also want to become a dentist like papa in the future……」

「Hou, that’s impressive」


From the serious conversation, she suddenly blushes after regaining her calm.

It seems like she’s a papa’s girl.

The member in her surroundings as well, they could only stay silent from the shock and stare.

「With that, I’ll be sure to make an appointment soon」

「Ha, haa!? Don’t mess with me! Why is Nishino!」

「Kondou Dentistry, or perhaps Kondou Clinic, something like that?」

Kondou is Risa-chan’s surname.

When that enters her ears, her whole body shivers from fear.

「Wh, why do you know!?」

「I at least remember my classmates names」

「Bu, but I don’t even talk with Nishino!」

「Whether I’ve interacted or not is irrelevant」

「Uwaa, that’s super disgusting!」

Although the chance of this fustumen becoming friends with his classmates is disastrous, for some reason he perfectly remembered their names. Not differentiating between boys and girls, he remembered not only their surnames but also their given names and the kanji used. But if calmly through about, then it’s certainly disgusting.

This was the result of renewing himself after realizing the preciousness of youth.

「If possible, I’d like an appointment for six in the afternoon today……」

「Listen to what someone’s saying! Rather, don’t treat me like a receptionist!」

「Is it useless?」

「Of course it’s not useless! Make sure to call!」

The conversations pace was completely in Nishino’s hands.

It’s once the talks of peace have been replaced, that the my pace guy Nishino was strong. Especially to the riajuu group who can read the atmosphere, he is their natural enemy. 

「Then sorry, but can you tell me the number」

「Who’s gonna tell you! Also, th, there’s no openings on the same day!」

「Is that so, it’s quite popular isn’t it」


Her voice became rough.

Although Risa-chan looks like the beautiful girl who’d energitally sell things, this time’s case is unprecedented. Because her suspicions of her fathercon came up, she also couldn’t bully Matsuura-san any longer. She decides to give up for now.

「Aah really, there’s no need to worry about this idiot any more!」

She turns with a big shout.

With a quick pace she moves to the door connected to the staircase.

「Ah, Risa, wait for me!」「Risa-chan! Risa-chan’s dad’s hospital, can you also introduce me!」「Rather, are you seriously going!?」「Hey, are we going to leave him alone?」

Like that, the lively group disappears to the other side.

Batan with the sound of the steel door, their figure are no longer visible. The words coming out of their mouths have also become distant, and the presence of anyone on the other side was no longer felt. It seems they really left.

The ones left are Nishino and Matsuura-san.

And in an instant, a portion of the rooftop gained a terribly awkward atmosphere.

「……Umm, Nishino-kun」

The one who makes the first move is the latter.

The reason was to gain control of the conversation.


「I, have a request……」

「….. A request?」

「The fact that I was here with Nishino, can you stay quiet about it?」

「What do you mean? I don’t see your intention」

「Because, if this is passed down to Takeuchi-kun, it might make a misunderstanding? And I definitely don’t want him to hear, that Nishino-kun, helped me from getting bullied」


As always Matsuura-san can only think of herself.

Naturally, even Nishino couldn’t find the words to reply.

「Umm…… can you, make sure to promise?」

But, without caring for his shock, Matsuura-san carefully continues.

She expresses her own wish with no hesitation whatsoever.

Furthermore, it was at this critical moment that she used the upturned eyes she practices every night in her room. Usually it’d be a waste to use it on someone like Nishino, and although the complaints in her heart pile on, she still continues taking glances and shows no regret on the surface.

And so, this is a look from the opposite sex that the futsumen had experienced many times in the past. 

「……Aah, okay」

If it was him from a few years back, then he probably wouldn’t have noticed.

But the current him, easily understood.

A strong ego was on the smile that was shown. Deep inside those curving eyes, more than any other emotion is a strong conceit. The disgrace hidden in that smile was far too big, it was as if her gaze has been given form.

It was only a moment, but from what that smile conveyed, he was able to accurately guess her insides. Thus, it seems like my first choice was a mistake, he thought. It was not a woman who can deal with Nishino.

「Really? Thank you!」

「No, there’s no need」

「Then I’d hate if a misunderstanding started, so, I’m going now!」

With a grin, Matsuura-san leaves in a hurry.

With deep emotions, the futsumen saw her off without a word.

In the same way as the Risa-chan party, Matsuura-san leaves from the only exit, and returns to the school. Although she kept up her pigeon toed girlishness until the very end, she ran with all her strength this time. It seems like she truly hates the idea of the two of them together.

Having seen her off, Nishino lets out a mutter.

「……A stubborn woman」

The words he muttered, reached no one’s ears.

Afterschool of the same day, Nishino realized a great problem.

「…… I double booked」

In his right hand, he held the plane ticket for tomorrow’s graduation trip that he received from Takeuchi-kun. In his left hand, he held the plane ticket for tomorrows onsite job that he received from Marquis.

The former is economy, and the latter first class.

Also, for some reason it’s the same airline and same flight.

