Futusmen = average guy
Ikeman = good looking guy
Busamen = ugly

The next day, after school hours finally ended.

Exactly as the teacher said last week, the whole school began their preparations for the culture festival. The sound of hammers hitting nails, saws sawing wood, and above all, the sound of the energetic voices of the students.

Nishino’s class 2-A was no exception.

「Hey you boys! Take this seriously!!」

The class representative Shimizu yelled. In the direction she faced was an open space cleared of desks, and in the middle of it were several male students making signs for the coffee shop. That team was composed of the people with high communication skills within the army of futsumen.

「No no, we’re being serious? Look at this. Isn’t it super cool」

「It’s not cool at all! Why’d you even put those prohibited marks from adult shops on them! What do you plan on making us do!?」

「Uh, were gonna get hit by the plywood holding class representative!」

「Aah come on, I thought you could at least handle this……」

The classroom has become even livelier.

Voices are flying left and right, it is the very picture of youth. If you’re able to blend into this, then at the time of your death you’d think, aah, that happened, and it’d calm your heart as you look back on it as an exciting time.


And in the corner of the classroom was Nishino running a pen through an imitation vellum.

What he is in charge of for today is writing the menus that will be hung on the wall. It was done in accordance to the instructions given by Shimizu, it’ll have the items being sold and the corresponding cost written in marker.

「All right」

A smile rises on the futsumen’s face due to the satisfaction with his work

It was a sense of accomplishment he rarely ever gains while in school.

But that small sense of accomplishment he was granted, will be mercilessly stolen by Shimizu’s next orders.

「Ah, Nishino-kun. Can you do ten more just like that one. We’ll be putting them all over」

Writing one took about 12 minutes, and there are less than 2 hours remaining. And of course no  machine that could copy it exists in the school.

「……. Okay」

With a solemn nod, he leaves the one he finished in a different place. And so, in order to make the next one he goes to grab a new piece.

It was then that someone approached him from behind.

「Nishino, do you have some time?」

「……. What is it?」

It was Takeuchikun.

He stopped right in front of Nishino in order to block his path.

「There’s something I want to talk about. Follow me」


I don’t want to go since it’ll be troublesome, those were his real thoughts. However, his other classmates are watching. Since that’s the number one ikeman in school, there’s no way he could refuse him.

「…… Okay」

「Then, come here for a bit」

Urging Nishino, they leave through the classroom’s back door.

Not sure of what happened, their classmates could only see them off.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The place they moved to was the roof of the building that class 2-A belonged to.

「What’s your relationship with Rose-chan, Nishino?」

The two face each other before the fences that overlook the sports grounds. No other figures were in sight. A private talk between the two. Summer had quickly passed and it is now the middle of September. The temperature has stabilized and it’d be easy to pass the time outside.

The strong red hue of the setting sun would cause anyone who stood there to narrow their eyes.

「…… Our, relationship?」

Although he understood what those words meant, Nishino acted as thought he didn’t since it’d be a bother. In contrast, Takeuchikun continued the conversation.

「I, fell for Rose-chan」


As if he had no embarrassment, it was said with confidence.

Along with his refreshing way of speaking.

「I made you come with me so that I could confirm if you have a special relationship with Rose-chan. Will you not tell me? How about it? About her」

「…… What would you do after confirming it」

「It’s so I won’t presumptuously approach her and look like an idiot. I didn’t think it was so, but she was indifferent of the opposite sex during our lunch that day. I’m serious, although I said it like this, my feelings are real」

A clear declaration.

And he had the leeway to smile.

In Takeuchikun’s head, Rose’s capture plan was already in motion.

As for Nishino, he had already figured it out at their lunch the other day. The reason Rose approached him yesterday was solely to maintain their business connection. If that wasn’t the case, then there’d be no meaning in approach him.

In his business, the rate at which new people replace the old is fast. In order to continue in this line of business it’s important to have people you can rely on when you need them. As for him, he is the one who holds the position of the strongest in the country.

「If you want that woman, then do as you like」

「….. Eh?」

For an instant, Takeuchikun couldn’t understand what Nishino had just said.

