Saturday, Nishino stands in Narita.

In a place separated by economy and business, he wasted time in the refined lounge provided by the airline. Two seats face to face, it is on one of those sofas that he arrogantly crosses his legs. And so, while looking at the news on his phone, he tilts the black coffee.

As far as he is aware, the manner in which he conducts himself is appropriate for the location.

However, that outfit stands out from the surroundings.

Blue jeans and checkered shirt bought from a cheap brand. Sneakers that cost 1980 yen bought on sale from a general store. Furthermore, his hand luggage is a small knockoff rucksack. Including underwear and socks, everything together cost less than 10000 yen.

The fact that it was just bought shows from how neat they are. Very clean. There’s nothing to criticize about it when it comes to everyday clothes. However, when considering the other customers, along with the face that matches his age, to the others he is only seen as a cheap person.

「…… Fumu, it’s as lively as ever over there」

But, to Nishino this was the usual, and he had no worries about it. With a mutter he gazes at the newspaper, as he is now, it is exactly like a boy that is overreaches when asserting himself. While sad, these are his usual actions.

No matter the place, a man who always moves at his own pace.

At first, employees checked for the existence of a ticket.

To the workers in the lounge, he is an existence that appears once or twice a month, and he stimulated their curiosity more than any other customer. But, they hesitated once they took the location into considering, and at most, hey, he came again, that kid, they whisper behind his back.

And so several minutes after arriving. At a time appropriate for the steam from the coffee to stop rising.

The floor became a bit more lively.

The floor became a bit livelier.

It isn’t because of others screaming and shouting. But, with whispers here and there, the atmosphere of the floor became restless. Like a wave, the commission moves from the reception to the hall.

Soon enough it reaches to where Nishino sits.

But even then he did not concern himself with it, and he indifferent gazes at the newspaper reflected on his phone. It isn’t as if doing that will have any significant impact. The important information was already obtained from Marquis. But, it is his method in order to prepare for any unexpected situation.

While in his work mode, he is more stoic and cynical than usual.

Suddenly, a voice to the side interrupts the futsumen’s concentration.

「Y, you, can it be, Nishino……」

An unexpected name was called out.

Because the voice was close by, Nishino shifts his gaze.

Where his eyes arrive, is at someone he recently became acquainted to.

「A trip? The free time you get in a band is enough to make me jealous」

「Of, of course it’s for work? Even like this I’m quite popular on the other side of the ocean?」

「Is that so? Then I said something bad」

To Nishino, it is the rock princess, Ogata Tarosuke.

In the same way as the culture festival’s first day, he wore a suit and sunglasses. Everything is from a brand, and at least 100000. But, from what can be seen, compared to the ones in the culture festival, the quality of this was a bit lower. In other words it is the everyday clothes of a person in the entertainment business.

He continues his words after confirming the seat opposite to the futsumen is empty.

The sofa opposite to Nishino.

「Oi, Nishino」


「The opposite side, d, do you care if I sit?」

「Do as you like」

As always, the futsumen ends it with a curt attitude. He only lifted his face for a moment, and then immediately returned to his phone. It isn’t as if it is an article he needed to focus on. But compared to looking at Tarousuke’s face, doing this is more productive.

On the other hand, for the one who oversaw this, while disguising himself in a nonchalant attitude, with a considerable amount of tension he sits on the opposite sofa.

Before he knew it, a smile appeared on the ikemen’s face. The person himself tried hiding it, but he was unable to calm the state of his happy muscles, instead it became something strange as his muscles twitch.

From the surroundings, the other customers took glances.

He is the leader of a rock band, and in addition he also excels at solo performances. With many fans inside and outside of the country, and with his influence in the streets, within Japan his position is one that is among a number of people that can be counted on one hand.

「However, to think I’d meet with you in an airport lounge, it’s quite the coincidence」

Tarousuke spoke with an expression full of expectations and anxieties.

Soon after sitting on the sofa, he brought a topic to the futsumen.

「Wh, what flight are you riding? Is it soon?」

To this, while still looking at his phone, Nishino continued with his curt attitude.

「The next one to London」

「……Eh? Really?」

「And what if I’m lying」

「N, no, umm, I’m also on the same flight……」

A smile rises on Tarousuke’s face.

But soon after, the person himself realizes the change, and it transforms into an awkward frown. He desperately attempted to hide his joy. But with too much joy, he quickly takes out the ticket from his pants pocket, and barely manages to hold his ground. 

「It certainly is a great coincidence」

「Ri, right?」

In a somewhat excited state, Tarousuke continues with another question.

「Are you travelling? Looks like your dressed quite casually」

「No, it’s work」


Nishino who returned the words was indifferent to the end.

Tarousuke who was saved from that very work, certainly understood what the word meant. He suddenly recalls the gaze of a mafia man from a few days ago, and a chill runs through his spine.

「S, so you, also go abroad」

「In terms of numbers there are more outside of the country」

「…… How, are you that rock」


「Aah no, it, it’s nothing. Nothing」

In a joyous manner, in a vexing manner, Tarosuke made a complicated expression. Nishino does not respond to this. Because of the gazes from the surroundings, he judged that begin too friendly with the person in front of him would be problematic.

Even in the airport’s lounge, the rock fella is considerably popular.

「A single, piece of advice」

Towards him, Nishino opens his mouth as if recalling something.

In these past few days, he has also been helped a bit.

With a miniscule amount of goodwill, he faces the person in front of him.

「Ad, advice?」

「For the next few days, it’d be best to not get close to Lefkada」

「O, oi, is that……」

The rock fella became considerably flustered.

But, Nishino did not respond any further.

「…… Don’t make too much noise. You’ll bother the others」

With no hesitation, the futsumen spoke an embarrassing line, there is no doubt that he has splendidly terrible communication skills. As for the other customers watching the two, the feelings they held in their hearts towards this was embarrassment. 

