At a different place, the group of the ikemen and beautiful girls that Takeuchi-kun leads.

After spending a night in a hotel in Athens, they depart from the international airport of Eleftherios Venizelos in an Aegean Airline plane. In a complete change from the long trip from Tokyo to London, it didn’t take long for them to arrive at Santorini Airport.

Because they departed first thing in the morning, their time of arrival was just past ten.

Taking a taxi immediately after leaving the airport, they head for Santorini’s biggest town, Fira. Over there is the location of the hotel they have reservations for the night. For the time being they decided to leave their luggage there.

The group is split in two because of the number of seats available in the taxi.

Takeuchi-kun, Rose, and Shimizu is one group. Suzuki-kun, Matusura-san, and Risa-chan is the other. Suzuki-kun was greatly hesitant with this arrangement. However, due to Rose wanting Shimzu, and Takeuchi-kun wanting Rose, his wishes were denied.

After all Takecuhi-kun’s rank in the caste is higher than Suzuki-kun’s

Some time after departing, they are now advancing through the center of the town.

「Was yesterday okay? You must have been pretty tired」

How many times was this repeated. Takeuchi-kun shows his worry to Rose. Having sat on the passenger, the two girls sat in the rear, and Rose sat behind the driver, thus Takeuchi-kun had to twist his body in order to ask.

「Eeh, I’m fine. But I’ve been troubling Shimizu」

「Really? If you’re feeling bad then don’t be afraid to speak up」

「Thank you. If I really am feeling unwell then I will convey it」

Rose responds with her best smile. That refined behavior is no different from the one in school, and no matter how she is seen she appears as an unparalleled beauty, an elegant lady, a blonde haired lolita who tempts others to protect her.

Today she wears a black one piece.The gloss of the silk accents her pure white skin. The long blonde hair that extends to her waist flutters in response to the movements of her body, Takeuchi-kun who sees this, renews his determination to obtain this for the evening no matter what.

As for Shimizu who sees the exchange between the two, it is a scene she cannot agree to She looks at Rose with a vexed expression. But, even with displeasure filling her chest, when considering her position all she could do was watch on without expressing herself.

「Huh? Could it be that class rep is also feeling bad? It looks like your in pain」

「Eh? Ahh, no, umm, i, it’s fine?」

The class rep quickly puts on a forced smile and smooths over the conversation.

It is true that she is not well, but she did not convey this.

「Is that so? I said it to Rose-chan, but if your in pain then speak up?」

「Eeh, th, thank you, Takeuchi-kun」

「No no, it’s a trip to an unfamiliar place, worrying is only natural」

With Rose nearby, Takeuchi-kun appeals with his favoritism towards the opposite sex. Speaking of which, I still haven’t done the class rep, so is what was on the opposite side of that refreshing smile, the true intention he holds in his heart.

Compared to the flat and hairless loli Rose, Shimizu is plump with a womanly body. In addition to having a large chest for a high schooler, she also has a firm body toned through her swimming club activities, it might be surprisingly amazing when she strips. 

「Let’s take it easy once we arrive at the hotel. Apparently the view over there is the best」

The taxi was already close to the hotel in the urban area. From the window, the many white buildings that line the cliff’s edge can be seen. The accommodations that Takeuchi-kun reserved is also among those. In just six more minutes, they should arrive at their destination.

It is in the middle of that, a thunderous sound suddenly echoes out.

Overwhelming the sound of the automobile, it was the sound of a large explosion.

「Ehh, what is it!?」

Shimizu was the first to raise her voice.

Takeuchi-kun continues.

「In front! The car in front!」

In the direction of their attention, across the windshield, the car ahead was raised up. As if a hurricane is there the car makes a wheelie with its front half floating, and with the roof facing them, it moves to the car that they are currently in.

Like this a collision is inevitable.


With a fast response the driver immediately turns the handle. 

The taxi barely manages to avoid it, and unhesitatingly drives into the sidewalk. From there they advanced about ten meters. And then the hood caves into a traffic sign as the car comes to a painful stop.

As only natural, everyone on the inside are thrust forward at the sudden stop. Rose and Shimizu receive a strong strike on their face and shoulders. Luckily for Takeuchi-kun, because of the seatbelt he was able to avoid the windshield and escape with only a goran.