Because it was Nishino’s first time seeing an economy ticket he felt some admiration towards it, but now, he racks his brains over what to do. He took the former while he was still drowsy, so he had completely forgotten.

「I, have to refuse it……」

In this situation, he easily reached his decision. 

The ticket he received first was from Marquis.

Thus he decides to refuse the graduation trip ticket from Takeuchi-kun.

「…… Takeuchi-kun, should be in the soccer club」

A weeklong trip overseas with the top of the class. While thinking it’s regrettable, in order to refuse the invitation, he searches for Takeuchi-kun.

Where he headed to was the sports grounds.

Leaving the classroom he walks down the hall, descends the stairs, and changes from his indoor shoes to his outdoor. On a section of the grounds, near a soccer goal, he finds his target. It seems it was good timing as they’re on a break.

Over there is the ikemen enjoying a conversation with his friends. By his side is the class’s number two ikemen Suzuki-kun. It seems they belong to the same club. Their friendly relationship extends outside of the classroom. 

「…… All right」

As if he’s lucky Nishino heads to the two. Because all the others were in their sports uniforms, the uniform attracts their attention. But, he didn’t care about the inquisitive gazes on him. He crosses the grounds and moves straight to Takeuchi-kun.

Thanks to that, without even needing to call out the other side was the first to notice him.

「Oi, isn’t that Nishino?」


The one to first raise their voice was Suzuki-klun.

To this, Takeuchi-kun moves his gaze and nods.

「What’s with him. Does he need something from me?」

「…… Who knows」

Right now, the hot topic futsumen of class 2-A made his appearance.

Time passed as Nishino approached them. Taking their recent relationship into account, the two put themselves on guard. It’s about time that he snapped from his treatment in class, and now he’s heading towards them for revenge. They at least felt that to some extent.

But, their predictions were off the mark.

「Takeuchi-kun, do you have some time?」

「What is it all of a sudden?」

「About tomorrow’s trip, it’s unfortunate but other plans came up. I’m extremely sorry for agreeing at once, but I thought of returning this. If the cancel is difficult, then I’ll cover the expenses」

「Aah? You’re not going?」


「…… Fuun」

While scrutinizing Nishino, Takeuchi-kun’s thoughts start moving.

Many guesses came up in his head.

Did he finally feel it’s awkward? And, he must’ve been been shocked that I made Matsuura-san my woman, and, at any rate if it’s this timing then, then any excuse would be effective to the others, this is also convenient, and so on.

And also────,

「Well, with that I’ll return the ticket」

Really what’s with him, and so on.


Thet ticket moves from Nishino’s hands to Takeuchi-kun.

The one who responded to that is Suzuki-kun who stood beside them.

「Hmm? Could it be, that I could go in place?」

Having seen that, Suzuki-kun give’s an evil glare. The fact that Shimizu was participating in this was already an open secret within the class. It’s because Suzuki-kun fell for her that he couldn’t run away from this.

「Aah, well……」

「Takecuhi, is it fine for me to get it? I also want to go」

「This ticket, it’s for tomorrow but is that fine? You’ll have to be absent from school」

「If it’s a trip together with class rep, then it doesn’t matter if I’m absent for one or two weeks!」

「……Eh? You’re aiming for Shimizu?」

「I, is that bad? 」


Kirari, a suspicious glint appears in Takeuchi-kun’s eyes.

If Suzuki-kun participates, his plan would be different from if Nishino participated, the harem plan will probably collapse. But, Takecuhi-kun’s last line, as in obstacles towards Rose, he understood that the man in front of him would not impede him.

In that case, Suzuki-kun participating isn’t all bad.

Even if it’s to fulfill his love, it’s still a rare trip aboard. That means it’s an even right in the middle of youth. Rather than a futsumen he doesn’t know what he thinks of, Takeuchi-kun would be happier with an ikemen friend that he had since entering the school.

「Then, I’ll give it」

「Seriously!? As expected of Takeuchi, you understand!」

「But, I’ll have to rematch the ticket to your name, so wait a bit? It should be fine to cancel this, if it isn’t, then I’ll contact you during the evening, so obediently give up then?」

「You got it」

A smile covered Suzuki-kun’s face having received Takeuchi-kun’s approval.

It’s as if a young child had gotten a new toy. 

「By the way, don’t say you don’t have a passport?」

「Don’t treat me like an idiot. I have a passport or two」

「It’d be bad if you had two」

「This summer, I went to hawaii with my family, I got one at that time」

Suzuki-kun talked a bit proudly. To him those are unforgettable memories. Having met two fellow japanese tourists with a shota complex, one night they had group sex. Moreover he also experienced his first beer. His yearning for abroad is unending.

「Sound nice, Hawaii. I also want to go soon」

「Then let’s go? Let’s invite some people form the class」

「That’s true, I’ll think about it at that time……」

The conversation quickly separates from Nishino, and forms between the two ikemen.

There was no gap for the futsmen to enter. There was no gap for the futsmen to reply.

「Then, I’ll be excusing myself」

With a slight bow, the futsumen leaves the spot.

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