Rose led the way as Nishino followed. The destination was a coffee shop right before the stop nearest to the school that many people use in order to ride the train. It’s an establishment on the first floor of a multi-tenant building, a normal looking place used to drink tea, one that could be found anywhere.

Cafe, Komorebi. 1

They sat at a table for two in the very back. After taking a seat, Rose stared at Nishino as if to not let a single one of his actions go unnoticed.

「And, what business do you have?」

Nishino asked in a very business like tone.

To this she nervously answers back.

「I, I knew that you were the agent with the code name 【Normal】since I transferred. No, saying it like this would cause a misunderstanding. To begin with, the reason I changed schools, it was in order to come into contact with you」

Nishino indifferently responds.


There was not a single bit of warmth in his gaze.

A completely cold gaze.

To Nishino, others attempting to entice him is a daily occurance. Seeing the manner in which Rose flattered him, aah, it’s that kind of thing, such was the conclusion he reached. He now understood why they have been constantly bumping into each other these past few months.

Otherwise, there’d be no reason a girl as beautiful as her would be drawn to him.

With this he refocuses himself.

He helped her because they were students from the same school, but if she thought this would change anything, then she is wrong. School is school, and work is work. Drawing a fine line between those two was a result of the wisdom Nishino has acquired. If he didn’t, then he would’ve gone through many painful experiences.

During their gym class, he had felt some of Rose’s intent when she purposefully approached him while standing out. That is why, as a warning, Nishino is now facing her with an exceedingly stubborn attitude.

「That is, um……」

「That is?」

On a side note, 【Normal】 is the name Nishino uses for work whenever he needs it. There was no way he’d write down his family name while doing illegal jobs. Therefore, he made use of such an mediocre nickname.

The reason for that, to not stand out in a bad way.

However, even though he didn’t stand out in the beginning, by now his name has an influence that if anyone from his business heard it, then not one, but they’d take many steps back. That was the result of a few years.

This business is one where the turnover rate is fierce, and it continues moving forward disregarding a person’s fame or intent. The person at the top yesterday could be at the bottom today. However, there is a name that never wavers among them,【Normal】.

「I first want to give my thanks. Thank you for yesterday, you really saved me」

Rose deeply lowered her head as she spoke.

Steam rises from the freshly poured cup of coffee.

Across that white mist was a little girl of the same grade lowering her head.

His company was the one called the school idol, the beautiful girl with the eternal loli body.

It’s must be because of that.

「……It wasn’t much, don’t mind it」

Nishino answered as monotonously as he could.

It was a complete business like tone. If he were to be humble here, then from the average man’s experience, nothing good would come from it in the future. He clearly understood what his company would say next, and his expression clouds.

It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any expectations.

But even then, his face is one that you could find anywhere, an average one.

There’s no chance of it coming true. In the end it’s an illusion within a dream.

「That is, um, I, it’s not only my thanks I want to say, but to you, Normal, there is a request I’d like to ask for. Can you at least listen to what I have to say? It’s shameless, and I realize that but」

「Sorry, but I won’t hear any more」

Nishino swiftly severed the conversation

「…… Is it useless」

「It’s useless」

「I, I see…….」

Nishino bring the cup in his hand to his mouth.

One mouthful, two mouthfuls, the coffee moistens his throat. It was at that moment, his expression warped at the unpleasant taste. An average man’s average movement. What is this, this bitter but sour drink with a strange scent. With an expression that looked like he’d sue. He immediately returns the cup to the saucer.

「Is that all you wanted to say? In that case, I’ll excuse myself」

「Ah, wai……」

The one who he’s talking to is bad and the coffee is disgusting as well.

Deciding there’s no reason to stay any longer, he begins to get up from his seat.

Kii, the sound of the chair being moved, Rose panics.


「Do you still need something?」

「No, um, rather than something……」

She was being incoherent. 

The beautiful girl’s words showed her worries. 

Her worried appearance is also lovely.


That’s why it was easy for Nishino to imagine what she was thinking.

No matter how much power he has, the average looking man is still a boy in his teens. If he is shown a worried face from a cute girl, then he’d easily accept. In reality that wasn’t too far off the mark.

In truth, Nishino was like that in the past. However, as a result of countless failures in similar situations, he no longer expects anything. Even if his company was the school madonna, there is no need for him to lower his head.

