While Tarousuke was being captured by the thugs and exposing his unsightly figure in front of the group of boys and girls, in that same town of Fira, is the figure of a pained boy. A futsumen among futsumen that Tsunuma High School can boast of, the cynical bastard who dropped to the bottom of the school caste at a terrifying speed, Nishino Gokyou.

「Is there some place you want to go to class rep?」

「Not really……」

「Not really……」

「Is that so」

Right now, he is straddling his bike.

While comfortably sitting on one of the spacious tandem seats, Shimizu sits on the other. Since he is the driver, she take as much distance as possible from him and brings her back close to the sissy bar. But, since she is scared of falling, her hands squeeze tight enough to cause pain onto the futsumen’s shoulders.

So is the happy and embarrassing ride of the two.

「In the first place, why does Nishino-kun have a license? This is a Harley isn’t it? If my knowledge is right, then it should be a larger type bike. We shouldn’t be able to get a license for them at our age」

Although a girl Shimizu was well informed on bikes. The reason is her father rode bikes. Just as she pointed out, to get a license for the super large 400cc Harley, one of the conditions for that, is that if you are not at least 18 then you will be arrested.

「Certainly I don’t have one in Japan. But I got a license in America」

「What’s with that……」

「While large and medium classification exists in Japan, overseas many are put into one. And if it’s in the countryside like this, then they’ll avert their eyes to some illegal things. As proof, we’re not wearing helmets right?」

「Th, that’s not what I mean!」

「And if it’s about owning a license, then the person next to us is the same」

「That’s…… th, that might be so but……」

In the direction Nishino pointed with his chin, is the figure of Rose straddling the Megasports that is not much different from the Harley. It is the vehicle Francisca rode. Compared to the giant frame of the vehicle, the body that is far too small on it is terribly unfitting.

Speaking of the person who was pointed out, while moving besides them she is in suspense at their state.

While gripping on the handles, and directing her attention forward, the blonde haired lolita does not stop sending glances do not stop. Every few seconds, she directs her bloodshot eyes to Nishino and Shimizu.

「……Why, why is that pig woman riding together with him」

In a volume that Nishino and Shimizu could not hear, she lets out a complaint.

It seems she is jealous of the class rep. By all rights, that should be my spot, and she selfishly holds her jealousy in, but, the class rep cant ride a bike so it can’t be helped, was the logical opinion of the futsumen that she couldn’t refute.

Suddenly, they stop at an intersection flowing with cars.

At the same time as the brakes are pressed, a bit of Shimizu’s breast comes in contact with Nishino’s back. Since the class rep is relatively busty, its softness and squishiness is conveyed to the futsumen through the leather jacket.

Witnessing that scene, Rose yells.

She approaches the limits of her patience.

「Hey hey, Shimizu-san. You’re too close. Take that hand off his shoulder」

「W, won’t I fall if I let go!?」

「In fact that would be more convenient. That way there’d be no need to trouble over it」


Even while in front of Nishino, Rose speaks with no reservation. Usually that is something that she should hide. But this and that are all due to the futsumen and class rep riding in tandem. It looked like she would attack them at any moment.

「That’s why I said you should ride with Rose. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable bonding as woman?」

「No! Isn’t the seat over there smaller!?」

Certainly the tandem seat on Rose’s is smaller. It’s placed on top of the rear fender. Since Rose has a small build, they can cram into the front with room to spare. But, there’s a world of difference when comparing it to the long seat Nishino straddles.

Furthermore, as there is a 17 centimeter sissy bar installed in the back, even before getting on the smart Shimizu immediately made her decision. She isn’t aiming for the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for nothing.

「And there’s no way I can ride on the bike of someone who can’t reach the bottom!」

「You truly are a rude woman. If I do my best and lean onto one side, then I’ll just be able to reach」

「You can’t say that’s reaching! Even now your wobbling around aren’t you」

「I am not」

「You definitely are!」

She certainly is wobbling.

She can’t reach it well enough.

