Just as the time is about to pass midnight, Nishino arrives at this destination.

The time it took to leave Japan until he arrived at the hotel, exceeded 12 hours. Since his body is no different than an ordinary highschooler, the futsumen is extremely exhausted.

「I’m worn out……」

It is the best hotel in Lefkada.

The one who procured the room was Marquis.

The living room is about 100 square feet. Nishino’s home is no comparison. As far as being a place to rest in between work, this suite is more than enough.

As it is an establishment by the sea, although the windows and curtains are currently shut, if they are opened during the daytime, without anything separating ones vision, the sublime view of the sea would be visible. In addition there is also a terrace attached, it is spacious enough to let a large group of people throw a party.

From the room and terrace, the sea isn’t even 100 meters away. Not only that, but there are no other tall structures obstructing the view. In just a few more hours, the view of the sun rising over the glistening Meditarranian Sea would be in sight.

It is also possible to simply change into a swimsuit and go out. In summer, this is a place with many tourists going in and out while wearing their swimsuits. Or in the middle of September as it currently is, there are many scuba divers and surfers who enjoy themselves.


No sooner than entering the room, Nishino falls face up onto his bed.

As it is queen sized it is possible to spread out both arms. Compared to the small and dirty futon he has at home, it is much more comfortable as his eyelids begin closing. The sensation of the spring on the other side of the sheets also felt very good.

Encouraged by the jet-lag, his body immediately begins dozing off.

「…… At this timing」

At the same time, fatigue attacks his body.

「Relying on Marquis was the right choice……」

He mutters as he confirms the handgun under his shirt with the palm of his hand.

Like that, he closes his eyes.

His luggage was thrown into the middle of the room and left like that. After checking in, and having forgotten his meal, he headed straight for his bed. Because of the incident on the flight, the futsumen was unable to get any decent sleep.

Like this he will sleep until morning. Having decided so he relaxes his body.

However, his sleep only lasted for a few minutes before it was interrupted.


A woman’s shout.

At the same time, panpan, the sound of two gunshots.

「…..Quite the lively inn」

It was close by.

With no chance to rest, he abruptly gets up.

It was then, the window pane in his room makes a crashing sound as it breaks. On the other side of the shut curtains, someone invades the room. They most likely came through the terrace of another room.

The other party is an unknown western men.

His age is in his mid 40s. A suit with short trimmed hair dyed brown. Height is about 180. A well arranged beard similar to Castro. But, what is more impressive than that man’s beard, is what is held in his hand.

A large .50 caliber handgun.

「How about lowering that good gun you have」

While sitting down on the edge of the bed, the futsumen welcomed the man.

「Che, I hate brats」

The man doubles his pace and moves to Nishino.

After only several steps, the broken windowpane is pushed open, and another person enters. The kicked frame makes a crashing sound as it flies into the room, and the one who jumps in, is a beautiful blonde haired woman in a bright red suit.


「……What, so it’s your prey」

It is someone that Nishino recognizes.

Like Rose, an aunt with a smelly crotch.


「Ara, what a coincidence to meet you here. Are you on vacation?」

「That’s my line. Also, this is my room」

In contrast to the restless Francisca, the futsumen answers in his usual manner. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t get up from the bed, but he did not even move. Even with the sudden invaders, there was no sign of him moving.

「Working with a brat, what a joke of a woman!? And a little dirty asian boy at that, you, even with that pretty face you have quite the taste! If you want to go at it that much, then I’ll keep you company as much as you want」

It seems he misunderstood Nishino’s existence.

「If you don’t want his head flying off then throw your gun away」

His frustration that he had just shown has calmed down, and as if the situation had turned around, he threatens in a boastful manner. His body is well forged, and his muscles are clearly visible from across his jacket.

His opponent is a boy, and it’s a typical looking asian, the man felt superiority over them.

On the other hand, Francisca who had seen the exchange, makes a foolish laugh as she speaks in an enjoyable manner. As if watching a joke in a comedy movie. While barely maintaining her aim, her shoulders started shaking. 

「Fufufu, the thing known as ignorance is terrifying, fufuu」

「What’s the meaning in this? I’m sleepy」

Even with the muzzle further thrust into his head, Nishino’s attitude doesn’t change.

And he indifferently asks about the situation.