To the ikeman, the futsumen is no different from those unattractive mobs of people. And for him to call the person he is seeking as, that woman, his thoughts couldn’t catch up. The one in front of him looks like someone who would end their school life without ever standing out.

「Ah well, if Nishino says that, then I’ll do as I like」

「That’s fine」

「A, ah……」

Takeuchikun nodded while still bewildered.

However, along with that bewilderment, there was also some irritation mixed in.

He’s an ikeman.

To think that a futsumen would be cheeky to him, he couldn’t take it.

「Rather, what’d you mean by that woman? Who do you think you are?」

He took on a lower tone without attempting to hide his irritation.

「I’ll apologize if it got on your nerves. My bad」

「No wait, was that always your character, Nishino? Hey?」

Takeuchikun narrowed his eyes while speaking. It wasn’t due to the setting sun, but for another reason. He wasn’t pleased with the way in which the futsumen spoke of the person he liked. Being kind to the opposite sex, and tough on the same sex, that is Takeuchikun.


Nishino hadn’t realized his tone until it was pointed out.

Nevertheless, what was said cannot be taken back.

「This is for business after school」

For now he tried the usual excuse.

However, it was unacceptable.

「Hey, are you looking down on me?」


It ended up pouring fuel on the fire.

And fired him up.

Nishino felt that he shouldn’t say anything. Facing someone who is being completely serious, Nishino felt some embarrassment. Generally, when he faces Marquis of Francesa he’d just make a joke, but this was completely different.

Today’s opponent is a classmate. And an ikeman to boot.

「No, if you took offence then I’ll apologize. Sorry」

「Don’t joke around like that, or I’ll snap?」

「Aah, sorry. I’m very sorry」

Woman elegantly avoid fights. Since before, since the time they were still monkeys, the human males were always getting serious about the females they wanted. Trivial misunderstandings could’ve ended up in bloodshed. It was the first stage of survival. The first round.

「……. Don’t act pretentious」

「Sorry about that」

Takeuchikun licked his lips and spit.

Nishino could only meekly lower his head. 

A one round KO.

And it was only after he saw the miserable expression of his that he was finally satisfied.

「Then, I’ll do as I like」

The ikeman muttered as he turned around.

Without being able to say anything, the futsumen could only see him off.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day, around 8 in the afternoon when the preparations for the culture festival reached a good stopping point.

「Attention please! We’ll end with this for today!」

Shimizu’s voice is hear from the stand that she usually goes to.

The classmates who’ve been working up till this moment turn their attention to the words of the class representative. There were some who stretched their hands in the air, and there were other who wanted to continue and were dissatisfied.

As for Nishino, he’d usually be in the former group, but strangely enough, he was in the latter group today.

With only one more left to complete, he was close to completing his quota.

「There are classes tomorrow so we have to wrap up soon!」

Shimizu spoke with her energetic voice.

There were no students who opposed this.

Their exhaustion had finally spread through.

Each and every one of the students listened and made the preparations to end their work. As Shimizu said, classes are still going on as normal the next day. It wouldn’t be good to leave the open space that was made by clearing the desks.

If done poorly then it’s possible that the teachers would change how they handle the culture festival. And in order to avoid this the class began cleaning up. With her instruction the classroom was able to return to its original state in about 10 minutes.

「Well then, good work today!」

Shimizu spock after confirming that the classroom was clean.

「Good job!」「Man, I’m really worn out!」「The materials should arrive tomorrow so we can start on the accessories, I’m looking forward to it!」「I’m feeling alot better about this year!」「That’s because the class representative is doing her best」

「You know, I’m getting fired up!」「How about going to Karaoke?」「Eh, what’s with that, is sounds super fun!」「Ah, I’ll also go!」「Then let’s go to that new place by the station」

The students of class 2-A energetically moved to the entrance. But after crossing the entrance their differences started appeared. One group that formed headed towards the town, and there were others heading home by themselves. There were also people that ran back into the school.

And in the middle of that, Nishino-.

「Ara, Nishino-kun」

He encountered Rose immediately after leaving the entrance.

She was standing with her back on the fence to the side of the gate.


He ignored her and quickened his pace.

Briskly passing by her.