Just as Shimizu pointed out, it looks like Rose is forcing herself which causes worry. It’s leaning to the extent that it cannot be said that it’s being rode properly. It is far from standing upright. For the drivers in the vehicles behind her, they are struck with terror every time she comes to a stop.

「If you tighten your knees, and hold onto the waist strap, then you probably won’t fall」

Although Nishino followed up, the class rep wouldn’t accept it.

「It’s not that I’ll fall, bu, but I’ll be made to fall! It’s too dangerous!」

「Ara, how rude.  Even like this, I should have handled motorcycles longer than him?」

「That’s definitely a lie!」

Even though she spoke with a serious look, looking at the frame that was overwhelmingly leaning to one side, made her persuasive power zero.

No matter how unfitting Rose’s height is, she still managed to come to a successful stop a number of times, and that is due to her unique physical strength. If she was born as an asian, then the length of her legs wouldn’t be enough, and it would probably be a sorrowful sight

「By the way Shimizu-san, about the destination, if you have no place in mind, I wouldn’t mind if you followed along? If it’s about a place to visit in Santorini, there is a place I wanted to visit at least once」

「By the way Shimizu-san, about the destination, if you have no place in mind, I wouldn’t mind if you followed along? If it’s about a place to visit in Santorini, there is a place I want to visit at least once」

「……I’m, okay with it」

「Okay, if class rep says it’s fine then let’s go」

They smoothly came to an understanding by using Shimizu as a central hub.

The situation went exactly as Rose imagined.

In reality, the place that they will soon visit, is only one of the locations that she had worried over for this trip. From the Sunday that the plans were set until today, for the most part her efforts were directed into enjoying the trip together with Nishino.

It is something unknown to the futsumen, in Rose’s home, travel pamphlets filled with tags, and a large quantity of memos filled with outlines of the location, are stacked into a tall mountain in the spacious living room. There is even a pile in her room. They were piled all over the house.

「Fufu, ufufufufu……」

Thanks to that a smile naturally appeared on her face. Although the blonde haired lolita is filled with enough hate to kill Shimizu who is riding tandem, when thinking about the place they will soon visit, a good amount of her irritation dissipates, and the stiffness in her face softens. And a comfortable breeze caresses her cheeks.

With large differences in enthusiasm, the awkward touring continues for 30 minutes.

Before long they arrive at their destination, one of Santorini’s many churches. In the same way as the others, the walls and pillars are pure white. On the other hand, the dome roof is colored a fine blue that is deeper than the sky. With a snuggly fit 20 square meters of space coupled with it’s appearance made it appear very cuter.

Soon after they descend off the bikes, they move right in front of it. It appears to be a two story building. There are no other people in the surroundings. It seems that this is a place removed from the typical sightseeing route as there are no other sounds around.

「Girlier taste than I imagined」

「S, sorry for that……」

While receiving Nishino’s retort, with fleeting glances, Rose desperately tries to establish eye contact with Shimizu. You’re a nuisance, make some excuses and go somewhere else, hurry, hurry up and go, and so on.

It did not take long for the class rep to realize this. It is because of this attentiveness that she has a high position in the school caste. There was no chance that she would rebel against that, rather it worked out just how she wanted, I can’t associate with them any longer, so was her unspoken complaint.

「Umm, Nishino-kun. I, I’m, going to the restroom」

From his side, she carefully cuts in.

「Restroom? Do they have that?」

「Before coming here, there was something like a shop……」

「I overlooked that, I’m sorry. But will you be fine alone?」

「Eh, you can’t be planning to come along?」

Ever since picking her up from the police station, the futsumen has only been considerate.

A shivering sensation goes through the class reps back.

It seems like this one as well, has not realized the consideration he truly had.

「Please stop with that sexual harassment you had since coming here」

「Okay. But, if it’s like that then hold onto this」

In a light manner, he takes out his phone from his pants pocket and throws it to Shimizu. The frame draws a perfect curve, and it falls right into her hands. With the frame transporting some of his body heat, the class rep’s heart shook.


