At a different place, this is once again Tarousuke’s group.

The danger from before hasn’t changed, but the ropes have been undone. Although their bodies are still somewhat tense, the fact that the could move made it somewhat more comfortable for them. Thanks to that, the things that have gathered in their bodies had now increased in force.


That is for example, a call of nature.

Tarousuke wanted to immediately run for the bathroom, but going at this timing would be far too uncool. That’s why while feigning composure, and continuing the conversation, he tries looking for an opening to leave.

As for Takeuchi-kun’s group, they sit on the spot as soon as they were able to freely move their bodies. After getting assistance with the restraints on their arms, their exhaustion shows. Each of them roll up their sleeves to check if the ropes left any marks.

It’s in that situation, that Matsuura-san raises her voice in a panic.

「Umm! I, I’m, bathroom!」

As soon as she says that she dashes towards the hall.

It seems like she’s been holding it in until now.

And the one who panics at this, is none other than Taoruske who is currently fighting against his urges. His eyes open wide in shock as he watches her move down the hall. Just as he thought he had found a good opportunity to leave, Matsuura-san overtook the ikemen.

And while he’s like that, a voice calls out to him from the side.

「Umm, are, are you really, Taro-san?」

It was Takeuchi-kun.

Takeuchi-kun timidly asks after looking over Tarousuke’s face multiple times. Everyone was curious as to if the real thing was kidnapped along with them. Even if the Greek hoodlums don’t know, for people from the same place, and more so if they’re young, they’ll be able to recognize him at a single glance.

「Nn? Aah, I had a photography session nearby……」


The ikemen nods, and Takeuchi-kun’s face freezes in shock.

On the other hand Risa-chan and Suzuki-kun become lively.

「Amazing! It’s the raw Taro-san」「Wait wait, Suzuki, calling him the raw Taro-san, isn’t that rude of you? Taro-san is older than us!?」「Ah, so, sorry! I didn’t think I’d be able to see the real thing」

Beat to the punch, Tarousuke is on the verge of fainting. His falling reputation had recovered with the negotiation he just had with the girl. The status of being a popular ikemen celebrity is immense. With even a bit of success, it’s normal for a bias to be attached and turn it into a huge accomplishment.

But, now isn’t the time to be chatting. He associated with Nishino, so he knows the true danger that the goth loli girl holds, and as if strongly chiding them, he strengthens his tone and interjects.

「I’ve shown my pathetic side before, so it might not be fitting to say this, but now isn’t the time to be enjoying ourselves. It’d be bad if we carelessly instigate that child. What’s important right now is to assess our situation」

What appears in Tarousuke’s mind is the scene of the mafia attack on the hotel that night.

With various heavy weapons, innumerable bullets of all sizes were fired, and not a single one scrated Nishino. If that goth loli girl has the same potential as him, just imagining it causes a chill to run down the rock fellas back.


「S, sorry…..」

Their representative Takeuchi-kun lowers his head.

For the Takeuchi-kun group that lives in the school caste in which status, fame, and face is everything, the words of an ikemen celebrity are absolute. Including Suzuki-kun and Risa-chan, they immediately compose themselves. Their faces become extremely serious.

With the room in silence, Tarousuke lets out a sigh in his heart.

「Sorry about this. I know I’m asking for a lot」

「Still, what happened just now? The ropes were cut all of a sudden……」


A phenomenon like Nishino’s.

He was asked of a subject he himself does not know of, now then, what to do.

From the question just now, Tarousuke understood that Nishino hadn’t told his classmates of his strange powers. Thus he decides it’d be bad to carelessly inform them. The ikemen with a good face and fast head quickly comes to a conclusion.

「Sorry but about that, I also don’t understand」

It’s then that Matsuura-san comes back from the bathroom.

The moment she left the living room, it looked like she was on the verge of tears, but she now has a refreshing look. She returns while wiping her hands with a handkerchief. In fact it’s been three days since she’s done it, and she had let out a very thick one in this foreign country.

And so, in order for that truth to not be found, acting as if she only went number one, she came back in a great hurry. The reason for that bad odour coming from the bathroom is because of the person that was there before, her excuse was perfect.

「Aah, I also have to……」

Tarousuke moved as soon as he saw her figure

The patience of the ikemen’s stomach was about to reach its limit.

However, someone hinders his actions.