「Wa, wait, isn’t getting ignored a little too much?」


Rose protested his action.

Nishino continued moving his legs while ignoring it.

However, the hem of his shirt was grabbed and he came to a stop.


「…… What?」

「Were you not listening to what I’ve been saying since the beginning?」


「An immediate reply…….」

The gazes of the two meet. Because they were just leaving the school, the exchange between the two was exposed to the eyes of the class Nishino belonged to. Naturally, Takeuchikun was also in that group.

As for his plans for the evening, it was to go to karaoke with the pretty girls of the class.

「About that matter, I wanted to personally hand it to you」


Without minding the gazes from the surroundings, Rose continued. For her, transferring to this school was the only way to get in contact with Nishino. As for the classmates watching, she felt nothing towards him.

In the world that she belongs to, the existence of this school is not even a single bit important to her.

「…… I should’ve gave instructions though? 」

「That person has his hands full doesn’t he?」


Rose continued as she faced him with a strong gaze. As if he had forgotten how to blink, Nishino stared back at her. Within that gaze was an intent that said, I want to associate with you.

It because of that. The futsumen quietly nodded.

「…… Okay」

「Thank you. I’m happy」

A smile formed on Rose’s face.

On the other hand, the one who did not find this interesting in the least was the number one ikeman in class 2-A. Takeuchikun

「Ah, Rose-chan」

He raised a forced voice as he rushed to the two.

The girls who’ve been listening were now being left behind. He couldn’t prevent the looks of the other female students. His eyes lit up as he turned his feet, and beared the pain while looking forward.

「…… Ara, was it Takeuchikun?」

「Ah, you remembered me? I’m honored」

「Although I’m like this I’m good at memorizing things」

The two begin talking in a nonchalant manner. It was a talk between the top boy and girl of the school. As as result the gazes from the surroundings gathered on them. Even the ones who were about to leave the gate, everyone had stopped. What is going to happen, and they continued staring.

「Rose-chan, how about going to karaoke? My class was just talking about going. Ah, the one you met the other day is also going to be their, so I thought about getting more familiar with Rose-chan from the class next door」

With a quick introduction, Takeuchikun immediately went on the attack.

That was how impressive his skills were. Even Nishino standing next to him let out a voice in admiration. You wouldn’t be able to get women with only this. But by making use of the appearance he was born with, he must’ve been able run his son through countless women.

Made up of the best elements in this world, he was known as Takeuchi Kun.

「I’ve never been to karaoke」

「Hee, is that so? Then how about trying it out? It’d be something like making memories in Japan」

「If you put it like that, then you make it sound like it’s already decided I’m leaving Japan?」

「No no, I just thought that Rose-chan isn’t the type of person that would stop at just this small island. If anything it’s strange that Rose-chan even came to a public high school such as this. You’re surely a woman who’ll accomplish great things in the future」

Takeuchikun spouted out pick up lines like a machine gun. It’s only allowed because he’s an ikeman. If Nishino was the one to do this, then the surrounding would be bursting in laughter.

「Is that so, thank you?」

「With that said, what are you going to do?」

He spoke with a self-satisfied smile.

There was no woman who wouldn’t fall for this.

It must be because of that, that Rose nods her head

「Okay. If it isn’t a disturbance, then I’d like to go with you」

「Really? You’re more than welcomed」

Don’t come, such were the thoughts of all the girls other than Rose. However, there was no chance that they would say that and instead they piled on cheerful words with a smile. If they poorly handle it then they might be hated by him.

「In that case let’s go」

Takeuchi walked on with a grin.

And on the other hand, there was Nishino surprised that she so easily gave up on【Normal】.

And like this, the first day of preparations for the culture festival ended.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The following day during lunch, Takeuchi called Nishino to the rooftop.

Across the fence is the first school grounds on the east side. The two male students face each other 3 meters apart. One side is the one who was called, and the other is the one who called.

If this were a male and female, then it may have been something else. However, there was no bittersweet atmosphere between these two. In fact, it’d be more fitting to say that there was killing intent.

「…… Did you need something from me?」

Nishino asks.

Without delay, Takeuchi answers.

