After parting with the goth loli girl, Nishino uses his phone to get in contact with Francisca in order to meet up. It seems the two of them had obtained a neighboring hotel for the night. With instructions over the phone it only took several minutes of walking. Without getting lost, he reaches his destination.

One of Fira’s many white walled hotels.

Furthermore, by some strange coincidence, this is the same hotel that Takeuchi-kun reserved.

But, there is a large difference in the grade of the rooms.

Even with his parents being doctors, including the plane tickets of the six classmates, it was already too luxurious. It is one thing if it was a family vacation, but as a graduation trip with friends, there was no need to secure a suite.

In comparison, Francisca who has a powerful behind the scenes sponsor, with the help of her superior, they ended up going for the best. Rather, it’s a sensible option, as staying in a better room would secure their safety and allow them to continue their business.  

As a result, the highest class room that happened to be open was allotted to them.

Like the other hotels, the room is 300 meters above sea level, and it overlooks the Aegean Sea across the steep cliff. The rooms walls and ceiling are white, and across the window is an outdoor pool with a lounge. A space of about 200 square meters. Half of that is used by the living and dining room, 50 are used for the bedrooms, and the rest is used on the shower rooms and bathrooms.

They all now meet on the living room sofas. The three of them face each other. On one side, is Nishino with Francisca to his side. On the opposite side is Rose sitting by herself.

The subject that was brought up, is about what had happened after Rose escaped.

「Eh? Then she got away?」

「My bad. She was faster at escaping then I expected」

「That response is unlike you?」

Compared to Nishino’s indifferent words, irony flies out of Francisca.

Having her cheek licked everywhere must have affected her.

「Don’t worry. While that is true, she probably won’t aim for your crotch」

「What do you mean?」

「Apparently she hates mature women」

Putting on cynical airs, the futsumen moves his gaze from Francisca to Rose.

「…… Me?」

Being faced head on by her loved one, the blonde haried lolita’s chest thorbs.

「Take care when moving at night」

「Ara, are you worrying about me?」


As always he treated Rose harshly. The arrangement of the sofas as well, that reflected their distance. Faced with the two of them having sat down beforehand, his rebellious heart chose to sit next to Francisca.

Nishino’s gaze quickly returns, and he asks his partner in this job.

「By the way, what happens to the request in this situation? The objective was already achieved」

「In regards to that, I left it to the investigators. In the case that what that woman said is true, then your job will end. In regards to the payment you will get the full amount according to the contract. Aah, that will also include the protection from last night」


「By the way, why is Rose-chan in Santorini? I’m much more concerned about you than myself. It can’t be that you latched onto someone else could it?  Do you think I’d let you get a job from someone other than me?」

「I’m on a trip with my classmates? I’d like it if you don’t get strangely suspicious」

「Aran? It’s surprising that you have friends you get along so well with」

「According to the original plans, Nishino-kun should have come along, but he was stolen by a certain aunt with a smelly crotch. Really, women who can’t read the atmosphere are unpleasant」

Normally that should be a complaint that she would never let out before Nishino, however, the fact that it leaked out, only shows how much she looked forward to her time with him. Immediately after the trip was decided, she put dozens of hours into her preparations.

The clothes she is currently wearing as well, the black one piece was chosen by analyzing even the finer details of Nishino’s taste.

Her image is elegant, innocent, and clean.

Receiving that person maliciousness caused Rose to desperately maintain herself.

「Fuun? Well, your school life is not important」

「Then please don’t ask」

「If you’re going to fight then I’ll go somewhere else?」

Being to the side of the two noisy woman, Nishino goes to stand from his seat.

In a panic Francisca hurriedly corrects the subject.

「Wh, what about my guard?」

「You probably won’t be attacked. Even if you are, like I said before, it would be for that woman. Go and enjoy your vacation without a worry. Isn’t this the best location to fish for men?」

「Can I really believe in that?」

「Isn’t it over for people who can’t be trusted by their companions?」

「……You’re really saying companion from that mouth」

「Francisca, I will also stay here for the night. If the enemy is aiming for me, then staying in an ordinary inn would be a big risk」

「Fine then, do as you like」

「Then, I’ll go and get some inn around here」

With a short mutter, Nishino gets up from the sofa and beings walking.

His direction is the room’s entrance.


For an instant, Rose let out an extremely befuddled expression.

