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  1. SSheep

    Thanks for the translation speed. This series is growing on me due to that. Volume 4 seems super interesting just from the illustrations. Keep up the good work.

    1. JBB1986

      Right? Also……………is that him kissing Francesca??!!?!? That………will not end well, from the look on Rose’s face…………………as an aside, I think Shimizu is just slowly dying inside form having to spend time with these people, and I love it. Lol.

  2. haiph22

    Thanks for the translations. Looking forward to this volume so good luck with the translation of isekai meikyuu and take care of yourself. 😊

  3. Gin Hindew 110

    I guess the gothic lolita was behind the kidnappings?
    That image of Nishino beaten up on the hot springs looked a lot like that part of Atelier Tanaka where he got decapitated and for a moment i assumed Nishino also has a healing factor

  4. Jeric Pastorfide

    I really love Rose thirsty look.

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