「Ah, I’ve also been holding it in. I’ll be going for a bit」


In place of Matsuura-san, Risa-chan leaves the living room in a hurry.

At this, Tarousuke once again sees her off with wide open eyes.

「…… Taro-san? What’s wrong?」

「Eh? Ah, n, no, it’s nothing, nothing’s wrong」

Takeuchi-kun asks Tarousuke out of concern.

Although he responds with a smile in this dangerous situation, the ikemen has finally reached his limit. His anus is screaming. But even then, as the others are active high school girls, seeing them off in silence is his own form of justice.

He moves his gaze in an attempt to redirect his attention, .

What his eyes naturally arrived at was the goth loli girl.

He tries peeking in a nonchalant way.

While remaining seated on the sofa she fiddles with her phone, apparently she had already lost interest on them. It’s as if she doesn’t even notice Tarousuke and the others who are only a few meters away.

Feeling bitter at that sight, Tarousuke once again turns to Takeuchi-kun.

「Just to be sure, did you really come on a trip together with that blonde haired kid?」

「Yes, that’s for sure」

「I see」

With that settled the ikemen decides on his most pressing matter.

Tarousuke knows that Rose isn’t as simple a girl as she appears. That’s why he thought it’d be best to just wait for her arrival. If the others were planning to kidnap for ransom, then things would be different, but it wouldn’t be as bothersome.

Tarousuke’s top priority is to return Nishino’s classmates unharmed.

In reality the ikemen wanted to cry and beg for forgiveness at this moment. But, while desperately maintaining his smile, he keeps up his appearance. With a nihilistic smile, he maintained his cool expression. This and that are all for Takeuchi-kun’s group.

They’re his classmates. They’re his classmates. They’re his classmates.

That’s all that support Tarouske’s heart.

Now it’s my turn. I will protect his friends. I have to at least protect them. With such naive passion, without being disheartened in this dangerous situation, he barely manages to keep himself together.

「Taro-san, do you know Rose-chan?」

「No, she’s more like the acquaintance of an acquaintance」

「Could it be, she’s a distant relative?」

「It’s just to the degree of talking a little. Nothing much」

「I see, so it’s like that」

With Rose’s name being brought up, Tarousuke naturally remembers.

That was the culture festival the week before last, in the cosplay cafe Nishino’s class setup. It was a small incident that occurred while he sat together with her. In front of Rose’s fierce shining eyes, he is still unable to forget the madness that peeked out, and that only added to the trauma he already had.

Tarousuke’s body involuntarily shook.

In order to drive this away, he continues his words with as much strength as he could.

「Our reception was pretty rough, but there’s nothing to worry about. It’ll surely be fine」

「It’ll, be fine?」

「Aah, there’s no problem. If it comes to it, I’ll manage something」

「…… Yes!」

Witnessing an adults composure, Takeuchi-kun nods with sparkling eyes. In truth he was Tarousuke’s fan since his debut. One of his everyday actions was strongly influenced by the ikemen before him.

And then, a voice comes from the hall.

「Fuu…… Much better……」

Risa-chan returned from the bathroom.

This time for sure, Tarousuke was prepared the moment he saw her.

「Sorry, I’ll be……」

However, for the third time his dearest wish gets obstructed.

「Ah, I guess I’ll be going to the bathroom too. Just in case」


It was Suzuki-kun.

Muttering in a light tone, he heads to the bathroom while whistling.

「…… ……」

If it’s just in case, then let me go first. So Tarousuke wanted to complain. However, his voice didn’t come out as he wished. As the only adult there, his freedom to say what he wants was stolen. Even like this he is a man with quite the pride.

Soon after, Suzuki-kun’s voice comes from the corridor.

「Uoo, it stinks…… not, it’s fine! Everything’s perfectly fine!」

Matsuura-san’s intense shot had landed a direct hit on Suzuki-kun’s nose.

His poor wording also shows the damage that was landed.

Because of that, everyone’s gazes naturally went to Risa-chan.

But, that was only an instant.

Their gazes unnaturally leave her.

Of course, Risa-chan panics.

「Yo, you’re wrong!? I, just went number one! I just peed!?」

Just as she said, she only went number one.

She beared the stench while peeing.

However, her claim was not accepted.

Although she desperately objects it, the eyes of everyone there only became gentler.

