That day, Rose returned home in the midst of happiness.

「Aah, Nishino-kunn……」

While sitting on the sofa, she grips her her phone with an ecstatic expression. On the display was a mail received from somewhere else. The name of the sender, as registered on to her address book, My Darling.

It was after school on the day that Nishino asked Rose to be introduced to someone.

But the former had been introduced to a fictitious acquaintance.

It’s been almost an hour since she sent the first message, and it wasn’t until now that she received a reply. Looking at the message, what returned to her was a reply with a character amount that reached four digits. If taking modern japanese standards into account, this would be considered disgusting. A message that would put oneself in danger.

However, Rose was happy at this.

That fact that his love was heavy, was something delightful for her.

As a result, she writhed on top of the sofa in her living room.

「Really, how wonderful, Nishino-kun. I want to steal your everything at this very moment」

Her waist was twisting in a strange but excited manner. She continues twisting and turning while looking at the phones display,  while thinking of the one on the other side who sent the mail, she was endlessly enjoying herself.

What Nishino sent started with a seasonal greeting, his birthplace and age, hobbies, relation with Rose, income, academic background, and the history of having traveled to his partners home country, everything in precise detail. The information the message contained was something that would appear on a resume or marriage interview.

This was the result of the hard work of the virgin fustumen with no sexual experience.

「What should I do next…..」

Haa haa, her breathing roughens as she thinks about what to write.

And then, she thought of an idea for her next message.

「…… Nishino-kun’s picture, I need it」

Until now, she obtained several dozens of Nishino’s photographs through Francisca. The wall in her room was crammed with all of the pictures she got. However, all of those were taken in secret. Those were all taken to observe the existence of Nishino.

That’s why, she desired it.

Desired a picture taken by the person himself.

「Fufufu. Ufufufufufu」

An unsettling grin appears as she operates her phone.

She writes reply requesting for his picture.

For him, it would be a message that causes his heart to throb.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

Saturday the next day, Rose received a reply on her phone.

It informed of Nishino’s outing. Ever since Francisca’s investigation, his everyday has been under their watch. While not being able to go into his home, from the neighboring streets and in the school, equipment was installed in order to observe him at all times. 

It was from one of those monitors that she received an alert of his departure. To be more exact, it was a video on Rose’s phone from a camera that was installed near the entrance of Nishino’s home. When she pushes the button for the clip, a recording is shown.

The futsumen locks the door at the entrance and leaves his home.

「He’s finally going shopping」

Rose grins as she recalls the mail she received yesterday. It said, that he’ll attach a picture after he dresses up. And now she was enjoying herself while thinking about how he’d dress up.


It’s because of that, her body moved before she knew it.

She changes from her indoor to outdoor clothes.

She conceals her hair in a jacket and puts on a light brown wig. The clothes she used were plain. Furthermore, in place of a mask she puts on glasses. For her who usually sticks out, it was quite a subdued appearance.

「…… This is also an investigation. That’s right, it’s to investigate the target」

While muttering such an excuse, she leaves her home.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

After leaving, Rose moves to a department store in Tokyo.

It was the same one that Nishino went to in order to buy his clothes.

Ever since the night before when she confirmed he’d go out today, she made use of people to tail Nishino. It wasn’t cheap, but it showed its results as he didn’t notice and she was able to pinpoint where he went.

With all of that, the figure of the futsumen had finally appeared in Rose’s view.

「…… Why is he with his classmates」

However, there were students from class 2-A with him.

One of the people in the group was someone she had spoken with a number of times.

「If possible could you get a kiton one, do you need the size?」「…… Is it fine?」「Eeh, he’s the one who’ll buy it, and he really needs it」「Do you really intend to buy it?」「Aah, I’ll leave it to you」

They energetically conversed with the employee.

It seems like his school friend are picking his clothes.

Rose felt resentful at seeing them. If possible she wanted a picture of a suit Nishino chose himself. However, she was not able to voice her complaints. She was currently peeking at the situation while hiding herself.

After this and that, the situation took a large turn.

For some reason the employees in the department store had begun moving for Nishino’s sake.

Rose was bewildered at the sight.

However, if she’s able to get a good picture in the end, then even this would be beneficial for her. Moreover, being able to see the serious expression of the futsumen in a photograph, was also something she’d like.

And so, just as the day was beginning to darken, Rose’s phone vibrated.

What was sent, was the single quality image that she expected.

「Aah, Nishino-kun. How wonderful……」

She was ecstatic in face of the picture on her phone.

