While Nishino was at the bar with Marquis, Rose was with her classmates in the night city. As she arranged with Shimizu beforehand, class 2-A and 2-B will have their party together.

The location is a karaoke party room in Tokyo.

 About 20 to 30 people can fit in a room, so several were reserved and everyone was allowed to do as they liked.

As every student split between the rooms, it seemed like they reached shared something in common. That is, the school caste position of top, middle, and bottom.

As today was a large scale event for the classes, the student in the middle and lower of the caste made up about 70 percent of attendees. As they filled the rooms, certain levels of the caste were more special than the others and in the end it created a population disparity.

And right in the middle of that, Rose was restlessly going in and out of rooms.

「A, aree? Rose-chan, what are you doing in this place?」

Immediately after stepping into a room, an unfamiliar male student calls out to her.

The one who called out was surprised at her unexpected visit. After all, he was part of the lowest of low, in other words, the room prepared solely for disgusting otakus. The majority of the songs were either anime or idol group songs.

There were nine boys with only one girl, the gender ratio was overwhelmingly in favor of the boys. Thanks to that, they are now looking at the creation of a new princess. Being fawned over by the opposite sex for the first time in her life, the mindset of the young girl easily changes into that of a princess.

「Have you seen Nishino-kun?」

「Eh, ah, Nishino? Not that you mention it I haven’t seen him……」

The one who answered was a males student who sat by the entrance.

It was with the shock of Rose’s sudden entrance that the new princess had returned to her natural state of mind. Huh, I’m not that cute. Compared to the good looking blonde haired lolita, the appearance of the princess is inferior. Her stomach come out a bit more.

This also applied to the boys who celebrated the birth of their princess. Comparing the appearance of both parties, they questioned whether they should really pledge their allegiance to their princess. They doubted their own vision. How do I say it, when I look at her like this isn’t she ugly? Actually, isn’t it bad that her stomach was already sticking out in her teens.

At the same time, several boys passionately singing an idol song mute it out of embarrassment. The room had now quieted down, and all the students in the room now direct their gazes at Rose who stood by the entrance.

「Is that so? Where did he go?」

「Ah, no, that’s ……」

This is when several of the boys sitting next to the princess began to move.

Until now they had just been celebrating their new princess.

But now they get up and move to empty seats. The atmosphere in the afterschool karaoke room was more excitable than usual. If they worked out a bit of courage and asked. It might be possible, for even Rose-chan to sing anime songs with them.

They call out to her with that in mind.

「Um, R, Rose-chan! I-i, if possible……」「Rose-chan, do you like anime songs?」「Rose-chan is much cuter than the idols on tv!」「Um, i, i-i-, i, th, m, mic」「It’s, o, open here so how about it!?」 

Several boys extended their invitations.

However, the current Rose didn’t have time for this.

「I’m sorry? But I’m in a bit of a hurry」


She sweeps the room with her sight. After confirming the absence of her loved one, she leaves an apology and quickly exits the room. Along with those words, the door shuts. Silence returns to the room.

With Rose’s entrance, the outbreak of a princess was prevented.

Is that a good things, or a bad thing, no one knows the answer for that.

On the other hand, she doubles her speed in the hallway in her search for Nishino. The next room was on the upper floor. At the room she arrived, compared to the isolated room from before, this one was one rank higher.

When she steps into the room, they conversations they had was not too different from the last.

In the end, she couldn’t find Nishino’s figure.

「Where are you……」

With the image of her loved one in her head, she racks her brain while trying to figure out his location.

She walks down the hall with a troubled face.

And when she turns the corner, she discovers someone she knew of.

「Ara, Shimizu-san. Perfect timing」


It is class 2-A’s representative, Shimizu Chikako.

Compared to the smile on Rose who walked up to her, the side that was caught had a sour face. Having just confirmed the smile and destination of the blonde haired lolita, it was as if she had just stepped on animal shit.

「What a coincidence to find you in such a place」

「E, eeh, a coincidence……」

The class rep was just on the way to the bathroom.

Rose asks her a question while she’s still in that state.

「By the way Shimizu-san, would you know of Nishino-kun?」


「I’ve looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find him. You’re in the same class aren’t you? Wouldn’t you know of something?」

「Ah, no, I, I didn’t see him. Where could he be?」

「If I recall, the time reserved is two hours? 30 minutes have already passed so I’m in quite the panic」

「U, un」

「If you see him, could you tell me his location? I’ve sent a mail, but I haven’t gotten a reply, I’m very troubled」

「Eeh, I’ll make sure to tell you, Rose-san」

「Thank you. Then I’m counting on you?」


The time spent on that exchange was very little.

Rose immediately leaves Shimizu and heads for the next room.

As for the class rep who saw her off, her inner thoughts were racing.

After all, this fustumen in question isn’t attending this party. During today’s break, he was extended an invitation from Takeuchi-kun but only received a No in response, and he left for home alone.

And the class rep knew of this beforehand.


If this truth was discovered, then what would happen.

While thinking of that, goosebumps rose all over Shimizu’s skin.

This isn’t good, like so.

The class rep loses the urge to urinate and turns back.