She must have been holding it in for a long time, they think.

As for the culprit Matsuura-san, unexpected being able to land a blow on her sworn enemy caused her to break into a full smile. Remembering the time she was once mounted on top of the school rooftop, she gazed at the confused Risa-chan in a good mood.

It’s because his classmates are in such a state, that it’s Takeuchi-kun’s job to take care of it.

Having held back his questions before, he uses this chance to ask.

「Um, Taro-san. Can I ask something?」

「Wh, what?」

So that the goth loli girl doesn’t hear, Takeuchi-kun get close to Tarousuke’s ear and whispers.

What is conveyed with those words is something amazing.

「Could it be, Taro-san aimed to get caught together?」

「…… What do you mean?」

Tarousuke had no clue what was being said.

Eh? The hell? Because the question was so honest, those words only reached his throat.

「Didn’t you once crush a drug trade in the Shinagawa harbor? And, didn’t you pick a fight with the boss of a mafia group in a bar in Roppongi, and you turned the tables on them all alone」


The rumors were exaggerated.

No, rather than just being a mix of truths, it became something much worse.

A lionfish like man.

「That’s why this time too, it’s, it’s that type of thing right?」

Having said this much, there was now way to correct him. When threatened by the mafia, when he was about to be killed, he ended up releasing what he had in front of others. There’s no way the top selling rockstar could say the truth.

「Go, good of you to notice? That youth of yours isn’t for nothing」

「I knew those rumors were true! That’s amazing!」「Eh? That was an act?」「Of course that was? Taro-san wouldn’t be done in so easily」「So it was like that……」「Um, more importantly, I’m thirsty……」

Takeuchi-kun and Risa-chan became lively for a bit.

And Matsuura-san was the same as ever.

「O, of, course? But, don’t tell these things to anyone else? Make sure to keep it a secret」

「Of course we will! I won’t tell anyone」

Not being able to go to the bathroom, a strange development that causes shame, so is this continuously misfortunate ikemen.  Furthermore, it seems like Suzuki-kun is holding out in case he has to go number two, and despite taking so long he has yet to return.

And so, for the time being, Tarousuke’s lonely battle will continue.

◇ ◆ ◇

At another place, in a different room in a Fira hotel.

After briefly sightseeing the outdoors, Nishino and the others who departed the church went straight back to the hotel. Of course that goes for the futsumen and class rep who left first, but the blonde haired lolita who was left behind also returned by walking back through her own strength.

Where they returned was Francisca’s room.

They are finally on a trip, but the time they spend outside was only about two to three hours. They ended up closing themselves in the room until dinner. Fortunately, the room they’re in is a suite. Along with a balcony and pool, it also has an impressive view.

And in addition, through the included room service they can get almost anything they desire.

The end result, everyone had changed into swimsuits and are now relaxing in the pool.

「These types of things aren’t bad every now and then」

On a deck chair under a large parasoul, Francsica holds the newly arrived tropical juice in her hand. A pineapple or some other kind of cleanly cut fruit is stuck onto the edge of the glass, and she slurps from the straw with complex bends.

She wears a black high cut leotard swimsuit that emphasizes her fair skin. With a large opening her back is exposed until her waist, and in the front a strip cut into a V shape covers her breast and crotch, and the type of cloth being used is a see through mesh.

Thanks to that, her breasts are currently in a state with the nipple is barely concealed. Half of her prided H cups are exposed outside of the mesh. The same goes for her moderately forged abdominal muscle. Furthermore, for the hard cut region around her crotch, with even the smallest movements, everything would be able to be seen from the side.

Just as always, she is trying to seduce Nishino.

To her this is another worthy job.

「Do you want some? It’s actually pretty good, this whatever juice」

「I’m fine」

Disregarding her words, Nishino directs his attention to Shimizu.

This one is wearing an orthodox floral pattern one piece. The calming design is the result of the hotel correctly responding to the order. A long pareo wraps around her waist, and their is no exposure of the inside of her legs. Perhaps she is worried about her loose belly.

「Class rep, is your health really okay?」

「E, eeh, it got better with some rest」

Sitting at the poolside, she splashes the water’s surface with her legs.

The time has passed five and the sun is setting. But even then the sunlight is still as intense as before, and being able to relax in the water is pleasant. Her gaze is directed past the balcony, towards the steep cliff and the water that extends several kilometers until Thirasia.