But, there was still a person who would accept that line.

「A, aah……」

While shaking, Tarousuke nods.

The threat he had received during the culture festival from Rose, who is in the same business, is still effective. That day, he quickly departed Tsunuma High School, the reason was the gaze she pointed at him. He ran with his tail between his legs.

That is why, he would not think of this as simply a jest or a whim.

「Then it’s fine」


Thanks to that, there were many misgivings held in the gazes that had witnessed the conversation. A celebrity whose annual wage exceeds a billion, concerning himself with a dull highschool boy, what was reflected in the eyes of the ones who didn’t know was only a very strange sight.

But with the location being what it is, there was no one who butted into the conversation. With the grade of the ticket being high, the value of the person is superior. If this was a general lounge, then things would be more troublesome.

「By the way Nishino, are you……」

Tarousuke once again opens his mouth.

However, it was then that the phone in Nishino’s hand made a sound as it vibrated.

At the same time as the ikemen closes his mouth, the futsumen directs his eyes to it.

It seems he is getting a phone call. The caller that is displayed, is one that he knows far too well.


As soon as he glanced at the caller, Nishino quickly stuffed the phone into his pocket.

And so, he ignores the vibrations that continued coming from the other side of his pants. As if it never came to begin with.

「Continue what you were saying」

「B, but, it’s still ringing! That’s a call isn’t it!?」

Bububububu, the phone continues vibrating.

It showed no signs of stopping.

「Don’t mind it」

「No no no, I am minding it」


At Tarousuke’s urging, Nishino reluctantly takes the call.

◇ ◆ ◇

A location several hundred meters away from where Nsihino and Tarousuke where conversing. After giving the airline ticket to the receptionist, they moved to the general lounge that everyone uses. It is there that Rose turns to Takeuchi-kun with a never before seen resentment.

「Why, is he not here?」

「After school yesterday, he said it at the very end. That there was a conflict in his schedule」

The ikemen she spoke to, casually responds while combing his hair upwards. An expression as if he successfully tricked her. Having luckily lured the woman he aimed for, he is in an extremely good mood. It is as if he doesn’t notice the anger directed at him.

It’s because he doesn’t realize that he is betting a percentage of his life at this moment, that the others also don’t realize. In as calm a tone as possible, she seeks an explanation from the ikemen in front of her. She asks about where her loved one went to.

「Have you confirmed that with the person himself?」

「Eh? Aah, he came and returned the ticket」

Takeuchi-kun throws a look at Suzuki-kun.

A signal for a good follow up.

Naturally, Suzuki-kun catches this and continues.

「It was just yesterday, but that Nishino came to us during club activities, and he said he couldn’t make it to tomorrow’s trip. That’s why, with no other choice, it’d be bad to waste the ticket, so I butted in for a bit」

Incidentally, everyone is wearing casual clothes today. At Takeuchi-kun’s lead, everyone met while wearing their best clothes. As for Suzuki-kun, in order to appeal to Shimizu, he went for a more adult jacket and pants.

But, the class rep who knew everything felt uneasy.

She couldn’t afford to concern herself with the clothes of the others.

Why Rose stood in this place, she clearly understood. 

「…… Is that so」

As if resigned, the blonde haired lolita slowly nods.

A considerable amount of regret peeked through her behavior.

「Since it’s like hat, we have to enjoy ourselves for Nishino’s as well. Right?」

Takeuchi-kun continues with a brimming vitality.

The boarding procedures were already finished. He must think it’d be unreasonable to go back at this point. In truth, having come this far, then the rest should be fine, so is what Takeuchi-kun holds in his chest. He was convinced that if he pushed then most women would fall and spread their legs.

「…… I will try to get in contact with him, is that fine?」

「Eh? Ah, aah…..」

Rose says as she takes her phone from her pocket.

Takeuchi-kun had no choice but to nod at this.

She quickly separates from the others. Where she moves to is the side of the lounge, a corner with few people passing by. In order to avoid the hectic traffic, she stands by the side of a large pillar, and secures a private space.

It is there that she operates the phone and opens the line.

Naturally, at the other side is the futsumen in question.

After about a dozen calls, he answers.

『…… Do you not know how to give up?』

A curt complaint was immediately returned.

However, Rose is not discouraged by this.

「Is it true that you are not coming on the trip?」


The blonde haired lolita spoke in an unusually weak tone.

It seems that she greatly looked forward to the trip together with Nishino. With the hand that wasn’t gripping the phone, she made a tight fist, drop by drop, blood fell from the nails that dug in her skin. The specks that formed on the floor are the embodiment of her sadness.

Completely ××××.

『It’s as I explained to Takeuchi-kun』

「Is that so……」

『I’m hanging up』

「Wait, for just a bit I want to talk」

『…… What more, do you want to say?』

Across the phone she held, a sound suddenly reached Rose. The typical thanks or thank you very much that airlines use, a notification of a flight soon to depart.

It’s with that, that the very same departure notification had entered her own ears, she notices that the two are the same. However, compared to the lounge she is in, the surroundings of the one on the other side is quiet. Enough so that the announcement can be perfectly heard.

The announcement once again mixes in, along with the faint sound of a piano.

「Are you leaving the country soon? Not the Sakura but the first lounge, I’m jealous. At the time I came to Japan, I was turned away because I came with a different company」

『Sharp eared woman……』

Two possibilities. Having led him on she managed to magnificently get her information. As for Nishino, he did not know where this leaked out from. He didn’t consider that he’d be discovered at this point. It seems that she was slightly superior to him in this point. 

As if suddenly remembering, Rose immediately takes out another phone. Crouching down, she brings up the information of the departures from the airline. With the latest flights, she makes a guess of his destination.