「It was supposed to be a little catch, but my partner has made a blunder」

「If your moving as a pair, then your partners blunder is your own. Don’t shift the blame. Rather this only exposes your own incompetence」

「Eeh, I understand that. But, fu, fufufuu」

「…… What’s funny? What an unpleasant woman」

Francisca who laughs with an ufufu, is certainly unpleasant.

It’s mainly the laughter that is unpleasant.

However, what meets the eye is pretty. Exceedingly beautiful. Nowadays, even in the age of diversification, she has a beautiful face that would cause 1000 out of 999 people to turn to her. And so, that single exception, is the futsumen that she is currently speaking with.

「Is me getting threatened really that enjoyable?」

「Eeh, it’s enjoyable. Such an amusing sight, it’s been a long time. Fuu, fufuu, bufufuu……」

It seems she genuinely believes that.

「Wh, what’re you laughing for!」

The man being looked down on raises his voice in agner. He aims the gun at Francisca’s feet, and shoots as a threat. And the result, the muzzle separated form the futsumen’s head. The bullet that was fired opened a whole in the floor.

Nishino moves as he recognizes this chance.

「Be quiet, your bothering the other guests」

His arm swings from bottom to top. At the same time, the arm that holds the gun is suddenly severed from the elbow and below. With a thud the part that was cut off falls to the floor, and it lightly rolls by his feet.

Before blood can spill out of the wound, the cross section begin freezing over with a crisp sound. Like bacteria growing in a petri dish, it looked like a colony had formed in fast forward. In the blink of an eye the cross section covers itself. This applies to the part that was cut off as well.

Thanks to that not a drop of blood fell on the floor.

「Th, the hell is thiiiiiiiiiis」

「…… With this the issue is wrapped up」

The man shakes along with a scream. In his gaze is the arm that had frozen.

Francisca is also the same.

「Ehh, wh, what, is that……」

「Didn’t you get a report from Rose?」

「A report, that, th, this is……」

The seed of laughter had disappeared, as if all the laughing until now was a lie, she looks at the man’s arm with a tense expression. Just like a matter once requested of Rose, there was not much of a difference in her reaction compared to the time that she was given a head that was frozen in the same way.

「Is there something you need to confirm? If not then deal with him」

「Ehh, ahh……」

The beautiful blonde haired woman that was asked promptly raised her voice.

「Wa, wait, there’s something I need to confirm with that man!」

「Then hurry up」

The futsumen takes the gun from the man’s severed arm, and points it to his head.

Having all of her actions hurried, Francisca continues her words.

「Where is the Memory, would you confirm it?」

「Wh, who, who did you hear that……」

「Ara, not only your arm but you also want your head flying off?」


A smile with bad intentions. Francisca readies her gun, and speaks with composure. The muzzle does not shake, and it precisely aims at the man’s forehead. With her strength put into it she vigilantly holds her gun at read, there was no chance of negligence.

A smile with bad intentions. Francisca readies her gun, and speaks with composure. The muzzle does not shake, and it precisely aims at the man’s forehead. With her strength put into it she vigilantly holds her gun at read, there was no chance of negligence.

Having lost his superiority, the man immediately begins panicking.

His dominant hand cut off, and his gun lost, he had already lost his fighting spirit. Usually in that situation he should be writhing in pain. However, the wound that is cooled below the freezing point, whether fortunate or not, the pain isn’t properly transmitted.

The short right arm that is frantically swinging is a comical sight.

「Then you can say it can’t you? Please hurry」

「N, no, the Memory, I, that……」

The man continues as if he’d break into tears at any moment.

「…… I see」

Francisca answers with the gun.

What is shot is his thigh.


A blood vessel must have been hit. Blood spills out of the wound, a red splash flies onto the floor and bed. Nishino’s face warps at what he sees. The reason the man’s arm was frozen, was to avoid this situation.

「Hurry and speak. My temper is short, the next one is going in your head?」

「I, I don’t have it! Really! Believe me!」

「Then where is it?」

「I don’t know!」

「Ara, that’s a problem」

Once again, the sound of a gunshot echoes in the room.

This time it hit the opposite thigh.

Unable to bear it, the man’s body collapses on the floor.

No longer being able to prop himself up, he falls onto his bottom while he struggles with the pain.

「It’s the truth! Sa, save me! I really don’t know!」

Grovelling on the floor, a sloppy face covered in tears and snot is exposed.

And with that unsightly figure in view, Francisca indifferently answers.

