That day, in the living room of her own home, Rose’s chest throbbed with expectations.

「The beach is also wonderful, but giving up on this church is difficult……」

Sitting on the sofa, large quantities of pamphlets enclosed her, and an enjoyable smile rises on her face. To be more exact on what type of pamphlet, it is a pamphlet directed toward tourists for Santorini in Greece’s Aegean Sea in southern Europe.

Just as many Japanese imagine, on the photograph on the page, the sea continues from the precipitous cliff, and it is crowded with pure white building. No matter how it is viewed, that scene under the cloudless sky shown on the picture, gives off a relaxing feeling.

Before the unending sea, on the poolside of the hotel’s terrace, what appears to be models for a group of friends open their champagnes with a smile, it is the very picture of happiness.


And while gazing at the pamphlet, Rose’s cheeks slacken.

The day of the graduation trip Takeuchi-kun proposed is approaching.

Just as the other members should be, she also thinks of plans for the trip, and she devoted herself to the details of the program. Beginning with the clothes she will be wearing, up to the flow of sightseeing on the day, these considerations are repeated day after day.

Because of that the living room was filled with the materials gathered for the trip. Not to mention the top of the sofa table, but pamphlets and magazines are scattered on the sofa and floor. The memos and tags that can be seen, show how much effort she put into the trip.

「It will be a very wonderful trip」

In the corner of the living room, there is a brand new bag purchased for the trip. A large carry case with a caster attached that has a capacity of one hundred liters

「It’s a long awaited chance, maybe I should bring a camera and other equipment」

Confirming the camera in her hand, she lifts her bottom from the sofa.

And then, at that moment her phone shook.

Confirming the caller reflected on the screen, her expression changes into a frown.

「…… Honestly, a woman with bad timing」

On it is her superior, Francsica’s name is displayed.

Rose reluctantly receives this.

What naturally comes out of her mouth are frivolous words.

「Calling this late into the night, which fool could this be?」

『Ara, excuse me? Speaking of which it is night at your place』

「You’re not a child, at least take the time difference into consideration」

『That’s what the excuse me was for, I properly apologized didn’t I』

It appears that Francisca is out of the country.

As she is a busy and talented woman, Rose who accompanied her was also forced to face daily troubles. It’s because of that that when they meet sarcasm is thrown around. That is no different for a phone call as well.

「I’m sleepy. I’m hanging up」

『Wait right there, I have a single request』


『Can you take the next flight to here tomorrow?』


『Wasn’t that too fast?』

「Of course」


To receive a job at this timing, it would certainly interfere in the trip with Nsihino. There was no chance that the blonde haired lolita would agree. At least for this time she has to refuse no matter the cost.

『It’s rare for the hardworking Rose-chan to arbitrarily refuse a job』

「I’ve only been working recently so I’m a bit tired. I want a break」


「…… What is it?」

『Rose-chan, do you think you have the liberty to refuse a job from me?』


Francisca’s tone becomes a little stronger.

Receiving such a challenging voice, Rose has trouble finding her next words. But, the recent her, and the her from a few months back are different. If it’s to spend a trip together with he who is in her heart, then she has the guts to kick away the troubles in front of her.

「By losing my cooperation, don’t you think you would lose your path to success?」


Compared to the caller, Rose’s tone was casual.

But even then, in her tone is a firm and strong will that compels one to agree. It must be because she felt this. After several seconds of thinking, Francisca concedes.

『Fine. But, please send another person in exchange. Immediately』

「Eeh, I don’t mind if it’s only that」

『Then I’m counting on you』

And so, no sooner than she received Rose’s consent, the call was cut.

Just as the contents said, she appears to be rather busy.

「…… Really, that woman truly only gets in others way」

Even though she already took a bath, and changed into her sleepwear, she wasn’t able to enjoy her time. In a hurry she changes into her outdoor clothes, and leaves the pamphlet littered home.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

Having left her home, Rose gets picked up by a taxi and heads to Roppongi.