「Is that so? It’d be fine if that’s the case, if you feel bad again say something」

「…… There’s no reason for Nishino-kun to be so worried?」

Her attention shifts from the sea to Nishino who is besides her as she muttered.

Compared to the way she first talked to him, she is much calmer. 

「You’d do the same. Don’t force yourself if you’re uncomfortable」

「I, I didn’t say I’m uncomfortable」

「Is that so? That’s great」

「Like, I said, those types of words are no good……」

However, that is still far from a smile. It’s an irritation like being unable to scratch an itchy spot. As if ending ones excreaction badly, as if no matter how much you tried, there was still some left in the rectum.She answered with such a difficult expression.

「Okay. I’ll do my best」

「…… You don’t understand at all do you?」

Immediately after giving up on her persuasion, the class rep returns her gaze to the sea.

And forcing herself in between the two is Rose. In the space between the two, in a graceful, and considerably cool manner she walks closer to them. Every time she takes a step, the blonde hair that extends to her waist sways, and it beautifully shines as it reflects the rays of the sun.

「Nee, Nishino-kun. What do you think of this swimsuit?」

Waiting for the moment the futsumen turns, she bends her waist, and show off with a slight pose.

What’s on her body, is what’s commonly referred to as a micro bikini. A design of white with a black border. The narrow cloth without the space for a design only barely manages to cover her nipples and slit. What’s categorized as the genitals that is her mons pubis is half exposed.

Compared to Francscia, it’s a far more extreme swimsuit.

This must be her own approach in fulfilling the condition from the church.

「Is it a little too showy?」

For the virgin Nishino it certainly was a strongly stimulating scene.

Led by Francsica, there were many times he was approached for sex on the job. However, he refused all of those with his cynical pretense. It’s because he’s like that, that it couldn’t be helped that his gaze went to the crotch with the underwear digging in for an instant.

With this his libido reached max. In these past three days, he went on an overseas trip, and he was paired with Francisca, so he had no way to deal with it. His testicals happily collected his lust. Furthermore, because he hasn’t slept in the past forty hours, the balance between his mind and body is off. 

The so called tired boner.

The reason he quickly averted his gaze from Francisca, is also because of that.

「…… Sorry but that’s not my taste」

Praying for a few moments, he manages to come back to his senses.

In a panic he tore his gaze from her genitals, and directed them towards the Aegean sea. The sea lit by the setting sun sparkled a red no matter where you looked. Gazing at the sparkling sea causes Nishino to narrow his already narrow eyes, and he tries to act as if he saw nothing at all.

But, the sight that he had just witnessed, is still firmly engraved in his mind.

The blonde haired lolita’s mons pubis.

「Ara how sad. It’d be fine if you looked a bit longer」

Rose answered with self-satisfied look and made a guts pose on the inside.

It was truly only a moment of time, but understanding that Nishino showed in interest in her body, is something that is by no means disadvantageous in the battle that they arranged. At the same time, strategy for the coming three months are ferociously constructed in her mind.

I want to embrace you naked at this moment, is what she mutters on the inside.

「If you choose a swimsuit, shouldn’t you take your own figure into consideration?」

While gazing off into tomorrow, the futsumen feigned his composure and answered.

While a part of him feigned his coldness, the other did it’s best to restrain his swelling nether region. Right now he is barely managing to restrain himself, but the moment before it swells is right around the corner. If he was able to do his nightly routine, then he wouldn’t be as panicked as he is now.

「These have been in demand recently, the media was praising them?」

「That’s propaganda, it’s probably mixed with lies. Don’t follow everything you see」

「Is it too much stimulus for a virgin boy?」

Understanding her superior position, Rose continues with confidence.

She also begins moving her hips around.


Returning his gaze to her out of antipathy, once again what enters his eyes, is the thing that shouldn’t. With this in his eyes, Nishino loses his words to refute. The micro bikini was erotic. Everything about it was erotic. The female genitalia that look like you can see them, are bewitching.

After all, no matter how much she abuses him with words, she is still an unparalleled beautiful girl.

No matter how young someone is, something beautiful is beautiful. 