「What? Did you really think he’d stay in the same room with me?」

This good for nothing virgin has built up resentment towards Francisca over the years. Through the numerous times that she had invited him in the past, the futsumen has never accepted. It is for that reason, that she has suspicions at the possiblity that he is gay.

「No, it, it’s nothing? Of course that would happen? Eeh」

Because of that Rose was now at a loss.

But, for only this time were the heavens her ally.

It came from the vibrating phone in Francisca’s pocket.

「Excuse me……」

After a short notice, she answers the call. Getting off the sofa, she takes her moves to the living room window with a view of the terrace’s pool. Nine or eight out of ten times it would be a call from a work companion, Nishino and Rose both expected that.

Just as the futsumen was in front of the entrance, he decided to wait for the call to end. He considered that their might have been a change in the situation. Saying nothing ,he turns around and gazes at Francisca who is still on the line.

「I see, you confirmed it. Eeh…… eeh, is it fine? I’ll leave it to you」

「I see, you confirmed it. Eeh…… eeh, is it fine? Please」

While gazing at the Aegean Sea across the window, the beautiful blonde haired woman continues.

From the view of the other two, it made for a lovely scene.

「I understand. Eeh, then, this matter is settled. Eeh, I’ll leave it to that side, please deal with it appropriately. I plan to return and clean up on this side」

With the commotion that now gone, only her indifferent words echo in the room. Is it because of the one on the other side, or perhaps some other reason. Compared to the tone used with Nishino and Rose, this one is somewhat stiffer. 

But, with those indifferent words, in the next instant, her tone becomes a little higher.

「Eh? A lost japanese child?」

Something unexpected came in.

It seems like something unexpected was heard.

Hearing those words, Nishino shows considerable interest. The key word is Japanese. As his brows twitches, Rose who is sitting on the sofa spots this, and she indirectly asks.

「Did something happen?」

「Who knows. If you’re interested then confirm it later」

「Eeh, that’s right. I’ll do so」

The way in which she answers the futsumen is terribly cold.

But, those ears of hers carefully follow after Francisca’s voice.

「……Eeh. Now that you mention it, a Japanese acquaintance of mine has also just come」

A glance, Francisca’s gaze moved to Nishino. Perhaps, the situation being discussed over the phone is something related to them. Another troublesome job, so his posture conveyed.

「Please wait a moment. Eeh, I’ll confirm it」

Putting the call on hold, the aunt with the smelly crotch asks Nishino and Rose.

「About the name of Rose-chan’s friend, could it by chance be Shimizu?」

「…… Why do you know that?」

A person who she had been increasingly coming in contact with this month. In the past there were countless times where she had interrupted her fellowship with the futsumen, and the blonde haired lolita’s expression becomes grim. As if thinking, what happened this time. But, that only lasted for an instant.

「Apperantly she’s in the custody of the police. How about going to get her?」


「Francisca, what do you mean?」

Not Only Rose, but Nishino also makes a foolish face.

Unable to understand what was happening, the two could only return a question.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

While Nishino and the others were relaxing at the suite, in that very same Santorini island, at a loss in the forign country that she couldn’t communicate well in, Shimizu found herself in a police station.  Three hours passed since she was first restrained there.

「…… Really, this is the worst. This trip」

Some time passed since noon. 

It all started from a trifling good will. After being engulfed in the traffic accident at the crossing, in order to help the taxi driver she got in contact with the police and emergency workers, and without knowing left from right she was asked to accompany them, and in the end she was dragged all over the island.

In addition to terribly fast and mispronounced english, she has also encountered Greek. Naturally, most of it was impossible to understand, and trying to come up with a simple answer was difficult. As a result of conveying her wishes through her broken english and body language, she arrived at where she now is.

Beginning from a hospital in Fira near the traffic accident, to the Karterados police station, for some reason, she was handed to an urban government official, and finally, in the Oia police station to the far north, she reached her current location.


In what she though is the waiting room, she sits on a folding chair and continues to wait. Greeks are said to be lazy. As if to fit that, the process that had occurred ended up like this. The police officer that had brought her here, had already left to somewhere else.

Most of the younger Greeks are outdoors, and what’s left are older Greek police officers who are not willing to speak english. Having recently gotten a 500 on the TOEIC, it would be difficult for Shimizu to establish mutual communication.

「Maybe I should just leave……」

She had already attempted to talk with the passing police officers a number of times. However, she was not able to sufficiently communicate her intent in english. Thus with her failures piling on, no matter what she tried to say afterwards, they wave their hands as if to say wait a moment.