What was there was the full body picture of the childlike Nishino. The stylish looks of him wearing a suit while reclined on the wall with his arms crossed. It was the pose desired by the person himself. As a result it didn’t suit him at all.

However, with the photography staff who practiced their craft for decades, through the efforts of the pros, they were just barely able to maintain his appearance. If the subject was Takecuhi-kun, it would’ve at least been worth something.

But thanks to that Rose was now in great joy.

On the upper floor of the department store, about a dozen meters away. She peeked from behind the glass of the store at a distance where he’d be able to hear her if she raised her voice, and it was there that she received Nishino’s reply.

It was when she saw the futsumen operating his phone that the reply arrived.

On the other hand, after safely sending his mail, Nishino begins moving inside of the photography store.

He lowers his head and gives his thanks to all the workers that aided him, as well as giving them the payment for their work. And then, he leaves the store in the same way he entered, empty handed. As if to say his business was done, he heads straight for the entrance.


That is when Rose realized.

The outfit used for the picture is still inside of the photography store.

Although she received the picture, the collector in her wanted the clothing as well. Recently, her desire to monopolize Nishino had been swelling. Even if it was a strand of hair, she would do her best to collect it.

As a result, she had already dashed inside before she knew it.

「Can I have some of your time?」

「Yes? What is it」

The one who answered was the suit of suits who worked in the same department store. The man in charge of selling suits on the men’s floor, Sasaki. He was currently working with others in order to clean up.

「It’s regarding the customer who had just taken his picture」

「…… What is it? Young lady」

Sasaki though. Another strange kid has come.

Because of her small stature, from a glance it didn’t look like Rose was in highschool. He was no exception, and assumed that he was speaking to an elementary schooler. All the other employees present were of the same opinion.

「Would you sell the suit that the previous customer wore?」


Exactly as Sasaki though, another strange one had come.

Furthermore, she said something stranger than even that boy from before. 

「Would you be able to do it?」

Rose takes out a check from her pocket, and she runs a pen through it. All the employees gazes gather as they wonder what was happening. With no hesitation, the amount shown was a one followed by six zeros, and ending with one million yen.

「…… Young lady, if you’re going to play make believe can you go somewhere else」

The stumped suit of suits, Sasaki, muttered.

If he was a lolicon, then another future may have happened. Unfortunately, he is in the big breast faction. His home computer is packed with AV’s of women wearing suits.

The voluptuous bodies wrapped up in tight suits were unbearable for him.

「Ara, what a rude employee」

「Wa, wait a minute Sasaki-san, this is the real thing」

A voice called out from behind him.

The voice came from a young man.

In the department store the works as a teller. As for why that person is here, it was in order to process the bundles of bills Nishino brought. Having been satisfied with the picture, the futsumen enthusiastically gave all of the money he had brought.


Sasaki was surprised at this.

The young man walks up to Rose with a smile and asks a question.

「Young lady, where did you pick this up form?」

That behavior of his was very much like a lolicon.

He was an ikemen as well.

As a result his distance was close.

However, he differed from Rose’s taste.

「What a rude man. It’s my own property of course?」

She grimaces at the man getting closer with a very displeased expression.

As if to say, don’t get any closer.

「Or could it be you’re dissatisfied?」

In ill humour, Rose rips off another check.

The paper with the same amount as before was thrown to Sasaki. It flutters through the air and falls to his feet. 

She moved while everyone’s attention was taken.

「Now then, I’ll be taking it」

Rose takes the suit that hung to the side of Sasaki. It was without a doubt the clothes that Nishino had been wearing. She once again takes out her phone to confirm it, but there was no chance that she mistook it.

Naturally, the man who loves suits, the suit of suits Sasaki, was in a panic.

「Ah, o, oii!」

To think she’d go and take it.

After all, the suit she desired, was not a suit to him. It was adjusted in a great hurry in order for the picture, so it’s practical use is almost none.

Whether the check is the real thing or not, his pride didn’t allow him to sell the suit that became a tool for a photograph. First we have to measure the person who’ll wear it, so was his voiceless yell.

However, Rose didn’t plan on stopping.

「Then excuse me」

Sasaki immediately extended his arm.

But she nimbly doges as she leaves the photography store.

She didn’t care for the others that were calling after her as well.

And so, she runs out of the department store.

Like this she was able to obtain a picture of the one in her mind, as well as the clothing used for it.

In the future, she will make a high quality print of the picture, frame it, and hang it up on her wall. At its side, she’ll enshrine the suit she took from the department store by putting it on a mannequin.

For Nishino who still dreamt of the unseen beautiful italian girl, this was a spectacle he’d never dream of.

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