On top of that, the person who saw this is a virgin bastard filled with lust. His right hand is his lover every day. If his partner were the oposite sex, then it doesn matter if it’s a child or mature woman. The bulge of her nipple is clearly conveyed across the white fabric. And the black rim further emphasizes this. At her crotch is the exposed monis pubes, more precisely it’s the place that stole his attention.

In this exchange, Nishino had no chance of winning.

It was Rose’s crushing victory.

「What’s wrong? It can’t be that you want to do me could it?」

She asks as a vulgar smile appears on her face.

「Don’t say such stipid things. I already get enough of that from Francisca」

「From the way you say it, could it be you already did it with her?」

「What an unlaughable joke. No matter how miserable I am, I’ll at least choose my partner」

Hearing the twos conversation, a blood vessel rises on Francsica’s brown out of anger. Putting strength in her hand, the thin glass makes a dangerous snapping noise. Getting up from the deck chair, she raises her complaints.

「Hey wait a moment, I just heard something I can’t ignore」

Devaluing herself isn’t a problem, but others devaluing her is something intolerable. Without concealing her irritation, she slides her sunglasses off and yells. The sharp gaze was ruthlessly pointed at the virgin bastard.

Rose ignores her and continues talking to Nishino.

「If it’s impossible for you, would it be fine to spread the rumor?」


Shimizu and Francisca are paying attention to the two facing each other.

Nishino understood that they were completely looking down on him.

And so, as that is his reason for existing, it was not something he would allow. In the off chance the vilification of an incapable bastard spreads into the business world, it would certainly interfere with his future business. The more his reputation goes down, the more his troublesome encounters go up. It’s defamation.

「…… You’re on. If you want to be raped that much, then I’ll take a bite right here」


One step, the futsumen moves towards Rose.

In response to that, for the side that was being approached, it was something completely out of expectations. To think he’d challenge her upfront, it’s not something she’d even dream of. In reality, if it was at school, he would just say an appropriate comeback and it’d end like that.

「Don’t complain if you get pregnant」

「A, ara, is that so? That is a wonderful proposal……」

Thanks to that, Rose’s nether regions quickly became moist. As the cloth of the micro bikini only conceals a portion, she is able to feel the secretions from deep within her vagina. No one touched them, but her nipples are erect.

「It seems like you do have some confidence, but having said that much, will you be able to get it up here and entertain me? Or is it too hard for a virgin to get erect? I wouldn’t mind giving you a lesson if you need it」

「…… Fine then」

With an indifferent answer, the futsumen continues forward.

There’s no difference in his expression from the usual him.

He’s full of cynical airs.

However, his heart doesn’t stop pounding towards his first ever sex experience.

You get what you’re asking for, Nishino didn’t think he’d be doing it. And also urged on by the gazes of Shimizu and Francisca, it ended up with him bluffing. Virgins have their own pride.

However, the choice he chose was the worst.

Compared to the blond haired lolita who could get horny at any place or time, he is unexpectedly romantic. His thoughts of losing his virginity, is to be together with a partner of his liking viewing the beautiful night sky inside of a high class hotel’s royal suite. The owner of maiden like feelings that could disgust others.

However, no matter how much he’d regret it, it is already too late.

A blonde haired lolita in a micro bikini is welcoming him.

She is astonishingly strong in sex talk

「What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to impregnate me?」

To think he’d have his words thrown back at him.

Rose understood that, and she intentionally made a deep smile.

「…… I know」

In the virgin’s life, this is an unprecedented crisis. 

In a few minutes they will have a raw union.

That’s probably why, Shimizu was unable to watch and lets out her voice.

「Wa, wait! Can you stop that sort of thing in front of others?」

This chain of events appears to be an ethical out to her. She lifts her legs from the pool and stands. Like that, the innocent girl glared at the two. Her cheeks have become quite red due to the fact that she herself is bad with sexual jokes.

「Actually, was Nishino-kun that type of character!?」

「I’m no character or anything. I am me」

What was returned were the same words as ever that can’t read the atmosphere.

Just like Francisca, a vein rises on Shimizu’s brow.

「Li, like I said, that type of thing is no good!」

Because of that her tone becomes stronger, and the class rep continues her criticism.

Shimizu Chikako, seventeen years old.

If it doesn’t work out, what will happen.

「I’ve been thinking about this since before, why is Nishino-kun like hat? Isn’t it weird? Can’t you consider who you’re talking to before you talk? Human’s make a lot of mistakes, but do you not plan on fixing them?」

The raging class rep.