Where her feet led was the room she stayed until now. It’s the room with the best reputation in the  party, the room of the gathering of those at the top of the top of the school caste.

Unlike the other rooms, the number of people was limited. In the mid-range party room only several 10’s of people fit. Ratio of boys to girls is 4 to 6. It was a room allowed only for ikemen and cute girls.

She planned to set the story with everyone before Rose arrives.


However, right before Shimizu was able to go inside, she saw it.

The appearance of Rose who was able to make a step before her.

Naturally, the number one ikemen in class, Takeuchi-kun, is also there. He sat in the deepest part of the room. Thinking about it in an ordinary way, that would be considered the seat of honour. To his left at the cuties girl after Rose in class 2-B.

With him like that, he began speaking to Rose who stood at the entrance.

「Rose-chan, it’s open here so do you want to sit?」

Takeuchi-kun pointed to his right as he spoke.

That was the place that Shimizu had been sitting before she left, but it was now open.

As for the other girls, as expected, they weren’t able to take her seat this time around. Since Shimizu had led to cosplay cafe to its success, for now, she was sitting at a higher position in the caste. So the event passed peacefully without anything happening.

However, no matter how high her position is, there is one opponent that she’s no match for.

「It’s fine. More importantly there’s something I’d like to ask」

「Nn? What is it? If your fine with me then you can ask anything」

「Have you seen Nishino-kun?」

「Eh? Nishino?」

「Eeh, no matter where I look I can’t find him」

「Well that’s expected. After all, that Nishino isn’t participating?」


「Eh? Am I wrong?」

Takeuchi-kun’s gaze moves from Rose, to Shimizu who stood behind her.

「Class rep, did you hear something from him? I thought he said that he wasn’t participating during the lunch break, but could it be, something happened after that?」


With a cramp, Rose’s lips begin shaking.


「No, don’t worry about it. Thank you for informing me」

Rose’s tone had dropped a bit.

She turns to her back.

And right in front of her, stood the class rep.

「Shimizu-san, you knew…..」


Shimizu though. This is bad.

Before she knew it, her feet began moving.

「I, I was looking for the bathroom, and I made a trip around the floor……」

Ahahaha, with a light laugh, she leaves the room as fast as she could.

She made a splendid turn

Gyuu, her shoes make a sound and her skirt flips up as she makes her retreat.


In no time at all, Rose runs after her.

The door was gripped with enough force to crush it.

「Excuse me!」

Batan, she shuts the door behind her and begins sprinting.

Everyone presents in the room wore an expression that said, what was that. For Takeuchi-kun, he wanted to be together with Rose by all means, but there was practically no time at all to ask.

Immediately after leaving the room, Rose turned her attention to the hall.

Her eyes chase after her target.

And then, it was a few meters apart, that she spotted Shimizu in the emergency staircase. She was running with all her strength. Forgetting about being in a skirt, she escapes.

「That little girl, I won’t let her get away」

Giriri, she grinds her teeth, and Rose kicks off the tile floor with enough force to dent it.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Shimizu ran. She ran as fast as her strength allowed.

Before crossing the door to the outside, she ran down the emergency staircase skipping over three stairs with each step. In a great hurry, she aimed for the ground floor from the fourth floor.

And the one chasing after her was Rose.


She held an overwhelming physical ability that surpassed humanity.

She immediately realized that the class rep is aiming for the outdoors, so she jumps from the fourth floor to the ground floor. After jumping over the partition on the emergency staircase, her body fluttered freely in mid air. With her skirt flying up, her panties were in plain view, but it was as if she didn’t care at all.


Rose’s figure was reflected in Shimizu’s vision.

The figure of the blonde haired lolita who fell from the top floor to the ground.

For an outsider it looked like nothing but jumping to her death.

With that in her sight her body couldn’t help but shiver.

She immediately peeks over the emergency staircase partition to check on her. What was there, was the figure of Rose who managed a perfect landing. It didn’t look like she obtained any injury. Instead, with no signs of agitation, she turns her head upware and glares at Shimizu. 

Where she’s aiming for is the floors above, so she heads for the emergency staircase.

「Do, don’t joke with me! What is that, that person」

The class rep felt as if she was being chased by some unknown monster.

To think that she wouldn’t use the emergency staircase. Once she gets to the second level, she goes back onto the floor. She quickly moves through the narrow hall, and she jumps into an elevator that had happened to come that was heading to the floor below. Shimizu’s breathing is rough, and all the present guest direct a strange gaze at her.

However, the current class rep doesn’t have the leeway to keep up her appearance.

Eventually, the elevator arrives at the first floor.


She runs out of the elevator and heads for the front entrance. 

The luggage she left in the party room, or the fact that she managed to sit next to Takeuchi-kun, she had now forgotten all of that. What now occupies her mind is escaping from that unfamiliar blonde haired lolita.


With the entrance right before her, she hears Rose from behind her back.

The class rep turns back, and at a distance of about 10 meters, there stood the the one chasing her. Furthermore, of all things, she took a knife and fork from atop a tray that an employee was carrying.


And she swings her arms.