「But, it’d be bad if it becomes a problem later, there’s a chance that I won’t be able to take the plane home if it goes badly. Rather, I don’t even know where I am, if I leave, I don’t even know where the hotel is」

The fed up Shimizu’s heart and bottom began to hurt.

「Aahh, what do I do. Honestly, I want to go back to Japan……」

A monologue she has been repeating since half an hour ago.

Her limit is soon approaching.

「And the smartphone I just bought broke……」

Taking out the phone from her skirt pocket, she lets out a sigh.

No matter which button she pressed, no response came. It must have hit something during the traffic accident and broke. She tried readjusting the battery, lightly hitting it, but even after exhausting many options, nothing happened.

「…… I want to cry…… Rather, I’ll cry, I’m gonna cry」

In just half a day in a foreign country, Shimizu who’s selling point is her strong heart and liveliness, is now on the verge of crying.

Her stomach is also empty. The last meal she had was around 6am. And that was early in the morning, furthermore, while together with Takeuchi-kun in the buffet, she did not eat much appeal her charm. I should have eaten more bread and meat, she thought but it was already too late.

「My stomach’s empty……」

Since exercising is her hobby, she has a good metabolism and is in fact a big glutton.

At the same time as she muttered, the one who responded to her complaint, was the sound of her stomach. She had already lost the willpower to think of it as embarrassing. With her elbows on her thighs, she curls her back, and lowers her head like a boxer. Her gaze points at the floor.

「Ahhh, I want to go home. I want to go hooome」

At last the number of monologues began to increase.

It was at that time.

「Ara, you really are here」

What is suddenly delivered, is a voice that she has needlessly become familiar with in these past few days.

What is suddenly delivered, is a voice that she had needlessly became familiar with in these past few days.

「…… Ehh?」

The class rep raises her head at once. And a few meters from the wall she sat by, two faces she recognizes appear near the entrance, furthermore, there is also one unknown face. They all stand while looking at Shimizu.

Rose, Nishino, and Francisca who is a step behind them.

「It looks like it was right」

Nishino continued after Rose.

「With this I’ve got Rose-chan in my debt」

「Wait. Why has the debt been passed to me?」

「Well, it’s your school friend isn’t it? If I wasn’t contacted, then it’s likely that this child would have been stuck here at a loss until dark? Take a look, even now she has a face that looks like it will cry」

The three walk up to Shimizu while talking with each other.

When the class rep sees the figure of Nsihino, her eyes go wide. She learned that he left Japan through Rose, but for him to be in Santorini just like them, is something she did not consider.

As the three step up, she gets up from her seat and opens her mouth.

「Wh, why is NIshino-kun……」

「Me being here is a coincidence」

His tone is the same indifferent one as always.

On the other hand the surprised Shimizu acted unnatural.

「No matter how you see it isn’t it weird!? What do you mean coincidence!」

Because of the long wait, or because of her empty stomach, the class rep takes a step forward, and glares at Nishino as if to challenge him. She is in a very bad mood. It seems that the build up resentment is being directed to the futsumen.

「Don’t yell like that. You will ruin that cute face that you bothered to set up」

「Ha, haaa? Hey, are you looking down on me!?」

Receiving that same as always attitude of Nishino, she tightens her fist. With her back put into it, she is ready to swing her right at this very moment. The stress that built up from those several hours, swelled up to the point that she had to hit something.

But, Rose would not let that slide.

Because Nishino praised Shimizu’s face, the blonde haired lolita immediately fell into a bad mood. She tries her best to not show this on her face, but her brows and cheeks twitched as she began to tremble.

Naturally she also opens her mouth.

「The one who is looking down on others is you isn’t it? If Nishino-kun wasn’t here, then you would have been confined here until dark? It couldn’t be that you yelled without understanding that could it?」

If Nishino hadn’t visited the island, then the accident that started it all may not have happened, but whether the egg or the chicken came before the other, answering that is difficult. However, for Shimizu who didn’t understand the finer details, is was a very effective comeback.


Because of that she is able to regain some of her calm.

It is true that she was in a state of hopelessness by herself, and that anger was the result. With the unending solitude she was feeling until now, the true feelings she couldn’t hide was the relief at the sight of recognizable faces. As a result it became a situation that she took advantage of.

