A hotel room in Fira Santorini.

After being captured by thugs, Tarousuke and the Takeuchi-kun group are now tied with rope inside of a living room. The rope wraps around their body and arms, and the end of that rope is tightly tied onto one of the room’s many pillars.

A gag is stuffed in between their teeth and they are unable to properly speak. Not being allowed to sit on chairs, just like their shoes that are on the high class floor, so are their bottoms. No matter how this is seen, it’d only look like the confinement of kidnapped victims.

And they are all obedient after having lost the willpower to oppose.

「Are these Asians Onee-sama’s acquaintances?」

A girl sitting on the living room sofa mutters as she looks at Takeuchi-kun’s group.

The room that they are being held in is relatively expensive. The inside alone is more than a hundred square meters. There are also two bedrooms, a kitchen, a shower room, and a restroom.

This living room that they now face each other in is a splendid one no less than twenty square meters.

「Eeh well, pro, probably…..」


The one speaking in a pompous manner is the girl that had just fought Nishino not too long ago.

Her artificial arms and legs are back in place and she looks no different from a healthy person. As they’ve been made with a lot of details, and it’s concealed under clothes, there is no way to distinguish them from the real thing with a quick glance.

Coupled with the showy goth lolita clothing, the amount of people that would realize it are almost none. Even her casual gestures are extremely natural. And they also make no mechanical sounds.


「…… H, how should we proceed?」

Surrounding the sofa that the goth loli girl is on are westeren men from the ages of twenty to forty. The one speaking with her, is the most elderly of the bunch and the only one wearing a suit. He also has sunglasses on his eyes. 

「Are these really, Onee-sama’s acquaintances? I can’t believe it」

「They are most likely tourist, I’ve already confirmed it with the airport’s cameras, but these people were with that person that Anego is searching for. If you’d like, I can bring a video that was taken at the time…… 」

「That person?」

「Ah, n, no, the lady Anego is searching for……」

With a single glare from the girl, the man in the suit trembles.

That response wasn’t limited to him alone. The faces of all the men present stiffened in fear.

It appears that she has complete control over them. With the former being a cute young girl, a glance at the relationship between the two would only raise questions. In truth, Takecuhi-kun’s group that had seen these events are currently unable to accept it.

Such as, just who is this young girl.

And that’s only accentuated when they converse in a language they don’t understand.

「You didn’t make a mistake? Why would she be together with Asians?」

「We’ve compared it with multiple cameras many times, so there is no mistake. But, we were unable to find the reason for that. Just as they look these people are Japanese, and they can’t even speak Italian well」

「I understand. Then it’s fine. But, none of you can even speak english? It’s because of that that others call Italian’s stupid. You should study some more」

The man in the suit meekly lowers his head.

With some dissatisfaction remaining on the goth loli girls face, she continues.

「And so, when will I be able to meet Onee-sama again?」

「We are currently using our underlings to search through all the hotels in town. Although it’s slow, we will probably be able to find her location today. She will also stick out if she is together with those orientals, so it’s very likely that she will be found before the day is over」

「Fufufu, is that so? I can’t wait」

After receiving the man’s words, the girls grins and laughs as her eyes narrow.

Although it was the innocent smile of a young girl, something about it was eerie.

「I’ve understood the situation. You all can step out」

「Umm, about those people……」

「There are other things I’d like to ask, so I will have you all leave」

「Un, Understood」

Obeying the girl’s orders, the men form a single line and step out. Not a single complaint was uttered. Everyone was tense, and the fear that they had was understood even by Takecuhi-kun’s group which was a different race.

The room became quiet once the number of people inside had decreased.

「For now, let’s see…… you over there, let us talk for a bit」

The girl swung her arm towards Tarosuke who is sitting on the ground.

In response the old towel that was in his mouth was cut. It was as if a knife had came flying out. With one end cut, the cloth falls to the floor. At the same time, a red liquid began dripping from a shallow cut on his cheek.