Where she is dropped off is a multi-tenant building at the edge of the business district. Her destination, is the narrow bar of 20 tsubos in the basement. As she opens the door,karan koron, a dry but satisfying sound rings out.

On the other side of the counter, an employee with a large build quietly polishes a glass. Other than the employee there are no other figures of customers that can be seen. This is because it is almost time for the day to change, so the customers have already left.

「What? This late at night. I was just about to close up」

「I came with a job request」

He confirms that there are no other gazes, and walks up to the counters.

And so, the black man who works as the bartender, Marquis, speaks.

「…… You do?」

「Is that bad?」


Across the counter, the two’s line of sight intersect.

Rose’s is under Francisca’s jurisdiction. Thinking that carelessly sticking his hand in can end badly, Marquis hesitates at his next words. However, on one hand they have cooperated a number of times, so he also hesitates at flatly rejecting it.

After worrying for some time, he places the polished glass in his hand down and responds.

「Well it’s fine, I’ll hear it」

「Thank you, it’s really helping」

After confirming that Marquis had taken a listening posture, Rose briefly explains the request received from Francisca. As it needs to be done fast, there is no other person that she could rely on. That is why no matter what, she has to secure manpower at this place.

Because of that, her words were earnest.

After all, the trip together with Nishino is at stake.

「…… I see, I understand what you’re saying」

「Will you accept it?」

「But even then, my side is also short on manpower」

「The pay will be great」

「Lets see……」

Marquis crosses his arms and thinks.

Some time later, a proposal comes out of his mouth.

「As a condition to accept this job, there’s a job concerning something nearby, will you undertake it? In exchange I won’t mind sending someone over. We also have jobs lined up already」

「……. Nearby you say, which area?」

「Tokyo. The jobs is due before the end of the week, how about it?」


Receiving Marquis’s words, Rose worries in her head. After all, the job might influence the trip. However, the current her doesn’t have the option to choose. After considering many things, she decides to accept his proposal.


「Is that so」

「However, the job will end within two days. Is that fine?」

「……It can’t be, do you plan on starting it right now?」

「Is there a problem?」

「N, no, doing it faster would also help me……」

「Then it’s decided」

With a lovely smile, Rose shows her agreement.

For Marquis who doesn’t know of the circumstances, only a bewildered expression mangned to come out.

While that was happening, the bell attached to the door once again rings. Kara koron, the dry sound echoes in the shop, the notification of a customers entrance. With their conversation cut short, the attention of the two naturally moves to the shop’s entrance.

「I, I came」

A new customer, a person that the two of them remember.

The popular rock fella who is selling well, Ogata Tarousuke.

「…… So it’s you」


As soon as he enters, his gaze goes around the shop.

And so, he confirms that there are no figures other than Marquis and Rose, and his shoulders drop a little. As for the bartender that has met with him a countless number of times, it is easy for him to see what the other wanted.

「He didn’t come today either」

「…… Looks like it」

A discouraged Tarousuke.

With that figure in sight, Rose asks Marquis with an amazed expression.

「He came all the way out here?」

「Aah, lately he’s been shown his face almost everyday」


Even now, Taorukse still hasn’t met with the person he aimed for in the store.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

The next day, Rose sneaks into a membership club located within Tokyo.

The reason for that is the job that was accepted from Marquis.

A new midsized building that was built in a corner of the high end residential district. As it cost more than the condominiums in the surroundings, its entrance has a solmen design, and it can also be perceived from the large bodyguards that stand in front.

It had long grown dark, and at times, luxury cars stop by the front as people exit them. The clothing of the people who head for the buildings are also fitting. Everyone appears to be a rich person.

In contrast to the stern outer appearance, the insides are painted in gaudy colors. In the room lit by the luxurious chandelier, a scene just like the high class clubs in Ginza spread out. The employees that are coming and going as well, they are only young cute women, and men with handsome faces.


Right in the middle of that, is the figure of Rose waiting tables as a bunny girl.