The most injured one is the driver. Because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, he flew out through the windshield. Whether it’s because the car is old, or perhaps poorly maintained, he flew out while still gripping the handle. 

Not only on the driver’s seat, but the smashed up shards of glass rained down on the passengers as well as the ikemen’s crotch. Because of inertia only a few shards headed for the inside. But no matter how sharp they are, it caused no injuries.

The blown off driver rolled around the passersby, and with a thud he landed on the street. After several seconds of laying flat, between the body and the ground, something red slowly oozed out, and a pool of blood forms.

「Se, seriously……」

Having witnessed these events, Takeuchi-kun had reaffirmed the importance of a seatbelt. From now on, when ever he rides a car he will be sure to use a seatbelt, so he etches deep in his heart. The pain in his shoulder caused by the seat belt, is proof that he is still alive.

「Are you two okay!?」

In great panic Takecuhi-kun pulls it off, and then he turns to the back of the car.

「It would have been dangerous with any more force」

「U, un. It was suprising……」

Rose responds with no agitation whatsoever.

Shimizu responds by curling up.

The former had healed the blow in an instant, and there was already no pain. She isn’t mysterious-chan for nothing. A regenerator according to Nishino. As for the latter, with the parts that were struck in pain, while her brows trembles, she repeatedly strokes her chin and shoulders.

「Rose-chan, are you really alright? It looked painful……」

「Eeh, it’s nothing」


Having left the confused Shimizu alone, Takeuchi-kun directed his worries straight to Rose as his true intent peeks out. Understanding the ikemen’s intent, since he is a person superior to her in the caste, she tightly closed her mouth, and separates the stroking hand from the parts that were in pain.

It doesn’t hurt. It hurts but it doesn’t.

The class rep is a woman with high pride.

「Thank goodness. Then we should quickly get out. It’d be bad if gasoline is leaking」

「That’s true」

Under the ikemen’s guidance, they all exit the taxi onto the road.

Naturally their attention moves to the outside of the car.

And then, a shocking sight immediately entered their vision. More than a dozen cars and bikes are toppled over, and a destructive flame is at the intersection. Since they aren’t form a busy part of the city, they were not sure if such a major accident was some type of normal highway accident. 

Injuries aren’t restricted to only them, many other injuries are also breaking out.

「O, overseas accidents, are really intense even in towns……」

The misunderstanding Shimizu blankly mutters.

On the road, the screams and angry voices of the tourists and locals mix together. An ambulance was called, but because of the toppled cars it can’t get closer, and the clamor in the neighborhood only increases.

It is then, that Rose discovers an unexpected figure in the corner of her vision.


The figure of a person in the gaps between the buildings, there is no way she mistook it.

The figure of the person she cannot help but love.


Her voice incisively came out and her feet moved.

「Wa, wait Rose-chan! Where are you going!?」

The yelling class rep.

But, there was no chance of the blonde haired lolita stopping at that. Breaking into a run she leaves her luggage in the taxi’s trunk. That is not the fabricated behavior used in school, but a serious run. With the crisp movements of her arms she dashes away.

「Wai, Rose-chan’s fast!」

「Eh? What!? Wh, why Rose-chan!」

Not having expected to be left behind, Takeuchi-kun beings running after her.

Shimizu is left alone.

After all, nearby is the injured taxi driver. From his unmoving state, leaving him behind like that,  is not something that she was taught. Ever since entering school her mind was dominated by facial values that correspond to the school caste, however, she still has the minimum morals that were cultivated in her when she was young.

Even as a single parent, it was the achievement of the Father that had raised her until today.

「Heeey, wh, what should I do……」

While mumbling her complaints, the class rep hurries to the fallen driver.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

Where Rose left for after leaving the taxi are the alleys that line the buildings by the coast of Fria. There are no pedestrians. The roads are narrow with very little space between the walls.

A neighborhood with walls, roofs, and everything made white, but even then, in a place where people couldn’t see, concrete with paint peeling off, and littered with spots of grey.

A place fit to be called the hidden side of the tourist attractions.

