In the middle of the school caste, the dull faced highschooler, Nishino Gokyou, is the strongest ability user in the neighborhood.

He who is in love with dandyism uses his superpowers and lives for work. While usually going to his completely normal highschool, he is in fact an agent in the underworld whose name is widely known. His name is acknowledged not only within the country, but even overseas.

One day during through the culture festival preparations, Nishino realizes the preciousness of youth.

He who realized that his life until now had been empty, in order to rejoice in his once in a lifetime youth, he decided to change his way of life. And so, he decides to have a cute girl in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship and live a fulfilling high school life.

The greatest chance to shorten the distance with the opposite sex is the culture festival. In preparation for its arrival, he made use of all tools he had to approach the opposite sex regardless if they were from the school or outside the school.

However, no matter how hard he worked, his reputation within the school fell. It’s been like that since the beginning for his classmates, but the bad rumors had spread not only to the other classes, but also the seniors and juniors.

Unable to let this be, he reaches out to a rival in his same business, the mid ranked agent「Rose Rebmann」, but as expected, the results were not there. No matter what he does, it always backfires, and in the blink of an eye Nishino fell to the very bottom of the school caste.

On the morning of the first day of the culture festival, it had been discovered that the earnings of class 2-A’s program the cosplay cafe had been stolen.

The students were desperately looking for the culprit.

What came up was Nishino’s existence. Having no alibi, and having been seen enter and exit the room use to manage the money, as a suspect his classmates decided to single him out.

The following day, the second day of the culture festival. Class 2-A’s class representative Shimizu found an envelope with the stolen earnings stuffed in her locker, but she noticed that the money had decreased. Having no memory of this, she thought it was Nishino’s handywork.

Shimizu catches Nishino, and pressed him to confess to stealing the earnings. But Nishino insisted it was a false accusation. Convinced that there was a culprit other than him, together with her Nishino looks for the true culprit, and culture festival investigation began.

What came up was Rose.

Having been convinced of this Nishino calls Rose to the rooftop. And so, under the eyes of Shimizu, he successfully extracts a confession of the stolen earnings. Furthermore, behind his back she also took part in bullying him. After laying everything bare under the bright sun, Nishino leaves the rooftop.

At the same time, Shimizu who hid and watched the two, witnesses Rose’s fooling around. After Nishino left, with his name in her mouth, Rose begins whispering of her love to no one in particular. 

After Rose realizes Shimizu’s presence, she speaks of the reason for the crime.

Rose loves Nishino. A very deep love.

However, she tried to twist the target of her love. In order to monopolize the mind and body of the one in her heart, she thought of socially isolating him. And she planned to deepen his reliance on her. Thus started the chain of school bullying events.

What she desires isn’t the bittersweet youth of high schoolers and middle schoolers, but something much more muddy. At the very least there is a clear line from the youth Nishino desired.

In regards to the theft of class 2-A’s earnings, it was Shimizu’s harassment that interfered with that. Contrary to Rose’s words of approaching Nishino because of her work in the underworld, behind those words she simply wanted to enjoy time together with him.

Shimizu who found out the truth approached Rose in exasperation.

However, in front of the person who showed strength beyond human understanding, as nothing more than a normal highschool girl she was powerless. Furthermore, having stolen Rose’s opportunity to interact with Nishino, using that as a debt, she was made to promise to assist Rose in her path to romance.

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