「Then that is as far as your role goes」


With a befuddled expression, the bullet from her hand is absorbed into his head. His body loses its support. A thud, and without a scream he falls flat on the floor.

Thereafter, the man doesn’t even twitch.

The wide open eyes were glaring at nowhere in particular. But, in the white of those eyes with light brown pupils, the blood flowing from his forehead mixes in and makes the border between the white vague.

It seems the situation had been determined. 

「Good evening, it has been a while hasn’t it?」

In contrast to the fallen man, Francisca speaks as if it was a coincidental meeting. Having been rescued from danger, her smile is also appropriate. It seems like that partner, was more troublesome than he looked.

「What a cruel woman」

「Ara, your finally having a long awaited trip, so why are you in such bad humour?」

With a bright smile, and a cheerful mood, Francisca asks.

However, the futsumen strikes down her consideration.

Still on the edge of his bed, he answers without having moved much since before.

「But I don’t recall calling a woman?」


The unchallenged smile Francisca had since the beginning had frozen.

But, regarding the current job, she also has some experience. The other side is only a child in his teens without any hair growing, in terms of mentally and economically I am a splendid adult. She repeats to herself on the inside, and although distorted, she continues with her best smile. 

「Ara, I may have mistaken the room. If you’d like, then I will embrace you as a service?」

「I’m fine. More importantly I want the housekeeper. To do something with the room」

「In regards to that, I will make sure to take care of it, there will be no losses for you. If the proper procedures are taken, then you may even be able to get reparations?」


「By the way, can I say something?」

「No you can’t」


Coupled with his sleepiness, Nishino’s words are more blunt than usual. The randomly narrowing eyes of his are also because of that sleepiness. It looks as if he is angrily glaring. Although barely supporting his back, if his shoulders are lightly tapped, then he would fall asleep on the spot.

Naturally, Francisca who is on the receiving end isn’t as amused. Her face is currently twitching. Don’t mess with me, this shitty brat. She swallows the abusive words that had almost leaked out. 

「I, I see……」

Suuhaa, a deep breath.

She continues her words after calming her emotions.

「But as expected, there is no way you can spend the night in this room is there?」

「…… And what of it?」

「It is fine to use my room. How about it?」

Stowing the gun away in her bosom, she takes a step forward in a nonchalant manner, and she spoke with an air of composure. As she walked, the breast that are a size that felt impossible for a japanese person stuck out. With her breast constrained by her suit, and in an exposed state, if it’s a man then they would all turn their gaze.

But, for the futsumen at the spot, what is more important to him is the state of the room. The western man dead on the ground, and the blood flowing out of his thighs and head. Not to mention the floor and bed, it even flew onto the room’s door several meters away.

「You, did you purposefully dirty it?」

「By no means?」

「……This bitch」

「Now you can accompany a beautiful woman for a night in a suite, don’t you think it’s a charming plan? In my home country, I have reservations until next year, but there is no one to see over here?」

「If it’s a room then I can get as many as I want. I don’t plan to be indebted to you」

「Ara how unfortunate. But, is that really fine?」

「What do you mean?」

「I believe you will soon learn the reason」

「Do you plan to threaten me?」

「Ara? Can someone like me threaten you?」

「Hurry and leave. Seeing that face is unpleasant」

「It should be fine if you wait a bit longer. Don’t you also dislike putting in double the effort」

「…… What do you mean?」

A question raised when he heard Francisca’s words, and he grimaced.

It was then, bububu, the phone in his pants pocket begins vibrating. Under the cheap denim fabric, there is the vibration signaling an incoming call. What is it this time, as if thinking so he grabs and checks the device. The caller is Marquis.



While being urged, Nishino responds to the call.

The line is connected.

The speaker that is delivered, is the voice of a familiar bartender.

『How are you over there? You already arrive?』

「The service in the hotel you reserved is no good. The quality of the women are the worst」

『From that tone, it seems you managed to safely link up』

The words of an unconcerned Marquis.

The time shown on the bedside clock is 1 am. Since it is 6 hours behind Tokyo’s time it is in fact 7 am. He is likely alone in the bar. There is no sound other than his voice. Across the phone, a deep voice is heard.

「…..Oi, Marquis」

Nishino’s expression stiffens.