「Oi oi oi, at least not there……」

It was a mystical whirlwind that had crossed by his eyes, but, having other memories of something similar, Tarousuke was somewhat able to maintain his composure. If it was him before he met Nishino, then he would surely lose his cool.

「Ara, you aren’t surprised?」

「I’m somewhat accustomed to people like you」

Nevertheless, something scary is still scary for Tarousuke.

He speaks in a frivolous manner in order to suppress the trembling of his body. After all, right by his side are boys and girls in their teens, and there are also some he is acquainted with. I have to do something here as an adult, he thinks as he exerts himself.

His ikemen heart is reinvigorated through his sense of duty.

「I see, unexpectedly you seem to know a lot」

「What business do you have with these guys?  Sorry but I don’t understand Italian at all. Can you tell me」

「You sure can speak british english for an Asian」

「To praise me in this situation……」

「Fine. There is also something I’d like to confirm from all of you」

The language used between the two is english.

With the language having changed from Italian to English, Takeuchi-kun now desperately tries to listen to the conversation between the two. As he was born from a family of doctors, he excels in science and English.

On the other hand, Matsuura-san, Risa-chan, and Suzuki-kun are poor in English, and they had completely given up. To say even more, Suzuki-kun dislikes mathematics, physics, and Japanese. He’s a fearless man who survived the school caste through his face value and soccer skills alone. 

「I have business with one of your acquaintances」

「Our acquaintance?」

「Didn’t you come sightseeing as friends? I’ve judged that you are the leader」

「So that’s what you mean, well I’m unrelated to these guys……」

「…… Unrelated is it?」

「From what I could see, there were some bad looking fellas who were attacking kids from my country. Acting in order to stop that, is only natural as an adult isn’t it? Well, in the end it was useless and I ended up being captured along with them」

「I see, in that case you are unneeded」

Once more, the girl’s arm is lifted into the air.

Understanding what those actions mean, Tarousuke panics.

「Wa, wait a second. I’ll at least listen to what you have to say」


「Aah, what is your goal? Can you tell me」

The ikemen’s heart doesn’t stop throbbing. Just now, his underwear became a bit wet from the exchange that had just occurred. This fluids had crossed through the thin cloth, and had now left a mark the size of a fingertip on his pants. So that the other doesn’t see this, he covers it with the hem of his shirt and continues the negotiations.

The incident of the Shinagawa Pier is still a great trauma to this day.

But nonetheless, the reason he is able to boldly stand before this threat, is all thanks to the picture of a certain futsumen in his head. If it’s him he’d do this, if it’s him he’d do that. Such foolish assumptions are all that support Tarousuke at this moment.

「I’m searching for a person」

「Person? Is it a man? Woman?」

「A woman. A very, very beautiful woman」

「What about her name? Any particular features? Rather, if you kidnapped these guys, do they have some sort of connection? Could it be, that the one you’re searching for is their acquaintance?」

「It is this lady」

A single picture is taken from the low table in front of the sofa and it’s thrown to Tarousuke. It draws a beautiful arc as it lightly lands before Taorusuke’s feet.

What is pictured, is the figure of the girl he had just met in Tsunuma High School’s culture festival.

「Oi oi, out of everyone it has to be that woman……」

「You know of this lady?」

「…… I don’t, well it’d be a lie if I said that」

Tarousuke made an awkward face before he muttered.

On the other hand, the girl softens her attitude a bit.

「Can you get in contact? I want to meet with this lady no matter what」

「Sorry but I don’t know her contact address. Since we don’t have that great a relationship to begin with」

To the side of Taorusuke, Takeuchi-kun’s group had their attention pinned on the photograph. On there was the figure of a fellow classmate of the same school. Especially for Takeuchi-kun, it is the one that he is currently pursuing.

「This lady, what name does she go by?」

「…… Rose」

He answers after remberming her exchange with Nsihino.