The condition to be in the lounge that Nishino is in, is to be in the first class of the same flight, or to be the holder of a special credit card of high rank provided by an affiliated business or cooperation, or else be a member of high status in Oneworld.

Taking Nishino’s age into account, it’s unlikely that he’s a holder of the special card or has the qualifications for it.  Once in the apartment, he made a sour face when mentioning his guarantor, so Rose was completely convinced of it.

Furthermore, having an illegal job, there is no reason he would attach himself to a mileage service. Oneworld is the same. With those reasons, 8 or 9 out of ten times it’s simply be a ticket. 

With this series of judgements, along with the schedule on her phone, she decided to have hope. From what she could draw the flight would be for Sydney or London. And, Rose and the others have plans to go on the latter flight.

Thus, she decided to gamble.

This moment, lasted for about ten seconds.

「Is your work location London perhaps? Still, isn’t the old Blum’s Garden there? If it is known that【Normal】is entering, then won’t it be quite troublesome, will it be fine?」

『…… So what are you trying to say?』

Having guessed the right flight, Rose’s statement draws Nishino’s attention.

From that silence, she was convinced of his flight.

With that done, the next thing to do is to look for the transfer flight from london.

「If there is somewhere else to go, let’s see……」

Rose thinks for a bit. She quickly moves her hand on her phone, taking into account the time of arrival at Gatwick Airport, she tries to confirm the possibility of a transfer flight. She moves her eyes up and down as if licking the screen, movements that were enough to be disgusting. 

From the fact that the plane is going from Japan to Europe, then it would have to be a neighboring country. Furthermore, there is no direct flight from Japan, she can lower the options from that. It’s fine, I can do it. There’s no problem, something like this is easy. 

She repeats in her heart to persuade herself, and compares the flight schedules.

Prague, wrong. Rome, wrong. Pisa, wrong. Malaga, wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Where is it? Which flight is it? The one transporting the best looking person in the world, the name of that luckiest flight. I beseech you, please teach me that name. And she continues.

Rose licks through the list with a terrifying vigour.

However, even for her she has no idea of where it could go. The options are far too many. And so, she has kept her conversation partner waiting. She cannot continue with her silence. It is there that the wise Rose quickly changes her plan. 

It is for times like this that she has her servant, Shimizu.

Assuming it is within the area of Europe, it’s possible for the destination to be a 3 or 4 hour flight. There is no reason to put herself in danger here, and she makes the appropriate decision.

If Shimizu were to ask, then even he wouldn’t be able to bluntly refuse.

It is a decision that comes from the fact that she once used a beautiful italian girl to successfully obtain his contact information.

「I’ll be counting on you, for a souvenir」


Immediately after her mutter, the line was cut.

The length of the phone call, 3 minutes 33 seconds.

Rose, danced in ecstacy.

「……Fu, fufuu, fufufufufu」

An unsettling smile rises on her face.

Her voice leaks out.

「Nishino-kun, I will not give up. Even if I have to crawl I will surely meet you」

That expression burns with passion.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

At a different place, the one on the other side of the line.

「…… What’s wrong? You don’t look happy」

「No, just an unpleasant contact」

A question asked by Tarousuke. To this, Nishino answered while ending the call and putting the phone in his pants pocket. His expression was displeasure itself. To him, Rose still holds an extremely low position. 

「Is, is that so」

In the meantime, the preparations for their flight had finished. In the lounge the announcement of the next flight rings out. They quickly prepare to embark. And the standard complaints come out.

「Oi Nishino, i, it’s time」


The two get up from the sofas.

They mix in with the flow of the other customers and head to the boarding gate. Since the amount of seats are limited, it isn’t such a large group. A young couple, a well built man in a suit, and parents taking their children along. 

「By the way, where’s your seat? 」

While walking to the side of the hall, Tarousuke asks Nishino.


「Th, the flight seat」


Nishino checks the ticket.

「It’s 01A」

「…… I’m 02D」

「Diagonally behind is it」

「R, right……」

「Diagonally behind is it」

「R, right……」

As the seat numbering suggests, there are many who go on business trips overseas together. On that note Nishino’s seat is by the corridor of the window side. In comparison, Tarosuke’s seat is one adjoined to another passenger. From the number of guests going down the hall, it’s likely that his plans are delayed.

「Is it a sudden business trip?」

「Ah, aah, it is a sudden job……」

「I see」

In fact, it is because he appeared in the second day of Tsunuma High School’s culture festival that his work was delayed. The other staff are already at location, and all that’s left is to wait for the person himself to arrive. If this flight is missed, then the following jobs will be unable to be done.

And whether he knew that or not, Nishino makes a proposal to Tarousuke.

「……If you want to avoid trouble, then I wouldn’t mind switching」

「No, it isn’t that important」

「Is it really fine?」

「There’s also a tall separator」

「I see」

While exchanging words, the two make their way to the boarding gate with light steps.

As expected, the other customers of the same flight are taking glances. If he was a third class star, then he wouldn’t be attracting this much attention. However, for whatever the reason, he is currently the most well known celebrity in Japan.

「Hey, by the way can I ask something?」


「Your coworker, about that blonde haired woman……」

「…… What about her?」

With Rose being brought up, Nishino’s suddenly tenses up.

Tarousuke continues without minding that.

「Is that person really a work companion of yours?」

「Companion is misleading. The correct term would be a person of the same trade」

Nishino had no plans of getting along with her.

It’s there that his expression sours, and he asks the ikemen by his side.

「What about that?」

「No, about that. I had the opportunity to talk with her for a bit……」

「Second day of the culture festival?」

「Aah, there was something curious about that time, that’s, how do I put it……」

「…… What about her」

「The eyes that girl looked at me with, they didn’t look appropriate for her age at all」

The memory of the Tarousuke’s kidnapping event is still fresh in Nishino’s mind as well. The ikemen who was tied up and driven to a corner, at the moment of life and death, he saw the smiling face of the man with the knife. The insane smile of a man from an unknown country.