『I also just confirmed it. Although it’s my bad please accept it』

「The one I was to meet, wasn’t it supposed to be a local cooperator?」

『I didn’t say it was a Greek person?』

「…… I see. Still, how can you call this a cooperator?」

『Who knows? I heard the circumstances from an outsider. It’s also difficult for me to stick my nose into the authorities circumstances. But if I were to guess, it’d probably be someone acquainted with you that is chosen』

「What I’m asking, is why the cooperator is an authority」

『…… Do, you really not remember』

「Not remember? What do you mean by that?」

『Please limit the amount of alcohol you take from now on. It was difficult after that』


Receiving Marquis’s words, suddenly, something worrying, Nishino recalls the events from the day before yesterday. The memory of the hangover after drinking is still fresh in his mind.

Now that he thinks of it, the memories of the things that he was explained, are as vague as if chasing small insects through a dense fog.

Neglecting the request’s confirmation, this is a first for him.

「…… Okay. I’ll be careful from now on」

『That’d be great. It wasn’t an easy experience』

The repentant futsumen.

「I understand the situation. I apologize for the trouble」

『Please confirm the details over there. Once again, this time’s matter came directly from the authorities. A seldomly seen power play, but getting them in debt isn’t bad, at that time, you and me both agreed on that』

「Okat. I’ll believe in the me of the past」

『Doing so would help. Confirm the details with her over there』


His way of answering is no different from always.

But, Nishino was a bit disheartened.

『That’s all from here. Excuse me』

「Aah, later then」

With a few words, Nishino separates the phone from his face. Cutting the line, he returns the phone to his pants pocket. He returns his attention to the front, and before it is Francisca with a great smile.

An expression that say I told you so looks at him.

「I’ll be in your care,【Normal】san?」

「Thought I greatly disagree, work is work. I’ll be counting on you」

In response to the hand she held out, the futsumen obediently returns the handshake.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

At a different place in Athens.

An incident in the hotel room that faces the Meditarraniean Sea. In order to have a trip with two boys and four girls, Takeuchi-kun made reservations for three double rooms. And before retiring for the night, everyone gathered in the boy’s room in order to enjoy their first night.

Suzuki-kun yells as he places two paris during their card game.   

「Yes, I’m done!」

「Aaaan~, I’m last!」

Risa-chan raised a sweet voice.

「Then, the next punishment game is Risa-chan’s~」

Of the two beds, they all settled down on one, and they form a circle while facing each other. In the center is a hill of cards. They amuse themselves with a game of old maid At the side table are alcohol glasses lined up, and at times, these are drank from.

Last place gets the punishment game.

With 8 rounds already done, only Risa-chan’s skirt, and blouse remained. Matsuura-san only has a pair of underwear. Takeuchi-kun is the only one unharmed. For Suzuki-kun, his socks had come off.

All of this is thanks to the specially made cards the boys had prepared.

Originally, it was planned to have Shimizu and Rose involved. However, soon after arriving at the hotel, Rose took Shimizu along, and the two shut themselves in their room. With no other choice, they played without the two.

The two boys are disheartened that the ones they aim for are absent. 

Conversely the girls found this as a chance at monopolizing the ikemen’s for the night.

「Yaaan, Really~! What will I do if any more is taken~」

「Then, you can remove your skirt」

「Ehh? Umm, do, do you really plan to take it off?」

「Well those are the rules」

「Ya, yaaan, Takeuchi-kun you pervert~!」

That was exactly what it meant.

The two boys are bearing with their anguish during the games. In that state, they mercilessly thrust their pains to the girls. As for the girls, Risa-chan and Matsuura-san, their reactions drastically differed. 

The, bring it on, Matsuura-san who is splendidly spreading her legs in an M. 

On the other hand, dripping with cold sweat, the restless Risa-chan keeps shifting her gaze.

Now what would be the fate of the two.

On the other hand, being two rooms away from that ruckus, Rose and Shimizu converse in the room they were assigned to. As it was made of reinforced concrete, the voices of the lively interactions were not transmitted to them.

The two settle down on the beds they were assigned to. Rose’s gaze aims out the window, and like an oni, Shimizu stares at that figure. It can’t be said that it is a very calm atmosphere. It is a world of difference from the fun that Takeuchi-kun and the others are enjoying.

「Do, you really mean that?」

The class rep barks, how many times has this happened.

Rose solemnly agrees to this.