「What is it?」

「Th, that is…..」

The average looking man stands. Rose sees this and immediately changes the course of the conversation. Her face hardens, and she fixes her posture. And so, she continues her words as earnestly as she can.

「I’ll give proper compensation. That’s why, may you please consider it?」

A proper request free from any sexual favors.

Nishino gives some thought to this.


It wasn’t as if he had money troubles. In a bank using another name he had money that almost reaches 10 digits. An amount that would allow him to do whatever he wants for the rest of his life. He manages it by splitting it in different banks. His plan was to start his neet life after he graduates high school.

Eating and drinking, a happy lonely life.

That’s why there’s no need to take on a troublesome request.

That’s right, there should be no reason for it.

However, he recalled the house that Rose led him to the other day, these were the thoughts he’s recently been having. There’s no need for a shady looking house with his earnings. How about living in a somewhat better place.

In that case the situation changes.

Let’s try earning a bit more money, that was an ordinarily thought among ordinary people.

After staying quiet for several minutes, he slowly nods.

「…..Fine. It’ll depend on the money」

「Really? Thank you!」

His expression was like that of a salaryman working overtime right before making a big purchase.

「The pay?」

「I can only give this much」

Rose raises 5 fingers in response to his question. That was about 80 percent of the pay she received.

Nishino showed a troubled expression. Whether he was satisfied with the pay or not, showing a troubled expression was for his and her sake, this was something he learned from experience in the past few years.

「…… It seems fine」

「Thank you. You’re really helping me」

A smile returns to Rose’s face.

It seems she was truly troubled from the bottom of her heart.

「Then let’s change location. I’ll explain the details in my house」


After a short breather of about 10 minutes, they leave the coffee shop.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The two moved from the coffee shop to Rose’s house. They take a seat on the same sofa that was used last night. A width that could fit 3 people and a low table in front of it.

Steam rises from the black tea that Rose put on the table. It was accompanied by cookies as snacks. From the shape of the chocolate it was clearly from a famous confectionery in Europe. A high item that would cost several hundred yen for one piece.

「The drug cartel boss」

「That’s right, we have to settle it on that day. He plans on taking a flight back to his country tomorrow, and if he manages to get away, then this will become something very troublesome. To fly to the spot and take him down, it would take some serious determination wouldn’t it?」

「The time? 」

「Around midnight, we aim for when the target is returning to the hotel alone」

「I see」

Although he was responding to Rose, Nishino’s conscience wasn’t directed to their conversation, but to the rooms interior design. It was made as if it was a high class royal suite. It can’t be compared to the single person bedroom he lives in.

Due to the circumstances of his work, he occasionally sees rooms with similar layouts. Nevertheless, he had not thought of living in a place of this grade. At the very least, he had not seriously considered it.

It was something from another world, that was all that he could think of it as.

There are no elegant average men. They are all exceedingly ordinary.

However, being in the home of a student that goes to his same school, in that case I can too, is what his greed was causing him to think. And so, he came here in order to fulfil that wish.

Even thought his wallet is full his heart is normal. That is what Nishino is experiencing right now.

「But after yesterday, I’d think there security would increase」


「I don’t have enough firepower. That’s why I wanted your cooperation」

「Any concrete plan?」

「Sorry. Even though it’s like this I don’t have anything」

「I see」

There conversation uneventfully continued.

Nishino felt that Rose’s atmosphere was different from how it is in school. Her tone is hard and her voice is a bit lower. This may be her true self, such pointless thoughts crossed the average boy’s mind.

「In that case, I’ll handle the finer details」

「Eh, is that fine? To rely on you for all of that is……」

「You don’t have a plan do you?」

「Well, th, that is true but」

In other words, everything would be left to him.

Rose naturally became flustered at that.

However, Nishino indifferently continued.

「It’d be easier like that. And we don’t have the time either」

「If you’re fine with it then, I can only be grateful for it」

「In that case」


Nishino take over and quickly finishes making the arrangements. Rose wasn’t fully satisfied with the arrangements, however, since she already failed once before, she could only obediently nod her head.

Eventually, the average looking boy changes the topic.

To him, it was something more important than the request.