「It’d be troubling if you become a lost child again wouldn’t it? You can find Rose’s address in the mailbox history. If something happens, then use it to get in touch. And it’s not in the address book so be careful」

「Eh, ah, un. ……Th, thank you」

「I’ll be in the church with this one. There’s no need to hurry. Take as much time as you want」

「Un. Okay. …… I’m going」

She forgot her rebellious spirit in that surprise attack, and Shimizu was only able to agree.

In a hurry she separates from the two, and she steadily return on the path that they had just passed on the bikes. Her attention moves from looking at Nishino over her shoulder, to the phone in her hand, and she continues walking.

「……That was unlike you?」

「What was?」

「You wouldn’t have classified information on it would you?」

「As if? What’s in it is pretty much just the mail exchange with you. Even if my call history is seen, those are also pretty much just the logs with Marquis. All the talks with the other places were completely left to him」


「By the way there’s something I’d like to ask」

「What is it? If it’s about my taste in men then it is the complete opposite of you」

「How long do you plan on continuing this charade?」


Not being taken in by Rose’s frivolousness, Nishino asks in a blunt manner.

「I’m not sure how many times I said it, but it’s as if you can’t understand, so I’ll say it once more. Ready? I will never yield to you. Well, that was from last month, I might not have understood at that point」

Nishino spoke with a strong force.

But, Rose couldn’t bear it.

Receiving a straightforward rejection, she is enraged.

「Is that so? In that case there is something I should say while I can」

「…… Go and say it」

「In the near future, you will develop a dependence on me, one that you will end up being unable to live without me」

The expression of Rose who stares at Nishino, warps into a sickening smile.

While a sneer on the surface, inside of her heart it is the earnest desire for the enjoyable future she imagines, the joy of a woman that can moisten her groin. More precisely, the future of the futsumen naked, and in the same way she too would lay naked on top of the bed, and with deseparte swings of their backs, he would ejaculate inside of her.

Even with the open distrust she was shown until now, she did not give up on Nishino.

「Speaking of such an impossible future. How absurd」

「Then let’s bet on it」

「What and for what would we bet?」

「If even a part of you begins to trust me, then that body would also become mine」

「And where in this bet, is there a merit for me?」

「I will set the time frame. In the case that I cannot achieve this within a year, I will disappear from your sight. Like that I would never again appear in front of you. How about it? Don’t you think you would be happy if a troublesome woman disappears?」

「That is an attractive proposal」

「I’m glad that you agree」

「However, where do you plan on handing down that judgement?」

「It’s nothing much, your own words should be fine?」

「…… Your saying something ridiculous again」

「I’m a woman with a generous heart. I’d like it if you don’t group me with another woman. And above all, I have confidence. Within a year, you will absolutely surrender to me. That body, heart, and everything. There’s no need to even bet on it」

「Fine then, I will accept that bet」

「Thank you. I’m happy」

With Nishino’s agreement, Rose’s smile deepens.

It seems that this exchange, was one of the many scenarios she had prepared. No matter how tough he pretends to be the futsumen in front of her is a loner. He is bad at communication. If there’s a way to take advantage of that opening, then blonde haired lolita though of it

「By the way, there are two rules I’d like to attach to the bet」

「Rules? Isn’t that proposal the rules itself」

「Then I will change my wording. First I’d like to arrange the stage for the bet」


「Would, you move into my house?」

「What kind of joke is that?」

「Ara, do you dislike it?」

「It your aiming for my neck when I’m asleep, then it’d be better to rethink such useless effort. From our association until now, no matter how careless I am, it would be difficult for you to accomplish that」

「What are you saying? If I kill you, then in a year you wouldn’t be able to become my pet. I would not do something so wasteful. It is simply a place to live together in, and so I can show off my charms to you」

「Fun, how worthless」

「Before, didn’t you have an interest in my home? As expected, living in such a spacious place myself fis lonely. Besides wouldn’t it be a bother to have to worry about me in school? In that case, with a staged prepared wouldn’t it be more healthy to compete there」

In an unusual occurrence, all of Rose’s words were filled with vigour.

It seems that to her, this is the most critical moment. But, in order to not let it be perceived, her expression remained consistent since before, and with a sneer that looks down at her opponent, she continues her grin and slovenly gaze. 