「No matter how you see it this is bad towards Takeuchi-kun!」


「He took care of the travel expenses? And to move without them……」

「If it’s the expense then I can return the cash tomorrow」

「Bu, but!」

「But, what?」

「Takeuchi-kun, it, it looks like he likes you……」

That is the truth that Shimizu did not want to accept. But, since it is the truth, there was no other choice. More than herself, she appeals for Takecuhi-kun’s happiness. With all said and done, she it the type of woman to devote herself if she falls in love.

But, Rose shuts down her proposal.

「No. Not with that unpleasant man」

「U, unpleasent…… Wh, what do you mean by that?」

「Isn’t it the truth」


Having the one in her heart treated as unpleasant, the class rep finally becomes angry. Having been exposed to Rose’s self-centeredness since leaving her country, her nerves have been continually rubbed the wrong way. Thanks to that the limits of her patience had finally been reached.

The order that is the school caste in Shimizu, had now collapsed.

The sound of her sense of values crumbling echo out in the quiet room.

「Hey you! That’s enough!」

Standing on top of her bed, she displays her anger in a loud voice.

「Please don’t yell. It’s a nuisance to the neighbors」

「How about you think of the nuisance you were to me!? I reached my limit!」

Rose who answered was indifferent.

With no signs of agitation she continues her words.

「Ara, how unexpected? That you can say those things」

「Why!? I’m also a human being!? Don’t joke with me! I finally, finally got to go on a trip like this, so why do I have to follow you and your worthless circumstances! I also want to play together with Takeuchi-kun and the others!」

「Also a human being? What are you saying? I don’t see you as a human being」

「Haa? What’s with that!?」

「It is the same as what you direct towards Nishino」

「Like I said I don’t get it!」

「Your behavior toward Nishino, I can’t think of that as something a fellow human being would do. Can it be, you blind yourself of your own actions, and plan to one sidedly criticize me?」


She immediately hit where it hurts, and the class rep lost her words.

It’s true that she didn’t look at Nishino like a human being.

「Whatever standard you use to measure a person, I have no interest in it. But, to me, you are nothing more than a convenient tool. Compared to Nishino and me, your existence, is similar to garbage?」

「Wh, what’s that. It’s about time you stop making fools of……」

Making a tight fist, Shimizu shakes in anger.

But, that pent up anger, turned to shame at Rose’s next words.

「Could it be you haven’t looked in a mirror? Even if you have an eye on him, how about you take you rank into consideration? After all, my date with Nishino, you shamelessly interrupted it」

「That is……」

The first day of the culture festival, when Rose and Nishino were in the middle of going around the food stalls. Shimizu who bumped into them by coincidence opened her mouth and talked. Rose remembers every word of what was said, and she must’ve been holding in an unsupressable anger.

Shimzu also vividly remembers this.

「If you think about it in the same way you think of Nishino, then you may be convinced. The feeling of having the man you love put down? Do you understand? During the trip, I had enough anger to kill you and dress it as an accident, I understand. Eeh, truly」

「No, th, that’s, that time……」

A bright smile rises on Rose’s face.

A perfect smile from the beautiful blonde haired lolita, and it completely chips away the class rep’s vigour.

She could not find a come back.

「I don’t mind if you dislike it. You can go wherever? But, at the time you are unwilling to cooperate with me, I will kill you. Socially, mentally, physically. Speaking ill of my Nishino, that much punishment is natural isn’t it?」

「Umm, a, about the culture festival, I’m sorry. I’ll apologise so…… 」

「Apologizing at this time, won’t give me back my date with him」


「I love Nishino-kun. The time I spend with him, is more precious than anything else. A tenth of a second spent with him, is worth several centuries of time spent with anyone else, I really love him. I truly love him. It is not a lie. Do you understand that?」

Nishino and Rose, Shimizu also knows of the extremely hostile state of their current relationship. In that case, to this blonde haired lolita, the date she interrupted, could be their last date.

Shimizu naturally thinks of what would happen if she was placed in that situation.

Looking back at it, there were many times that she interrupted the two.

In addition to having lost almost all chances, the stubborn Rose still doesn’t give up on Nishino. Having noticed the view that she hadn’t seen before, the actions of her past weight heavily on the class rep’s shoulders.

Receiving Rose’s desperateness, feeling of guilt begin creeping in.

「That’s how it is, right? You will cooperate won’t you? Shimizu-san」


That must be why, that the assertiveness from before is nowhere to be seen.

After several seconds, she makes a small nod.

「…… O, okay」

「Thank you, Shimizu-san. It looks like we will be good friends」

Rose speaks as if her heart wasn’t in it at all.

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