Making use of the ID that Marquis provided, she was able to sneak in and pose as an employee for the mission. In her hand she holds a tray with glasses placed on top, and she goes passing these around to the guests on the floor.

The targeted person, is in the so called VIP space deep inside, and he drinks while surrounded by many girls. Brawny men in suits stand around him, and they stare at the other guests as if to  intimidate them.

As there are many gazes, it is quite a difficult job.

However, Rose has a reason that she can’t pull back for. The trip with her loved one that is right in front of her. And that impatience, had stirred her body into action.

And so, nearly an hour passed of going around and recommending drinks to the guests, while also peeking on the targets state. Gradually getting tired of waiting, in the corner of her eyes she sees the other party finally begin moving. With two men in suits tagging along, the target man begins moving.

This was the opportunity she was waiting for.


Rose follows the back of the men as the move through the floor.

Just before leaving the room, she hides the tray with glasses on top under a cart that is decorated with a vase. While acting as an employee to the end, she chases after the target’s back. If there were suspicions to be raised, then it would be the destination of the other party. Where does he plan to go, she continues her tailing while thinking of many things.

After exiting the floor, he heads for a corridor with restrooms.

It seems like he needs to relieve himself.

「…… Not even going to the toilet by himself, what a cowardly man」

From the corridor that has people coming and going, they progress a little further and then turn a corner. Thanks to that, there are no other people in the surroundings watching. Only some people that occasionally come out after they reilief themselves. If she is to do something bad, then there is no better location than this.

It’s there that she decided to advance the job. 

While in her bunny girl appearance, she approaches the front of the bathroom. Naturally what enters her vision, is the guard to the side of the restroom. One of the two who came along with the target kept watch at the entrance.

「Oi, the woman over there. This is the mens……」

「I’m sorry? I’m in a bit of hurry」

Rose breaks into a run as she approaches the man.

Not even seconds after approaching, without giving the opponent any time to do anything, she grasps that neck with her own right hand. On the outside her small build looks unreliable, but the physical ability that is held inside, far exceeds that of an adult male who engages in physical work.

From the man’s neck, the sound of bones creaking is made.


With no time to raise a scream, the bones break as his life came to an end.

While still holding the man’s neck, Rose continues moving while dragging the body along. After walking for several meters, sinks that are lined up at a corner enter her eyes. there are no other figures in sight. And in that corner, she places the man’s body down as if throwing it.

And then, as the wristwatch hit the floor, gashan, a dry sound echoes in the surroundings.

「……. What is it?」

The voice of a person from one of the stalls.

The voice of the man Rose is targetting.

「Should I go check?」

「No, don’t move from here」


It appears that the remaining guard has been waiting in front of the stall. While exchanging words with the target man, Rose was able to hear them. Inside of the restroom, the stalls and urinals form a corner from the independent sinks, and with a wall between them, a blind spot is made.

Also, there are no presence other than them in the area.

It is there, that she moves directly to the front of the stalls partition.

「Wait a right there, this is for men……」

But, those words were not able to reach their end.

「I know? That’s why I came」

In the same way as before, her right hand grabs the nape.

Together with a mekii sound, the bones in the man’s neck are broken.

Like the other guard, the opponent life ended without being able to raise his voice. It was as easy as switching an electric light on and off. Having lost it’s support, as Rose lets go, the back of the body reclines on the stall door, and slowly slides down.

Hearing the sounds that occured, a voice is raised from the stall.

「O, oi, what’s wrong? There was some strange sound just now…….」

In no time at all, Rose thrusts her left arm at the stall’s door. 

The tightly grasped fist shoots through the outside of the wooden door to the inside.


From the point of view of the man relieving himself, a person’s arm suddenly sprouted from the door. Receiving an incident beyond expectations, a short sound came from inside of the stall. Confirming the voice belongs to the target, Rose makes a large movement with her arm.

As she puts power into it, the hinges break.

Bakii, together with the sound of destruction, the stall door is removed.

What appears, is the idiotic face of the target sitting on the toilet. With his pants pulled down, he was surprised at the appearance of the unexpected Rose.