And that overlapped with the smile Rose made.

Every night he sees a nightmare of the former, however, from that experience in the second day of the culture festival, these past few days, for some reason the latter now replaced it. That is the reason for the questions. The nightmares often wake him in the dead of night.

「Did she threaten you?」

「No, i, it isn’t something that big……」

Why had it influenced him to that extent, not even the person himself knows. Saying it wasn’t a threat is a lie, but when compared to the memory of the knife thrust to his neck, it was only a bit overwhelming.

But, having heard that, Nishino realizes her evil deeds and makes a quick decision.

「…… Okay. I’ll give her a warning」

「Ah, no, i, it isn’t something that you need to go that far for」

Thanks to that Tarousuke panicked at the awkward situation. 

He can’t bear the thought of her retaliation if he poorly relies on Nishino.

「At any rate it won’t change the fact that she’s a nuisance」

「No, ra, rather than a nuisance, instead to you……」

「What about me?」

「Aah, no that’s, umm……」

The expression of Rose on that day in the culture festival appears. In front of that gaze, Tarosuke was able to get some idea of the situation. He isn’t an ikemen for show. His communication skills are extremely high. Especially his sensitivity towards the opposite sex is outstanding.

Compared to him, even Takeuchi-kun is no match.

However, because the futsumen in front of him doesn’t see her as the opposite sex, there will be a lot of troubles. Furthermore, he didn’t have enough evidence in hand. Thanks to that the hesitation in his following words caused them to become vague.

「…… It’s really fine if you say nothing」

Tarousuke informs.

「If you say that much, then I won’t forcefully push my own circumstances on you」

「S, sorry. I’ve read too far into it」

「The one who should be sorry is that woman. There’s no need for you to worry」

「….. Aah」

The ikemen had an expression that couldn’t say anything.

It’s within that time that the two arrived at the boarding gate.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

The trouble broke out a few hours after take off.

Soon After crossing Japan’s ocean, an incident occurred deep within the Eurasia continent. As he was about to take a nap, he moves his head from his phone, and his already thin eyes, narrow even more. 

Having finished his meal, he was just getting tired of reading a book.

At a point several dozens meters behind the seat Nishino was in.

The door to the floor is forcefully swung open. At the same time, four men and women in suits rushed inside. From below the eyes, their faces were hidden with black scarves. And through some means, they held pistols that they managed to carry inside the plane. 

In an instant the group moves up to the front of the floor.

A position that enables them to see all the passengers.

And so, the one who appears to be the representative opens his mouth. 

「Don’t get up! Stay quiet, and obey!」

A demand with the gun pointed to the passengers.

The sight is directed to the front of the floor, towards a child in a family that sat near them.

With the chain of events that occurred in front of them, every single person understood the situation. The worst possible situation in an aircraft is now occurring. Recently, these situations have drastically decreased, and for all the passengers present this was an exceedingly rare misfortune.

Screams are raised from various locations.

「…… of all things it’s at this timing」

While gazing at the armed men, Nishino mutters with resignation.

All the customers shut their mouths, and their bodies begin trembling.

Immediately after, Taorusuke’s voice echoes throughout the floor.

「Wait a moment, if you’re taking a hostage then take me. Release the child」

He got up from his seat and walked several steps forward. Just as he reached Nishino’s seat, he said something extremely stylish. Looking closely at his knees, they are trembling. It seems like he is enduring it due to pride.

「…… Oi, are you alright?」

The futsumen asks without letting that slip by.

「Haa, who do you think I am?」

But, the ikemen doesn’t lose heart. Tarousuke desperately puts on airs. His heart is pounding enough to hurt, and the tension is causing sweat to come out of his forehead. If he loosens up, then he would collapse on the spot, the person himself is now experiencing overwhelming stress.

「Oi, I thought I saw that face somewhere before, it’s that popular guitarist」

One of the hijackers mutters.

In order to not let his fear take over, Tarousuke responds by using his all to keep up his act.

「You know of my songs? Then you have some promise as a person」

「With it being everywhere, I’ll hear it even if I didn’t want to」

「If it’s a sign you want then I’ll give as many as you like. In exchange put away that dangerous object」

「Be quiet. Get back to your seat」

The criminal who ordered Tarosuke glances at his companion.

One of the members moves in response. In a brisk pace he quickly makes his way to Tarousuke, and from the front a gun is thrust at his chest. The tip of the steel is thrust at the flesh, in the space between the ribs, in the area around the heart, it is painfully moved around.

Tarosuke’s face twitches from the pain and tension.

「Oi, would you really shoot? If you happen to hit the window then it’d become dangerous」

「Even with one or two windows broken, recent passenger planes are made to be able to handle that. At worst, even if a large hole opens in this block, it should be possible to get to a safe altitude. Do you want to test it?」

In response to the ikmen’s words, the pistol of a different man pointed at him.

It is the one with the mask at the front that points the gun at the child. 

From his words he seems to be the man in charge, the leader of the group with suits and masks. All the other hijackers in the group say nothing to his words.

「I, I get it, I believe you. There’s no need to confirm it」

「…… Hurry back to your seat」

「Damn it」

With an abusive word, with his body pointing forward, Tarousuke returns to his seat.

And then, in response to him, a voice comes from his immediate side.

「Tarousuke, I’ll teach you how to handle a gun」

「…… Eh?」


Having his name suddenly called, the ikemen’s gaze moves to the futsumen.

The masked man who threatened him was the same.

No, all the present passengers turned their attention.

Everyone knew that the one who let out their voice is a boy in his teens, as if to complain about what he’s saying, they all make quizzical expressions. The criminals and the hostages, why is there a need to try and act cool in this situation, they appear to think while knitting their brows.

