In the middle of the school caste, the dull faced highschooler, Nishino Gokyou, is the strongest ability user in the neighborhood.

He who is in love with dandyism uses his superpowers and lives for work. While usually going to his completely normal highschool, he is in fact an agent in the underworld whose name is widely known. His name is acknowledged not only within the country, but even overseas.

Thanks to that, his sense of values have been warped.

Deeming living in solitude to be the secret to success, without connecting to any other, he believed he was cool. The cynical way of talking when communicating, was in fact not suited to him at all with his face.

But even then he passed his days in tranquility.

Before he knew it Nishino had already distanced himself from his classmates, and his classmates didn’t mind. Both sides kept their distance without invading each others territory. And they lived their school life in harmony.

In the fall of the second year of highschool, that balance was destroyed.

During the culture festival preparations, Nishino realized the preciousness of youth. That a relationship with the opposite sex is important. That the life he lived until now, was empty. That the future in store for him would be a miserable experience.

The sparkling faces of his classmates. With this in view, Nishino decided to change his life’s trajectory. I also want to be boyfriend and girlfriend with a cute girl, in order to have a fulfilling highschool life.

And then, he began approaching the girls of class 2-A.

Starting with the type of girl who doesn’t stand out, Matsuura-san, he continued calling out. However, his warped sense of values made it difficult. Between the contrast in the value of his face and his cynical way of speaking, there was no girl that responded.

Being in a hurry to find his youth, the fired up Nishino began indiscriminately calling out to every girl. Thanks to that, he became the target of bullying due to the hate he incurred from the others.

In the end, while he was in the middle of the caste, it only took a few days to drop to the bottom.

The one who had their eye on Nishino, was the beautiful girl in the neighboring class, Rose Rebmann.

She too is an agent in the underworld like him. However, her power was in the middle-level. She had trouble in her latest job because of that. Under the pretext of transferring schools, it was done entirely in order to obtain Nishino’s assistance.

Nishino who fell to the bottom of the school caste.

Rose who reigned at the summit of the school caste.

In contrast to their work, the position of the two agents in the school were flipped.

In order for Nishino to obtain his fulfilling high school life, he requested Rose’s cooperation. Rose too, in order to reach her goals, she sought out his cooperation. And together with the advantages and disadvantages, they join hands.

On the other hand, the ones who were bewildered by Nishino’s behavior was everyone in class 2-A, and to change your character so drastically in only a day, at the very least the class representative Shimizu was getting somewhat irritated.

However, no matter how many warnings he is given, he goes on without noticing.

Thanks to that the position of Nishino in class 2-A continues falling.

Finally, the first day of the culture festival starts tomorrow.

Thus by dragging not only his classmates, but everyone he comes in contact with into his mess, the story of the boy called Nishino begins. In order to obtain the bittersweet memories of youth, or else live in solitude and hardships.

The answer depends on him.

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