「By the way, are you the only one that lives here?」

「Eeh, that’s right」


「What? Did you think I lived with my parents?」

「No, that’d be too much」

「With the target being who it is, I needed a location with strict security this time around. Thanks to that I managed to get this extravagant place. Though last time I came I was in a cheaper place I believe」

「How much was it?」

「This place is being rented, so it slight lower than 2 million a month. If we go up a grade then it’d be 5 million for a room, that layer seems to be popular so getting in is difficult, is what the real estate agent said」

「There are much more rich people than I thought」

「Your the one saying this? You should be earning more than enough」

「Even then」

「And this is advertised for foreigners, so there are almost no japanese living here」

「By the way, are there any opening?」

「Eh? Can it be you plan on moving here?」

Rose’s shoulders jump.

「…….Just for reference」

「Even I don’t have information on vacant rooms. Although it’s called an apartment complex, there’s an entrance and exit attached to every room, so in reality it’s more like a house. You’d understand if you contact the company」

「I see」

「There are also times they investigate the rooms, so if you are plan on living here, be careful」


Nishino was at a loss for words to Rose’s response.

It was a blind spot.

「…… That’s true」

「Ara, so even Normal can make that expression」

「Not really」

For he who left his parent to live alone, in truth his parents are currently divorced. He earns everything from his living expenses to his tuition himself. Naturally, there’s no one else he can rely on. To have a guarantor would be a dream within a dream.

In the apartment he’s currently living in, he didn’t go through the proper procedure of using a realtor in order to rent it. As a child in his teens, there was no way for him to choose a location as he liked. Otherwise he’d have to go through the proper procedures.

「I thought of getting dinner, is there anything you’d like?」

「It doesn’t matter. Do as you like」

「Eeh, I understand. In that case it’s been a while but I’ll get sushi」

Rose reached for the phone in a better mood.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After having dinner in Rose’s home, the two leave. They move to the vehicle that Rose had prepared beforehand. Arriving at a high class hotel in Tokyo, they move a narrow alley at the back of the hotel that had a good view of it.

There were no one else in sight because it was night. Thin wire poles surrounded the building making it a rather gloomy sight. It might not even be a suitable place for those who scheme evil things.

「Is it really fine like this?」

Rose asked with a suspicious expression.

As usual, Rose changed into her rider like clothes for business along with a coat over it. There are small arms and weapons by her bosom. It was an appearance similar to the one last night. The tight suit clearly displayed her regrettable physique.

As for Nishino, he was wearing his usual school uniform but with a single coat similar to the design of the one Rose had. Speaking of what he had, in his pants pocket he had his wallet and smartphone, but he was not carrying a gun nor a blade.

The coat he’s wearing was something he asked for when they entered the car. As expected, it’d be bad to have his uniform exposed. Truthfully, it shouldn’t be fine that he’s wearing his uniform under it, but the average looking boy has confidence in himself.

「You can wait here」

「Eh? Wait, what do you mean by that?」

He turns to her and answers in his indifferent tone.

「I memorized the targets face. I’ll handle the rest」

「I, um, th, then I’ll……」

「Wait here. If you follow me without caution then you’ll only be a burden」

「A burden, wai, ah……」

Nishino began walking as soon as he said that. With his pockets in his hands, he becomes more distant as he walks away while whistling. Some time later, his figure disappeared around a corner, and the sound of his footsteps ceased.

Rose could only only watch on in a daze

  ◇ ◆ ◇

It was after a good 10 minutes passed that Nishino returned.

He didn’t appear to be injured, and there were no sign of tears or blood on his clothing. The buttons on his coat were still neatly ordered. His appearance when he returned was no different from the time he walked away.

But, if there was one thing that differed, it would be the freshly severed head he held in his left hand.

Gripping the hair, it nonchalantly hung down. It was as if the head was frozen as not a single drop of blood flowed down. And Nishino who was holding this had not even a drop blood on him.

The head appeared to belong to a caucasian in the latter half of his forties. It had a fat chin with hair growing on it that connected to it’s mustache. But it had a very rough and frightening appearance. It was to the degree that if a small child saw it then they’d cry.

However, the expression on his face, it was one dyed in dread from seeing the end of their life. It violently cramped up from the chin to the eyes. It’s mouth was open far enough that the uvula was able to be seen, it was most likely killed as it was screaming.

「You, that is……」

「I brought it as confirmation」

With a mutter, Nishino throws the severed head.