「I, did it with Rose-chan」

If a male student of this age says he did it, then it could only mean one thing.

A declaration of sex.

A declaration that he inserted his rod into a hole.

And the expression of Takeuchikun who said it was overflowing with self-confidence. At this instant, the world is turning around him, although unexpressed, he had an overwhelming feeling of supremacy. As if the whole world was his.

「…… And?」

In regards to this Nishino indifferently responds.

However, at the time he answered, a gap that was clear to anyone was seen. Saying he had no interest was a lie. To think that she would spread her legs for the someone after just a day, it was out of Nishino’s expectations.

Therefore the virgin was convinced.

She’s a bitch. With a lose crotch.

「Well, you know? I just thought I’d tell you」

「No, it’s unnecessary」

「Is that so? In that case thank goodness」

The ikeman that the futsumen spoke to looked very happy.

At least, that was what was reflected in Nishino’s eyes.

「But, it was unexpected that Rose-chan was a virgin. She was super cute. She was embarrassed in the beginning, but after getting our tongues and legs entangled, she was very rough. I turned out to be the one surprised」

「…… How nice」

Nishino’s reply was poor.

The ikeman’s playboy aura was pressing on him.

It wasn’t a field that the futsumen could compete in.

「Well, with that said. Enjoy yourself」

And so, having said what he wanted, Takeuchikun turns back.

I have no more business with you, and he leaves the rooftop.

The only one left there was Nishino.


Although it’s like this, it’s not like it would become a painful memory.

However, the futsumen was experiencing a heartrending feeling.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

That day they still had to prepare for the culture festival.

Moving the desk and chairs to the back of the class, they worked in the open space. The enjoyable voices where echoing. Ton ten kan kan, the sound of hammers, giko giiko, and the sound of the saws cutting wood mixed together.


As for Nishino, he quickly finished the left over work from yesterday.

The one who was in charge of hanging the finished menus is another female student. Therefore, if there is no other job assigned, his work was done for the day.


With nothings to do, he ends up getting bored and looks through the classroom.

Since the job he was entrusted with had ended, it might not be a problem to leave. But seeing the other students giving it their all, he was hesitating in leaving by himself. However, that small hesitation, will greatly change his fate.


While the futsumen looks at the classroom, it suddenly hits him.

Nay, he was forced to realize.

The students that are working are split into two groups.

One is a group of boys and girls. There voices mix as they intimately work together. Something worth mentioning is that the majority have good faces. And perhaps they are owners of good communication skills.

The other is made of only boys, or only girls. They don’t particularly mind the other group, and they continue enjoying themselves while working. However, the majority have inferior looks and are introverted, their bad communications ability can also be seen.

These are the state of the groups.

Whether it’s a group of two or five, a similar trend can be spotted.


Nishino then thought.

Which do I belong to.

Of course, the answer immediately came to him.

Naturally, the latter.

And he would also be in a lower position within that latter group.

「…… This isn’t good」

To the other classmates it’s just another day of culture festival preparations, another hour after school. However, in this very instant, inside of the boy called Nishino, a revolution had occured inside his head. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he was enlightened.

From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, it was as if an electric current ran through him.

A part of his personality, had made a sharp turn.


In other words, staying like this is bad.

That is for example, the declaration he received from Takeuchikun during lunch, I had sex with Rose-chan. That is for example, the male and female classmates he watched go to karaoke after school. That is, that is.

Looking over it all, many things come to mind.

A sense of crisis he recalled by looking at his classmates.


Nishino can imagine it. If he continues these self-conceited days of his, then what future will he have. A simulation of when he is 20, 30, 40 years old. The result, the future him would be very lonely, and extremely selfish, it’s a miserable life he’s walking down.

In the ever changing scenery filled with bloodshed.

The world that is free from it.

And his world that is now withering.

In the end his last moment would be atop a hospital bed. Without anyone visiting, an end without happiness. At that moment, he would hold unbearable regret towards his past. Without any tears, without even being able to let out a satisfied sigh, he would move on from this world with unimaginable agony.


He fast forwarding through his life until the end.  As the film finished it’s first showing, although it was late, Nishino received a shock. To think it progressed this far, with such thoughts he quivered, a shaking from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to avoid this as soon as possible.

