After meeting up in Lefkada, Nishino and Francisca quickly depart with no time to rest their bodies. Going onto a helicopter, the hours spent moving felt endless. Finally they arrive at the Cyclades islands of Santorini south of the Aegean Sea.

「We finally arrived」

「To think I’d have to move through the night」

「It can’t be helped, the other party also moved」

「But considering it’s Santorini, I’m in the mood to go sightseeing」

「Is it like that? You’re quite simple」

Francisca mutters on the bright red japanese mega sports that is stopped to the side of a high class hotel. And with abusive words, she directs a displeased expression to Nishino who sat on an american tourer. (TL: Mega sport should be some sort of motorcycle)

Since many of the paths are narrow, bikes and buggies are more valued than automobiles. It is likely that the two of them chose this without knowing that.

On that note the choice of vehicle, was completely the preference of the two.

The sight of the beautiful caucasian woman with long legs, and together with a tightly fitting rider suit on her voluptuous body, made Francisca’s figure on the mega sports extremely attractive. But, advancing on the unmaintained roads made for a terribly uncomfortable ride.

Nishino rode a large David Harrison that fits the terrain. With thick tires and large spokes it is optimal for traveling on gravel roads, however, since it doesn’t match his light complexion and bean sprout like body, what is reflected is something awkward. And on top of wearing sunglasses, he also wore a black leather jacket, which made it even more so.

This resulted in two unfortunate people.

「Still, because of your blunder, I’ve been dragged into something unthinkable」

「That’s why I said I’ll make sure to compensate you」

In reality, what had occurred was out of expectations. Due to the failure of Francsica’s partner, the target moved away from Lefkada. In order to chase after this, the two ended up in a difficult situation that forced them to move throughout the night.

Thanks to that, Nishino had not even had a wink of sleep. Naturally, his mood became bad.

「I want to sleep」

「Ara how unexpected, are you not accustomed to airplanes?」

「What a shameless woman. It’s because I was wrapped up in your situation」

「Then I’ll have to give my thanks. The preparations have already been laid out on our side?」

It seems the situation had already been passed down to her.

Rather, the reason for Nishino being moved so quickly, is in part due to Francisca’s actions behind the scenes.

「In the first place didn’t the request came from your superior」

「No, that’s wrong?」

「I don’t think Marquis is someone who would lie」

「It’s from the superior of my superior」

「Isn’t it the same thing」

「Saying those things in front of me, honestly, you really are something…… 」

Francisca’s brows twitched as she gets irritated at each and everyone of Nishino’s words. To her, the position that he had just pointed out, is a position that she should reach for no matter the sacrifice, so having it treated like that was not the least bit amusing for her.

But, in contrast to a certain class rep, Francisca is a woman with some patience.

「For the time being, shall we enter the hotel?」

「Is it here?」

A white building situated across the sidewalk. With stairs as steep as a roof leading up to the Imerovigli clifftop, it is a hotel like the ones most people would think of when they hear of hotels in Santorini.

And on the opposite side of where the bikes are stopped, the Aegean Sea endlessly continues. Luckily today is a good day and the clear blue sky spread underneath, as for Nishino who stayed up all night, it was too dazzling.

「No way? First we have to meet with the informant」

「I see」

Parking their motorcycles on the side of the road, the two head for the front entrance.

When they arrive, the many people who pass by direct their gazes towards them. After all, they forcefully moved the two large motorcycles through painfully narrow roads. If Francisca wasn’t there, and it was the futsumen alone, then at least one complaint would come flying in.

「Let’s go」

「You don’t have to say every single thing」

While walking side by side, the two cross the front door and move into the entrance.

With the help of it being morning, other than the employees there is almost no one else in sight. Just like the outside, from the roof to the walls, everything is painted in pure white. This applies to all neighboring hotels, and it is mainly done to make the whole area a tourist attraction.

It seems the fact that they are visiting has already been conveyed by Francisca. From across the counter only a bike lock is given. The hotel worker politely receives them with a welcome. And nothing more of what they need is asked for.

The two pass the counter, and leave the entrance behind.

With the beautiful blonde haired woman taking the lead they move to the desired room.