Furthermore, speaking of his behavior, he has both feet crossed on top of the ottoman, and his back is sticking to the reclining seat. No matter how it’s seen it only looks like someone feeling at home. Extremely relaxed.

It was as if he layed in the lounge of a summer resort on a southern country. In his hand is a glass with orange juice poured in. And in a nonchalant tone, gokuri, a small sound rings out from his throat.

「…… Oi」

The man who is pointing the gun at Tarosuke’s chest lets out a small mutter.

From the far too irritating sight, even he couldn’t keep his cool.

Naturally a complaint is raised.

The distance between the two is about three meters. It’s a distance where they can take a step forward and reach out to each other. While leaving Tarousuke in front of him, he shifts the gun to his side, and the sights change to Nishino.

But, the one who the muzzle points at, indifferently continues without a care in the world.

「Are you ready? First is lesson one」

「O, oi, Nishino……」

With the mutter the futsumen abruptly stands.

The glass is placed on the side table to his side.

「In the occasions that the gun is touching the body, you can judge that the opponent is looking down on you. The next action to take in this situation is only natural」

The unperturbed futsumen moves forward, and the man reacts.

In the same way as Tarousuke, the pistol is thrust at Nishino’s abdomen.

「Oi, if you don’t want to die then stay quiet」

A low growl as if being released from the depths of the stomach. Usually, together with the existence of a gun, everyone would become frightened. In fact, from that man’s actions, a shrill scream is raised from somewhere. 

But, this futsumen is a bit different from the others. 

A warning on how to handle.

「Certainly when compared to the head the abdomen is larger, and it’d require the corresponding skill. However, the main point is the same. No matter how fast you avoid the muzzle, it will end the same」

「N, no, Nishnio……」

As expected even Tarousuke is in suspense.

However, the futsumen didn’t listen.

「Also, this time there are a lot of passengers. The point you should be most careful about is this. On the off chance that a stray bullet hits someone, that’s the point it’d be game over」

He fluently continues his words.

It is as if he is drunk, and the troubled gazes of the surroundings gathered on him. Who is it, who gave this kid alcohol, they wore expressions as if saying that. For one of the couples who boarded, this was too painful to watch.

The man’s age is in the mid twenties. It seems he is experienced, and he tightly gripped his hand.

「This brat……」

The masked man’s patience has finally reached its limit, he swings the arm that isn’t holding the gun. It aimed for the futsumen’s cheek, he planned to hit him with a fist. One hit, if it hurts him, then he should quiet down.

At that instant, Nishino moves.

「When the opponents attention is elsewhere, do this」

With a half turn he twists his body. 

At the same time both hands slip under the pistol. The right hand grasps the slide. The left hand goes to grab the grip. And so, with the trigger at the center, the gun’s body is vigorously rotated clockwise.

The finger of the man that was on the gun, moved in an unreasonable direction as he let out a scream. Because from his wrist forward was caught up in it, each joint twisted in the opposite direction, the one who received this was unable to bear it and fell onto his knee.


His grip on the gun was naive.

The right hand of Nishino that stole the slide now moves to the trigger guard. Without much resistance the pistol is separated from the man. The other hand reaffixes it’s hold on the grip, and the owner of the object had been completely replaced.

Immediately after stealing it, Nishino fires a shot at his opponents head. The man shot had no time to raise a scream. His life ended before he could understand what happened to his own body. With a thud, he falls down face forward. 

In no time at all, the next shot is fired, and the sound of the gunshot echoes.

Once again this came from Nishino’s hand.

This time as the passengers were wondering what happened, the sound of a man in the front of the floor falling echoes out. Don gara gara gashan, it rolled around the inside of the plane as it makes loud noises. The attention that was focused on Nishino, now moves to the source of the sound. 

The one who fell was the one thought to be the group’s leader. It pierced through the center of his eyebrows. In the same way as the man who threatened Tarosuke, it was an instant death. While readying the gun, he died without being able to fire a single shot.

「Move, lesson two is live practice」

Nishino hollars with a strengthened tone.

At the same time he throws the gun in his hand to Tarosuke.

「Recover the hostages and deal with the rest」

「Se, seriously!?」

「I’ll support. So do as you like」


「Did you remove the safety?」

The gun fit well into the ikemen’s hands.

Tarosuke was more obedient than he thought, and he heads to practice.

「D, don’t kill me!?」

「Who are you saying that to」


The ikemen radies the pistol in front of him. In an instant, what appeared in his mind, was the figure of the boy Nishino Gokyou rushing to him when he was in a pinch. The futsumen was beautified as divine. Using this experience, Tarousuke pulls the trigger.

Pan pan, the sound of gunshots resound.

17 shots in total. 10 of those shots were fired by the remaining two in masks. All of this was aimed at Nishino and Tarousuke. 7 of those shots reach their course. However, right before they could hit the targets flesh, their momentum becomes zero and they fall on the floor.

A Nishino magic that the person himself doesn’t know the theory behind. Something like a barrier.

On the other hand, of the seven shots from Tarosuke, one shot hits one of the remaining masked men in the abdomen. It seems it hit somewhere quite painful, and with both hands holding his stomach, he falls onto the floor, and curls up on the spot. There was also a scream from the floor to follow up.

With the gun having fallen, the woman that is a part of the couple jumps for it and successfully recovers it.

She must’ve been influenced by the heroic actions of the ikemen celebrity. In a few years, this will be a moment she can boast of over drinks, so is the decision she made today. In her mind, she was already devising the contents of her letter for her social service account.

Hijack now.

「One left. Calm down and aim for the stomach」

「O, ouu!」

Of the four, three had fallen, and there is only one remaining.

A one on one fight.

At the front of the floor the ikemen and masked suit person face each other.

The latter is the only woman in the group. Her breasts are visible across the suit jacket. Plump thighs peeking out of the short suit skirt, and naturally, the gazes of all the males where directed there.