His hand grips the toilet paper from the roll. It seems that he was just in the middle of wiping his butt.

「Wh, why is a bunny girl……」

「It’s not like I’m in the outfit because I want to?」

She kicks the door stuck on her hand, and it falls to the bathroom floor.

During that time the man takes out a gun from his pocket, and he aims it at Rose. But, the sound of a shot is not heard on the floor. The high heels of the bunny girl moved a moment faster, and she kicks the grip from bottom to top.

The gun that separated from the man’s hand, hits the ceiling, and like that it falls to the neighboring stall.


「I won’t make it hurt, so please stay still?」

For the third time, Rose’s arm moves.

In an instant the man’s neck is lifted, and her right hand tightly squeezes.

As her fingers sink into the flesh, the sound of bones breaking echoes in the restroom.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

Having safety finished, Rose’s heads to Marquis. 

And that was in a great hurry.

She arrives in the same way as last night, right as the day was about to change. Luckily there were no other guests in the shop, so immediately after entering, Rose draws near to the bartender across the counter. And so, at the time they meet she begins the job report.

With that vigour that is unlike her in front of him, Marquis became timid.

「You really did finish it in two days……」

On top of the counter, the screen of her phone reflects a picture as proof.

It reflected the crushed neck that ended his life, and the figure of the target collapsed onto the bathroom floor.

「Are the conditions cleared with this? Please hurry and get in contact」

「A, aah……」

While overwhelmed, Marquis takes out his phone and goes off somewhere to start his call. Confirming that, Rose sits down on one of the seats by the counter. Whether she wanted to or not, the low voice enters her ears, and that somewhat restless time passes by.


A few minutes after that.

Marquis’s voice calls out.

「Thank you, you really helped」

The bartender puts the phone into his pocket, once again takes the glass in hand, and begins polishing with the dish cloth.

Gazing at that figure, Rose suddenly lets out a sigh.

Having protected the trip, she had finally attained comfort.

「And about this, it became a sudden change in plans. In addition to the reward the expense will also be sent over. Whether it comes from Francisca’s purse, or if you personally pay it, that doesn’t matter to me, but don’t forget about it」

「Eeh, I understand」

It was by no means a cheap sum, but even then Rose responds with a nod in good humour.

To her, the trip together with Nishino, no matter how much money is spent, it will be a wonderful event with no regrets whatsoever. In fact if she had to use money, then this is where she was willing to use as much as she could.

「By the way, there is another request I have」


「Would you be able to prepare womens clothes in a hurry?」

「……. What do you mean?」

「Under here, is the bunny suit」


One way or another Rose was in a hurry.

After finishing her job, she borrowed a coat from the coat room at the spot, and she came while still wearing the clothes she had. Thanks to that, exactly as the person herself stated, underneath the coat whose size doesn’t fit, is the bunny girl outfit.

「It’s biting into my crotch, it’s hard to move in」

「…… Okay」

Guessing what it’s like in his mind, Marquis had an indescribable expression.

    ◇ ◆ ◇

After many struggles, Rose finally meets with the appointed day of the trip.

She was wide awake and unable to sleep the day before, and she arrived at the airport while in a sleep deprived state. That is how excited she was. Her heart was thumping.

But, what should have by all means been her arriving at the tip of happiness, just before the departure flight, she despaired in the airport’s lobby. A profound sorrow fell upon her.

The cause is from what was conveyed by Takeuchi-kun, the notification of Nishino’s abscenece.

「Have you confirmed that with the person himself?」

「Eh? Aah, he came and returned the ticket himself」


「It was just yesterday, but that Nishino came to us during club activities, and he said he couldn’t make it to tomorrow’s trip. That’s why, with no other choice, it’d be bad to waste the ticket, so I butted in for a bit」

Because of that Rose couldn’t even let out a sound.

There was no way she knew of this.

That if she had obediently accepted Francisca’s request, then she would meet with Nishino at the location.

Several days later, Rose realized that truth, and she was stuck lamenting her own misfortune.

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