He judged that giving her name wouldn’t be much. What Tarosuke should prioritize right now, is the classmates of Nishino that are to his side. For that, there’s a need to give up some information in order to prove their usefulness.

And in the end, his expectations were met.

「Rose? So it’s Rose? Fufufu, what a lovely name」

「Aren’t you acquaintances?」

「We’ve only become acquainted with each other several hours ago. It was an extremely stimulating encounter」

A smile covers the girls face.

「It was only a glance, but my heart had been captured」

「…… Is that so」

Seeing the change in his opponents behavior, Tarosuke manages to regain a bit of his composure.

Aiming to improve their situation using that, he proceeds the negotiations.

「By the way young lady, can you remove these ropes?」

「Why should I?」

「We already understood your fearsomeness. There’s no way we’d consider escaping. I’m well aware of what would happen if you swing that arm down. However, being tied up for so long is harder than you think」

「Eeh, I know」

「These guys are students, and they’re in the middle of a trip abroad. Then at least for these kids, can’t you let them feel like celebrities? This is a nice spacious room. There’s a balcony and a pool」

「No. They are bait in order to call Onee-sama」

「Then I’d recommend it even more? These guys are probably school friends of Rose. If you’re too unreasonable with them, I don’t think it’d look so good, so can’t you consider that? Although it’d still be hard to explain, if it’s now then you can make some excuses」

「…… I see」

From the exchange just now, Taoruske had realized the sexual orientation of his opponent.

This girl is a homosexual.

With the various relationships he made in his work, he also has a number of such friends. So without much difficulties, he managed to understand his opponents thoughts. On that note he himself is a heterosexual.

「How about it? If it stays like this then they won’t even be able to use the restroom. If she discovers the friends she parted with covered in excrement, it’d be difficult for you to explain. No matter how close we are, I wouldn’t care for anyone any longer if I saw that」


「We’re unarmed, and we aren’t planning to escape. At least, give us freedom in this room. Something like injuring you would be impossible even inside a dream. You’ll also have people standing outside won’t you?」

Tarousuke does his best to convey his will.

In reality, the reason his expression is so serious is because he has to do his business at this very moment.

But it’s because of that, that his desperateness was conveyed to his opponent.

「…… Fine then. I’ll remove the ropes」

The goth loli girl responded with a small nod.

「Aah, it really helps」

Tarousuke’s negotiation was a success.

After nodding her head, the girl swings her arms. From bottom to top as if scooping something up, a small nonchalant swing. And then, in the same way as the towel that was placed in Tarousuke’s mouth was cut, the ropes and gags on all the others are cut.

The cross sections of those also appeared to have been cut with a knife.

「It helps that you are a kind young lady」

「Although I removed the ropes, do not think of escaping. Those people from before are surrounding this room. Please understand that if even one or two are missing, no excuse will work」

「Don’t worry. I completely understand」

This quick witted man is who Ogata Tarousuke is.

◇ ◆ ◇

At a different place, the futsumen party in at an unnamed church.

While their classmates draw closer to danger, Rose enjoys sightseeing together with Nishino and the class rep. Just a few minutes ago, Shimizu who gave the excuse of a bathroom break had returned, and the three now met up in front of the church.

It’s been nearly one hour since the class rep had been absent due to her digestive issues.

After separating from the two, she really did close herself in the restroom.

After leaving Rose to her desired church visit, she discovered a nearby cafe. Although she hesitated to enter the unfamiliar shop, she knew of no other place. And so, she begins with tea please, tea please. Using the English she learned from studying for her college exams she orders black tea. What arrives is coffee. (TL: tea please is in english)

With some repeated body language, she finally manages to settle down at a table for two by the window. It’s there that she killed time. From the troubles she faced all day, she muebles out her complaints of Rose.

And what visits her in that state, is a psychological diarrhea brought upon by the unfamiliar movements of the motorcycle. Her recent relationship with Rose must have also affected her. 