It drew a parabola as it landed by Rose’s feet

「Wa, wait, just what are you throwing!?」

There was no chance of catching it as it landed on the ground with a thud. A dry sound as if there was water stuck to the bottom of her throat came out. The wide open eyes were shining within the darkness of the night, and they were looking at Rose as if glaring at her.

「……Eeh, it certainly is」

「Then it’s fine」

Nishino makes a small nod at her confirmation.

「How did you do this? To begin with what is Normal’s……」

「In that case, I’ll excuse myself」

「Ah, wait a minute」

With his business done, he hurriedly began walking.

He faces forward as he passes Rose.

「Wait, ca, can’t you just wait a minute!」

「Give the money to a man called Marquis at Site Glass in Roppongi」

With their backs facing each other, he kept facing forward as he spoke to her. This was one of the thing the average looking boy wanted to do before dying.  In his heart, there was some sense of accomplishment. It might have been good that I took this job, he thought.

Being narcissistic was a hobby of his.


On the other hand was Rose was troubled by his grandiose play. As expected, she didn’t have the determination to chase after him before dealing with the severed head. She has a duty to report the completion of this job afterwards and she can’t keep them waiting.

If someone happened to see it, then everything would be ruined.

「…… What should I do」

She lets out a large sigh as she looks at the head that was rolling around.

Her mutters did not reach anyones ears.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

In a vicinity in tokyo by the office district, there is a multi tenant building at the end.

Cafe, Komorebi.

The tea was bad. The coffee was bad. They had no outstanding products. The location wasn’t good. To top if off, the interior was dull and the manger was uncool. Due to those factors, customers stayed away even if they’re craving sweets, and the store is once again empty as usual. The ones in the vicinity wonder why it hasn’t gone under yet, and several other shop owners whispered behind their backs..

In the seat furthest in there were two women facing each other.

「I see, you happened to get the assistance of Normal by coincidence」

「That’s right, it’s exactly as written in the report I sent last night」

「Really, what were all my troubles for」

I can’t keep this up, such were the thoughts of the beautiful blond woman in the bright red dress, Francesca. It seems that her work dragged late into the night as there were dark circles under her eyes. And in front of her was the appearance of a beautiful blonde girl in a white one piece, sitting there was Rose.

「I don’t care about your troubles. Rather than that I want to hurry and finish the payment. It’s my duty to pay him so I want to do it as soon as possible. Since I finally got some trust, and it’ll be important from now on」

「How about letting me handle it?」

「No. If you want the connection that much, then why don’t you just spread those prided legs of yours」

「That boy is still a child. He doesn’t understand the charm of an adult. He’s the cheap type of man that would complain if along with alcohol he was given a high class cheese that was moldy or smelled strongly」

「That’s after you were given the cold shoulder, my condolences. However, no matter how much it is praised, wouldn’t it be hard to accept a smelly cheese? The general populace prefer a moderately delicious cheese with a normal smell」

「…… it’s not like I smell?」

「I don’t want to hear about how you lower half smells. It makes me sick」

She tried to joke, but before she knew it, it blew up in her face. It was something that happened often to the blonde haired woman. Her pointless banter and the other party turning it on her. It is something that is pointed out every month by her superiors in her home country.

「Well that’s fine. Nevertheless this times case has ended」

Francesca speaks as if taking over.

「That’s true」

While holding the untouched coffee on the table, the two woman continue speaking in a plain fashion. It’s already been 10 minutes since the manager delivered it. Without the steam or it’s original shape intact, it was left untouched and is now cold.

「And what’s the next job?」

「Aah, about that, there’s nothing for now」


「Although you finished it yesterday, there’s still many things I have to do. It’s just a part of the whole. And you just came to Japan, I don’t have the time to have you moving all over the place」

「Won’t it be fine as long as I handle that」

「Do you think it’s easy being a blue collar worker?」

「How about you, isn’t your neck burnt red from driving in a convertible?」

「Ara, really?」

「……Not even understanding sarcasm, not having an education is frightening」

Rose lets out a sigh to Francesca who didn’t even answer.

She couldn’t handle staying any longer and leaves her seat.

「Then I’ll leave for today」

「Eeh, please give him my regards」

「I won’t promise that」

The beautiful girl stood before the beautiful woman.