They all face her, but, Tarousuke talks as if she has no charm at all.

「Sorry but, I won’t hold back even if you are a woman?」

With the help of Nishino’s existence, some of his calm was able to return. As well as having noticed the attention of the passengers and tour guide, on top of acting like an actor in high spirits, a small smile came along with that question.


With the guns pointed at each other the situation reached a stalemate. 

It is like a scene in a movie.

「By the way Nishino, what are you supposed to do in these situations?」

While glaring across the gun to the masked beautiful woman, Tarousuke asks.

「Let’s see……」

After being asked, the futsumen takes some time to think.

Soon enough, he answers with few words.

「Usually, at that point it’d be the end」

「Is, is that so?」

「I’m tired of this, I can’t move anymore, I want to rest already, it’s as if you’re telling that to the opponent. If that woman wasn’t such an ametaure, you would have already been killed three times over. This is a big deduction」


Overwhelming arrogance from one side. Even if looking at it from the side, it is something that is sure to irritate anyone listening. In fact, most of the customers on the floor, why is that kid being so casual with him, and the questions continue piling up.

Thus, looking at it is very irritating.

However, Tarousuke obediently takes the given lessons, even while fighting the own situation he was put in. Having been forced out of his everyday life, the ikemen obeys. It seems he likes these types of things.

「The practice was about five points」

「I’ll just ask, but out of how many points?」

「Out of 1000 points」

「…… Is, is that so」

Nishino acts as if it’s something good.

It is the greatest cynicism. 

The person himself had a sober face as he thought of that behavior as ordinary. In a nonchalant manner he returns to his seat. While grandiosity placing his legs on top of the ottoman, he takes the partially consumed orange juice that was left on the side table.

In the end, how much meaning did that act have. Nay, there is no way it had any. A gulp is taken to dampen his dry throat. As if tasting a high strength alcohol straight, he freely drinks the 100 percent natural fruit juice while putting on airs of importance.

And so, once the inside of his mouth was comfortable, he continues his instructions to Tarousuke.

「Lesson three. This is the last」

Naturally, the one who received that raised a question.

While still holding the pistol ready, he responds to Nishino’s instruction.

「What are you gonna make me do this time」

「At the timing I instruct jump to the side, and shoot while aiming at the woman’s head」

「With this situation?」

「It’s a technique precisely for this situation. Maintain your nerves」

「It’s a pretty hard lesson, oi」

Because the instructions given to Tarousuke were able to be heard by the masked suit women with the gun pointing at her, the surroundings became uneasy. If done poorly the he will be shot, the complexion of the passengers and tour guide worsen.

Only the person himself knew of his own safety due to Nsihino’s existence. It’s because the futsumen who once stopped a hail of bullets in a room is in front of him, that he is able to say that this time should be fine.

Nevertheless, being the first time he ever shot at a persons,Tarosuke’s tension was extreme. Sweat runs down from his brow, and his knees are still trembling. The gun readied in front of him, moves little by little making it unsteady.

「Jump to the side, make sure of your aim, and pull the trigger. That’s all there is to it」

「You say that like it’s easy to do?」

「That’s because it is? It’s simple」

Immediately after that blunt reply, Nishino moves the sight of his vision. In that direction is the seat next to Tarosuke that has his guitar case. It must have some value, as the rock fella even brought that into the plane.

While uninterestedly looking at that, the futsumen once again takes a sip from his orange juice. Eventually, along with all the annoyances he was causing, he continues his words to Tarousuke.

「Compared to strumming the F and G barre code this is much simpler. This guitar isn’t something you can just hold down with your fingers」(TL: I don’t know a thing about guitars so probably wrong)

「But my songs always use an open chord? If you want I can even teach you after this, the fundamental of the guitar」

「Okay, if you go that far then go easy」

Nishino gulps down the remaining half of the orange juice.

And so, he mutters while gazing at that empty glass.

「About that womens gun, there’s no more bullets inside. Don’t worry about it」


Having received Nishino’s words, the face of the masked beautiful woman stiffens. It seems it really was the truth. She immediately breaks off into a run. Her destination is several meters away, the location of where her companion had fallen. Over there is a single pistol that was unable to be recovered.

The masked beautiful woman stretches out her hand.

However, just before the tips of her fingers could reach, a glass came flying from behind, furthermore the gun that was merely meters away had now been knocked from reach. That was the glass that had just held the 100 percent natural orange juice.

The masked beautiful woman shuddered from the unexpected glass that came flying in.

On the other hand, the pistol rotates as it slide on top of the floor. Where that gun reached, was to that one couple, it was the woman who had secured the pistol from the leader. Just as before, she goes to secure it in great haste.

Thus, she held them in both her right and left hands.

Dual pistols now.

「Hand that over」


With the masked beautiful woman groaning, in an instant, the female customer readies the two pistols. With a few steps, the two sights are precisely set onto the opponents head. Along with removing the safety, her fingers pull the trigger. Her expression was seriousness itself.

With the sequence of events before him, hyuu, Nishino lets out a whistle.

Everyone on the floor became irritated.

It seems like the situation has been settled.

「Rather than you, that person over there might have more qualifications?」

The futsumen says as if mocking Tarousuke. Still being in the seat as before, he appeared to be very relaxed. As he finished the orange juice, he spoke while playing with his phone out of boredom.

「I, I’ll do it better next time…..」

The ikemen who answered, had a vexed expression.

「It’s already over?」

「They might have other companions?」

「With all the noise from now, if there was no one else who came to check, then they must be a four man group. Although it should be made sure of, I don’t think there will be any more trouble. You should also restore your energy before heading to the next situation」

「I, is that so」

Happy but sad, Tarousuke wore an indescribable expression.