However, there was no fault in the simulation.

Thus he could only mutter to himself.

A whisper that only he could hear.

「…… This isn’t good」

It isn’t good as it is, it was at that instant he realized.

I won’t be able to attain happiness like this, he had realized it.

Therefore, there is no time like the present. He has to change himself. At this moment today, he will become a new Nishino. In order to attain a brighter future, a brighter day to day life, and in order to attain a brighter end, he must become a new him.

To become a Riajuu or such.

In order to join the former group from the ones he identified before.

Yes, he has now from the bottom of his heart, resolved himself.


And so, deciding to take actions, that is one of the futsumen’s good points. Nishino quickly changes his actions. That ability to take action, in addition to the income from his business, are the high points that stand out for him.

「……. All right」

The hunter Nishino confirms the state of the classroom.

His target is a female student that is working by herself.

The futsumen’s eyes have locked-on.

He walks up to her in a nonchalant fashion, and speaks to her from the side.

In order to become a new him.

「…… Is there something I can help in?」


The one that was spoken to was surprised.

With her shoulders greatly shaking she turns to Nishino, her name was Matsuura Kanako. Black hair in braids, and full breast. During breaks she groups up with a fat girl and clumsy girl, she is the type to quietly pass her time.

In class she is plain and doesn’t stand out, but if she is polished then she’d be bright literature girl. A grade that if she put on makeup then she’d be cuter than average. A late bloomer that would make her college debut by dying her hair and wearing showy clothes.

「U, umm…… Nishino-kun?」

Even though they are now facing each other, Nishino had already made 3 big mistakes. The first is that he called out to her from behind. The second is that he attacked an opponent with a higher level of appearance than him. The latter is especially fatal.

「If there’s anything I can help with, then please go ahead and say it……」

Matsuura-san was squatting on the ground making the menu.

He continued speaking due to the fact that they had that in common.

「If it’s about the menu then I know how to do it. If you’d like, then we can split the rest of the work……」

Nishino spoke in as gentle a tone as he could.

However, his action filled with ulterior motive were soon crushed.

「Eh? U, umm, I’m going to finish soon, so you don’t have to go out of your way to help? There should be busier people, so I think it’d be better to help those people than me? So, sorry?」

「Really? It looks like there is still a good amount left」

「But it isn’t that hard. And look, boys should do jobs where they move their bodies, I think that’d be a better fit. Uum., u, ummm…. Ah, you see? Like that carpentry job over there!」

「Is that so? …… That’s a relief」

「U, un」

It was a sinking ship.

The third mistake was, his single-edged eyelids, and his unsociable expression. If he smiled a bit then, it’d still probably be futile, but he would’ve left a somewhat better impression. However, that sour look of his was a problem since before.

Of course for the person himself it is something natural. However, that appearance that was seen on men and women in the Showa era, it is something no longer permitted. That would be the moment that the futsumen is treated as the busamen.

His thin eyes and the black pupils that are barely seen. An expression that can’t make a smile.

Matsuura-san felt a sense of danger from this.

Compared to americans and europeans, the eyelids of a japanese are rather thick, if we went by numbers, then about 70 percent of them have single-edged eyelids. Naturally many have thin eyes. This is the same for China and mongolia, the other asian countries.

However, with the spread of eye putti1 , over 60 percent of women now have double edged eyelids.

The reason asians have single edged eyelids is because their origins are from siberia. In order to resist the cold, the people developed thicker eyelids. But, compared to two edged eyelids, single edged eyelids are inferior, and it is their fate to slowly decrease.

Therefore the ones who evolved eat the ones who’ve been left behind, in this case it’s Nishino, and the other single edged eyelid classmates.

The girls in class 2-A that have double edged eyelids are above 60 percent.

「My bad, I’ve been nuisance」

「U, un. Thank you」

There conversation was only two minutes.

With some awkward parting words, the first round has ended. If it was a normal futsumen then they’d think it really was impossible, and they’d immediately break. And they would then return to their ordinary everyday life.