「Still, that informant is making us work」

「Isn’t that standard in this occupation?」

「The target is only one isn’t it?  This is going overboard for just that」

「If it was just the person themselves then it’s just like you say. But this time, their guards are powerful」

「Did anyone else go?」

「Just this month 30 people were killed」

「It’s a question of quality not numbers」

「Even for you I think it is dangerous? This isn’t sarcasm but the truth」


「Contact was broken with everyone who was sent in. Not only were they not able to confirm their appearance, no one survived long enough to get in contact. So not to mention their appeance, we can’t even distiguish their age and sex. Thank goodness their payment was deferred」

「So what does the insiders say?」

「Who knows? The target always has a hood on. Other then in front of the head, not only their face, but they don’t even let out their voice? It’d be great if they were as unguarded as you who openly goes to school, it’d also make things easier for me」

「The fact that your place can’t grasp it, is something rare」

「That’s right. Thanks to that my superior is becoming desperate」

「My condolences」

「But it’s not all bad for me」

「It’s perfect for your current position」

「Those words, makes sure to remember them. One day I’ll make you regret that」

「If you can」

They go up and down a number of stairs, and finish it off with an elevator that goes up several floors. Then, compared to the doors they have seen up till now, a slightly larger one is positioned at the end of the corridor. It is a so called suite.

With this in front, Francisca comes to a stop.

「It’s here」

「Looks like quite the cozy room」

「It’s not a room for only one person to stay in」

「Hurry and open it」

「I know」

Francisca lightly knocks. The wooden door makes nice sound. However, no matter how long they wait, no reply is returned from the inside. Once more, a slightly stronger knock, but the result was not different.

「Are they sleeping?」

「It’d be great if they properly woke up」


Her hand instinctively moves to the door knob. With a twist of her wrist, it slowly turn without any resistance. It seems like a key is not needed.

The tension between the two swells.

「Hey, is it fine to open?」

「Step back. It’d be worrying if it’s you, I’ll go ahead」

「Ara how kind」

In place of Francisca, Nishino reaches for the door knob. Without hesitation in particular, he pulls the door.

And then, without anything happening, it opens in the direction of the corridor they are on.

From the entrance, the corridor continues deep inside. At the end of it appears to be the dining room. In a place situated further inside, the corner of the living room can be confirmed. In addition,  there are several doors lined up that belong to the bedrooms and shower rooms.

And so, from what the two of them can see, there is no one else in sight. No sounds to be heard, and no presences felt.

「Let’s go」

「E, eeh」

Taking the lead himself, Nishino steps into the interior.

There is not much of a difference from his usual behavior. With both hands in his pants pockets, he briskly moves through the inner corridor. And while inside the room, he continues wearing his sunglasses. It seems he has taken a liking to them.

At his back, Francisca continues with a pistol readied in her hands.

This side was tense as she lowered her body and her gaze shifted back and forth. While restlessly taking aim at everything in sight, she desperately chases after the futsumen’s back. Guessing from her expression, the situation the two are in, must be considerably bad.

After several minutes they exit the corridor, where their steps led them to is the dining room.

It’s there that they see it.

「Ara, you took your time? I’ve been waiting for a long time」 (TL: She has a weird speech thing, I explain it in the post)

What is delivered is the voice of a third party.

From the living room to the dining room. In a large sofa, there is a figure of a person. Sitting down on the bulky leather-covered cushion, they cross their legs in an exaggerated manner as if they were at home. A wide smile covered that face.

A girl in the first half of her teens.

Decorated in countless frills, the two tone colored clothing that is mainly balck with some white mixed in matched the physique of the petite girl, it is the so called gothic lolilita. Frilly and loli.

A skirt extends about a dozen centimeters past her knees.

On the other hand, her sleeves are cut at the shoulders and she wears long gloves that cover both arms. A large ribbon is attached to her head.

And so, the contents match the clothing.

Fair skin that is especially white even among westerners. On top of that, she has long silky silver hair that resembles an albino. Only her big round eyes are a vivid red along with a lipstick of the same color, she appeared to be a doll.

「You are the investigators aren’t you? I’ve, been waiting for a long time」

She greets them with a needlessly polite demeanor.

It’s for that reason, that Nishino who received the girls mutters, asks the one beside him.

「For your coworker, she’s quite refined」

「No way, that’s wrong!」

Francisca yells.

That was the signal.

「Those unbefitting sunglasses, I’ll make sure to cut off that neck」

The girl who is sitting down on the sofa rushes out without wasting a movement.

Those movements were as if she was suspended by an invisible string, and before they realized, her whole body was already in the air, and in the next instant she closed in on Nishino.

With a petite body of about 130 cm, and having lowered her body to get closer, to the one who is being approached, his opponents head reached up to his navel.

Without a sound her right arm swings out.

Aiming for the futsumen’s neck, it traces a path from right to left.