The result, she drinks coffee and heads for the toilet, drinks coffee and heads for the toilet. She ends up repeating this numerous times. Furthermore, there are many other customers preset, so her nerves tensed as she searched for the timing to head for the bathroom. Those actions only further tormented her stomach.

With nothing left to expel, she finally returns to the two as arranged.

This will be a memory ingrained in the class rep for her life, overseas, and alone in a cafe for the first time in her life.

「What should we do next?」

Rose asks Nishino. Compared to the exhausted face of Shimizu, she spoke with no troubles whatsoever. There was no consideration for anyone but him there. To her, Shimizu is already something lower than air.

As for the one who was asked, his priority of the class rep is rather high.

「Class rep, you look pale, are you okay?」


She only stares at her feet and takes short repeated breaths at Nishino’s question.

Hi hi fuu, hi hi fuu.

Sensing the abnormality in her abdomen, her face turns blue as she tries to delay her urge to defecate as much as possible.

「Class rep?」

「…… Eh?」

「You’re looking pale, is your health all right?」

「Ah, th, that’s……」

He once again calls out to her, and Shimizu finally notices his question.

With quick glances, she peaks at Rose’s face as she answers.

「…… If possible, I’d like to return to the hotel, maybe」

「So you aren’t feeling well?」

「Just a bit, my, my stomach is, umm……」

Shimizu’s complexion was quite bad.

However, there was no way she’d think it was a mental condition. For a riajuu to think it’s a problem in their mentality, they wouldn’t consider it even if it affected their body. It’s probably because I ate something bad, is what the person themself would think.

It’s instead her resentment towards the employee who brought coffee instead of black tea that grows by one.

It has to be that coffee’s fault, is what she’d think.

「Then let’s go back for today」

「Thank you, for that……」

The girl with the stomach ache replies in a weak manner.

On the other hand, Rose motionlessly stares at this.


She stares. She does nothing but stare.

Forgetting to even blink, she stares at Shimizu. An unsaid complaint as if to say, what are you saying. Such emotions peek out from that expression. That is terrifying. If Tarousuke were here, his body would be shaking.

It’s thanks to that that Nishino notices her shaking.

「…… What’s wrong?」

「You can use this」

Rose ignores his question and throws something to Shimizu.


The class rep immediately extends her hand and catches it.

Charin a light sound is made, and a hard sensation is conveyed to her hand. Uncurling her fist, what is in it is the key for the bike that Rose used to get here. A machine whose engine had already gone cold.

「Wa, wait, you want me to use this……」

「Does class rep have driving experience?」

「I don’t!」

Shimizu shouts at the unbelievable question.

It was now Nishino who asked with a serious expression that was the fool.

In response, Rose uncaringly speaks.

「Turn on the engine while holding the clutch. So? Simple isn’t it?」

「It isn’t simple at all!? And isn’t this one really fast!」

The class rep yells as she points to the replica that Rose rode. From its appearance the japanese made vehicle seems fast, and in reality, just as it appears this model is fast among the other two wheeled vehicles. Just before the turns were done at a speed fast enough to get on the guinness world records. It was also once in the guinness world records for its speed.

Shimizu remembers seeing that in one of her father’s beloved bike magazines.

But, Rose who only cared for her sightseeing in Greece did not know of that.

「It isn’t anything great. If compared to horses it’d be like a pony」

While in front of Nishino, the blonde haired lolita became especially fierce. It seems like there are other places she wants to visit. Her thoughts towards the trip are genuine. Recently, her house has been filled with travel pamphlets and similar goods.

However, the futsumen’s decision was ruthless.

「Don’t say such stupid things. We’re returning to the hotel」

「But it hasn’t even gotten dark yet?」

With only the two of them, on top of a hill in Oia, they will gaze at the setting sun in silence.

That was the end of the day that Rose had planned.

However, that hope was stolen.