Even if that was the most hated boy in the class, or the girl she hated the most in her school year. In trash she wished it was Takeuchi-kun who came. But after understanding the root of her anger, Shimizu calms down a little.

「……It, it doesn’t really matter. Wherever Nishino goes」

But, this time she was far too relaxed. 

「That’s right, things that aren’t related to you are…….」


In response to that mutter, the class rep’s stomach made a loud noise.


Having one misfortune after the other, this is its true meaning.

As a girl of marriageable age, her face went red in shame.

Angry then embarrassed, what a hectic woman she is.

「Ara, to let your stomach rumble in front of others, you are quite the unrefined woman」

「Let’s go get a meal already. I’m also hungry」

「What a splendid proposal. As expected of Nishino-kun」

Rose does not hide the difference in treatment towards Shimizu and Nishino. In regards to the futsumen’s declaration for lunch, the blonde haired lolita consents in an exaggerated manner, and acts as if her own stomach is empty and rubs it.

On the other hand, the futsumen completely ignores her and walks away. He moves to the neighboring room that is separated by a thin wall. His destination is a steel desk with a police officer doing paperwork. He walks up to it, and begins speaking.

In order to take Shimizu.

While looking at his exchange with the public worker, Francisca asks in a casual tone.

「Does Rose-chan not have a good relationship with him?」

「That may have been so before」


「Because of this woman’s interference, now he won’t even take me into consideration」

Rose answers with a glance at Shimizu.

「Ara, is that so?」

Being treated as this woman made Shimizu want to say something. But, with one side being an unknown beautiful blonde haired woman, she could only swallow her complaints. Since it could be said that Francisca’s appearance is her ideal, she lost the nerve to speak up.

If evaluated by the school caste, then she would be in a position no less than Rose.

Nevertheless, it is as if the person herself does not realize the feelings of respect the class rep holds. But after a moment of absent-mindedness, a large smile rises up on her. As if payback for before, she looks at the blonde haired lolita, and grins in a pleasant manner.

「…… Why do you look so happy?」

「No? It’s nothing?」

「Sorry but, if you think of something strange, then I will kill you?」

「Something strange? It’s not like it’s something that would kill you? But, it’s just that something good happened. I, love Rose-chan’s frustrated face. Hey, what are you feeling right now? 」

The aunt with the smelly crotch was in joy at the fact that Rose had fallen to the same place as her.

Although her appearance is beautiful, she is in fact rather petty.

「As always, you’re a woman with a bad personality」

「Is that so? It’s only because it’s Rose-chan」

Neither Francisca or Rose are better than the other.  Although they have been acquainted for long, they are by no means friendly. They are ready to throw down the other with no hesitation if an opening appears, and those inner workings peek out from that exchange.

「Umm, Ro, Rose-san, that person……」

With an unfamiliar beautiful blonde haired woman before her, Shimzu timidly asks.

Although Shimizu is in an upper position of the school caste, when next to Francisca she looked like a woman from the countryside. Asian’s and westerners. With an overwhelming gap in appearance, she asked while shriveling up.

「This? It should be fine to leave it alone」

「Hey, aren’t you also the same」

「There’s no need for someone to look after me and him」

「Eh? Can it be…… that’s, Rose-san’s Mother?」

The surprised Shimizu.

And in that instant, the blonde parent and child make an expression as if they swallowed a bitter bug.

「Please spare me from that. The thought of being this woman’s child is nauseating」

「Such an uncute child, I’d like to decline」

As a complete stranger, and from only hearing some of their conversation, it should not be possible for Shimizu to see the relationship between the two. With her question being completely off the mark, questions continue welling up as to who these people are.

And so, the conversation continues without her.

At some point, Nishino returns with the police officer.

Who followed after him is a Greek man in uniform.

Age is in the late forties. With dyed dark brown hair and eyes of the same color, he had the appearance of a native. Eyes naturally go to the face filled with fat, the stomach that sticks out, and the distinct wrinkles formed on the uniform. Along with the bald head that extends from his forehead to his top, his appearance is that of a seedy middle-aged man.

「Oi, Francisca. Explain the situation. It’s no good if it’s me」

Walking to where everyone is,  he passes the baton to the aunt with the smelly crotch.

It seems that it is impossible for the futsumen. What meets the eye is an asian in his teens, an appearance unbefitting for negotiation. In comparison, not only is Francisca a mature adult, but she is also a caucasian from America. Furthermore, that bosom holds a large influence. These points are stronger than anyone else.