Thanks to that, Nishino barely manages to escape from public sex with the blonde haried lolita.

「…… It certainly is something unsightly」

With a quiet mutter, he stops a step before reaching Rose.

「What class rep is saying is reasonable」

「Then stop it. Francisca-san is watching!」

「Ara, you don’t have to worry about me? Do as you like. The reports I’d have to write would only increase by one, it doesn’t take long」


While slurping on the tropical juice, the beautiful blonde haired woman treated it like somebody else’s problem. To her, it doesn’t seem like whether Nishino does or doesn’t do Rose is a big problem. If the final result is the futsumen going under her, then that’s enough.

With the help of that cold response, the virgin regains his composure.

What comes next are his honest thoughts.

「No, I’ll pass. It looks like I’ve said too much. Even for someone like me, I should have the freedom to choose my own partner. It’s true that I have no experience. However, that’s why for my first time, being with someone I like is par for the course, is what I believe」

「Do you have the freedom to choose your own partner. Don’t regret it later?」

「Above all I don’t want to contract some strange disease. Just as you said, doing it with you would be what causes regrets. And if you’re still excited, I said it before, but go do it with someone else」


「Thought it’s my fault for proposing it」

The usual Nishino had returned.

That is someone who would cause anyone listening to get irritated.

「I already, sa, said it, that way of talking is irritating……」

The hollering Shimizu had also returned to the usual expression she has in the classroom. A usual feeling. Getting irritated. It’s only natural, after all the other party is Nishino. And the way he stopped half a step from Rose as if it was some kind of performance, also rubbed her the wrong way.

「…… I’ve been curious since before, but can I ask something?」

「What? 」

On the other hand, Rose was dissatisfied at losing her long awaited chance.

In bad humour, she asks the futsumen a question.

「The word bitch always comes out of you……」

「Is there a problem with calling a bitch a bitch?」

The attitude of the futsumen who answers was as if saying, what are you saying. As if it was something natural, as if he had to explain common sense to someone. This was once again something Rose did not enjoy.

「That is very regrettable」

「Are you going to change that?」

「Just as you have said, I also have the freedom to choose my own partner, but what about that? Or is it that your proposal is something horribly unbalanced? By all means I’d love to hear about it」

「So it’s because of that choice, they you’re the current you?」

「…… What do you mean?」

「It means exactly what it sounds like」


Just how was that interpretation. Rose had a look of bewilderment. An exceptional complaint given to the opposite sex. Although her own way isn’t so far apart from his, she has no idea what he’s talking about right now.

An obstacle had thwarted the understanding between the two.

However, there was no one to stop this. Even if he puts on airs, at the end of the day Nishino is poor at communicating. He loves statements with deep meaning. Thanks to that the situations around him had become quite terrible.

「I don’t understand it at all……」

「To you, it simply must be something not worth understanding」

「That’s quite the tone. Where did you get that evaluation? I’d like to know」

「It’s the result of judging your usual behavior. There’s nothing else」

「But I don’t recall having done something like that」

The words that Takeuchi-kun once conveyed, the declaration of having devoured Rose-chan’s va●na, is now showing its effect. But to treat a classmate as a bitch for having a relationship is quite a radical way of thinking.

However, Rose behavior of pretending otherwise, is leading to a worse conclusion. Along with the help of various things in the background, the futsumen had acknowledged the blonde haired lolita before him, as a wicked woman. Therefore a bitch.

「Sorry but I’m going to sleep. Let me rest for a bit」

As if to say I won’t say anymore, Nishino turns to leave the balcony.

「Wait a second, I’d still like to hear a bit more about this」

A panicked Rose.

It’s during this back and forth between the two, that the sound of the living room phone is heard. The sound of the phone passes through the open glass separator and arrives before them. The feet of the futsumen naturally lead him to the phone.

Yes, who is this? An Indifferent answer.

And then what’s heard from the caller, is something out of expectations.

『I’m sorry, this is the front desk but……』

「What is it?」

『I have a message for dear customer. If you value your companions lives, let Rose-sama go to the designated location alone, that is what I’ve been told. And also, um, in the case that the police get involved, um, yo, your companions……』

Immediately, the futsumen stiffly turns to Rose.

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