In a place hidden from view, she peeks at a scene about a dozen meters away.

There are three figures. Nishino, Francisca, and a goth loli girl. They all face each other, and exchange energetic yet dangerous words. For an outsider looking in, it is an extremely dangerous atmosphere.

「If you treasure this woman, then please obey」

「There are no conditions other than your disposal」

Nishino indifferent speaks to the goth loli girl.

Francscia raises a loud complaint to this.

「Ca, can’t you worry even a little bit!? Heey!」

It seems that the girl had caught her.

To the side of the silver haired beautiful girl that floats in midair, being paralysed and unable to properly stand, the blonde haired beautiful woman falls on her large butt. In what is called girls sitting pose(W-Sitting). Her gun had fallen at some point as she is currently unarmed, so escaping on her own would be difficult.

「Francisca, how much would you pay for your own life?」

「Your asking for money in this situation!?」

「Assuring the cooperators safety is outside of the request. Naturally, it will carry a different expense」

「You really are the worst, this asian!」

The blonde haired beautiful woman’s real feelings had reflexively come out.

Without minding those harsh words, Nishino indifferently cracks a joke.

「I don’t mind leaving you behind?」

「I, I’ll pay as much as you want so save me! Please!」

「It’s been a while since I’ve heard such generous words come out of your mouth」

「Just hurry! Hurry up! I can’t move at all!」

「I’d imagine. Quite the pressure is being put on you. The range doesn’t appear to be so far」

「Really, what is this!」

「Have you figured out that much? I, can no longer ignore you」

It was a very easy to understand situation. Thanks to this the blonde haired lolita who watched from the stage side was able to easily grasp it. Having only heard a bit of their back and forth, she understood the position of Nishino and Francisca.

「……Is it a job? But it still is quite the coincidence」

She muttered to no one in particular.

She was already aware since long before the cat and dog relationship that Francsica and Nishino have. It was impossible to think that they were vacationing together.

Nevertheless, to have the one in her heart spending time with another woman, is not something Rose will permit. From her own point of view, the other side had stolen her time. The one who should have originally been by his side was herself, thus her jealousy boils up.

In that case, she must take the lead in this situation. Her consciousness looks for the one responsible. And naturally, her gaze ends up on the goth loli girl. Floating a meter above the ground, an unknown silver haired lolita.

「…… For the time being, that woman is a nuisance. A great nuisance」

Even with her four limbs missing, and the fact that she somehow floats, Rose didn’t think much of it. She was not perturbed whatsoever. Her actions are exceedingly calm. And she devotes herself to understanding the situation.

To her, the only important thing is her time spent with Nsihino.

「I just want to avoid being a hinderance to him……」

As for Takecuhi-kun who chased after her, it seems he lost sight of her en route. Even as the center forward of the soccer club, the ikemen couldn’t keep up with the overwhelming speed of the small blonde haired lolita. If she felt like it she could run a hundred meters in two seconds.

「…… It may be fortunate that there are no bystanders」

Because of the large scale accident that broke out in the intersection, most of the people in the area had gathered over there. Thanks to that other than the three of them, four with Rose, there are no other presences in the area. There is no need to mention the cause of the accident, it is because of the chase between Nishino and the goth loli girl.

More precisely, it was the balls of fires that the girl shot out.


Searching for the best timing to enter the stage, Rose concentrates on the exchange between the three. Neither the gaze with feigned innocence she has in school, or the one when playing around with Nishino, or even the one during her jobs, the degree of seriousness in this was on a different level. The gaze of a maiden in love.

And the conversation continues while in front of that gaze

「Now that you mention it I didn’t confirm it, what’s your goal?」

Although this late in, Nishino asks the goth loli girl.

「And what would you do if you know?」

「Avoid a pointless battle? That blonde woman you took, holds a troubling background. If she is affected, then it may become harder to move later on」

「Th, that’s right?  I won’t say anything bad so please let me go? And it won’t do you any good to be associated with Amerigo anymore than this? There are a lot of people other than me that can move. It’s only a matter of time before he’s captured」

With desperate movements Francsica barely manages to turn her head a bit.

However, their appeal did not reach the other side.

The silver haired lolita gazes at Nishino, and slowly returns her words.