The time was about ten minutes, and the strife had safely ended.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

Several hours after the hijacking commotion, as planned, the plane Nishino rode arrived at Gatwick Airport. The culprits were promptly handed over to the on site police. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as if everything had ended perfectly.

Moving to a hotel to the side of the airport, the country’s police organization began their inquiry.

It’s at this moment that Nishino summarized Tarousuke’s activities, and it soon came to an end

The other is a cultured person who travels all around the world. There is also the support of the other passengers. As a result, while the ikemen was being thoroughly questioned about the situation, Nishino was only asked a few standard questions, and he successfully slipped out.

It went exactly as he planned.

Because he has a job that cannot be told to others, standing out wouldn’t be good.

Later when the topic of Nishino’s actions are brought up, by the time all the related people realize, he would no longer be in the hotel. Now Tarousuke is desperately insisting his identity, so that it will end without incident. If not, then depending on the situation he may be arrested.

With those various things the futsumen’s plans were an hour behind, so he goes to secure his new flight.

On the other hand, the other group was delayed for about 2 more hours.

After about 3 hours pass from landing, Takeuchi-kun’s part is finally released.

The difference in time is due to the difference in the ticket price.

During the time they expected to tour London, it was instead spent waiting in the hotel for the inquiry, before they knew it the time for the next flight approached. In great haste they quickly call a taxi and return to the airport.

「I wouldn’t have thought I’d have to go through this」

Takeuchi-kun says in a very exhausted state.

Together with him are Rose, Shimizu, Matsuura-san, Suzuki-kun, and Risa-chan.

Each of them move while taking along a large bag in hand.

「Riight! But, isn’t this in itself also an amazing experience!?」

The only energetic one is Suzuki-kun.

It’s because he slept on the plane since the time they departed to when they landed.

Most likely, this is the time he believes he should be at max tension.

「By the way Shimizu-san, can I have some time?」

Rose interrupts the conversation between the two men.

Where those eyes point to, is the class rep that is the most exhausted within the group. With her head limplessly hanging towards the floor, she seems to be feeling unwell. Not being able to sleep well inside the plane, and also being held in an unfamiliar place for a long period of time, she is likely completely mentally exhausted.

「…… Wh, what?」

Her tone of answering was also unsteady.

And to this, Rose continues as if to pour salt on her wounds.

「I have a small request. May the two of us talk?」


Rose’s casual tone. Receiving this, in a flash, the atmosphere tenses up. From the thought of the boys, and the thoughts of the girls. The thoughts of everyone present were shaken by the words of the petite blonde haired lolita.

The love circumstances between the boys and girls.

The only exception is the exhausted class rep that was asked.

As she knows the truth of the perverted blonde in front of her, she wanted to be pardoned.

「U, umm, I’m a little tired so…… 」

「It won’t take much time. Our departure is soon as well」

「……Can it not be after we get on the plane?」

「It would be difficult if it isn’t now. Hey, please. Won’t you cooperate with me?」

On the surface, it appeared to be a humble request.

However, if those burning eyes are seen, they would understand that it is that of a beast eyeing its prey. A pupil extending vertically that is nothing like that of a human, Shimizu’s body shiver as she knows her true character. There is no way to refuse.

「Hey? Please」

「E, eeh…… If you’re going that far」

「Then, come over here for a bit」

Rose and Shimizu move away. Looking at their backs, their classmates can only take wild guesses. Everyone expected that there would probably be at least one disturbance during the trip. But never in their dreams would they have thought it was because of Rose going mad for Nishino.

In the corner of the lounge where their classmates can’t hear, Rose turns to Shimizu. Rose opens her mouth in no time at all. A gaze once used when atop of the rooftop, with an expression that has no intention of keeping up appearances, she asks a question.

「I want to borrow your phone」

「Phone, m, mine?」

The class rep in panic.

Without minding, Rose carefully continues.

「He also rode the last flight」


「Of course it’s Nishino-kun」

「…… Eh?」

The class rep in puzzlement.

But, that lasted only a short time.

「Wa, wait, is that true?」

「It’s likely that there’s a job in Europe, I only tracked his destination to London. I couldn’t figure out the destination of his next flight. That is why, I want to use the topic from before as material, and confirm the next flight he is riding」

「But, eh? Wh, why does Rose-san know that? Actually, what job? A job that’s overseas, what is it? To begin with Nishino is in school isn’t he? I don’t understand」

「Are you an idiot? Of course I heard it from him」

Without caring for the others circumstances, Rose overbearingly progresses the conversation.

Shimizu has no idea what is happening.

There was no explanation at all for the current exchange.

But, that doesn’t matter.

One way or another, the perverted lolita wants Shimizu’s phone.

「I,it feels like you didn’t answer the question」

Suddenly being treated like an idiot irritates the class rep. 

However, since her weakness is being held, she couldn’t put up sufficient resistance.

「There’s no need for you to learn of any more」

「What’s, with that……」

「If he is contacted by you, then he should leak out information」

「I’m, not that close with Nishino-kun?」

「That’s not the case for him. Eeh, even if it is the extremely aggravating truth」

「Eh? Ah, no umm, e, even if you say that……」

The class rep shivers at unexpectedly learning of Nishino’s favor towards her.

What naturally comes up in her mind, is the memory of the premolars form top and bottom that had broken off.

A talented woman who still remembers the sensation of her fist at the time.

「Enough about that and give me the phone. If you say you don’t want to, then I will release everything?」

「…… I, I get it」

Shimizu couldn’t help but nod at the show of brute force. Between the two is an absolute relationship of power that is the school caste. While reluctant, Shimizu takes out the phone from her skirt pocket.

Having received it, Rose nimbly operates it to bring up the mails.

「Y, you’re not looking at my mail history right!?」

「Calm yourself. I have no interest」


That in itself irritates the class rep.

At least, she is interested in the contents of Rose’s mailbox.