「Or could it be, that just by spending a year together, you wouldn’t be able to resist?」

A provocative smile rises on Rose’s face.

Nishino bites on to this.

It seems that her smile, had stimulated his pride.

「Fine then. But, I also have a condition」

「What is it?」

「The time period will be half a year. No, even that is long, three months are enough」

This futsumen, it seems that he truly dislikes Rose.


「What’s wrong? By all means I’d like to see that generosity. Or could it be you don’t have confidence as a woman? In that case, even if a year were to pass, then something like making a man fall, is fundamentally impossible. You should give up while you still can」

The blonde haired lolita’s expresion stiffens.

But, that was only for a moment.

「E, eeh, fine. Three months, a period of 90 days from today」

「In other words you and I, will part before the year ends」

「Fufufu, I look forward to seeing how long that confidence lasts」

「You went and said it」

From beginning to end Rose’s grin remained. On the other hand Nishino had his unchanging indifference. Their gazes met head on, and they reach an agreement. Although their gazes are entangled, on the inside it is as if they don’t overlap.

「Are you satisfied with this?」

「There is also the other rule…….」

「Wanting two, what a greedy woman」

「Didn’t I say there were two rules from the beginning?」

「Then hurry on with it」


Nishino was as my pace as always. In regards to that arrogant attitude, some vexation appeared on Rose’s expression.

However on the other hand, having found a way to tease him, she desperately tries to conceal the joy she gained as the perverted woman who takes pleasure in this discovery that she is. As long as Nishino is the other party, then she will become a masochist or sadist if she needs to. That is the personality of Rose Rebmann.

As she braces the mouth that was breaking form the joy, she continues the dialogue.

「The second one is about the relationship between you and I」

「Is there a need to put it into words?」

「Ara, aren’t you plenty confident?」

「I wouldn’t mind dealing with you at this moment」

「If you have the courage to kill a classmate, then I won’t stop you?」


Nishino becomes weak at those words

The futsumen does not hesitate in hurting others, but that depends on the opponent. As he is now aiming for a fulfilling private life, if he takes that action in self interest, that is, burying a classmate for personal reasons, then it would destroy all of his hopes.

If it was just before Rose transferred schools, then he may have done it. However, she is already a student of the school with a family registry, she had entered Nishhino’s everyday life. The key is that they have common acquaintances. Those are the same people who they go to school with, Shimizu, Takeuchi-kun, and many others.

If he deals with Rose at this place, it’s unfortunate about Rose-chan, and so on, each time those kinds of murmurs enter his ears throughout his life, he would inevitably feel a sense of guilt. Each time he eocnotuners a classmate, he would remember the one he had killed himself. Even Nishino had at least that much of a conscience.

And so, he recalls the ideal he strives for, and in it there were no such warped things. He does not now how far off it is, but at the moment of his death, he wants to think from the bottom of his heart that it was a good thing he was born. That over ambitiousness, is his wish.

「Hurry and say it」

「Eeh, that’s right」

While putting on some airs, Rose continues.

「In these three month period, you and I will become companions」

「Do you plan to leech off of me?」

「If that is what you believe, then that may be so」

In order for Rose to step into Nishino’s everyday life, they need to establish a relationship of power. Although the futsumen wins out in pure ability, taking sociability and humanity into account, then they are relatively even. Depending on the situation, there are also cases where the blonde haired lolita comes out on top.

「Francsica’s terrible, but your also the same. More so than I imagined」

「Is it no good?」

「I don’t mind」

「Ara, you accepted much faster than I anticipated」

Rose answered with some surprise.

It seems that it was unexpected.

In short, from the image she has of Nishino, she did not think he would so easily accept, so she was now stumped. Living together with someone he doesn’t like, and even with the condition of cooperating, if it’s for a final farewell, then that’s just how much he is willing to endure.

「In those three months, there’s no guarantee that I will get a job」

「Are you the type, that like playing tricks on the girl you like?」

「You went and said it. Is that all?」

In the three month period promised to Rose, whether Nishino gets a job or not, does not matter to her. What is far more important, are the feelings that are not conveyed to the other party. That is the reason for the proposal. A humble appeal.