The manager sees her off with a somber expression. The reason being the coffee was left untouched. He understood that the reason they came the past few months was due to the location, but it still pulled at his heart.

Karan Koron.

Rose leaves the store without stopping at the register.

「Securing Normal is also part of the job. What should I do?」

Francesca’s words reached nobodies ears.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After leaving the coffee shop, Rose was walking on the street.

It was time for lunch so she decides to eat. Taking two trains and goes to a neighborhood that is filled with restaurants. The station in shibuya was fuller than usual as a result of the holiday. She passes the Hachiko statue and goes to cross the busy intersection.

She still hadn’t decided on a destination. She was simply walking with an adventurous heart while looking for a suitable store. It must’ve been from the leeway born in her heart after finishing her job. Her steps were much lighter than they were a few days ago.

But before crossing the white line,  she saw someone she recognized passing by.


「Wa, wait, it’s Nishino-kun isn’t it!?」

She quickens her pace as she follows after him.

Since there wasn’t much distance separating them, she soon catches up..

He stops and turns to her, and carelessly grumbles.


Even though they coincidentally met in the crowds of Shibuya, there was no sign of him being shaken. There were no changes in his behavior even with it being Rose. It was no different from meeting in school, but only a complaint for calling out to him.

Perhaps if they met before that event, then he might’ve been more tense. When meeting the schools top beauty, even if only a little, you heart should become restless. However, that is now all in the past as he now knows that she was in the same business.

「What a coincidence. Do you plan on going out?」

「It’s nothing big. I’m just here to get lunch」

「Really? Then it’s the same as me」

「Is that so」

「Can it be you’re alone?」


「If it’s fine, then, um, do you want to go together?」


「Even if you asked me why, I’m a bit troubled on how to answer……」

To her it was just the natural flow of the conversation. However, it was reasonable for Nishino to be holding some suspicion towards her.

「Ah, I’m not planning on pushing something troublesome on you, it’s nothing like that ok?」

「I see」

「I’m also alone so, why don’t we use this chance to get something tasty to eat? I’m in your debt so let me treat you for today? Of course, there is no deeper meaning in this」


The crossing signal begins flickering as it changes.

While looking at this from the corner of his eye, Nishino nods.

「Fine. Let’s go」

「Thank goodness. Accepting my invitation」

A smile rises on the face of the girl.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The two were caught by a restaurant worker as they were walking. It seems that there is a new italian restaurant that just opened the other day. Right now you can get all you can drink as a service.

It looks like it’s a store directed to young people like them so there shouldn’t be anything in the restaurant that is particularly expensive. Going by the map they were given, it was just one street away from where they currently where.

While looking at the business card they were given, Rose spoke in an astonished tone.

「As expected this place isn’t good」

「I don’t mind?」

「Ara, you like these cheap looking places?」

「…… It isn’t that」

Rather than liking it, he remembers the countless times he went to major food chains to get food during holidays. However, he couldn’t say such things to a person in his business as it’d make him look weak.

「If you say so, then let’s go check it out」


They head to the new restaurant with Rose leading the way.

They arrive at their destination after only two minutes.

Kara Koron, they opened the door and along with the sound, the nice fragrance of the interior blows on them. As a result of the restaurants efforts about 90 percent of the seats were already taken. And there were only two seats open at the counter.

No matter where you looked the interior had the feeling of an italian restaurant.

The wooden furniture, and the walls that are colored both brown and white. In the inside of the kitchen that was adjacent to the counter was a brick stove, and on the place where the pizza goes in and out was a margherita.

A waitress quickly approaches and lead them to empty seats.

It was then that the two discover an unexpected acquaintance.

To the side of the seats they were guided to was.


An expected sound was raised by the person who was already seated. It was Nishino’s classmate Shimizu Chikako.

And the ones sitting with her were two girls that she got along with in class and the male student with the reputation as the number one ikeman in school.

「Rose-chan? And, u, umm…… Nishino-kun?」

She couldn’t remember Nishino’s name right away, but that’s something that applies to the whole class.

Since he’s the type of male student that doesn’t particularly stick out.

「Ara, what a coincidence……」

Being a bit surprised, Rose opened her mouth.

「Are you two eating together? Ah, can it be a date?」

Not seeing anyone else with them, Shimizu opens her mouth with her usual energy.

The blonde girl answers to this with a light tone.