To intercept that swung arm, Nishino’s own arm moves. Seizing a vase to his immediate side, he uses it as a shield. Since his physical abilities are not anything special, being able to do this was impressive. This was the result of the experience of having been hit countless times by Shimizu.

The next instant, Kiin, a high pitched sound echoes out.

「Ara, how unfortunate」

「I see, this certainly is going to be troublesome」

Nishino nods as if he realized something.

The vase that he held out in front of him was now in two equal parts of top and bottom, some invisible thing had cut it. Having lost its support the lower half falls, Gashan a piercing sound is made. The water that was inside spills by his feet and soaks the carpet.

Further ahead, a cut of a tenth of a millimeter, appears on the futsumen’s neck. 

Having had no time to react, Francisca yells out with her gun readied.

「Place both hands behind your head and get on the ground!」

Nishino moves his arm without regard for this.

Pulling the gun from his waist, he unhesitatingly pulls the trigger. Panpan, the continuous high pitched noises reverberate. Four bullets are shot in total. Each bullet was skillfully aimed at the right and left arms and legs. This was done in order to seal her movements.

However, his expectations were subverted.

The bullets that hit her body, make high pitched noises as they fly off in random directions.

A reaction similar to hitting metal.

「……It seems like you have quite a hard body」

「Wa, wait, don’t shoot all of a sudden!」

Francisca turns and yells at Nishino after being surprised by the sound of gunshots.

Without minding this, he continues firing.

This time two shots were aimed at the torso.

「What a rude man. To shoot a maiden’s supple skin」

Unlike the first time that too her by surprise, this time she responds. The goth loli girl launches her body and takes distance from the futsumen. Feeling no humanity in it, those moments are as unnatural as if suspended by a wire, it is the same as the approach from just before.

Among the shots one managed to hit her right foot.

Gashan, a sound is made, and at that moment, her leg from the knee down falls to the floor.

「Eh, an artificial leg?」

Just as Francisca said, that is an artificial leg.

She wore stockings that are decorated with frills, but, across the area where the cloth is torn a metal lustre unlike the human body peeks out. That is most likely what repelled the bullets. In addition, at the area around her shin, a cavity can be made out.

「As expected」

「Eh, wa, wait…… what, is that……」

In contrast to Nishino’s self-satisfied face, Francisca’s expression stiffens. In front of her gaze, even having lost one leg, the figure of a goth loli girl stands there with composure. As if nothing had ever happened, her balance was restored.

「How unpleasant, to stare at the body of a girl of marriageable age」

The goth loli girl places both hands on her cheeks, and displays her embarrassment. Her body squirms. Even in a situation of 2 against 1, and with a gun pointed at her, from her actions if felt as if she had more than enough leeway.

Thanks to that the one who ended up losing her composure was Francisca.

「What is this? Hey, is, isn’t this weird!?」

「Don’t fuss over every little thing. What a noisy woman」


Without caring for his companion, Nishino takes a step forward and faces the goth loli girl.

With his uncouth single edged eyes, the futsmen captures that face.

「If you’re a girl of marriageable age, then how about showing some modesty?」

「……Hasty men are unpopular with women?」

With the girls words, a light sound similar to an air compressor being shoot out echoes throughout the room. And then, her remaining limbs disconnect, and they fall onto the floor.

Taking a careful look at it, those are also artificial arms and legs.

But even with a body that should have lost all support, the girl still does not fall and remains suspended in the air. She floats in the same way as Nishino did once before. There is nothing connecting her to the ground. Naturally, there was also no wire of some kind suspending her from the ceiling. 

What is exposed from her short sleeve, are two arms that had lost everything from the elbow down. Since it is concealed by her clothing, it is impossible to confirm the affected parts, but it should be the same for her lower half. Taking into consideration the area of the leg that was reinforced, then everything under the knee should be gone.


Francsica’s face is dyed in astonishment.

And in his unchanging manner as always, Nishino speaks in a light tone.

「I see, no wonder it felt strange when I shot」

「You are the first to defend against me. I won’t be careless」

「I remember something similar to you」

「Could it be you too?」

「I don’t have any memory of discards my limbs?」

「…… I hate, people who say those things」

With a distance of 3 meters, Nishino and the goth loli girl face each other.

Francisca remains holding her gun at the ready. 

It’s then Nishino speaks to her.

「Oi, run out of the room. And get as far as you can」

「Wh, why!?」

「I don’t have the confidence to protect you while dealing with this one」

Rarely heard words came out.

Always brimming with confidence, no matter who the opponent is, forward facing with no worries, that is this futsmen’s style.

Therefore hearing the complaint that leaked out, she was in great surprise. In the several years they have been associated, it is the first time hearing the words, don’t have confidence, from his mouth. 