The table wear she held had been shot out.


Gashin gashin,a sound rings out as the pointed end lands by the class rep’s feet.

The sequence of events were exactly like an action movie.

All the other guests there were also dumbfounded.

However, even then Shimizu’s feet didn’t stop.

「A, as if I’d wait!?」

With a butter that was more like a groan, she leaves the establishment.

On the same road the store faced, there were salarymen returning from work and students enjoying the nightlife, and it was also crowded by those who were now going to work. Even if she were to walk normally, she’d still be bumping into others shoulders.

Finding a chance at victory with that scene before her, the class rep squeezes her body into a crowded road. Since she isn’t tall, once she mixes with the adults in the crowd, it won’t be long before she disappears.

She most likely wouldn’t chase after that, but she’d stand out if she did. Furthermore, even if she class rep escaped at this moment, the two would still face each other the next day in school. Thinking about it like that, there was no way to prevent Rose’s questioning.

Nevertheless, whether she’d calm down by that point or not is another question.

「Kuu, she escaped……」

The blonde haired lolita muttered in regret.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

As for the reason, she left her luggage there.

She remembered that she left it.

She got in touch with a classmate before that. And she heard from her classmate that Rose had left a bit earlier. Fortunately, thanks to this she’s able to once again participate in the party and continue sitting next to Takeuchi-kun.

With her enemy away from the preimes, Shimizu could now do as she pleased, and at this moment she’d enjoy herself. Right next to her is Takeuchi-kun. Class 2-A and class 2-B, in the after party of these two classes, there is no doubt that she is the protagonist.

On the other hand, Rose who chased after the class rep went to visit Nishino’s home by herself.

The after party of the two, wouldn’t be so bad in the end. With that forward looking approach, she walks to the futsumen’s rundown apartment. However, the room was locked and there was no presence inside.

It was then that Rose decided to leave Nishino’s home and head for the bar in Roppongi. She wouldn’t know if he’s in the middle of work, but when it’s concerning the futsmen’s everyday life, his scope of activities are limited. It is either his home, the school, or Marquis’s place.

That’s also what she reported to Francisca.

The time was almost past nine. It was the time that bars were busiest at. However, at the front door there was a notice informing it was closed. She peeks across the door into the interior, and she couldn’t confirm a single figure. The lights were dimmed and it was truly closed up as the word conveyed..


As a result, Rose’s mood took a sudden turn.

What a useless bartender, she uttered about Marquis on the inside.

She had no reason to know, but the bartender was currently in the middle of taking Nishino home. He went out of his way to drive him in his own car. If she had visited the bar before Nishino’s home, then the future may have been different.

To her, the drunk Nishino would be best treat she could receive.

And while Rose was caring for his recovery, just what acts could she have done to the futsumen while his consciousness was still hazy. That scene was a delusion she had repeated a number of times before going to sleep.

「……. Really, nothing’s going well」

With a subdued mutter, Rose decides to return home.

She leaves Marquis’s store.

She thought of calling a taxi, but she instead felt in the mood to walk, she walked a bit away from the station as she felt the night breeze hti her. Covering dozens of meters on foot. Through the populated Tokyo night. Her excitement gradually decreases, and her usual calmness returns.

Eventually she reached the terminal station.

It happened on that train platform.

Among the people who were getting off the train, she spots someone she is familiar with.


It seems she’s on her way home as well. The culture festival’s party must’ve ended by now. Considering the time, it would now be at the point of enjoying the after party or going home. Moreover, she was grinding with a delighted expression while staring at her phone.

As she was walking while looking at her smartphone, she didn’t even notice Rose’s presence.


What that figure in front of her eyes, the blonde haired lolita’s sadistic heart lit up.

She stops herself from boarding the train, and heads for the class rep’s back.

And then, she places her hand on her opponent’s shoulder.

「Shimizu-san, what a coincidence to meet you in such a place」


The class rep’s face became stiff at the unexpected voice.

Because of her the shock, her hand shook and her phone flew out. And it drops to her feet.

Catching sight of the phone, she was without a doubt amongst the top of Tsunuma high school’s caste. The expression that was grinning while looking at her SNS until now, had immediately turned blue.

She had just passed her time together in the culture festival and it’s party with Takeuchi-kun. All the pleasure and joy she was able to obtain from that, once she saw Rose in front of her, it had disappeared in an instant.

「Ro, Rose-san, what’s…….」

「Your looked so happy, did something good happen?」


The class rep immediately looks at her surroundings. 

The surroundings were the business district, and it was filled with people, but running from the same place would be difficult. Furthermore, her shoulder was also grasped, being able to shake loose and run is impossible.

「Nee, Shimizu-san. Can you accompany me for a bit?」

「No, u, umm, it’s already late at night so……」

「You wouldn’t decline would you?」


The hand on Shimizu’s shoulder grips her like a vice.

She had no method to escape from such inhuman strength.

With that, she is led to a bench near the station, and she was stuck listening to Rose’s endless complaints, and her praises of Nishino.

By the time she was returning home, it was almost time for the day to change. Having had the last train pass in front of her, she had to walk the rest of the way home.

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