「It isn’t something that romantic. I’m saying this in order to withhold his honour, something happened recently and I’m now in his debt, so I invited him as a way to show my thanks. And I’ll say this just in case, it wasn’t as if this was prearranged, we just happened to meet?」

「Ara, is that so. How disappointing」

Shimizu spoke with a grin. There isn’t much of a difference in her personality from her time at school. It feels like she is saying what is expected from her.

The one to her side, Takeuchikun, then takes the topic into his own hands.

「In his debt, that’s interesting」

He spoke in a light tone as he looked at both Rose and Nishino.

The other two girls had their attention completely devoted to the ikeman’s words.

「It’s not something that big」

「Is that so? No matter how much of a coincidence it is, for a girl as cute as you to invite him to a meal on a holiday, isn’t that something, it seems like I missed the mark」

「That’s true. But it’s not something to worry about」

「Nee, how about we sit together? Since we’re fellow neighbors」

Proposed Shimizu.

Takeuchikun immediately nods in agreement.

「I also agree」

Unexpectedly meeting with friends from school during a holiday in Shibuya is a happy thing. The class representative’s tension rises at this thought. Without waiting for Rose’s consent, she pull the tables together to make it a 4 seater.

However, this was actually done out of consideration.

There was a single hypotheses Shimizu could think of the moment she saw the two together. Nishino must’ve invited Rose to eat. Thus she reluctantly agrees due to owing him a favor, that must’ve been how this situation came to be, was what she though.

Her proposal could be see as an act of kindness.

Although it should be something very rude to Nishino.

「How about it, Nishino-kun?」

「I don’t mind」

Nishino answers Rose. The school tone, or business tone, not having enough time to decide what ended up coming out of his mouth was a questionable remark. And it also felt like he was in a bad mood.

If you think about it, he hasn’t talked with others in school recently. The most he did was when his teacher scolded him. His throat moved in a way that was natural to him. At a glance it’d look like he was bad in communication.

「Then I’ll take you up on that offer」

Rose answers after gathering the views of the two parties.

In order to get this over with, Nishino goes to sit next to Takeuchikun.

But after taking a step forward, the ikeman opens his mouth.

「Here you go, Rose-chan」

He urges her on as he pulls out the seat next to him.

On his face was a refreshing smile

「Ara, how thoughtful. Thank you」

Rose replies to this invitation by taking a seat.

As a result, Nishino moves to the other side. Over there was a female classmate that he had never exchanged even a single word with. It was the girl with the  reputation of being cute in his class.

Seeing this flow of events, the tension of the girls present hardened. They haven’t gathered here today as a result of trying to capture Takeuchikun, but as the continuation of the culture festival preparations from yesterday, so it was still connected to the ikeman conquest plan.

「As expected of Takeuchikun, kinder than anyone else!」

Shimizu immediately inserted a jab.

「No no, it’s special because Rose-chan is cute」

It was a direct hit, but the ikeman cleanly avoids it.

On the other hand, the side that hit was now in disarray.

「I, is that so!? Uwa, can it be he just burned us?」

Shimizu panicked.

The other two female students agreed with her.

「Did he also of burn me?」「It’s fine. But next time I’ll have you pull my seat out got it? In the classroom」「Wait a minute! Pulling out a seat in class, that’s too much!?」「That’s exactly why, that’s what makes it so wonderful」

Panicked. Very panicked.

In the moment, they girls worked together in order to wash this away. Up until Rose came, the three girls were violent towards each other in order to get the the ikeman. I’ll become Takeuchikun’s girlfriend, no, I’m the one who’s going to be his girlfriend, and so on.

But there was now a mutual enemy in front of them, so in an instant they banded together using subtle signals. This blonde haired lolita is dangerous, an alarm bell rang between them. As for Nishino who happened to be here, he wasn’t happy with this uncomfortable atmosphere.

It was in the middle of that tumult that a waitress appears from the side.

「Excuse me, have you decided on your order?」

「One daily special…… 」

Nishino indifferently placed his order.

Rose didn’t particularly mind what was happening..

「Ara, I still haven’t decided」

「Rose-chan, I recommend this」

Takeuchikun immediately goes to assist her. This is the ikeman and average man, the value they had from the face they were born with, and the difference in their human relationship skills from the way they were raised, an absolute gap made from the differences between them.