「If I’m forced to say, then the current me wants to break you. Completely crush」

「…… Break me? What a worthless joke」

「Your existence is dangerous. I cannot allow anyone who knows of my strength to do as they please」

A wind blows from the gaps in the buildings. The girls long silver hair flutters from front to back. Her bangs flow to the sides, with a smile she narrows her eyes, those bright red eyes begin to sparkle, and she gazes at the futsumen as if to eat him.

A wind blows from the gaps in the buildings. The girls long silver hair flutters from front to back. Her bangs flow to the sides, with a smile she narrows her eyes, those bright red eyes begin to sparkle, and she gazes at the futsumen as if to eat him.

In contrast to Nishino’s few words, Francisca speaks out in surprise.

Once again in a state of panic, she asked the girl.


The one who was asked puts some thought into it.

Soon enough, she raises her voice as if recalling something.

「Aah, do you mean that ugly pig?」

「I don’t know if it’s a pig or cattle, but isn’t that why you’re here?」

The owner of the name that was brought up, is Nishino’s murderer target for this case. Before him, numerous people have died while aiming for his neck. Whether or not the reason for that is the girl before them, Francisca is already believing that.

「If it’s about him then he is already dead」


But, that is now a thing of the past.

Those words, were a conclusion beyond the two’s expectations.

「We did move together for a while, but I killed him the day before yesterday」

「Wh, why?」

「In the end, he was awfully revolting」

「Was their discord? Did you not receive a job from him?」

「He felt my bottom. He stroked it. Protecting that is impossible」

「…… I, I see」


The girl answers with a grimace. From her way of speaking, she was disgusted at having her bottom felt. It may be that she is bad with young men, so is what the futusmen’s stalker at the side of the stage Rose felt.

「But, even then didn’t you accept a job? If this matter leaks out to others, then obtaining any other jobs would become difficult? Do you want to be ostracised? If done poorly, then you might be the one aimed for next time?」

「It’s not, like a particularly care about jobs. If you want to say it then please, go ahead」

「Y, you……」

To ignore a job and kill the person for simply touching her bottom. Francisca lost her words. Already having her bodies freedom stolen, and understanding that her opponent’s mental state isn’t normal, her expression stiffens even further.

On the other hand, it is Nishino that points out the girls way of doing things.

「Well aren’t you quite the free woman. Enough to make me jealous」

「Free? It’s because he touched my skin, I believe that was the appropriate response」

「You don’t plan on denying it. But, I believe that this type of person isn’t one to live long. Whether naturally, through drugs, or even torture. At any rate you aren’t a respectable human」

「To capture such an adorable woman, and to say I’m not respectable, you are a terrible person」

「Unfortunately, I have no experience of touching a woman like you, and I don’t have those special taste」

「Even with this body, there is actually quite the demand. So they do exist」

「I can’t understand the people who’d purchase that」


No matter the time Nishino goes at his own pace.

Thank to their exchange, Francisca who looked on felt uneasy. Like a bottle that had been taken out of a refrigerator, her head is covered in a cold sweat, and it looked as if she would faint at any moment.

But, in terms of going at their own pace, the goth loli girl wouldn’t lose out.

「And for you who says that, do you have any experience with the opposite sex?」


The silver haired lolita suddenly asked in a casual tone.

It is then that the futsmen realizes.

It seems that she is quite talkative.

「Is it true, that an asian woman’s hole is shallower than ours in order to match an asian man? I’ve thought of embracing one at least once, but the chance never came, and continued passing like that」

It seems that she is capable of dirt jokes. At a glance, her outer appearance and behavior is that of a lady that belongs to a respectable house, so the out of place feeling is tremendous. It is a type of woman that he had never been around before.

Thanks to that the virgin was caught in an unforeseen dilemma.

The shalloness or deepness of a woman’s hole is uncharted territory.. To begin with, it isn’t something that he had ever thought of. Although there were images on the net, he never actually had the experience of seeing the real thing. And since today is the first time he heard that, he took on a new point of view on women’s bodies.

「Whether the hole is deep or shallow, I don’t mind either one」

He did not tell a lie.

But, his son wants the womb of a gentle asian.