「Have you ever exchanged mails with him in the past?」

「N, no!」

「Then there won’t be a problem with the contents. Thank goodness」

As soon as she spoke, the blonde haired lolita begins operating the phone with her finger.

“Good day, this is Shimizu. I heard from Rose-chan, but is it true that Nishino-kun rode the same flight? Are you fine? Actually, do you have any plans to go somewhere? Could it be you have plans for a trip with different friends?”

「Wa, wait!」

Shimizu raises her voice after taking a glance from the side.

From her point of view, the distance in that mail was far too close.


「Please revise it! Something like this is impossible!」

「Is that so?」

With no care, a press, and Rose hit the button to send.

On the screen the image representing the mail is sending is displayed.

「A, AaAAAAh!」

「Your a woman that nags over everything. Quiet yourself」

「If your saying those things, th, then use your own……」

 The class 2-A class rep in despair.

There was no way that Nishino’s address was in Shimizu’s phone. Both the address and destination where done by Rose. It is the private contact of her beloved that she was able to obtain through the introduction of a woman.

「If that was possible, then I wouldn’t be consulting you」

「Wh, why……」

「If my info enters, then he would certainly not answer」

Rose clearly declares.

At the time in Japan before departure as well, the call was one sidedly cut.

「No, what does that even mean」

「Didn’t you also see」

「But it’s Rose-san isn’t it!? There’s no way!」

To think there’d be a man who would ignore Rose’s correspondence, Shimizu couldn’t believe it. Nishino is an extremely ordinary man, a futsumen within the futsumen. If the other part is a woman, if there’s a hole, then they would go under anyone, so was the class rep’s one sided evaluation.

Because of that reaction, the blonde haired lolita responds with no more patience.

「I’d like it if you didn’t clump someone such as him with the riff raff that you know of」

「Wh, whats, with that……」

「Nishino-kun isn’t such a cheap man that meets the eye. To mix him in your worthless values, like a blind who can’t even see the important parts, to compare him on the same standards, what a rude woman you are」


Receiving Rose’s words, an unpleasant face from the bottom of her heart appears on Shimizu.

In reality, during the culture festival preparations, Nishino once called out to Matsuura-san because her appearance matched his preferences. Inside of Rose, that fact is something that never happened. It was an unfaltering answer, as if it is something she can boast of.

「For the time being, I’ll hold onto this until he gets in contact」

「Ehh!? Wa, wait!」

Shimizu’s phone is forcibly stuffed into her bag. She didn’t care about the other party’s will, compared to the honor student from school, she is like a completely different person.

Having received this even the class rep got angry.

「It’s mine so give it back!」

Her hand stretches out. She goes to recover the phone.

At that instant, a lively sound begins flowing from Rose’s bag

Considering the timing, it would have to be a reply from Nsihino.


As if touching a hot object, her body jumps, and Rose swiftly reacts. Taking out the phone that was just put away, the phone is operated with a terrifying force. And with bloodshot eyes, she checks the message that had just arrived.

And then, a reply with several lines is shown.

“Aah, it’s like she said. There was a bit of an uproar here, but thanks to the skilled handling of it by the passengers, it ended without incident. Thanks to that my flight to Athens won’t be delayed. I am sorry for suddenly cancelling the planned trip”

Indifferent and undecorated contents.

At the same time, to Rose this was difficult to obtain information.


Before she knew it, a loud yell came out of her mouth.

A sound unbefitting of a girl.

Furthermore, with her back put into it, she makes a genuine guts pose.

「Eh…… Wa, wait, Rose, san……」

The class rep draws away.

The gazes from the surrounding also gather.

「Hey, it’s unbearable~! Did you see!? Hey, Shimizu-san?」

「Don’t suddenly raise a loud voice! You already stand out enough! Actually, what would you do if it managed to reach Takeuchi-kun and others!? No they definitely heard that! That was heard throughout the whole floor!?」

「The best, Aah, your the best, Nishino-kun. Our meeting was undoubtedly decided in our previous lives. There is nothing that can separate the two of us, that is what the world wishes for. Yes, I really love you, I love you. I truly love you. Nishino-kun, I love everything about you」

Without minding the surroundings, Rose begins speaking in a sickly-sweet voice. Completely absorbed in her thoughts. What flows out of that mouth is the name of the other, only words that praised him. Without minding the gazes of the others, she sing her praises for Nishino.

「I love you~, Nishino-kuun…..」

「G, gross……」

Goosebumps rise up on both of Shimzu’s arms, and she felt disgust. While shivering she scratches the rashes that had sprung forth with a finger. Although she looks beautiful to the eye, for the same sex that sequence of event was an out.

Eventually, when she steals a glance at the mail, she realizes something.

The flight that Nishino plans to take to Athens, and the flight that they are waiting for, the destination is the same. I see, this pervert is happy that she has the same destination as the one in her mind, the class rep understood the reason for Rose’s joy.


It isn’t as if Shimizu doesn’t understand that herself.

Even now, she is enjoying the fact that she is traveling together with Takeuchi-kun.

「Thinking about Nishino makes me want to masterbate」


But, the mind of the one who threatens her is a bit strange.

「I’ll be going to the toilet for a little, so please go ahead of me」

「You, wh, wh, what crazy things are you saying!?」

「I’ll leave the luggage to you」

「Wait! Wait waiit!」

Shimizu had no time to stop it.

Rose doubles her pace and heads for the restroom.

It is then that she realizes.

「Aah, wait! Don’t take my smartphoneeee!」

A loud yell, however, the back of the other had disappeared in to the crowd of people. While of cacuasian lineage, Rose also has eye-catching long blonde hair. But it was only for a moment that she stayed in her vision, and it wasn’t long before her figure was lost.

What was left behind is the luggage for two.

And so, about 10 minutes before the boarding announcement.

「Give me a break, really……」

The class rep was ready to burst into tears at any moment.

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