「Is that so? Then I’ll have that」

They each place their orders and the lunch finally begins.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

「Hee, amazing. Other than japanese, you can also speak french?」

Takeuchikun says in admiration.

「Since it’s similar to english I managed to memorize it quite easily. Rather, I had much more difficulty learning japanese. Especially these kanji, it was quite troublesome having to memorize them」

Rose answered in plain maner.

「Eh? Rather, can you speak 3 languages?」

「Eeh well, if it’s that then」

「Uwaa, amazing. That’s insane!」

Takeuchikun was praising Rose.

The conversation moved to topics from overseas because they were in an italian restaurant, and the flow of the conversation naturally went to Rose. Using this Takeuchikun continued to speak with her for over 30 minutes.


On the other side of the blonde haired lolita was the average man, Nishino, who was eating his food. Although this daily special would be cheap to Rose, it was more than enough for Nishino’s taste from his poor life style.

But when he finished eating most of it, he decided it was about time as he was getting bored. With the amount of people here there’d be a lot of lost time until he would be able to get his dessert, such was his narrow minded way of thinking.

It was his first time eating with classmates and it was impossible for him to enter the conversation. Thus he devoted himself to his food in order to avoid getting bored. It would’ve been better to not accept the invitation if it’d end like this.

「Speaking of english, isn’t Takeuchikun good with it? I’m pretty sure you were the top two in the school on the last test. Didn’t you get a 98 on it」

Shimizu interjectects.

Rose was first place in that test, that was purposefully avoided.

「Ah, I heard of that! That also impressed me」「Right! Even though it wasn’t first, being second is pretty much the same as first! 」「True true, and the number one person got a full score, so it’s just like a one question difference!」「Isn’t that like, already a perfect score!」

The other two cooperated with this and attempt to change the conversation.

「I, I, I want to hear Takeuchikun’s english!」

Shimizu raised her voice as if this was a critical moment.

Shimizu feels as if this situation is the result of her actions. Naturally, the gaze of the other two also concerned her. Right now they have her back, but they will surely speak bad about her afterwards. And there was the possibility that this will continue following her for the next few years.

That is why this was critical.

「Well, if it’s between a school test and a native like her, then isn’t it like the difference between the moon and a turtle? I did think of leaving Japan at some point, but it’s still pretty difficult. 」

「You were thinking of those things? If it’s Takeuchikun then it’ll be super easy!」「That’s right, you also kind of give of a mixed feeling!」「Aah, I get ya!」「I want to go abroad with Takeuchikun」「Ah, me too me too!」

The two girls spoke in a sugary tone. They managed to steer the conversation from it’s dangerous path, and Shimizu was making a guts pose from the bottom of her heart. The three made eye contact and gave a smile that said good work. If they were somewhere else then they would’ve high fived each other.

However, although they were able to finally mount their counterattack, it would be crushed the next day.

It was then that Rose nochantly asked the average man in front of her a question.

「Nishino-kun, do you have any experience abroad?」

It was implicitly asking if he had done any work abroad.

If her information is right then she should be correct.

In response to this, Nishino wanted to yell, you bastard, but he instead smiled, Shimizu and the other three direct their gazes to Rose. I don’t want to know about this average guy, so were the thoughts of Takeuchikun and the others.

「……Well, a little」

「How about recently?」

「Recently would be last month when I went to Naples, and also New York」

「…… Fuun?」

Last month, Rose makes a meaningful smile as she remembers of the local newspapers of two cities. There was also the information from Francesca. Since she had an interest in Nishino’s activities. That’s why she asked him.

「Eh? Really?」

Shimizu took interest in his casual statement.

Since he’s plain.

「Nishino-kun, do you have experience abroad?」

It seems that the fact that the average man had experience abroad was devastating to her. She herself vacationed with her family to Guam for 3 days and 4 nights. The other two didn’t even have a passport.

And it wasn’t Guam or Hawaii, but New York. To female high schoolers there was no spot that was more popular than that one. Just being able to go there would increase you rank in the school caste.

It’s because of that, that the stares naturally went to him.

「……Well, as much as anyone else」

What came back was a subdued voice that sounded like it would disappear.

A member of the opposite sex, and also a cute classmate, to be noticed by such a person was the first time in the average man’s life. His voice naturally stiffened, and the words he replied with where curt.