「Ara, is that so」


「So only the sex is important? Your experience must be few」

「Is it better if there’s more?」

Rather than a few it was zero, but he feigned innocence and spoke arrogantly. A shameless virgin.

It’s because of that, having received most of the conversation, that she was able to understand her opponents shallowness.  And the girl’s glee grows as she continues.

「I have a lot? The number of my unique accesses is more than two digits」

「You can only boast of that while young」

Not to mention counting the number of unique accesses, the number on his page would be zero and he becomes a bit vexed. With the progress presented to him, the futsumen was forced to think of it.

「Do you want to do it?」

「I’ll refrain. Your nature is bad and I might even get a disease」

With all his effort, he acts as if it’s nothing.

And that excuse that came from his mouth, was the last trigger.

「Fufufu, but I’m homosexual, so if I do it then it will be with this aunt over here」

The floating body of the girl moves.

She closes in on Francisca at a distance where there shoulders can touch. As if to prove it, the goth loli girl begins creeping her tongue on the other cheek. Using the whole area, the viscous tongue relentlessly moves up and down.

What peeks out through her mouth is a strangely long, and forked tongue with a split several centimeters deel. Being split into right and left, they each take on their own movements, and it crawls around her cheek like a slug. The color is also more red when compared to the average person.

The cause of her strange pronunciation, must be because of this split tongue.

「Hii, wh, what’s, with this child……」

Unable to move while being licked, Francsica’s face contorted in fear and disgust. She desperately tries to move her eyes in order to confirm what is crawling on her cheek.  But for the one being licked, it is difficult to confirm with the split tongue.

「I’ll make sure to treat you with plenty of love this evening. I will love you」

「No way! Definitely no way!  No way no way no way!」

「You’ll match with me, I’ll hang on the wall, and enjoy you until maggots being sprouting」

「What do you mean hang!? What is that!?」

While looking at the cross section of the girls arm that was missing, tears began welling up from the corner of Francisca’s eyes. It’s been about ten minutes since she was caught by that mysterious invisible force. Coupled with the opponents appearance, it was not long before she reached the limits of her endurance.

Her attention naturally moves to the futsumen.

「Sa, save me, I beg you, please, save me? Please?」

「To get wrapped up in this mess, you’re still far off from that promotion」

Francscia’s usual tough demeanor had fallen, and in place a miserable state was exposed. Feeling what could be maggots crawling on her cheeks, she convulsed from the mental strain she is experiencing.

「I’ll make sure to properly teach you, so that you will never take a man’s thing again. So that our tongues can match, I’ll properly divide it to the root. With it, there were many children who were unable to bear having their clitoris played with 」

At the same time, the split tongue enters both of her nostrils.


Receiving an unknown sensation, bumps rise on Francisca’s skin.

Gazing at the figure of the two messing around, Nishino judged that gaining anymore real information after this would be difficult. At that time he had more or less understood the girls disposition, and he takes a step forward.

If it takes any longer and someone happens to see this, then that would also be troublesome.

「I’ve already received a request from that woman. Sorry but I’ll have you return her」

「Do you plan to get in my way?」

「Is the reason you chased us, because of that woman? Didn’t you say you wanted to break me, or is there some other reason?」

「I’ll dipose of you, and rape this aunt. Seeing that slovenly face, stimulates me for some reason. It’s a heart rending sensation」

「What a refreshingly free woman you are」

The goth loli girl’s free spiritedness is no less than Nishino’s.

Once more, tension runs between the two.

Along with removing her tongue from Francisca, the girl moves several meters back, and again faces the futsumen. Taking several steps towards him, she faces straight forward in order to settle it. It seems she really did come to take that aunt.

And this timing, was the perfect chance for Rose.


The instant they both put their guard up, she throws her body into the turmoil.

From a building positioned behind the girl, she jumps out, and secures Francisca. Embracing her with both hands wrapped around her arms,  in an instant the two move to Nishino’s side.

And at that same time, Nishino who had taken out a gun, fires it in random directions. Pan pan the sound echoes in the back streets. Because they are encircled by large concrete buildings, the sound was louder than usual.

With the assistance of Rose’s body that is different from humans, the situation was decided in several seconds.


