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  1. Daisuke1999

    It seem Shimizu finally stuck at the Underground with them

  2. Jeric Pastorfide

    Underground caste vs School caste I wonder what is more important for Shimizu?
    Shimizu is being pull to the underground caste.

  3. cphirot

    damn idk but they picture Nishino like a average low guy, but on the illustration he looks like a normal guy who take a lot of hardship to survive, i mean he looks like the guy who will fuck you up if you mess whit him, well on the Yakuza incident we all realize of that (except the bitch he save of being rape and the ikemen who was save of being kill, i mean if a guy is strong enough to destroy a Yakuza base and even dont recive punishment of the police and Yakuzas after all that shiet it mean that guy its on another level) and they just try to frame him and even bullying him… WTF, THIS IS CRAZY D:< YOU DONT FUCK WITH A GUY WHO CAN DO ALL THAT LIKE NOTHING

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