He tried to look cool but ended up being awkward

「Rather, why’d you go? A trip? Sightseeing? 」

The dull average man in the middle of the school caste. For him to have an abundance of experience abroad, Shimizu was somewhat surprised and also a bit jealous. Her tone was strong as she questioned him.

「Well, something like that」

Although it was really for work reasons.

Nishino deceived them with a suitable lie.

「Hee, amazing. My experience was going to Guam once when I was little」

「I didn’t even do it once!」

「M, me too!」

Men, trips, style. Those were the three pillars of a girls conversation, grabbing ahold of one of those pillars, the three immediately became lively. It would be bad to let Rose stand out anymore than she did, they open their mouths and speak loudly in order to control the conversation.  

And then, in the middle of the three, Takeuchikun asks Nishino.

「Hee, so Nishino has experience abroad? Was it a tour?」

Takeuchikun is now attacking Nishino.

It was a straight hit from the left.

However, this was easy to avoid, and instead went for the counter.

「No, it wasn’t something as formal as that」

「Hee, is that so? Having parents that are good with going overseas, it’s quite enviable. My parents don’t really like going out of the country. Even if it’s a family trip, at most it’ll be a tour within the country」

How unfortunate, Takeuchi spoke in such a way as a bitter smile floated on his face.

That face was as if it came out of a picture, and the three girls were writhing.

「Aah, I get ya! My parents are also like that」「Yeah yeah, they need to have global views! global!」「Going on a domestic trip is just troublesome for me, so the chances to go on trips with my family are small」「Uwaa, isn’t that like, pitiful?」

The conversation had completely moved away from Rose.

The two girls were excited.

With a push on the back, Shimizu took the rest upon her own hands.

「Nee, Takeuchikun. If you’d like, how about we plant to go abroad as a graduation trip? Rather than going on a school trip, we can plan it ourselves. Gathering friends, and going somewhere on the other side of the ocean. Is it no good?」

At this time, as long as Rose isn’t involved than anything goes.

「Ah, that’d be nice! Super nice!」「Then I have to get a passport! It’s kind of exciting!」「Where do you get a passport?」「Eh? Isn’t it from the embassy?」「Hee, so you get it from the embassy?」

The two girls keep pushing at this critical moment.

However, there effort went unnoticed by the person in question.

「I see, that sounds good. How about it? Rose-chan too」

Takeuchikun looks at Rose with a smile.

She quickly agrees with a nod.

「Eeh, I’ll think about it once you come up with the plans」

「Then it’s decided. I’ll consult with my dad」

Takeuchikun was satisfied with the way the conversation was going. But, that smile of his stiffened at the next words of the blonde haired lolita. The ever changing conversation, has once again fallen onto the average man.

「Nishino-kun, are you going?」

「…… Why?」

Not only Takeuchikun, but the three girls and even the person in question were doubtful. They were frantically trying to hide their expressions that said, why did you say that. To begin with, today is the very first day that they ever spoke with him.

Even though they’re classmates, they are not required to talk with each other if they don’t want to. And if the genders are different than the possibilities of that happening go even higher.

「Do you dislike it?」

「No, it’s not that I don’t like it……」

「Then let’s go? Could it be that you’re busy」

「…… Okay. Thanksfor inviting me」

Nishino lowered his head.

Even thought it was against their expectations, they manage to adapt to the situation. They thought it’d be a bore to bully someone who was being humble, it is one of the qualities of the japanese.

「It seems like it’ll be fun. I’ll be more serious in planning it」

Takeuchikun was excited at Rose’s consent.

He has already forgotten of Nishino’s existence.

「Right! I’ll also have fun!」「Aan, I have to buy a bag!」「Ah, that’s right! Clothes too, it has to match the climate over there!」「Then I want to go to a resort, like the mediterranean」「Ah! I totally understand. I really wanna go to the mediterranean」

The two girls were the same once again.

The topic of the trip then continued for nearly half an hour.

Eventually they split up after exiting the restaurant. Along with Nishino and Rose, the girls meekly part with Takeuchikun. After remembering their original goal, they split up while being dissatisfied. See you at school, they say as they wave to each other.

However, those three planned to meet in the neighboring cafe later in order come up with a plan to overtake Rose.

This current situation is extremely dangerous, such was the judgement of the three.

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