The silver haired lolita makes a dumbfounded expression at the unexpected events.

On the other hand, while looking at his ally with a grimace, the futsumen makes some frivolous conversation.

「You finally came out」

「Ara, you realized? Nishino-kun」

「If I didn’t, then you wouldn’t have been able to recover Francisca so easily?」

「What do you mean?」

「The opportunity to split you in two was missed. I’ve done something regrettable」


In response to his mutter, a change appeared in Rose’s neck. A small piece of skin breaks off, and something red begins flowing out. The wound is not so deep. Only to the degree of about 4 millimeters. But with the response of the regernating body, the cut section soon began closing up.

But, the blood that had fallen does not return, and the collar of her clothes is dyed red.

「There’s no need to understand it. But if you want to die, then I won’t stop it next time」

「….. I, is that so」

The girl had launched her invisible power in an instant, and the shots fired in strange directions was because of that. Rose who was trying to be helpful had been protected by Nishino.

What the bullets hit, were the invisible blades that the silver haired lolita had fired.

The ones who properly understand the situation, are only him and the goth loli girl.

But even then, Rose at least understood that the actions she had conducted were equivalent to suicide.

「I don’t really understand, but would it be fine if I give my thanks?」

「I don’t particularly mind. This was also somewhat advantageous for me」

In an unusual sight, the fustumen meekly receives the blonde haried lolita’s words.

Although in an antagonistic relationship, he judged that cooperating together would be for the best. And with a blunt attitude he shows his acceptance of Rose.

For Nishino to recover Francisca. For Rose to get gratitude from Nishino, and appeal her cool side. Each of their objectives differed, but the goal is the same.

「Take Francisca and escape」

「What will Nishino-kun do?」

「Deal with this woman」

「…… Okay」

Nishino answers without even giving Rose a glance.

That gaze completely focused on the goth loli girl and had no intention to move. And while the flames of jealousy burned at his behavior, Rose obediently accepts. She decided, that in this place she would support Nishino, and improve their relationship.

「Hurry up」


While holding Francisca, she quickly withdrawals. That figure becomes hidden in the buildings, and soon disappears from sight. She wasn’t able to leave Takeuchi-kun behind for nothing. Carrying a single person is not a big deal for her.

「…… There’s something I’d like to confirm」

The silver haired lolita mutters while looking at the blonde haired lolita that ran off.


「Was that child just now your girlfriend?」

「As if? We wouldn’t match」

Recalling the complaint Shimizu had once spoken, the futsumen talks down on himself. It seems, that he truly is ignoring Rose. His state of speaking seems to be overflowing with composure. To him, she is in a position where he does not even recognize her as the opposite sex. 

「Is that so……」

「Caught your interest?」

「Yes, I am very interested. You could say it’s love at first sight」

「Are you fine leaving the aunt?」

「It was very fortunate that I took this job. Yes, very fortunate. I was able to have a wonderful encounter. That gallant profile, I have always been looking for it. Her voice is also pretty. From her toes to the top of her head, there is no fault in her」

Her honest desire is shown off as she speaks in rapture.

「Still, you can’t make that into your companion」

「What are you saying? To steal those beautiful limbs, you have such cruel thoughts. You, are a fiend. I will never permit such a thing. But, I want to do cunninglingus. Forever and ever, licking and licking and licking」

「…… Is that so」

From the moment they met, the goth loli girl’s actions were unreadable.

Nishino was also stumped at this. 

「I’ve lost the urge to play with you. This is an emergency」

「You think I’d let you escape?」

「I hate men. And I hate men who can respond to my strength even more」

It seems that she had truly lost all interest in Nishino.

「Then I’ll be excusing myself」

With a curt mutter, that body soars high in the sky.

The goth loli’s skirt and frills violently flutter at the sudden rise. The sound of the wind being cut is heard, and she rises to the sky with a fearsome force.

In no time at all she had passed Nishino’s range.


Like this there was nothing for the futsumen to do.

Eventually, her figure became hard to see, until it becomes a speck in the sky.

He figured she escaped in order to reorganize her situation.

「…… Got away huh」

Putting down his gun, he abandons the girl’s pursuit.

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