「Wh…..wa, wait, why are you acting timid!」

Francisca’s face turns deathly pale.

「I’ve heard something good」

The goth loli girl makes an unsettling smile.

At times, a sound as if biting one’s tongue comes out, it seems that not only her limbs, but also her vocal organs have a defect. As lovely as her voice is, that strange sound can be heard when she talks with the two.

「Is it because you judged you have no leeway with those fake limbs?」

「I’ll begin with the aunt over here」

The girl disregards Nishino’s words and directs her attention to Francisca.

With the corners of her mouth twisting up, in the surroundings of the beautiful woman that held a  gun, a fireball the size of a volleyball is born from nowhere. Like a fire lit by a lighter, it immediately flares up, and rapidly increases in size.

「Hii, wh, what, what is this……」

「I will make you the same as me」

「Wa, waaaaaaaaittt!」

Francisca raised a scream.

Losing her strength, she falls on her bottom.

「Chi, what a troublesome woman」

As if spitting that out, Nishino moves in order to protect her. And it turns into him receiving the fireball. The many fireballs that are made continuously move to them. Just like gunpowder that is shot, sudonsudon, a series of low sounds echo out.

A violent dust storm envelops the room.

Although it is a suite of descent size, the insides were left unrecognizable. Holes burned into the floor, the roof and walls that the flames passed by were left in a terrible state. And the furniture around the two is scattered everywhere. It was as if the insides were hit by a typhoon.

The voices of the neighbors begin coming from a distance, wondering what had happened.

But even then, Nishino and Francisca lived.

The moment it exploded, Nishino grabbed the carpet under foot, and together with Francisca, he wrapped it around their bodies.

It must have also been due to the fact that the carpet got wet from the vase. Although the fire had burned holes into parts of the carpet, the two who came out of it, managed to end it with only small burn on their hair. In exchange the carpet that was directly hit is now burnt black.

「I, I can’t believe it. That kid, and you……」

「It seems she likes being flashy. Francisca, won’t she get along with you? She’s considerably stronger then that bitch. How about you try negotiating」

「That’s true. I, if the chance arises then by all means, I would even throw a banquet」

As the smoke clears up, the figure of the two appear in the center.

Seeing their figures, the girl speaks with some admiration.

「Even with that bean sprout body, you can move quite well」

In the same way as ever she remains floating in midair.

She hasn’t moved even a millimeter from before. At most, only her hair and clothes were shaken by the blast. 

In contrast to his opponent, a drop of blood fell from Nishino’s forehead.

He confirms the shallow wound, and the blood that flows from it.

「Could it be, we’re in a pinch?」

「If you don’t mind me throwing you away, then I’m confident I can end it in 7 seconds. How about it?」

「Impatient men are unpopular with women? Isn’t there a wonderful saying in your country of slow and steady wins the race? For now, we should take it slowly? Right?」

「I don’t plan on denying it in a roundabout way, but whether you’re there or not at the end is a different matter」

「He, hey……」

「This debt will cost you. You’d better remember it」


It seems Nishino has decided to protect Francesca.

On the other hand, these chain of events appeared to have made the goth loli girl excited. Together with a deep smile, her red eyes dazzlingly sparkle, and she looks at Nishino. That appearance is just like a starving beast.

「You and me, let’s compete to see who is better」

With the girls words, something that isn’t visible flies between the two.

It is the same as what Nishino has once displayed, a whirlwind like supernatural power.

Dozens of them are fired.

Nishino rolls to a table and uses it as a shield against the threats that warp the surroundings. As the two sides clash against each other, kiin kiin, high pitched noises ring out. The majority of these are repelled, and no result comes out of this.

But with his wall having broken a bit, a cut appears on the right side of the futsmen’s neck. A thin layer of skin was cut, and it soon begins bleeding just like his forehead. Wiping this off with his right hand, Nishino gives out his order to Francisca.

「The location is bad. We’re moving outside」

「Moving, bu, but isn’t the exit blocked?」

If they want to head out, then it is necessary to cross the goth loli girl.

She floats by the window. And that in itself blocks the way to the outside. Of course, there are other paths to go outside. However, the other option would cause them to go through an endless corridor. If they were to go at it in a narrow corridor, then it would be more dangerous than the current situation.

「We’re breaking through the front」

「Isn’t that too unreasonable? I, I’m in opposition, I’m opposing」

「I won’t permit any opposition」

Although burnt by the violent fire, Nishino runs while barely managing to raise the dining table. I’ll probably have muscle pains tomorrow, so is the warning from his mind as he takes a step forward. If it was even slightly heavier, then as soon as he lifts it he would immediately begin feeling back pains.