「Fufufu, as expected from【Normal】」

「Just finished the procedures already」

With Francisca’s words, he lets the beautiful blonde haired woman explain the situation to the police officer. Being urged on, she parts from Rose and heads to the middle-aged man.

The police officers gaze moved to her chest, butt, and crotch. That viscous gaze unrelentingly takes in the body lines exposed by the rider suit, here and there, here and there it fully caress her.


Confirming that fact, the aunt with the smelly crotch gives a sidelong glance to Nishino in a boastful manner.

How about it, how about that, this is me? She is proud of her own body. However, the futsumen’s attention had already moved from her to the class rep. Francisca was out of his vision. Naturally, no reaction was returned.

「Can you hurry and finish the procedures? Aunt」

Rose speaks with a self-satisfied look at the vexed beautiful blonde haired woman.

In a complete change anger rises on Francsica’s face.

「I, I  know! Rather, I don’t want you saying that!」

And so, just like when Nishino spoke Greek with the police officer, the beautiful blonde haired woman who was given the conversation also speaks in Greek, and Rose with her quip also spoke Greek. The police officers who are present go without saying.

With such a natural flow in front of her, Shimizu’s eyes go wide.

At the end of her view is the futsumen’s figure.

「eh…… Nishino-kun, could it be that you’re fluent in English?」


From Shimizu’s questions, the fluent fellow questioningly tilts his head.

The one who answer in his place is Rose.

「That wasn’t English just now but Greek, you, so it’s finally not just your head but also your ears that are broken? How useless」

「Eh, no way……」

An important law inside of Shimizu is disturbed. The law that futsumen could not speak foreign languages is crumbling. To the one she had one sidedly looked down on, he is an existence far superior to her in the area that she is most proud of. That fact landed a large blow on her.

「Wh, why can someone like Nishino!?」

Because of that her true thoughts leaked out.

And it leaked in front of the person himself.

Rose immediately snapped.

「……If you say any more odd things, I’ll pull out your tongue?」

Taking one step forward, so that Nishino cannot hear, she whispers in her ear.

The corner of her eyes are sharply raised, and those eyes are filled with a dazzling radiance. One that says it can truly kill, a gaze filled with killing intent. The wrinkles reach up to the end of her nose. An expression only possible because her back is turned to Nishino. 


「Class rep, what’s wrong?」

Nishino asked that question only because he did not see her expression.

From his position, he could not confirm Rose’s expression.

「Eh, ah…… i, it’s ,nothing, nothing…… it’s nothing…….」

「Is that so?」

Because of that Shimizu’s pride was torn to pieces.

The specialty she can boast of was crushed, and on top of that she was put to shame by the style of the beautiful blonde haired woman. It wouldn’t be much from the beautiful woman. However, the other one is in the lowest position of the school caste, and the most hated person in the class.

Shimizu’s important sense of values, were easily destroyed.

「…… I’m kind of tired」

What comes out of her mouth, is a foolish excuse.

The class rep gave up after thinking about it.

「Then we can have our meal delivered to the hotel room」

Not knowing of her inner feelings, Nishino who showed his consideration was the same as usual.

Thanks to that, Shimizu was in a miserable state.

「N, no, you don’t have to worry about me」

「Wearines gained on a trip, is usually more than a person thinks it is. There should at least be some jet-lag」

As for the one who said that, he has had no sleep since yesterday. However, because of the strong mental he can boast of, without letting out his own situation, he brazenly speaks. He must be thinking that now is the place to act cool.

It’s then that Francisca returns after having finished the negotiations.

「That child, it’s fine to take her back」

What was spoken was fluent Japanese.

It must have been in consideration of Shimizu.

「Aah, okay」

「With this did I also get【Normal】in debt?」

「If it’s about that then were even with saving you」

「Ara? This girl is quite valuable. I’ve heard something good」

On the other hand, there is no change in Nishino’s sharp gaze.

「If you think of something strange, then I won’t mind dealing with you right here?」

「I, I get it, it’s a joke, of course it’s a joke!」

「No matter how many times you say them, your jokes are uninteresting. Francisca」

「I’m of the same sentiment on that」

「Yes yes, being uninteresting is fine. Then let’s go to the hotel and have some lunch. I’ve also been going since morning, I’m hungry and my legs are heavy. It’s fine already, so let’s take a breather somewhere?」

Having successfully recovered Shimizu, they all leave the police station. 

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