However, Nishino’s mind was needlessly tough. From his childhood to today, he hasn’t lived alone for nothing. He wouldn’t be perturbed by such events. He was not disheartened by any means, and he moved on to his next target.

It was exactly like a machine.

And so, in regards to his school life from now on, this would be a major choice.

  ◇ ◆ ◇

The culture festival preparations ended around 8.

Nishino go on several trains, and heads to the bar in Roppongi. In the basement of a multi tenant building, in a narrow space of about 20 tsubo, and there were no customers due to the fact that it had just opened.

There was only Nishino and the bar’s master Marquis.

From the name Marquis, he was not japanese. A man who was a self-proclaimed american. With a height of about 2 meters, and his muscular body was clearly visible across the black suit.

His upper arm was bigger than Nishino’s thigh. A laceration runs through his right eye. It reaches up to his cleanly shaven head. It was as if he was an actor in a western action film.

「And, the next job?」

Compared to him, the one who asked in extremely blunt voice was Nishino. If you changed the perspective then you’d think he was being cold. However, that is his usual attitude inside this shop. There were no special emotions involved in it.

「Aah, sorry that it’s as soon as you came, but look at this」

Marquis continues speaking without minding.

He takes out a terminal from his chest and places it in front of Nishino.

What appeared on the terminal was a newspaper from Milan that was in Italian. It was a single part of it. A face of a man who looked to be in the middle of his forties was positioned in the middle. It appears he was the leader of one of the Italian mafia’s.


「…… How about it?」

「You already prepared this much. Then I’ll accept it」

With a mutter, Nishino raises four of his fingers.

According to a well informed person of that business, that price would be extremely fair.

「You’ll do it? That really helps」

「But, I won’t be able to move immediately just from looking at this?」

「Aah, I’ll make sure of those things. But you’ll move in about a week」

「A week, is it」

It may be at the same time as the culture festival, such were the uneasy murmurs of his heart. It wouldn’t have mattered to the Nishino of before, but to the current NIshino the culture festival is a large event in high school that he wants to attend by any means.

「They already killed five people. There protection is really tight」

「And what about it?」

Being in a somewhat bad mood, he glared at his company.

With a small shiver, Marquis fixes himself and opens his mouth

「N, no, it’s advice you shouldn’t worry about」


The futsumen silently pushes the empty glass.

This is now his third drink.

It isn’t strong, but it also isn’t weak.

「If you drink from such a young age, then it’ll become a habit when you grow up? It happened to my aniki. He was a heavy drinker since he was a kid, he kept drinking without being able to stop, and he is now a splendid alcoholist. Without being able to get a job he’ll end up rotting away」

「Don’t group your aniki with me. This amount is just right」

He made bored expression as he felt this would turn into a lecture and spoke in an irritated tone. Somewhere in those words it sounded somewhat sulky, it was unusually teen like, something appropriate for a boy. A state that is seldomly shown in this bar.  

As a result, Marquis continued in a mother like way.

「Did something happen in school?」

「…… Nothing much」

「Is that so? Then that’s good」

Nishino quietly looked at this across the counter. With an appropriate reply, he began making the drink.

Karan Koron, at that time the sound of the bell that informs of customers rang out. Nishino didn’t react. Without turning from the counter, he knew from experience of the person’s presence from behind. The one who opens their mouth first is the one employed as a bartender, Marquis.

「You’ve got a customer」

He said while pouring into the glass.

A dry sound is heard as he puts the ice pick into the ice.

「What’re you saying? The customers yours」

Nishino muttered as if it was a bother.

The one who sat in the seat next to his was Rose.

「Ara, how unfriendly」

Her way of speaking was extremely natural, as if was just natural for her to sit in that seat. Placing her bag on the ground, she places her right elbow on the counter as she stares at him from the side.

「I don’t have a hobby of biting on a hook without bate」

「If there’s bait then are you fishing?」

「……. Who knows」

She was likely let out late as a result of the culture festival preparations. In the same way as Nishino, Rose was in her school uniform. Marquis recognized that face, so it wasn’t as if this was her first time visiting.

「What’s your business?」

He asked without a sign of being flustered.

No matter who it was, he’d probably be able to accustom himself.