Using the wooden table as a shield, he breaks into a run in the direction of the goth loli girl.

「He, hey, wait!」

With no other choice Francisca moves in order to support.

And like that the two ram into the one who is floating in midair.


The one who was approached was also surprised by this.

A head on collision of two against one.

It’s fortunate that the distance between them wasn’t too much. To think that they would come straight from the front, it was beyond the girls expectations. Pushing forward, they break through the window, and jump out onto the terrace.

A large pool is attached to the suite’s terrace. Dozens of centimeters away from that pool is a dangerously steep cliff, it is a location best used to view the Aegean Sea. A sight that is often shown in tourist pamphlets, and it is also this hotels selling point.

It is here that large pillars of water are formed.

With no exception, they were all thrown into the water.

「This is why I hate men. Violent, unrefined, and you also have an asian face」

The goth loli girl who quickly got out of the pool spoke.

Naturally, water is dripping from her whole body. She is soaking wet. Her long and gorgeous silver hair sticks onto her face and sparkles when shined on by the sun. With both arms and legs lost, that figure is like a ghost in a graveyard.

Just like the disarrayed hair, her clothes are also soaked and it’s volume decreased. All of the frills have shriveled up. Since the cloth is closely stuck to her body, in various meanings the outline of her unfortunate body is exposed in broad daylight. 

By the way, there is no sign of a bra.

「I don’t think you’d be able to say that after seeing Takeuchi-kun from my class」

In much the same way as her, Nishino crawls out of the pool and stands by the poolside. He is also soaked. His bangs cling onto his forehead, and that further emphasized his ordinariness.

If Shimizu saw this, then she may have attached the title of busumen.

To his side, in the same way as him Francsica crawls out on all fours, even now she has an expression that looks as if she would die, and she coughs up a storm. It seems she swallowed some water. The drenched hair sticks on her wet skin, makeup is running off, and her face is covered in snot and tears.

But even then the 25 year old preserves her beauty, she isn’t an unparalleled beauty for nothing.

「Takeuchi-kun? Is it some type of thai food?」

「Takeuchi-kun from my class. In my year he has the reputation of having the best looking face」

「…… Doesn’t matter, I have no interest in asian men」

「If the chance arises then I’ll introduce you. Your assessment towards asian men should change then」

「What an irritating man. Can’t you do something about it?」

Just as her words implied, the goth loli girl spoke with irritation.

And then, there are moments from the violently coughing beautiful woman. Bearing with the  sour taste in her mouth, along with violent breaths, she desperately attempts to straighten herself out. A revival after having crawling on all fours. She then crosses her arms, sticks out her chest, and speaks with her all her energy.

「I’m sorry but, can’t you do something about this!」

「I’m sorry, but how does that have anything to do with this!」

Francisca shows her willpower in a strange place.

A complaint as if to say she comes first.


Drop by drop the water falls from the girls body, and they cause many ripples on top of the pool. Those drops collide on each other and form complex shapes. The sight of the arc they draw as the sun shines on them, is as beautiful as the pure white balcony.

If it were a peaceful time, then it would be a sight that causes hearts to be moved.

However, restricted to this moment, no one had the opportunity to enjoy it.

With rough breaths Francisca questions the girl.

「By the way, there’s something I’d like to confirm」

「What is it?」

「Is my companion fine? We had a promise to link up here, but I’m worried since I don’t see his figure. There were many things I needed to talk with him about」

While talking, she moves to Nishino’s side.

「I minced and flushed him down the toilet. I hate men」

「Is, that so…… it’d be good if it didn’t take long……」

The beautiful woman’s mouth cramps.

Francscia did have some idea, but she did not think he would be poured down a drain. Having been repeatedly reminded of the danger, she takes half a step further, and moves even closer to Nishino.

「If it’s like that, then there’s nothing else to do in this place?」

「…… What are you planning?」

Receiving his partners response, the futsumen indifferently speaks.

「That’s already decided」

His gaze moves from the goth loli girl, to the neighboring room’s balcony. 

「We’re running」


He takes Francsica’s arm and at the same time he runs off as fast as he can. Running past  the pool’s side, their bodies flutter in midair. Across the small fence, is a terrace that belongs to the adjacent hotel.

They fall a distance of about 2 to 3 meters.

And once again they run.

「No, I will not let you escape」

Naturally, their opponent would not allow this.

The location changes to the outdoors, and the chase begins.

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