「Then you can look around alone. I’ll bring the class rep back to the hotel」


Nishino was unyielding.

Listening to the quarrel between the two, Shimizu’s thoughts naturally moved to comparing Rose and herself. After all the ones she’s being prioritized over is the beautiful blonde haired Caucasian lolita. If the two were lined up, there’s no doubt that everyone would choose Rose over herself. 

Shimizu concluded that no one would choose her. She didnt live her life through face values for nothing. If she were in Nishino’s position, there’d be no doubt that she would choose to throw away the woman with the stomach ache for Rose.

But, the fustumen in question is prioritizing Shimizu.

「See you」

「Ara, do you plan to leave such a good woman all by herself?」

「That only means I decided the class rep is a better woman than you」

Harsh words.


Thanks to that, Rose’s face had become stiff to the point that anyone could notice.

On the other hand the woman being treated as the better woman felt a pain in her chest.

A pain due to guilt.

「Umm, Ni, Nishino-kun……」

Naturally what comes to the class reps minds are the interactions she had with the futsumen in Japan. All of them were terribly one sided, they were things that shouldn’t be done to classmates.

At least to her, it was nothing that she can boast about to her family.

「…… That’s right. You are Asians, so the possibility of those feelings is there」

Naturally, Rose didn’t like it.

Just like a doll, her head slowly inclines, and before it is the figure of the class rep. The mouth she spoke from formed a sneer. And with it, she looked down at the two with yellow skin.

But, that bluff had no meaning whatsoever.

Just like a doll, her head slowly inclines, and before it is the figure of the class rep. The mouth she spoke from formed a sneer. And with it, she looked down at the two with yellow skin with disdain.

But, that bluff had no meaning whatsoever.

「I hate that part of you and Francisca」

「Being put together with that woman is humiliating」

「If that’s what you think, then that bet just now sure was something」


「Three months, don’t forget?」

The futsumen had no mercy.

Falling for the person in front of him is something he couldn’t even imagine in his dreams. That’s why he can use any words no matter how cruel they are. To him, Rose is nothing more than an insect lured in by sweet honey.

「Oia or Thira, go wherever you want. Alone that is」

As soon as he says that, Nishino turns away from Rose.

On the other hand, Shimizu who was chosen by him is now making an amazed expression. She was so stunned that she forgot to follow the fustumen. Her gaze falls to her feet, and the insides of her head begin spinning. Recalling Rose’s unwavering attitude in those normal days, makes the scene before her unbelievable.

And, her cheeks become a bit red.

「Class rep, what’s wrong? Is your health really that bad?」


After walking a few steps, Nishino notices that there’s no one following and asks.

Being addressed with her school title, the class rep finally comes to her senses.

「If it’s hard to move I’ll call a taxi……」

「I, I’m not feeling that bad, don’t treat me like a sick person!」

She chases after Nishino’s back in a panic.

「Really? It’s better to not think so lightly of your health when on a trip. And that’s even more so when abroad」

「Didn’t I say I’m fine already!?」

The class rep yells at Nsihino who keeps repeating his question. Those scarlet tinged cheeks where by no means due to the anger of this exchange. But, regretfully, the only one who noticed that was Rose.

If Nishino got an inkling of it, then this would be the instant that the goal he had during the  passionate culture festival preparations would have been reached.

And in order to continue this scarlet atmosphere, then his words would have changed. Or perhaps, his own cheeks would have been dyed bright red in bewilderment.

At any rate, taking into account the futsumen’s unusual ability to take action, then perhaps, it won’t be long before his goal is reached.

However, that over there is a virgin.

「Okay. Then let’s go to the hotel」

His way of answering was exceedingly normal.

「…… Go slowly? It’s scary since there aren’t any handles on the back」


Getting close together, the two walk towards the american made bike.

Naturally, Rose’s heart was not calm.


A small sound rings out as she grinds her excellent teeth.

By the way, the key for her bike is in Shimizu’s hands.

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