「I brought what we promised. I was asked to go to karaoke with your classmates, so I missed the chance to hand it over didn’t I? I want to finish this as fast as possible」

「Aah, that was the case wasn’t it」

「Could it be you forgot? It is a big sum for me though」

「Pass that over」

It was then that Marquis passed over the new glass.

He points over with his chin.

「What is it? Is it something troublesome?」

The one pointed at tilts her head.

「Francesca’s request. I ended up helping」

「I see, your talking about the remuneration. In that case make the deposit over here」

「You, do you work as his secretary?」

Rose showed Marquis a suspicious expression.

It seems that the two aren’t on such friendly terms.

「Something similar. Cause this guy finds everything bothersome」

「It’s reasonable」

Nishino takes the glass with a displeased expression. Taking a gulp from the fresh drink, a hot feeling rises from his stomach to his throat. The unchanging drink that he enjoys.

While not minding him, Marquis turns to Rose.

「And, where are the goods?」

「Although it wasn’t handled well, here it is」

「…… What, it’s a check」

She takes out a single paper from her uniform skirt pocket.

Marquis made a bitter face after seeing this.

「I thought I’d be handing it to him directly」

「Well it’s fine, I’ll deal with it properly. I’ll be pulling the process fee」

「Oi, Marquis」

「How do you plan on paying off the amount you keep on drinking?」

「…… The service here is bad」

「There’s no other place that’s quiet like this, and lets you drink such good drinks」

「You really said it」

The bartender take the paper from Rose and casually puts it into his pocket.

Seeing that from the side, she thought it was interesting, and Nishino once again takes a gulp form his glass. An attitude that put on airs, and the unchanging sour look on his face, it doesn’t fit him at all.

「By the way, is it fine with that man for you to come at this time?」

「Eh? What are you talking about?」

Looking at Rose in the seat next to him, the words slipped out of Nishino’s mouth.

By that man he doesn’t mean anyone else, the ikeman that class 2-A boasts of, Takeuchikun.

「Though it seemed like you were quite enthusiastic」

「…… I really don’t understand, what are you taking of?」


Rose looks at Nishino with a blank face.

If her expression is true, then she really doesn’t know anything. However, for the futsumen that asked, the subtities of the opposite sex, and their behavior, he understands it.

That’s why he was able to confirm it.

This person is black.

「……. Well, it’s nothing」

With his communication skills, letting the conversation flow towards talking about sexual relations is impossible. Asking anymore than this would just show his patheticness. Clinging onto Rose’s chastity is sorrowful, and heartrending, he quickly averts his gaze.

And not having anything else to do, his hand reaches to the glass for a third time, Gulp, he once again makes a sound with his throat. Amusing himself in this way, the third drink is already halfway gone. Karon, the sound of the ice echoes, he lets out a tired breath along with a muddy smell.

「Can I get the same as him?」

Rose spoke to Marquis while looking at the futsumen from the side.

Receiving this, Marquis first asks Nishino.

「…… Is it fine?」

「Of course it isn’t? Like I’d just nod my head, getting an appropriate drink is your job」


You’ve gone and did it, Marquis’s experssion becomes a bit dark.

「What a poor bartender. That’s why your useless」

「Eh? Wait, What did you mean by that?」

Rose couldn’t understand the situation.

She looks at the two with a bewildered expression.

「The one who’s holding that bottle is quite stubborn」

「It’s my sake right? Why should I give it to someone else」

「Well, that’s how it works」

「…… This is somehow vexing」

「This twisted attitude of his isn’t something new. Well, there are several people like him, how about I pick a suitable drink? You wouldn’t mind that would you?」

「Eeh, thanks」

He reaches for a bottle that is lined up on the wall across the counter, he nimbly gets it, and the bartender begins making the drink.

It was then, Karon Koron, the sound of customers coming in the shop, other people began entering. It was a man who has seduced multiple woman, and a customer that Marquis hasn’t seen yet.

Everyone who enters looked at the uniform of the two, and immediately stopped. However, seeing the delightful exchange between the two with the bartender, it’s that kind of shop, they though and took a seat.

The night in Roppongi quietly advances on.

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