Therefore, if there are no complaints, then there is no problem at all. Above all, at this moment the proposal itself is what is meaningful. What she is seeking from Nishino, is not a temporary love.

It is just as her words from before stated, complete reliance. For that reason she must make her own feelings be known to her to the other. What is important is not a reactionary response caused by Rose’s feelings, but for Nishino to be voluntary, to be blind, to be religiously devoted.

Rose understands the futsumen’s mind. If Nishino becomes aware of the true feelings of favor she holds towards him, then the relationship of the two should at least progress. And so, her guess was correct. The virgin would certainly be the first to accept.

But, that differs from the future she desires.

What she desires, is for the feelings she holds in her heart to be returned in the same way by him. Even if a hundred years were to pass, that terribly muddy and chaotic love would not change. It is something much more hideous than the love of a boy and a girl of the same age studying side by side.

As a result, if she were to be killed by Nishino, then that would be fine in itself.

「Eeh, I am thankful that you accepted my proposal」

As she thought the second might have been refused, a smile rises at the unexpected consent. With this the time they can spend together has further increased, in the inside the blonde haired lolita is wildly dancing. She is brimming with the energy to follow the futsumen around all day.

「That is all from me」

Rose answers as she lets some tensions out of her shoulders. The climax had been crossed, so it is similar to a breath of relief. But, for the one who doesn’t perceive this, his way of answering is in a lighter tone than usual, and he smiles as if to mock his opponent.

While staring straight at her, Nishino says what he wants.

「If you throw away the first promise, then I will have a just cause, and I will be able to dispose of you. In that way there would be no sorrow, and no regrets. And I will be able to meet the new year with a refreshing feeling」

「Is that really the case? You may end up shaking your hips at me」

「Sorry, but I don’t have a hobby of purchasing cheap women」

「My value should be decided after the three months」

「……Fun, how worthless」

「Now then, isn’t it about time for that child to return? It’s a long awaited trip with classmates, we have to enjoy it to the fullest. If it’s here, then you may be able to improve your relationships in a short time?」

Taking a glance at the church’s side, Rose separates from Nishino.

What is she planning this time, with the fustumen’s attention on her, she heads for the entrance. In a casual manner she extends her hand to the door knob, gii, a dry sound is made, and the wooden door is easily opened.

「I don’t want to hear that from you」

Nishino’s answer was dyed in displeasure.

Without facing her gaze to him, Rose indifferently answers back.

「Is it fine to remain like that? To be alone in a large crowd is miserable? True loneliness is not an island void of people, but to have a lively group close by. If it’s you, then you should more than understood from these past few weeks?」

「Coming from that mouth?」

「Didn’t you realize the existence of that group?」

「……What a witty woman」

Hitting the bullseye a pained face appears on the loner.

The words that were returned, had neither the sharpness nor annoyance they usually have.

「Humans, cannot live alone」

「Then, what are your trying to say?」

「And for the humans who die a lovely death, those are very very few. Yes, very」


Somewhere in Rose’s words, sorrow could be felt.

It must be because of that, Nishino showed hesitation at his next words.

And then, she turns back to him, and with a natural smile she continues.

「Isn’t it fine. During the time you’re together with me you won’t be alone?」

As soon as the topic became about interpersonal relationship, the power relationship between the two made a sudden turn.

Nishino could not help but be made aware of his own inferiority. Thanks to that, the flow of the conversation was completely in Rose’s hand. But, when he thinks of only enduring it for three months, the futsumen resigns himself.

「It’s surprisingly pretty. Should we enter?」

「Is it fine to just go in? I don’t see any tourist facilities」

「It’s fine if we apologize if they get angry」

「What an irresponsible woman……」

Through Rose’s urging, Nishino tours the inside and outside of the church.

From then, while waiting for Shimizu who went out for business to return, the sightseeing between the two continues. The length was nearly an hour. The bathroom was an appropriate excuse, but Nishino had no way of knowing that.

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